Have You Been Trying and Failing?

I have been thinking about possible ways of resolving resistance around the desires of those who have been trying to manifest something specific for a long time. These individuals have gone through stages of love, grief, happiness, frustration and anything else you could think of.

If you’ve been trying for a while and felt hopeless at times, I’d like to contribute the following methods because I know that the thought of feeling good about your specific desire might seem impossible at times.

I suggest you first take a few days, a week at most (even though I am sure four days will already make a difference), to get used to feeling like your desire is yours already with the help of these methods/techniques. You can practice them all continuously or in any kind of order you wish – do what makes you feel good. Some, you might only have to practice once (if not all). Even if it takes continuous work to achieve results, the faster you believe and decide to persist, the faster you will start to feel different. Just embrace your belief and insist on it within yourself, no matter what.

Today, you must decide to manifest what you desire and stick to it. You must believe that you can! If you believe, you will stick to that belief and be able to let go in order to manifest.

1. List (or simply admit) your worries.

If an attempted manifestation or simply the thought of your desire causes you any kind of upset, followed by a lack of detachment or a highly negative state of mind, figure out why. Since everything translates back to us and the way we feel about ourselves, think about what a specific fear you may have says about you.

You might worry about your specific person seeing someone else yet this is probably a disguised personal fear of not being enough to make your specific person happy, in addition to being aware of your desire remaining far away from you or impossible instead of being yours.

You might strongly dislike another person only because you fear being like them in a negative way or simply fear being less and letting yourself down in any way. You might be accusing your partner of eyeing someone else while actually projecting your own guilt of wanting someone new onto them.

You might be failing to manifest your desire while refusing to admit to yourself that you actually feel dissatisfied with the thought of living it. Your specific fear might just be a more bearable or believable projection of a personal concern you may have.

Admit your deepest worries to yourself and then, pay attention to your feelings. Do your fears seem realistic or have you created them based on some other personal beliefs? Understanding where a specific fear came from helps you remove it for good which can also be done after just days of focusing on positive decisions and self-reflection.

If you worry about your negative thoughts, you are not aware of your desire being yours already and are not OK with your current reality, both of which you must be in order to manifest.

Don’t rush or skip over this specific self-reflection stage – by now, you know that you must deal with these thoughts if you want to feel better.

2. Be decisive!

Right now, you are accepting your negative thoughts but being decisive and powering through them will take you to your desired result.

Every time your negative thoughts come up, remember that your desire belongs to you already and express gratitude for it. If you’ve tried everything else and failed, sticking to simple persistence in your belief will take you to your desired reality. Eventually, your negative feelings will be replaced with an awareness of having your desire. This is how you will self-train to focus on everything positive, including your desired reality.

You are the one who can make a difference in your life, no matter how difficult it seems right now. You can do this!

3. “It’s happening right now” might not work – switch to “It’s mine already.”

The first affirmation I advocate as it is one of my favorites – I find it effective and easy. However, if you don’t believe that your desire is manifesting right now because of all the negative feelings that have been connected to it for so long, tell yourself that it is yours already.

When “It’s mine already” is said, any paranoid thought you may have had becomes moot. You already know that it is yours so go with that belief! Soon, you will be automatically going to that very belief regardless of all the negative thoughts attempting to distract you.

Soon, you will see why your belief is the only thing that matters.

4. Rely on yourself.

Deciding to do this will allow you to see why you should believe in yourself. You will understand why self-belief matters. You will understand that your beliefs shape your reality instead of your life unfolding completely outside your power.

Those who don’t believe simply feel incapable of changing their realities. In order to change yours, you must accept that if you power through and believe, you will change your life.

Once you decide to rely on yourself, you will start to believe that you can achieve any goal you desire. Your doubts connected to your desired manifestation may have damaged your self-belief but as soon as you start to feel different, you will see your life change. Right now, your self-belief has created the life you might dislike in various ways but as soon as you start to believe in yourself, you will see your reality change.

Simply accepting this fact will allow you to see why you must believe in yourself and why it is that simple.

83 thoughts on “Have You Been Trying and Failing?

  1. Helllllllooooo Nina.

    I hope your forehead is well and hasn’t got to many palm prints on it. Haha!

    Good Post!

    Just wanted to let you know this was the first day without that ‘telling him off’ stuff that was happening. I know you said it’s ok as long as you have the belief that its already yours – but its something I really wanted gone because it was making me feel tired mentally and physically.

    So, its the first day when nothing came up, like me telling him off, in fact tell me if this is ok, I remember thinking at one stage at work; ‘Thank goodness he got past all that BS he believed about me!’ and then laughed. In fact its now turned into a laughing thing where its like I am looking back on the past and laughing at how stupid we both were. Yay!

    Even tho I dipped again, my posts are no where near as upset or angry as they used to be! You’ve noticed that also right? Hi 5’s all round! 😛

    I do that, a few times during the day, I’ll randomly say “it’s already mine” or ‘its happening right now” if I haven’t thought about anything in a while and it just makes me smile now. It’s so good to not think about it so much anymore and know its mine. *Does happy dance*

    Then (I don’t know if you would call it a spontaneous vision or not because i didn’t see anything) but i remember leaving work and i used to leave feeling upset because I would be coming home to an empty house and a thought came into my head as i was checking my bag and it was ‘oh good, he will home when i get home!” It just came out of no where! So I left work quicker and got home faster and (I’m not crazy) But i could hear his voice telling me where he was in the house and then I saw him greet me as i came into the house. This wasn’t me making it up, it must have been spontaneous and if not I don’t know what you would call it.

