Sudden Manifestations and Making Contact

Over the weekend, I manifested a new writing job. It was something I wanted to do last year but somehow didn’t want quite enough and forgot about before it manifested. Then, on Saturday, I remembered it, receiving an offer for it hours later.

I think many can relate to this type of manifestation. In the exact same way, someone from my past contacted me last month out of nowhere. This person was someone I wanted out of my life so I had forgotten about them. Then, I remembered them three times in one day only to receive a message from them that evening. I couldn’t help but analyse this manifestation energy because I loved this process.

This type of manifestation is the perfect reflection of “you suddenly think about a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time and he/she contacts you.” We have all heard this example from classic LoA studies and we have all experienced it.

Do you have similar examples?


I believe one of the reasons these manifestations happen so easily is our perception of them as “regular things” or “no big deal.” When seeing any potential manifestation as a big deal, it is easier for resistance to come up.

On the other hand, desires manifest when let go of due to one’s belief of having it; similarly, one not caring when their desire manifests, seeing it as a small deal or something they will receive whenever, causes rapid manifestation.

It was how I realized that “letting go completely makes it manifest immediately.” Does that make sense?

When thinking a thought such as that of an old friend but not seeing it as some kind of an emergency, you can let go only to see your friend contact you straight away. This is why refocusing from your desire entirely makes it manifest instantly.

I don’t know why this works the way it does. I just know how it works and honestly, it doesn’t matter why. If we know it works, we can use it.

If you have been trying to manifest your desire for a while but feel like you’re struggling, take a few days away from thinking about it. Those few days will make your desire seem like less of a deal and possible to have and who knows – it might even manifest during that break!

9 thoughts on “Sudden Manifestations and Making Contact

  1. Hi Nina.

    Long time no speak. I don’t see many of the regulars what used to speak on here and I wonder if they have given up? The post above is great.
    I did notice the last few days I felt a bit sad. I don’t know where it came from, then just assumed I must have attached myself to the outcome again so raised focusing on myself even more and let go. I did find out something rather disturbing. Before the event he went and saw the event lady at her house. 2 times. Unannounced. She said it freaked her out a bit. He went there to see if he could work with her on the day, to see if it would be ‘right’
    Just imagine the energy it takes to live his life the way he does always being so cautious and having to suss everything out FIRST. It’s like you going to Uni and having to meet the lecturers to make sure its an ok fit. Jesus. I don’t know how he can live like that but when I see what his mum is like I can see why he never heard anything I said in the past just by the level he is operating on. The event coordinators called him unaware of who I am and why I am in his life and why I was brought into his life, they said that it was magic watching us 2 together and they said they are sure hes will stop listening to other people and his parents. She also said both of our walls are very high. Anyway, finding out that he went to her house has made me add another visualization to the list. To see him being a strong and confident happy person without the need to discuss things with his parents or anyone else and living an authentic life without the input of fearful, controlling people. What his mum has done has made him think he cant cope without her and now the event people said that to me also. That is the 8th person who has brought up the emotional abuse aspect of making him think he cant cope without her. I suspected all along and no I’m not going on about his mother cause I’m angry or care about her, but now I can see more than ever WHY he did what he did to me, the no trusting, the cautiousness, because now I have heard him do it to the event lady also. I admit it has played on my mind. It’s what made me feel sad these last few days, that he lives his life being so afraid. Now I also see why he shook in my presence. I hope he breaks free from his family, Its not that I want to take him away from them, I just want him to step up and be a healthy, happy 30 year old and recognize that the people around him are trying to make him have a small fearful life, the same way they live.
    Sorry, I just needed to have a little rant/release. Ive also notice I don’t see his name anymore, I don’t see anything most would consider signs. Not a single thing. Not sure why that is, it almost feels like the calm before the storm. Just then after typing that on the TV i heard ‘the universe is working with something, like before a storm. Odd.
    Thanks for listening. Want to add anything?


    1. Hi and thank you! 😀 In my experience, people are quiet when they start seeing results or feeling different so it’s most likely a good thing that they’re writing less for the moment 😀
      Even in these moments, keep focus on your desired end result. Focus on the traits of his personality you like instead 🙂 That’ll make you feel love for him. Too much thinking about the reasons for his past, some of his choices and his family won’t really make a difference.


  2. I went out to see what it was on the Tv and it was the show How I Met Your Mother and Ted is shouting out to the Universe that It has to happen with Robin because it’s meant to be while doing a rain dance to stop Robin going on a camping trip with some guy. It rained and they ended up together. Haha.. Timing. The Episode is called “Come on” If anyone needs some inspiration. Watch it. ❤


  3. How gorgeous. I could only find this on youtube. I cant find the part where he is talking to the Universe.
    I know he has problems, but I love him, if that isn’t resolve, I don’t know what is.


  4. Hey Nina, I think I am about ready to try your idea here.

    “If you have been trying to manifest your desire for a while but feel like you’re struggling, take a few days away from thinking about it. Those few days will make your desire seem like less of a deal and possible to have and who knows – it might even manifest during that break!”

    For me I am currently feeling tired. Tired of the processes to get me out of a funk, tired of feeling good one minute and horrid the next..Just…tired.

    So lets see whether this works. Sort of giving up…giving up the trying. Last few days it seems to be a drag and I get angry when I don’t feel the processes lifting me from my low moods…that’s a clue to stop the processes right?


    1. Yes, and it is also a sign that it is time to refocus on the things that make you happy in life and raise your vibration so that you could be happy for yourself 🙂 Then, everything else falls into place easily ❤


  5. Hi Nina,

    This is not a question about my manifestation 🙂

    I’m curious what you think about chakras, and the idea of them being blocked, etc?

    Thank you,


    1. Meditation deals with clearing the chakras which is one of the many reasons why it is very useful. These energetic fields in the body are very real and clearing them makes everything easier. Recently, my mother felt physical pain due to a blocked chakra and when she looked up what this particular chakra field represents, it all made sense to her. It all had to do with the problems she had been experiencing.
      Meditation and EFT work effectively to resolve blocked energetic fields in the body.


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