Youth, Men, Women, Appearance and Awareness

I have been thinking about every limiting idea I continue to hear about people, their age, the perception of them and their own attitudes about society. I was interested in this group of related topics as with many, it plays a part in what they are willing to manifest or allow themselves to imagine in their lives.

Some say that aging means the world starts to see you as expendable, past your prime or losing your appeal…if you’re a woman. They claim that men are celebrated and appreciated as they get older and women aren’t.

We hear things like that every day. However…

These opinions should never stop any woman or man. Those that allow society to make them feel poorly about themselves, accepting these negative beliefs as their own, end up exactly where they don’t want to be – seen as expendable due to their age. Man or woman, you are making a mistake if you allow the world to tell you that you aren’t good enough. Why do that to yourself? It is time to start feeling great!

Your life depends on your own awareness, not the opinions of the world.


Become aware that all appeal is an inside job, having nothing to do with your age. You are as attractive as you feel. You are as youthful as you feel. There are exceptional individuals in the world who are actually aware of this and they are appealing to others regardless of their age. They feel attractive and know their value.

If you could do the same, you would easily manifest anything you want into your life, feeling absolutely deserving of living it. Your awareness is connected to your manifestations.

There is a simple way of looking on the bright side when it comes to this.

Some would say that today’s world is youth-obsessed. Looking young, fresh faced and in perfect shape are the things many believe to be the epitome of appeal. This is not the point – I believe we finally live in the world that approves of everyone, at any age, looking and feeling beautiful, just as they are. These ideas are often interpreted as “youth-obsessed culture” by those who think that beauty deteriorates with age therefore looking beautiful at forty means looking twenty.

You are simply supposed to be happy with how you feel about yourself.

You can simply look at the benefits of everyone being encouraged to look beautiful today, even if it is “expected” of them. Turn that idea into a positive thing! You don’t have to look twenty-five at fifty but you do have to feel good about yourself and realize you are very attractive just as you are. Attractiveness is an inner game. 

Beauty is timeless, ageless. A woman in her sixties is allowed to feel and therefore be beautiful. A woman in her fifties is allowed to be in great shape and enjoy it. I can’t believe I’m even saying these things because they’re so obvious. A man’s appeal is also in his personality and attitude. Things are not that different for any of us.

I only find relevance in personality. Some of us know that age doesn’t matter nor do we see it. Those of us who don’t see these things know they’re irrelevant to our own appeal. We will stay as attractive as we feel.

Value and appeal have nothing to do with youth. Those who refuse to appreciate themselves aren’t impressive at any age but everyone can be once they start to feel great about themselves.

You can see why any “physical” factors have nothing to do with how deserving you are of the life you want to manifest. However, there are still individuals who believe in the power of these factors instead of focusing on their inner game.

If you already look great due to pressure from our youth-obsessed culture, you should now start to feel great as well – turn that into something good. Turn your awareness around, directing it towards your inner world.

I’m not saying that your appearance shouldn’t matter to you but I am saying that it will naturally matter to you in healthy amounts once you turn your focus to the center of your appeal – your awareness. 

But why should you feel great at any age, besides to continue manifesting a happy life? Why should you believe that you will look and feel great even twenty years from now? Why should you teach your children that beauty is timeless?

Whenever I come across women in their twenties, I notice they all have similar fears. Most of them know that beauty is an inner game but they still fear not being enough. They tend to think someone else is always better than them which shows how rare confidence is; however, it should be an omnipresent thing! Those in solid relationships feel they have found someone who accepts and loves them but their relationship doesn’t remove their fears – we are the only ones capable of removing our own fears for good. Their partners accept them as much as they accept themselves and they accept their partners accordingly. Removing your fears for good is what makes you an effortless manifestation practitioner. 

The trick you have to know is that everyone wants to grow up fabulous. That’s why many fear growing up or growing older – they fear every exciting part of them fading away. Many grow up fearing life becoming grey, pressured to make the best of “the best years of my life,” no joy left in it come middle age. They fear their hearts and life’s joy leaving them. Some of the society tries to teach us that youth is always promising while the end of it means the end of a happy life and that the world (or even your partner) simply won’t be interested in you once you get older. Many grow up with this attitude and later wonder why their relationships haven’t worked out.