    Whaddyareckon? Haha 😉 ❤


  2. Hi Nina,

    This is a powerful article. I have been working on my thoughts like what is causing me feel me feel bad like Gretta suggested me do EFT tapping to change my thoughts and I think I am kind of clear now. It’s not rejection/ he finding another person better than me / I am not enough for me concerns me as I have confidence in those areas. I don’t mind if he finds his happiness somewhere else. What bothers me is me getting too attached to him. That’s my major fear. If I become too attached and if this relationship doesn’t work for some reason I fear about the losing the person and no contact afterwards. That’s what I need to work on I believe. I have stopped contacting him and he has not got back to me either. I do feel like getting back in touch but I now consciously know that being in contact is not important and I need to be confident that I should not be afraid of not being able to contact someone. I think I am okay with that. I have no idea how I will get where I need to get. All I will do now is trust my beliefs more.


    1. I see. It makes perfect sense but that kind of thinking is also preventing manifestation in this case. You believe you can have this relationship but you don’t believe that it can be the way you would want it to be. Instead, you fear it might be unfulfilling.

      Investing time into thinking about what your ideal relationship with him would entail, what would make you happy and what you WANT will allow you to believe and attract 😀

      Thank you so much also xx


  3. Nina, wonderful post as usual !! Thank you for so willing and patiently repeat your advice over and over again even though it’s so straight forward, it’s hard to sink in and become second nature.

    Actually I realized all my fears manifested :

    – The doesn’t like me so I’m not good enough -> he went from super amazing always seeking me out to disengaged and seeing someone else
    – I don’t get to choose I only get what the Universe is willing to give me -> my first love reappeared out of nowhere. He was everything I wanted …….10 years ago
    – If I let go and go general (which I kinda have) he won’t manifest until I don’t actually want him anymore which is shit because then what’s the point -> my first love reappeared out of nowhere. He was everything I wanted …….10 YEARS AGO!!!!!
    – I don’t trust my judgment – I followed the trail and signs and still didn’t get the result I wanted, I don’t think I am good at choosing (and let’s face it, he’s behaves like a dumbass)

    The good thing about fears manifesting is that you realize you can survive and still function perfectly despite them. If anything, the last fear was a major shift in how i feel about myself and how much time I invested in him. I do want to manifest him but now it’s because I want to experience the euphoria of witnessing it. But I’m no longer attached to the dream wedding, beautiful fairy tale and love story ..

    Can I still manifest deliberately from that emotional place?

    Also, who my guy is now is the polar opposite of who I first met (not in a good way) so I don’t know if I was wrong about choosing him (foolishly invested in someone terrible because of my denial levels) or did I just trigger that in him based on my vantage point? How does one manifest if we don’t trust our judgment in choosing what we want in the first place, because we believe what we want might not be right for us based on the simple fear of choosing wrong and ending up disappointed? (gosh I hope that made sense lol)


    1. Thank you SO much 😀 I am so happy to expand on the topics as I believe there is always another interesting way to put it. Different perspectives will resonate with different individuals depending on the beliefs that govern their lives.

      I think you’re saying that your desire is to experience it happening, the relationship coming to life but not necessarily keeping that relationship forever unless you choose to later on. If you focus on that goal (IF it makes you happy), your emotional state will adjust so that you match the vibration of the relationship happening and manifest it into your life. As you focus on the event happening, your belief will grow and the resistance will be removed.

      If you looked at manifesting your relationship with him just to experience it and see if you like it, you might stop seeing it as a big deal which will make your worries about your judgment irrelevant because in truth, there is no reason why you shouldn’t manifest a new relationship just to see how it goes 😀 Might as well, right? If you look at it lightly like that, you’ll have fun with it which will help you manifest fast as well as improve your confidence because you’ll be so open to having fun 😀


  4. Hi Nina and all,
    I have been reading you all and so good to see everybody’s found a shift in a positive way.
    Nina I finished your book and if I show u the Screenshots, you’d find it all yellow, blue and pink with highlights. It is really good. I am still trying to be better at letting go which is ur suggestion after self love. 🙂
    I now feel like I know what is causing certain situations in my life. I know I attracted it and I manifested it. I also know that in he to turn it around by giving it eithwreither a positve meaning or focusing on positve outcome. However I would like to know you react to negative situations in life which happen in a snap…. for example… someone u know sees u walking by amd she turns her path. U know she looked at u and she turned the other way…. While I don’t care but I’d like to give it a positve meaning… what would you do in such scenario?
    Btw we are doing really good with day to day ups and downs…. the best part is i have got really good at manifesting situations with him.


    1. Hi Lightline,

      I’m glad to hear that everything is going great with you. I have to tell you that when you first posted your success story here sometime ago, it was a real motivator for me to get my stuff in order and manifest a positive situation with my guy.

      I know you had mentioned at one point that there was a third party that made you have a contrast and you were able to get past it. Can you please elaborate on how you successfully did that?

      Thank you in advance,


      1. Hi C, yes, I just stopped giving it my attention. Which was not easy initially, because we “default” creators are so used to of beating ourselves up in negative way and they tend to compare.
        For example: I am listening to a romantic song and my heart feels it’s for us. But my mind is saying”comeon, he must be thinking of her when he listens to a song.” this is when I trained myself to think of us, no matter what. I also trained my mind and heart both – not to feel bad even if I saw them in bed, dancing around etc. “In bed” is an exaggeration but the plan was not to feel bad or disappointed with this. Plan was to be strong and to remind that it’s me who is creating. During that time when I was still learning to focus on better things, I manifested “third prty” more than my boy. Now, it’s only him.
        I also affirmed: no matter who he is with, our relationship is different from others. we connect on a different level. we respect each other. If it happened once, it will happen again. It is happening again. He fell for me when that third party was still there. It means there is something really strong between us. and so on. everything that I could remind myself of.

