Have You Been Trying and Failing?

I have been thinking about possible ways of resolving resistance around the desires of those who have been trying to manifest something specific for a long time. These individuals have gone through stages of love, grief, happiness, frustration and anything else you could think of.

If you’ve been trying for a while and felt hopeless at times, I’d like to contribute the following methods because I know that the thought of feeling good about your specific desire might seem impossible at times.

I suggest you first take a few days, a week at most (even though I am sure four days will already make a difference), to get used to feeling like your desire is yours already with the help of these methods/techniques. You can practice them all continuously or in any kind of order you wish – do what makes you feel good. Some, you might only have to practice once (if not all). Even if it takes continuous work to achieve results, the faster you believe and decide to persist, the faster you will start to feel different. Just embrace your belief and insist on it within yourself, no matter what.

Today, you must decide to manifest what you desire and stick to it. You must believe that you can! If you believe, you will stick to that belief and be able to let go in order to manifest.

1. List (or simply admit) your worries.

If an attempted manifestation or simply the thought of your desire causes you any kind of upset, followed by a lack of detachment or a highly negative state of mind, figure out why. Since everything translates back to us and the way we feel about ourselves, think about what a specific fear you may have says about you.

You might worry about your specific person seeing someone else yet this is probably a disguised personal fear of not being enough to make your specific person happy, in addition to being aware of your desire remaining far away from you or impossible instead of being yours.

You might strongly dislike another person only because you fear being like them in a negative way or simply fear being less and letting yourself down in any way. You might be accusing your partner of eyeing someone else while actually projecting your own guilt of wanting someone new onto them.

You might be failing to manifest your desire while refusing to admit to yourself that you actually feel dissatisfied with the thought of living it. Your specific fear might just be a more bearable or believable projection of a personal concern you may have.

Admit your deepest worries to yourself and then, pay attention to your feelings. Do your fears seem realistic or have you created them based on some other personal beliefs? Understanding where a specific fear came from helps you remove it for good which can also be done after just days of focusing on positive decisions and self-reflection.

If you worry about your negative thoughts, you are not aware of your desire being yours already and are not OK with your current reality, both of which you must be in order to manifest.

Don’t rush or skip over this specific self-reflection stage – by now, you know that you must deal with these thoughts if you want to feel better.

2. Be decisive!

Right now, you are accepting your negative thoughts but being decisive and powering through them will take you to your desired result.

Every time your negative thoughts come up, remember that your desire belongs to you already and express gratitude for it. If you’ve tried everything else and failed, sticking to simple persistence in your belief will take you to your desired reality. Eventually, your negative feelings will be replaced with an awareness of having your desire. This is how you will self-train to focus on everything positive, including your desired reality.

You are the one who can make a difference in your life, no matter how difficult it seems right now. You can do this!

3. “It’s happening right now” might not work – switch to “It’s mine already.”

The first affirmation I advocate as it is one of my favorites – I find it effective and easy. However, if you don’t believe that your desire is manifesting right now because of all the negative feelings that have been connected to it for so long, tell yourself that it is yours already.

When “It’s mine already” is said, any paranoid thought you may have had becomes moot. You already know that it is yours so go with that belief! Soon, you will be automatically going to that very belief regardless of all the negative thoughts attempting to distract you.

Soon, you will see why your belief is the only thing that matters.

4. Rely on yourself.

Deciding to do this will allow you to see why you should believe in yourself. You will understand why self-belief matters. You will understand that your beliefs shape your reality instead of your life unfolding completely outside your power.

Those who don’t believe simply feel incapable of changing their realities. In order to change yours, you must accept that if you power through and believe, you will change your life.

Once you decide to rely on yourself, you will start to believe that you can achieve any goal you desire. Your doubts connected to your desired manifestation may have damaged your self-belief but as soon as you start to feel different, you will see your life change. Right now, your self-belief has created the life you might dislike in various ways but as soon as you start to believe in yourself, you will see your reality change.

Simply accepting this fact will allow you to see why you must believe in yourself and why it is that simple.


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Negative Thoughts and Your Desire – How to Remove Negativity and Finally Manifest

Is your past and your general focus on the negative (fears, doubts, the current reality etc.) instead of the positive preventing you from manifesting? Do you try hard to manifest only to end up getting hurt over and over again? No matter how much you want to believe in your desire, do you feel incapable of letting go and saddened by feeling stuck in your current circumstances?

Even if all of this is true, you might be lost around the idea of what exactly you should do in order to finally make peace with what has been, believe in yourself and your happiness. You might be desperate to believe but don’t know how to when everything around you points to your dream missing from your life.

This is my solution. These are the steps to take in order to deal with all that excessive negative energy around your desire so that you could manifest it into your life. Right now, you might feel that you want something in particular to manifest into your life yet you feel upset with it in some way, be that your past, your general negative beliefs around the subject or your own limitations which you want to move past but feel incapable of achieving for now. Whatever it is, follow these steps to change your beliefs.

You cannot move into the happier future with negative beliefs.

1. Locate the source of your negative feelings.

Do you want to manifest a relationship but feel negatively about relationships in general, thinking they were boring, unfulfilling and ultimately doomed to come down to annoyance instead of enjoyment which is what they were meant for? Or, do you want to manifest being with someone specific yet keep focusing on their currently poor treatment of you and making you feel unwanted instead of loved?

Do you want to manifest a new job but feel that work is impossible to find or always implies working for insufficient pay and difficult people? Do you want to lose weight yet worry that you absolutely must spend an hour a day in the gym or practically starve yourself? Do you want to manifest money but fear you might not and that you will always have less money than you’d want?

Your current reality might be the only source of your negative feelings but the answer is to feel your ideal reality possible, real and something you look forward to instead of something abstract.

