Quotes, As Promised!

I recently promised to share some of my favorite LoA quotes with you.

My favorite quotes are those that have spoken to me most powerfully. They state the meaning of love and self-belief. They also come from only three people – Thomas Merton, Henry Ford and Rumi. They’re all life lessons and therefore, LoA quotes.

In life, I tend to like and be drawn to individuals that offer lasting quality. When it comes to life lessons, I believe these three incredible souls have said everything.

There is an abundance of beautiful LoA quotes out there but the words of these three people have moved me the most.


“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” (Thomas Merton)

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” (Thomas Merton)

“Love is not just something that happens to you; it is a certain special way of being alive.” (Thomas Merton)

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” (Thomas Merton)


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” (Henry Ford)

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” (Henry Ford)


“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” (Rumi)

“Be with those who support your being.” (Rumi)

“Let yourself be drawn by the strongest pull of that which you truly love.” (Rumi)

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” (Rumi)



How Do Others See You?

Do you ever think about the perception of yourself some people seem to hold? Not that it matters; we are looking at this just for fun.

Or…does the perception of you held by others ever upset you?

This may have happened rarely overall but at one point, it happened several consecutive times. Some would see me as overly kind or a “good girl” simply because I was willing to help people, work very hard when I loved my job or simply agreed to be in a relationship with someone who had the idea it would last forever without giving me enough reason to want to stay. Those misconceptions ended as soon as these individuals displayed such behaviors. As soon as they hinted at overstepping boundaries, I would fire back. Then, they were confused; having had a different picture in their mind, they didn’t know what to do when suddenly having to show integrity. I never kept in touch with most of them – spending even a minute with downers whose goal is to not feel better but stay in their negative comfort zone instead is a waste of life. However, I always wished them well. These individuals need compassion more than anything else.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I have once quit working for someone who expected me to work full time for insufficient compensation. When I refused and quit, this person was shocked but why would anyone have to do that? Nobody does and by disagreeing, in addition to it being a job offer I didn’t love, I remained true to myself.

I swiftly ended most of my relationships as soon as I didn’t enjoy them anymore. One of my closest friends once said, matter-of-factly, that most people vocalize their issues with a relationship, give things a chance to turn around but I didn’t and always left instead. However, she did say that some attempt to “resolve issues” not out of love but out of attachment, habit and the fear of being alone. I always knew that someone wasn’t “it” just before I left, proven by the fact that I never went back.

Today, I find myself choosing kind but truly confident men, those who are comfortable with themselves and grateful for everything they have. And I am proud of myself for it. I don’t have the will to choose men who are kind but seem to need another to build them up – I want a complete, confident person. I always felt good about myself but do so even more as the years go by so maybe that has something to do with it.

Those who truly love their exes find a way back to them. The examples above were just my situations. You have to know yourself. You also have to know that things don’t go the same way for all of us – your life depends on your beliefs. However, anyone can improve their beliefs and manifest the life they want.

Most of the time I left, my exes knew I couldn’t appreciate them because they didn’t fully appreciate themselves. Feeling insecure is one thing but allowing it to dictate your life and relationship is quite another. Self-love is enough to turn yourself and your life around.

You cannot use another for your personal happiness – you have to enjoy it before you can share it with them.

These are just several examples showing how completeness, self confidence and perception create our lives and relationships.

The Final Edit…

I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing the final editing of my book so we are a week or so away from it finally being available online!

I had taken my time with it because I wanted to organize the content the best I could but have found it challenging at times because LoA principles relate and repeat throughout various life situations. With every example, I wanted to show the reasons for it, the awareness it reflects and why and how improvement can be achieved.

The focus of the book is creating and improving one’s self confidence and self love in order to achieve effortless manifestation. It includes personal examples, manifestation stories and the lessons they brought. The book also discusses self-love and how one can go about achieving it.

As one of its most important aspects, the book  shows why there is no “doing” or “working” to achieve results with LoA except the work put into feeling good about ourselves.

I hope you’ll like it! Lots of love to you all!

Visualize and Let Go?

I’ve noticed something I do and wanted to share it with you.

Sometimes, I just dive into entirely real visualizations of my desires. These visualizations are so lifelike that I occasionally end up confused after snapping out of them, so to speak. They make me so happy that I can easily say, “It’s going to happen,” and let go. Then, I continue to ride on the good mood from these visualizations for a long time, naturally seeking out more and more activities providing good feelings throughout the day.

Some make a mistake by focusing on how their manifestation might come about and what might be happening with it right now. I believe that these worries and ideas are nothing but a product of dissatisfaction with one’s current circumstances and unfulfilled needs.

It is only necessary to create a happy reality for oneself; filling one’s life with love, happiness, a beloved profession, pets, travel, supportive individuals and fun activities combined with self-confidence will make you realize you are the person capable of fulfilling your own needs.

The need for a specific desire to manifest is created when the said desire comes from a negative place. If the reason for the manifestation you want to experience is to escape your current reality in one way or another, you will feel the need to manifest as soon as possible. The problem is that needs create more of the same, therefore the more you try to escape and the faster you try to manifest, your need will grow and continue to prevent the said desire from manifesting in your reality.