        Hope it helps.
        Love & Light

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      2. Hi Lightline & Nina,

        Lightline, I couldn’t reply to your answer below, but first of all, thank you for replying.

        I have two questions for you and Nina:

        1)How do you train your mind to only think of “us”? For example, my mind keeps going to concerns, worries, etc. I keep telling myself to stop, but they keep coming back. Sometimes, my response is physiological too. when I get jealous or concerned, i can literally feel the anxiety build up, sometimes it even becomes a hot flash!

        2)If you affirm and believe that you are the only one for him, that he is faithful to you etc and respects you, but then you see something in reality that contradicts that (like him flirting or dating apps, etc) What does that mean? If you really believe it, shouldn’t your reality bring you what you are asking for?


      3. 1. Practice gratitude for “us,” affirm what you want to happen and believe it is possible. Gratitude is just magical! Even when your anxiety starts acting up, repeat the gratitude affirmation calmly. Repeat it several times if you must and minutes later (if not sooner), you will feel yourself calming down.

        2. If you believe it, it will, but you must believe it and let go. If you keep “looking” for it, it can’t happen. Be stronger than your negative beliefs. When they appear, remember that what you want to happen must happen.


      4. Hi Nina,

        Thank you for your responses. My challenge right now, is that I can’t block the sadness I feel when I think of my guy and my ideal relationship. I guess its hard sometimes to forgive. Forgiving myself and forgiving him.

        When I say something to myself like “I’m grateful for my relationship” or try to visualize us, I feel sadness. I know maybe I just need to keep doing it a bit longer.

        I have a question. In your book, you said that all you have to do is ask for it, and then let go knowing that you will receive it because you asked.

        What if you can’t visualize or get into the feeling of it anymore? How does that affect the manifestation, even if you let go?

        When I saw him in February, there was nothing definitive said between us so I felt like it was easier for me to visualize and make my own ending.
        This time, he made it clear that he only wants friendship with me after all. That he just doesn’t feel it for me. This was not the first time he had said that to me, but it had been a long while since he had said something definititve like that. He has said it to many times over the years, but this was the first time in a while. I can’t get it out of my head now.

        I’m very scared because its like I manifested what I wanted. He was being romantic with me, telling me he couldn’t wait to see me, making jokes about us getting married, and then poof! It all went away and was replaced with the “just friends talk” in a matter of a couple of days. And, I was feeling grateful. There were moments when I couldn’t stop thanking God on my trip because it was so amazing. I just don’t understand how I will ever get rid of the bad things if they keep happening even when I’m feeling good.



      5. Knowing (or believing) is enough even if you don’t visualize or send heart energy intentionally or anything else. You still believe, end up having spontaneous visualizations at moments and send heart energy without realizing.

        Repetition will solve your problems. Think about what you would love to be happening between you two and you will believe in it soon, relax and allow it to happen. Keep affirming, believe and it’ll happen. Don’t be discouraged by having to get through negative thoughts before manifesting – remember that negative thoughts come to us to point out resistance and give us an insight into how we feel and what is important to us 🙂 xxxx


    2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and I love reading about your manifestation success 😀

      In that specific situation, I would assume that something was bothering the person in question because people act that way because of their own problems. It has nothing to do with you and you can wish her happy problem solving and just move on with your life, trusting that things are OK with you two if this is the person you care about (but wishing her happiness either way).


      1. I did exactly that!! However, I did feel less-than-good initially, i felt like crying. But thanks to R.S. i got over it. She made me laugh. 😀

        And thanks again for bringing a friend like R.S. in my life. She is amazing!!

        Yay! to everything. My basic nature has become to be happy all the time. Contrasts do happen but they don’t stick with me for long.

        Thanks for everything you do and everybody who visits your blog and take out time to comment. They have taught me a lot.
        The gratitude is coming right out of my heart. And I have never learned to speak less. hahahaha
        Love & Light

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  5. Hi Nina,

    One of the reasons that I feel sad lately is that I’ve disconnected from him recently. Actually I feel disconnected from a lot of my dreams. What would you recommend someone in my place to do?

    Thank you,


    1. What i mean is that I have a hard time sometimes feeling happy about my desires. And not just relationship-wise recently. Its a little harder to connect to heart energy and think about makes me happy and really feel it.


      1. Even that can teach you something. Observe what this means to you and how it makes you feel and then think about what it is that you truly believe.


    2. Remember that the lack of connection had its benefits because you probably came to a conclusion or two based on it. Every situation in life gives us new insights and can improve our confidence if we allow it to make us stronger. Find the good in it – if nothing else, you dealt with your feelings and survived which proved to you that you have even more power than you know. You can start to believe in your ability to achieve even more. You may have also gained additional insights into whatever is important to you. Even that period brought you closer to your desired relationship – I would believe that and be grateful for that.


    3. Hey C : if I was in your place, I’d think of anything that makes me tickle when I think of him. or makes me feel good, loved… etc. and I’d stick to that feeling. whenever less-than-good-feeling hits me – I’d go back and do that.

      REMEMBER: What you think (and then WRITE) amplifies it.

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  6. Yeah, nah I tried again and it didnt post again. 3rd time. Strange. Small posts are going through but nothing else? 😦


  7. Hey Nina

    If you get a about 5 posts of my story about my black jacket and boots can you delete them? lol
    If they are posting I can’t see them. :/


  8. Ok….

    I shall try again. :/

    Third attempt and it’s going to be just brief now… Haha

    The other week I asked the Universe for a black jacket or something similar, whatever really. Yesterday I asked for a pair of black boots. I wasn’t specific with either, but i did want the boots to be above ankle and below knee.