But how can others appreciate you if you don’t appreciate yourself?

Many young women I have met over the past years fear they only have a short amount of time to make their dreams come true, prove themselves or succeed. They tend to fear life having nothing to offer them past a certain age but with that, the focus on their fears manifests those exact fears into their lives; on the other hand, those with a different attitude attract different circumstances. Other women stay successful without the same fears present in their lives, past the feared age of the fearful young women.

There is no reason why fear should remain. You are an amazing, attractive individual – now, own it!

Appreciate yourself for yourself. It is never too late to turn things around. If how you feel about yourself is mirrored back to you, learn to love yourself enough to know your awareness is all that matters. When you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. If you feel young, you will look it. You won’t seem youthful if you feel old regardless of your perfect appearance. Inner first, outer follows.

If you don’t feel beautiful and therefore, good enough, what will you attract?

You will attract circumstances mirroring your insecurities back to you.

If you looked like your vision of your perfect self but still thought of yourself as unremarkable, you would not feel better. Your awareness matters most.

5 thoughts on “Youth, Men, Women, Appearance and Awareness

  1. Hi Nina,

    It really is about what’s going on inside. I’ll be on track for a while and I notice manifestations are more fun, then a bit of resistance will throw me off. I need to find a way to get going again as I find rebounding to be time consuming. Things seem to be the best when I’m loving and accepting myself fully. I wish I could bottle up those moments and save them since it seems to be easily forgotten how great it is when it happens.

    Thank you for writing about things that really matter. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU and thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ It makes perfect sense and you clearly said WHY it is important to keep your vibration high – in order to be happy πŸ™‚


  2. Dear Nina,

    I have been told numerous times that life ends at “30” and that everything from your professional/personal world will start to go downhill from their onwards. Basically, the idea is that you have to accomplish everything by that age or you are screwed. It’s a way of thinking that I cannot/will not accept.

    The interesting thing is–I have more confidence now than I had when I was younger (still a work in progress) and from a professional standpoint my career is starting to blossom now in my late 20’s.

    I have a question–I have read on your blog before that when there is resistance that one should treat those negative thoughts (fear, doubt, frustration, impatience etc) with love. How does one lovingly treat such low-level feelings?

    Also, I read your entry on Dreaming vs Fantasizing. When you dream/imagine a desire to be fulfilled you believe that you already have it vs. Fantasizing is imagining something but don’t believe it can happen. So difference btwn dreaming and fantasizing is that one is imagining with positive belief that it’s in their reality while the other is imagining with no positive belief it can/will/already has manifested.

    When I share with others about my dreams/imagination I have been told that I am “fantasizing” because my desire is not visible to others in the external reality. What should I do? How do I go about dealing with others?

    If a man were to approach me or ask me out I would say that I am not available because it’s true–I am not available to any one else except for the one whom I desire. However, when family friends, like an elder ask about when I am getting married–how do I answer that question? I just say that it’s up to a higher power because I don’t know how to answer properly. This is an issue I have on a weekly basis.

    In my mind, I am married to this man but then someone will ask me something like and it sort of throws you off. I am trying my best to not allow it to pollute my vibration–that’s what I have to work on–how to not let outside factors bring down my vibration.

    I have to keep coming back to your blog to read your entries. I need the constant reminder.

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    1. When it comes to negative feelings, you treat them with love by asking yourself why they have appeared, observing how they make you feel and asking yourself why you would think such things but with compassion. That way, you heal the hurt parts of yourself – you nicely “tell” your negative thoughts and negative feelings about yourself that they are unnecessary.
      I would tell friends and family members that things are happening and I’ll keep them updated. That is, if you genuinely don’t want to talk about it. However, when you know your desire is yours, you can talk about it or not all you want. The feelings matters and then, whatever behaviors you want will stem from it.


    2. Also, I’m 31 – life is just as exciting, busy and nothing has changed. When your attitude is the same, so are you. When you have the right attitude, age doesn’t seem to exist for you at all.

      Liked by 1 person

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