That is why being happy now is most important. Find some appreciation for your current circumstances and little by little, you will be able to picture living the life you want.

Stop being upset with your current circumstances or your negative thoughts – they’re insignificant. You have the power to change your life this very moment.

LoA and Life Over the Past Days

Here are some basic stories to serve as reminders of LoA at work.

LoA and Someone Else’s Work

My Mom wanted a change and ended up going to a convention for several days. She took a trip to a beautiful town on the coast, a famous tourist spot, where the convention is being held as we speak. A friend of hers and two other women she likes are also attending and this change, even though work related, will allow her a bit of a breather. She’s been working hard and this change will serve her well. One can find desired change at work just like anywhere else.

LoA and Weather

I lived in a country where rain was almost a daily occurrence for eleven years. I love rain and I loved living in it. However, over the past two years, I realized the sun was starting to agree with me. Having endured extremely hot summers throughout my youth, I had become fed up with it but now, I see the appeal. Even though I still love the seasons, I hoped that the weather would brighten up in my current location.

This week, three out of four days were sunny. Even the one rainy day that had come along was interrupted by outbursts of sunshine. I never asked for sun and warmth 24/7, just most of the time in the past few days. This may sound odd to some but think about it – when you are used to living in specific weather, you see even more of it. It becomes your daily environment. I believe we collectively attract weather conditions we are used to living in.

LoA is limitless.

Right now, it started to rain but tomorrow, an entirely sunny day is expected which is perfect.

LoA and Work

Last week, I wanted to manifest a new professional gig but for some reason, I wasn’t sure if I would do so as fast as I wanted to. I was tired and not thinking clearly. However, I always know that if I let go entirely, I can manifest anything right now. So, I asked and let go. I made myself let go.

I said to myself, “I can do this,” and I let it go.

I manifested two gigs, not one.

Even an iota of belief works!

LoA and Panic

Last weekend, my Mom and I met our close friends, also mother and daughter, for dinner. Driving out of the parking garage afterwards, we were caught in the middle of an emergency. The garage was suddenly being evacuated due to the carbon monoxide emission reaching toxic levels due to too many cars in a poorly ventilated public space on a Saturday night. Everyone was instructed to turn off their engine and leave the garage while the sirens were blaring away but I decided to exit instead. I drove through the garage faster than ever, realizing that the exit ramp was in full function regardless of the emergency. While opening a window to run my parking card, I told the other three to hold their breath. We got out safe for the most part – I ended up with a headache.

With an unsettling situation around me, I was calm. Everyone was startled as this was unexpected. It was nothing terrifying but it was enough to confuse the surprised drivers suddenly being asked to leave their cars. Mothers got scared and wanted to get their children out of the garage fast which we can all understand. I decided we were to get out and remained calm. My Mom wanted me to be cautious but I believed we could get out instead of leaving the car. Even while driving fast, I did so because I saw us driving out successfully and was happy to reach that point.

Now, translate this instance into any panicking situation. Even if it takes more work, one can stay focused on their end goal.

Should You Talk About Your Desire?

Several days ago, I was asked to give an opinion on the topic of verbally discussing a desire during its manifestation period.

Some like to discuss their desires while manifesting them and other don’t. Some are aware of LoA sources advising against talking about one’s desire during its manifestation period while other sources advise manifestation practitioners to discuss their desires in a bold manner.

Whenever I felt like talking about my desire of the moment, confident in its manifestation, I enjoyed this specific discourse. When it made me happy to stay quiet about my desire until the manifestation, confident in the said manifestation, I enjoyed keeping it to myself and sharing my manifestation once it was done. Much like any desire, they all manifested when I focused on what made me happy. 

There are no specific rules here – if you do what makes you happy, you will manifest fast due to a boost of your positive energy which allows you to let go.

Both approaches have their benefits. This is also why one must decide which of the two approaches makes them happy – talking about their desire or, not. Some people are private while others enjoy sharing their plans. Sometimes, the choice depends on the specific desire. Some feel more comfortable and therefore happier staying silent, confident that this is the way to manifest in peace (I have done this many times). Others enjoy sharing their grand plans with whomever they choose, their manifestation process filled with audience (I have done this many times).

Only do what makes you feel good. Every action you could possibly take is meant to make you feel good!

If you look back on your life, you will have noticed manifestations following either of the two approaches. Sometimes, talking about your manifestation helped you. Other times, you manifested without having even considered sharing your plans with anyone.

Don’t overthink it – see how you feel. The approach chosen will be a result of your preference, confidence, the nature of your desire and, your overall personality. See how you feel and if you choose to share your manifestation plans with anyone.

While talking about your manifestation could raise your vibration and make you feel like you have it, it is not required. If you want to try this, go for it! Share your desire with someone you trust and see how you feel afterwards.

Do you feel more confident in your manifestation having shared it with someone you trust? How about after sharing it with your fellow blog readers and myself? Did it help?

If it did, great! It’s exactly what we’re here for.