    Yesterday the jacket showed up, a week later.

    Today, a day after asking for the boots, I got them today.

    This is the jacket. It’s a reversible cape given to me by my boss, this took about a week. It took a week because I kept checking the racks to see if i could find one. Silly ME! This is the cape that ties at the sides – photos dont do it justice – I am extremely happy with what showed up even tho i wasn’t specific. Ive tried it on 10 times already since getting it yesterday! Hahahaha!

    The boots turned up a day later, the very next day because i wasn’t checking the store because we nearly never get size 10 shoes. I work in a boutique second hand store. 😉

    Both were given to me for free.

    So jacket was delayed because I kept looking for it. Turned up a week later because kept looking for one!
    Shoes came in a day after asking because i didn’t look for them or think of them again.

    Both were not found in the store but given to my by my boss out the back, they were not on display.

    Just goes to show how fast you manifest when you let go and forget about it and what happens when you keep holding on and wanting it.

    Also shows just how much we delay it by not letting go / trusting the universe.

    Now i feel more confident than ever. That’s enough proof for me. The faster you forget and move about with you life, the quicker it will come to you.

    Hope this post makes it through!

    Happy! Happy! Joy Joy! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvveee these stories !!! they boil down to something so simple : you really don’t need to do anything except know that it’s coming one way or another.

      Why is it SO difficult to believe when it comes to manifesting a specific person? I really don’t understand 😦 …what is it that makes it so hard to detach? What is it that makes it so hard to have faith and just believe that a specific person or a car or a phone or a free dinner or a parking space are the exact same thing and yet we have a feeling that one is harder than the order?

      It makes me so confused because the proof is in the pudding: stories like this and many others make it so obvious ….not actually believing is almost like looking at a chair, knowing it’s a chair but doubting of its capacity to be a chair at all times??

      Today something I wanted for 2 years manifested to the date! I worked for it of course but when I wrote down a year ago by this date I want to have achieved this I had no means whatsoever to accomplish it – and a lot of really horrible things happened during the process, things that made it seem like it was not going to work at all … but these things triggered other events that triggered different opportunities that I was made available to grab (because of those same horrible things) and here I am, I have done it and my life is changed and I’m free from a burden that really weighed heavy on me for 5 years !!!

      Sometimes things look really bad but they’re actually working in your favor.. all we have to do is ride with it and trust it’s taking us where we need to go..


      1. Hey LyLy

        Yep, exactly, you don’t have to do anything after asking, unless you want too and its coming from a place as if already having it. How freaking powerful are we? I mean really! All i did was ask and knew I would get it even tho i wasn’t specific at all. It’s handy that I work in a store that would supply these things, but the cape was a $400 dollar jacket and as I said above – we never get size 10 shoes, what are the chances that a pair came in the very next day? Coincidence? I dont think so! I’ve been there for months watching everyone else be able to buy shoes – but a 10 never comes in! Until today and they happen to be very similar to the boots I had in mind! I thought of it once and then never again. I wasn’t specific in what I asked for – but I got it, imagine being specific and letting go and trusting the Universe? Boom!

        There is no doubt in my mind now that we always do get what we want.

        It ISN’T hard to believe when it comes to manifesting a specific person because of all the people I have been with, I did attract them. First boyfriend, really liked him, couldn’t get in contact with him, we were only 15 at the time and I had very strict parents. About a year I wanted this guy, i remember crying over him! (Hahaha!) I remember being in high school and writing ‘I love XXX’ on my pencil case so everyone could see it, then one day I just let go and forgot about him and a few months or more later my Uncle says to me “XXX has been asking about you.” And then we started dating.

        Next guy, same thing.

        Next guy was my biggest mistake, i knew nothing about LOA so i used to say “i just want one kiss!” and that is exactly what I got! Just one kiss! Was a fantastic Kiss tho!! Hahahaha! Not as good as with the guy I am with NOW tho! Hahahah! 😉

        Every person i was with I manifested, but only after changing direction away from them. As I said I knew nothing about the LOA, but looking back now, all of them came to me when I forgot or let go if you want to call it that. Whether you focus on you or another guy or anything else eventually, depending of how quickly you let go, it does come to you. You do get what you ask for, but you have to go about your life.

        I don’t believe its hard to believe when manifesting a specific person, as you can see above, the 3 people I was with was me sending out what I wanted, once I moved on (let go) they came to me but all of them I KNEW I would either be with them or something would happen between us.

        We find it hard to detach because we really, really, really want it. The exact vibration which keeps it away from us.

        It’s not hard to have faith and just believe in being with that specific person because you’ve asked for it so you must receive – just like how i got my jacket and boots and no i dont think they are on a different level at all. Neither is a million dollars or attracting one dollar.

        We’ve been conditioned to believe that we cant have everything we want, plus some things are harder than others. I don’t believe this at all. I got the people i wanted to be with and I got everything I asked for.

        I HAVE JUST PROVED ITS NOT HARDER! 🙂 ❤ I attracted each guy, I attracted the clothing. Same thing. Same level, same requirement of just asking and moving on with life.

        My mum told me a story the other day, when she met my dad they were kind of seeing each other. Mum said that he just randomly disappeared one day. She said she got on with her life, met someone else and he came back and they have now been married for 30 years. Mum has always told me, all my life, if you want something don't go after it, let it come to you. She also always says the more you want something, the more it goes the other direction from you. Mum said she always knew she would marry my dad. So she had a sense of knowing, you could call it belief.