2. Ask yourself, “What would I be doing if I had it now?”

This is how you focus on the realness of your desire instead of your current reality.

Once you ask yourself this question, you will allow for a spontaneous visualization of your desire. You will feel as if you had it now and be able to evaluate whether or not you truly feel comfortable in it.

Sometimes, what started off as a specific desire turned into need due to not manifesting. The longer it took, the more you felt the need to make it happen, the more you missed it, the more you felt the need for it to appear and your general good mood deteriorated as a result, meaning your vibration dropped.

If your desire turned into need, it was because the worry had taken over, pushing your belief to the side. Your worry about your desire coming true, as well as yourself, took over against your positive beliefs of having your desire in your life and letting it go to manifest.

Asking yourself this question will allow you to start planning your life instead of living it without any awareness of what you might manifest.

3. Feel good about yourself and think about who you want to be!

Nurture your personal qualities which you cherish.

I personally cherish my cheerful and outgoing nature, for example. I care about my own opinion of myself and if you do the same, you will live your life wrapped in positive feelings about yourself. If you still wish to possess specific qualities, ask yourself what you would do if you had them now. Or, what would make you feel that you are the person you wish to be?

At the same time, don’t resist your current personality traits. Just focus on being the person you would love to be. You’re an amazing individual already, just as you are, but what would make you feel like an amazing individual? Believe that you are everything you wished to be.

This way, you are going to start over. You’re going to start over in manifesting, looking at your desire and your positive self-perception. You manifested the negative events in your life because you felt that they were likely to happen for you – start to believe that your desires are most likely to happen in your life!

Accept that the past is the past…and you will, as soon as you finally start looking at yourself as the person you wanted to be!

Be sure that your ideal reality truly is your ideal reality. Does the idea of living your desire make you feel comfortable? How do you feel about your desire right now? Be honest with yourself. Then, if you want to, compose and repeat an affirmation that reflects the way you want to feel living your ideal reality. Repeat that affirmation when necessary.

The way you feel about yourself and the way you feel about your desire are connected.

For your affirmation to work fast, you need to choose a vision of your ideal reality you are truly comfortable with. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of your desired reality you are imagining now, you are preventing yourself from receiving it. This is where you might have to put in some work, as deciding what exactly you want is sometimes the hardest part. Admitting your true feelings to yourself can be the hardest part.

I once thought about manifesting a relationship with someone but didn’t feel excited about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in it until I explored my feelings and discovered that my true desire was to have him in my life. I wanted us to be close friends and we became it.

If you’re wondering how to practice your new beliefs, try this. One of my best friends keeps notes of affirmations stuck to the fridge and remembers them when needed. You could keep them in your wallet or anywhere else but the point is, keeping notes of affirmations will remind you of them. You will soon adopt an affirmation as your new belief if you know that it is written down somewhere close to you.

4. Learn to understand your negative thoughts.

In order to receive your desire, you must believe it is yours simply because you asked for it. Remind yourself of this if you have forgotten it. Once you know your desire belongs to you and is going to manifest in your life, you will understand why negative thoughts mean nothing.

Your belief is one thing but random negative thoughts that come up are quite another (even when your subconscious mind tries to make you believe they mean something).

Right now, you don’t believe so you are distracted by your negative thoughts; however, once you believe, you will no longer be distracted by your negative thoughts.

You used to jump at every negative thought, fearing it was true or about to come true. But after you start to believe, you will know that your belief in your desire is real and therefore thoughts that contradict it must be false.

This is how ignoring of your negative thoughts works. If you have made a decision that your desire belongs to you already, asked for it and automatically believed it was yours; every time negative thoughts come up, you can remember that you know. This is how ignoring negative thoughts works – you’ll be able to observe them while knowing that your desire belongs to you already.

Negative thoughts may still come up but they are different from negative beliefs. Positive beliefs allow you to see that negative thoughts are false.


Overcoming your negative thoughts and making peace with everything that has been will allow you to start over. Forget everything that has been and focus on what you want because you deserve it.

Mastering Confidence and Manifestation – My First Book

My first book is now live and available to you on Kindle.

Mastering Confidence and Manifestation: Remove Your Negative Thoughts and Own Your Manifesting Power!  was written to show where successful manifestation starts and why, offer reasons why your negative thoughts will never be stronger than your conscious decisions and offer an overall guide to easy manifestation. This book also explains why and how LoA is life and discusses various ways in which you can focus on your own qualities in order to ensure easy manifestation instead of your past, fears or doubts.

Above is the link for Amazon UK but you will find the book on your local Amazon, such as IndiaGermanyAustraliaCanada or another, as well as amazon.com.

This book will remind you of the true reasons you deserve to live the life of your dreams and empower you to love and appreciate yourself which is crucial to successful manifestation.

You can simply ask for your desire and learn why you can let it go to manifest. Everything you want to achieve, you can. You already possess the power to manifest the life of your dreams – you simply must believe in yourself! You can manifest all your desires just by believing, being yourself and giving love to yourself.

A simple explanation of the tendency to dive into negative thoughts will allow you to remove them from your life – an explanation of why resistance appears is enough to remove it. Throughout my life, I have achieved much success empowering others and helping them master their confidence by reminding them of their worth as well as the reasons why their negative thoughts don’t have to hurt them. Focusing on success, love and especially self-love is everything you need to achieve success.

Many believe that LoA means going through the motions until their desire manifests but just by giving love to yourself, you give love to your ability to manifest all your desires.

You will find the links to the free Kindle apps for your PC, smartphone or Kindle Cloud Reader so that you can read the book on any device you prefer.

I would love to hear your feedback so thank you in advance for taking an interest in this book!