Youth, Men, Women, Appearance and Awareness

I have been thinking about every limiting idea I continue to hear about people, their age, the perception of them and their own attitudes about society. I was interested in this group of related topics as with many, it plays a part in what they are willing to manifest or allow themselves to imagine in their lives.

Some say that aging means the world starts to see you as expendable, past your prime or losing your appeal…if you’re a woman. They claim that men are celebrated and appreciated as they get older and women aren’t.

We hear things like that every day. However…

These opinions should never stop any woman or man. Those that allow society to make them feel poorly about themselves, accepting these negative beliefs as their own, end up exactly where they don’t want to be – seen as expendable due to their age. Man or woman, you are making a mistake if you allow the world to tell you that you aren’t good enough. Why do that to yourself? It is time to start feeling great!

Your life depends on your own awareness, not the opinions of the world.


Become aware that all appeal is an inside job, having nothing to do with your age. You are as attractive as you feel. You are as youthful as you feel. There are exceptional individuals in the world who are actually aware of this and they are appealing to others regardless of their age. They feel attractive and know their value.

If you could do the same, you would easily manifest anything you want into your life, feeling absolutely deserving of living it. Your awareness is connected to your manifestations.

There is a simple way of looking on the bright side when it comes to this.

Some would say that today’s world is youth-obsessed. Looking young, fresh faced and in perfect shape are the things many believe to be the epitome of appeal. This is not the point – I believe we finally live in the world that approves of everyone, at any age, looking and feeling beautiful, just as they are. These ideas are often interpreted as “youth-obsessed culture” by those who think that beauty deteriorates with age therefore looking beautiful at forty means looking twenty.

You are simply supposed to be happy with how you feel about yourself.

You can simply look at the benefits of everyone being encouraged to look beautiful today, even if it is “expected” of them. Turn that idea into a positive thing! You don’t have to look twenty-five at fifty but you do have to feel good about yourself and realize you are very attractive just as you are. Attractiveness is an inner game. 

Beauty is timeless, ageless. A woman in her sixties is allowed to feel and therefore be beautiful. A woman in her fifties is allowed to be in great shape and enjoy it. I can’t believe I’m even saying these things because they’re so obvious. A man’s appeal is also in his personality and attitude. Things are not that different for any of us.

I only find relevance in personality. Some of us know that age doesn’t matter nor do we see it. Those of us who don’t see these things know they’re irrelevant to our own appeal. We will stay as attractive as we feel.

Value and appeal have nothing to do with youth. Those who refuse to appreciate themselves aren’t impressive at any age but everyone can be once they start to feel great about themselves.

You can see why any “physical” factors have nothing to do with how deserving you are of the life you want to manifest. However, there are still individuals who believe in the power of these factors instead of focusing on their inner game.

If you already look great due to pressure from our youth-obsessed culture, you should now start to feel great as well – turn that into something good. Turn your awareness around, directing it towards your inner world.

I’m not saying that your appearance shouldn’t matter to you but I am saying that it will naturally matter to you in healthy amounts once you turn your focus to the center of your appeal – your awareness. 

But why should you feel great at any age, besides to continue manifesting a happy life? Why should you believe that you will look and feel great even twenty years from now? Why should you teach your children that beauty is timeless?

Whenever I come across women in their twenties, I notice they all have similar fears. Most of them know that beauty is an inner game but they still fear not being enough. They tend to think someone else is always better than them which shows how rare confidence is; however, it should be an omnipresent thing! Those in solid relationships feel they have found someone who accepts and loves them but their relationship doesn’t remove their fears – we are the only ones capable of removing our own fears for good. Their partners accept them as much as they accept themselves and they accept their partners accordingly. Removing your fears for good is what makes you an effortless manifestation practitioner. 

The trick you have to know is that everyone wants to grow up fabulous. That’s why many fear growing up or growing older – they fear every exciting part of them fading away. Many grow up fearing life becoming grey, pressured to make the best of “the best years of my life,” no joy left in it come middle age. They fear their hearts and life’s joy leaving them. Some of the society tries to teach us that youth is always promising while the end of it means the end of a happy life and that the world (or even your partner) simply won’t be interested in you once you get older. Many grow up with this attitude and later wonder why their relationships haven’t worked out.

But how can others appreciate you if you don’t appreciate yourself?

Many young women I have met over the past years fear they only have a short amount of time to make their dreams come true, prove themselves or succeed. They tend to fear life having nothing to offer them past a certain age but with that, the focus on their fears manifests those exact fears into their lives; on the other hand, those with a different attitude attract different circumstances. Other women stay successful without the same fears present in their lives, past the feared age of the fearful young women.

There is no reason why fear should remain. You are an amazing, attractive individual – now, own it!

Appreciate yourself for yourself. It is never too late to turn things around. If how you feel about yourself is mirrored back to you, learn to love yourself enough to know your awareness is all that matters. When you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. If you feel young, you will look it. You won’t seem youthful if you feel old regardless of your perfect appearance. Inner first, outer follows.

If you don’t feel beautiful and therefore, good enough, what will you attract?

You will attract circumstances mirroring your insecurities back to you.

If you looked like your vision of your perfect self but still thought of yourself as unremarkable, you would not feel better. Your awareness matters most.