        So you can see, I manifested the people I wanted, my mum manifested my dad simply by letting go and moving on. The just KNOWING and trusting the universe is crucial.

        I honestly think these guys can feel us wanting them and it makes them run the other way, they are hunters by nature. That is something mum has always said also. Shes turned out to be right every time about this kind of stuff.

        Just know and detach. I really dont like the words act as if or believe. They always stressed me out. Its not that I didnt know how to act as if or how to believe, i just dont like those words.

        I prefer JUST KNOW and TRUST THE UNIVERSE. That's how I do it now.

        I just know.

        ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. I think it’s hard for people because they were taught to focus on the other person instead of themselves in a relationship but in reality, that kind of thinking doesn’t benefit a relationship at all. You can’t make someone else and their feelings the center of YOUR awareness and expect to be happy. No one was ever made happy by forgetting themselves but by improving themselves and their happiness.


  9. Just know. (Same as ACTING AS IF or BELIEVING)

    Trust in The Universe. (To do the work, you’ve asked so it must be delivered as Nina has said, through 1000 face palms! Haha!)

    Go about your life. (Thinking about you, not them, unless it makes you happy to think about them or if it makes you happy to use tools etc)
    Boom! ❤

    I like it that way. 🙂 😛

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  10. It’s easy to let go when you KNOW / BELIEVE whatever you want to call it (Your desire / relationship, whatever BELONGS TO YOU – Like Nina says.

    You know you KNOW / BELIEVE / are ACTING AS IF when your focus is on you. Not them. You can still use tools if you want but only if its coming from a place of KNOWING its already yours.

    That’s how I see it now. If your focus is on you – you’re no longer worrying about anything. It kills all resistance, impatience, questioning, missing them, sadness, and all the rest of the blergh feelings. It kills off all the doubts, stupid beliefs you have about yourself, the anger, depressed feelings all that crap. What’s there to worry about or feel sad about? You ALREADY have what you want which means more time for you to do the things you love to do. Thinking about you.

    No face palms necessary anymore, Nina. I think we all have it now. Haha… ❤

    I must say tho, thanks for your patience, especially with me. I know I must have been at least worth 60% of the face palming action. Haha!


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    1. Fretta, feels so good about what you wrote but that letting-go is something I didn’t get quite right. It feels like I hae found the secret code to unlock my desires except LET-Go…. “Face palm”


      1. Hi Lightline.

        I personally think the term ‘letting go’ is causing everyone some kind of anxiety where everyone thinks if they let go that it is final, that he wont come back etc etc – which means you don’t believe that you are going to get what you asked for. Like Nina says, strengthen your BELIEF.

        Replace LET GO with I KNOW and Trust in The Universe and then move on with life focusing on yourself.

        Just try it, just say I KNOW which is basically the same as “It’s already mine!’



    2. Gretta,

      I am glad to read you are feeling more balanced and clear on your beliefs. When you were up and down in your feelings and beliefs, I was right there with you. I feel like that often. Still do at times. I understand the confusion and hurt that comes with loving/wanting someone that does not reciprocate.

      I would also like to commend you for staying strong and sharing whenever you find something you think may help us feel better.



    3. Hahahahaha not at all! I just knew you’d get to this happy place 😀 Life is so easy and you literally sound different so I love it! xx


  11. Hi everyone. It has been a while since I have posted but I check the blog almost daily to read Nina’s new posts and comments.

    Things are at a standstill (if not considered worse) with my man. He goes up to two weeks without responding to me until I prompt him again. I feel he is growing further away from me. I think about him everyday all day. What is he thinking? Why doesn’t he miss me? A couple of weeks ago, he reached out (in response to a text I sent him a while ago) on his own without me prompting him first. He apologized for being so bad about responding. He asked how I was doing. I didn’t answer him right away because I fear he won’t respond anyway. Guess what? It has been almost two weeks now with no response. Two weeks seems like an eternity to me. The waiting to hear back is awful. I am not going to text him again. What’s the sense?

    I am a mess. I want to let go and move on but I am having a hard time doing so. I can’t get him off my mind long enough to let go. Funny thing is, when I DO hear from him, it is usually at a time I am completely not expecting or wanting it! Those times are rare, though.

    Nina, I bought your book and I am still reading it. Thank you.

    I wish everyone happiness.



    1. Dear Bea, thank you so much! I suggest that you think about something as you read it.

      Right now, you are manifesting your fears instead of your happiness because you are focusing on your fears. But how would it feel if he answered, talked to you every day, if you were together? More time and gratitude is what I suggest for shifting your awareness to focusing on what you would LOVE instead of what you fear.

      You receive messages when you let go (the times you’re not even expecting them). As you focus on what you would love to happen and believe it’s possible, you will stop searching for his messages, be happy in the present and then, manifest.


      1. Nina,

        Yes, I agree that I am manifesting what I fear and worry about but I can’t seem to get past it. I am in a pretty low place right now. I have been out of work since January and can’t even seem to get an interview. It is very discouraging and my self-esteem and confidence have really taken a hit. This has made the lack of contact from the object of my affection even more noticeable to me and hurtful. If I had a job, I would have something to keep my mind busy and off of him. Sadly, I have too much spare time to sit around and think about all the things I lack, especially a relationship or even more contact with my man.

        I will keep plugging along and try my best. Thank you. ❤️


      2. I see what you mean but I do suggest spending more time thinking about what the part of life that is just yours looks like; specifically, what you would love as a new job, new salary etc. 😀 Focusing on you will allow you to let go of him which is necessary to manifest.


  12. Hi Bea ❤

    I was thinking about you the other day and was wondering what you were up to. If you don't mind I want to cut and paste a section of what you wrote.

    Firstly, i wanted to briefly tell you a quick story. I have a friend who I dont care whether or not we have contact or not. I never contact her at all. We are very different. The more I don't contact her the more she comes to me. It's not that I dislike her it just doesn't bother me or not if I see her or dont for a few weeks at a time. We used to be close but are not anymore and I am very ok with that. Can you see what I am saying here?

    If not let me show you with your own words…

    "I feel he is growing further away from me." – You are making this your reality. You are focusing on your fears instead of believing you already have it.

    "I think about him everyday all day. What is he thinking? Why doesn’t he miss me? – Why are you thinking about him everyday? If you do it should be just to say thank you that XXX loves me, reaffirm that it's already yours! It really doesn't matter what he is thinking, at all. If it is always you contacting him how will he ever get the chance to miss you? HE KNOWS THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE, WAITING. HE KNOWS YOU'LL ALWAYS BE THERE. What if he didn't know you always there anymore? Maybe it would prompt HIM to do something. Just like I know that my friend i mentioned above is always there and never leaves. Why do i need to do any work? She does it all. Do you understand what I am saying? He knows you are there, waiting. He would also energetically be picking up on all those feelings of what you wrote above. Everything is energy. There should be no reason for you to wait or put your life on hold for ANY man or person. You haven't detached and dont believe the Universe will give you what you have asked for simply because you asked for it.

    Go NO CONTACT. Stop contacting him. You want to change the energy/vibration you are sending out into the Universe and him. When you are contacting him you are NOT coming from a place of already knowing its yours, you're coming from a place of sadness, hurt, desperation and he probably won't answer or will take 2 weeks. Can you see now why he either doesn't respond or takes weeks a time? He knows you'll always be there IF he wants to contact you.

    YOU SAID – "A couple of weeks ago, he reached out (in response to a text I sent him a while ago) on his own without me prompting him first. He apologized for being so bad about responding. He asked how I was doing. I didn’t answer him right away because I fear he won’t respond anyway."
    THE FEAR IS STRONGER THEN YOUR BELIEF that's why this guy takes weeks to answer, you don't believe it's already yours. If you really have to contact him, (which I think you should stop entirely and work on your belief and move about with your life like you already have him) send a message but then completely forget about it. Don't reaffirm constantly that hes either not going to reply or is going to take 2 weeks to do it. You think it and feel it and The Universe says "OK, your wish is my command!'

    YOU SAID – "Guess what? It has been almost two weeks now with no response. Two weeks seems like an eternity to me. The waiting to hear back is awful. I am not going to text him again. What’s the sense?" – Good yes, stop contacting him because you are not coming from the place of knowing its yours. You are coming out of a place of worry, anxiety etc etc. Yes, its been 2 weeks because that is what you keep reaffirming that he takes 2 weeks or more to respond or never does. Two weeks is not an eternity. The waiting to hear back is what is creating your reality. The waiting is the same as desperation and fear and worry.

    YOU SAID – "I am a mess. I want to let go and move on but I am having a hard time doing so. I can’t get him off my mind long enough to let go. Funny thing is, when I DO hear from him, it is usually at a time I am completely not expecting or wanting it! Those times are rare, though."
    SO you can see how when you are not expecting it or wanting he contacts you? That should be enough proof for you of what you have to do. STOP contacting him and move about with your life. Focusing on you, not him. When your belief is strong you won't care when he contacts you or how long it takes because you already know it's yours. Right now you are worried if you dont keep up the contact he will forget about you and move on and find someone else. No. GET OUT OF THE WAY SO THE UNIVERSE CAN DO WHAT YOU HAVE ASKED FOR! ❤

    Abe quote – "Now wait a minute, there was that man I loved with all my heart and he didn't love me back." We say you were offering him insecurity, you were offering him worry, it wasn't that pure vibration of love. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, they can't offer you anything else. The Law of Attraction wouldn't put you together even when you live in the same house. You would rendezvous differently.'

    Change everything. No contact. Only offer him the pure vibration of love like the quote says above, not insecurity, worry, desperation, fear, and all the rest of those feelings. He is always going to know you are there if you are the one that keeps doing all 'the work'

    Move about with your life. It's not painful to focus on yourself. Have some determination that you will receive what you asked for just because you asked.

    With love xxxx ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Gretta,

      Thank you so much for the response and advice. I agree with you (and Nina) that I am making my fears and worry my reality. I also agree that I need to stop contacting him, which I have. I used to contact him every few days if I didn’t hear from him but I have backed off from doing that.

      I don’t think I can convince myself he cares when I don’t feel like he does. Honestly, I think if he cared about me even a little, he would not go weeks without contacting/responding to me. I miss him so much but I think I am foolish for doing so. I need proof, I guess, that he actually does. But I am too far into the negative to feel positive about him having feelings for me.

      I don’t even know what to properly ask the Universe for regarding him. A relationship? A text? A phone call? Any type of contact from him or sign he cares? I just feel I am either trying too hard or doing something wrong.

      I hope you are doing well and thanks again! ❤️


      1. Hi Bea

        I was in the similar position of no job. I was sick for years, then my mum was sick with lymphoma cancer. There is a massive gap on my resume/CV.
        So i started to do volunteer work, 1) to get me out of my stuck mess I was in thinking of him and pining etc, all those crappy feelings and then 2) so i could put on my resume that I was working again/gaining experience in another field, retail. They gave me a raving review which enabled me to secure a position after YEARS and YEARS of ill health for myself and my mum, in fact it was 7.5 years in total between me not being well and my mum going into remission.

        I have one more suggestion for you. Lock yourself in a room with some loud up beat music and start dancing around. I do this daily now, it comes on just from feeling happy all the time now. Obviously not missing someone songs. Something completely unrelated. But now I can listen to any song and it doesn’t effect me, happy or sad or whatever.

        Yes, go no contact. You don’t have to plus your also not in the space of feeling good/knowing you already have it so you are going to keep getting back what you are thinking and feeling.

        See how you feel after the dancing I suggested. I used to say that also, that if he cared he would contact me. Not true. i remember lightline saying that her brother-in-law mentioned that if a guy hasn’t blocked you its because something is stopping him so i ride with that now.

        Start to watch everything you are saying, when you say this – “Honestly, I think if he cared about me even a little, he would not go weeks without contacting/responding to me. ” – As soon as these thought come up reverse it! Say “He loved me just as much as I love him, even more!” ❤

        If i do have any thoughts pop up, which now is rare, i automatically turn it around into the opposite/positive.

        Sit down and figure out exactly what it is you want. 🙂 To me a text and call are not as important as knowing the relationship belongs to you because isn't that what you want? Do you want the relationship? Would you be willing to do anything to get yourself out of this small rut to be with him?

        With Love



  13. I found this online, it was a person responding to a question someone had posted…. They cut and pasted various quotes and abraham.

    Here was there response – there might be something positive in here even if just bits and pieces.

    First of all, I know that ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING! Our job is to align with what we desire and block out any and all aspects of what we don’t want (including “what-is” or “what appears to be”). KNOW that it is coming. Get into the Vortex and feel the feelings of having it already. Don’t look at or talk about “what is” anymore. EVER. Get into a state of knowing!

    When you say “I can’t create in his reality”…. the embedded belief is that he doesn’t really want you in his reality and that you have to move heaven and earth to change his mind and convince him to be with you. ❤ What if you change the belief to – "I don't need to create in his reality…. In his reality he is already wildly in love with me. He wants to be back with me as much as I desire to be back with him?" ❤

    The one thing holding him back is not his reality but YOUR reality because you are holding yourself in the vibration of – "I love him but he doesn't love me". Then, the universe hears only that vibration and gives you more of HIS ABSENCE IN YOUR LIFE as you pine away for him. But if your vibration is ❤ "He loves me with equal fervor as much as I love him" …. then BOOM! he will be on your doorstep! ❤

    When you want it so much it hurts you are wanting it too much! Really, the rule of thumb is I want to think about this person as long as it feels good. And when it crosses a line and doesn't feel good, then your work is to scramble! And we don't mean because it is urgent. We mean get there as fast as you can and in a place of relief! So, keep talking your angst down by saying: ❤ "I don't have to make anything happen. What I'm wanting is coming!" ❤

    You can be a vibrational match to someone when you are in your vortex, but if you have resistance (pining after them, feeling sad, desperate) then you're no longer a match..!

    ❤ You have asked for what you want. And it IS done! Whatever thoughts you think now either align you with you desire…. carry you downstream to him, or keep you stuck in the rocks, or paddling furiously upstream… ❤ GO DOWNSTREAM!

    A woman, one day, said, "Abraham, I don't think you care if my lover ever comes to me. I think you want me to envision him so clearly that in my mind's eye, he is real — so real, that it doesn't matter that he's not really there." And we said, that's exactly right! We know when she feels him in that way, the pain will be gone from her, and the Life Force will flow through her, and all of her goals will be achieved. And we also know, then he must come!

    Regarding what you said about your inner being KNOWING that you were meant to be with this guy, my thoughts on this would be that maybe you should trust that!

    Think about all the things you want from a lover and most importantly WHY do you want those things? how does it really FEEL? — try to stay in the feeling place as much as you can and don't let go of your dream … just let go of the resistance! If you want this particular guy, then keep on believing and feeling good about it and it will happen!

    Abraham: ❤ The only reason anybody ever says, does, or bees anything to you is because it's active in your vibration. ❤
    So you realize that It's ALL YOU, and then you say, "Oooh, oooh, I'm having a very wonderful relationship, me and my guy–me and my relationship with this guy is very, very wonderful! It's so wonderful. Because you're not focused on the absence of it, you're focused ON IT…you've activated a new dominant vibration…and when you do that, it HAS to be there. There cannot be any other way. ❤


    1. Oh Gretta!! I have read it in past. But your hearts have made this post so special.

      This is the crux of whole manifesting-someone-special. I read these words by Abe after manifesting my boy, but it all makes sense to me because when i say I took baby steps, this is exactly what I did. I reminded myself time and again that he loves me. He still loves me. Someone reacts to something because the energy touches them. So if my steps are taken from the place of love, if I am vibrating love-energy, then it means my love, my affection makes him do what he is doing. It simply means he has feelings for me too. Otherwise it doesn’t take a fraction of second to make a person feel left-out. otherwise he won’t be affected.

      I love this quote ❤”I don’t have to make anything happen. What I’m wanting is coming!”❤
      and also something like this “We haven’t seen someone not adore a person, if that person adores them” – Abe which is also the same as “What you seek is seeking you.”


      1. Yes I love those red hearts on the black screen also! Hahahahah! I was trying to make the most valuable points stand out! ❤ <Like that! Haha!

        Yes i do that daily now. He loves me as much as I love him etc. Sometimes I throw he loves me even more! Haha ❤


  14. Hey C,

    Yes, I never let him go completely. But I do remember, during last days when the actual manifestation was about to happen, I felt relaxed. I was in the zone ( I am still in that zone) where I felt this unconditional love for him, but my heart never thought of “what he feels for me”. Because it was imprinted on me that he loves me too whether he is saying or not, he loves me too. I had reached the point where I felt like the pain I was feeling is exactly how he is feeling. That made my heart pray “Dear Uni, please. I want him to feel good, I want him to smile. Tell him that all will be fine. It’s all a matter of time. We are meant to be together” I swear I used to say thins whenever I felt not-so-good looking at the reality and it really made me feel that way.

    On top of everything, by then, I had proved myself that my thoughts create my reality. From hiding to lovingly looking at me continuously, from not reading my messages to reading them instantly and replying, and many other things including that supper meeting… that kiss on my forehead… ah!! I just get so happy writing all this because I ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN. OMG time to create more stuff.

    Oh, one thing on letting go, what I do understand now that letting-go might also mean not getting bothered if something you desire happens or doesn’t happen. I used it with the job I was manifesting recently. One day I cried while I was trying to find a happy feeling place. But then I shrugged the fear off by saying, I have capabilities – it happens “great”, if it doesn’t happen “there is something greater for me”. But my desire was to stay in the same Organization, so, I kept asking Universe. When I kept asking that means, I asked once but I thought it needs some modifications, so I modified and asked again. IT HAPPENED!! But again, I don’t think I had let it go completely. LOL

    Love & Light C

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  15. Nina.

    This zone you mentioned. Last night I felt as if I was suspended by something and it felt as if i was swaying, even tho i was standing, as if my feet were off the ground. I remember thinking to myself I must be in the zone. So cool I wake up to see you talking about the Zone.

    I can’t describe it, i thought I had found that place all those other times ago when feeling positive, but now I know for sure I’ve found the zone of knowing and ‘letting go.’

    It feels like weightlessness. Don’t know if anyone is going to understand what I mean?


    1. I know what you mean. I felt similar sensations at times 🙂 So cool, isn’t it?

      The zone of pure love which Lightline described, I called it the Highest Energy State in my old articles. It truly is pure love 🙂


      1. Nina.

        Yes, very cool. ❤

        Just in the last few days, I feel like he is really close. Like right near me, right there – cant describe it without sounding kooky.
        Now the 11:11's have started again. It feels like its going really fast, which is really good. Then seeing his work van, then hearing his name over the loud speaker at the shopping center, then another person serving me with is name. I dont need signs, i dont look for them or ask for them, but it's cool that they make me smile and then i just say thanks and move about with life again. But i swear, he feels so close, like right there, like i could reach out and touch him as if he was sitting right near me right now.
        Whoa. Cant describe!

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      2. Hi Nina,
        Thanks for approving of my feelings and calling it the state of “Pure Love”. It feels like a teacher has appreciated her studen. haha Feeling proud of myself.

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  16. Oy guys – I’m all confused : my ex clearly wants to be with me again and I think he’s amazing but he’s not who I want. The guy I was aiming to manifest is now officially in a relationship and openly says he thinks she’s a keeper : I have visualized us in a picture on his instagram with him commenting I was his girl – it manifested with him holding someone else on the picture.

    I’m not going to lie I’m confused, sad and a little hurt – most of all I feel a little stupid. Clearly committing wasn’t his issue just not with me . On top of that here’s this guy who does want to be with me and I feel like this is basically life telling me this is what you’re getting, you take it or you just repeat this pattern forever and forever .

    I have no idea what to do especially that she seems really nice and if he’s happy, like truly happy – I refuse to take him away from that based purely on my just wanting to be with him – it wouldn’t be fair if they’re meant to be in each other’s lives or some shit like that .

    This feels so uncomfortable 😦 I feel like a loser a little bit I don’t know what to do I know if all of this is not just fairy dust and empty promises … Okay I’m a bit depressed I might need some uplifting please


    1. Hi 🙂 Let’s go from the beginning because we need to look back on the process and your feelings. Your feelings create and when you change them, you will create something new.

      Apart from the visualization, your feelings abt him were conflicting for a long time, as you had said, and you recently said you were displeased that he was seeing someone else but at the same time, you didn’t know what all of this would manifest into. I am only paraphrasing this because the thing is that it’s impossible to manifest being with someone if you have both the good and the bad emotional reactions to them.

      You have good feelings abt your ex – “he’s amazing” – but have been conflicted abt the other guy since the beginning. In order to manifest being with someone, positive feelings must be present and the certainty of you two being together must be present.

      You have also identified your ongoing limited beliefs about what you believe you can have as opposed to what you can’t. I think now is the time to start feeling the way you WANT to feel abt yourself. Your reaction to this is an indicator of the beliefs you hold of yourself which equal the belief you have in your manifestation abilities.

      You can have what you want but believe in it. If you visualize, you must do it while KNOWING it’s yours instead of needing to see it come true. If you doubt LoA or its correct use, you will have a hard time manifesting. You manifest what you believe you can have.

      Find out what really makes you feel good. Do you love this guy or just felt like you “needed” to manifest this relationship in order to feel good (which doesn’t work)? If you love him, focus on that love and things will change. Being upset with him for not being with you is not love.

      If you don’t love him after all, you can find someone you love the way you wanted to.

      If you reflect on your feelings, you will know how to fix them and why you don’t believe in having what you want. Also, ask yourself why you want him despite the negative feelings – this might make you focus on the good. Did visualizing you two together make you happy or nervous?

      You’re not a loser – this happened because you believed it to be more likely than you being with him. Now is the perfect time to finally start believing in yourself and finally manifest your desires.


    2. You didn’t do it “wrong” but just didn’t believe 100% and when you do, you will manifest – isn’t that comforting?


      1. Nina you actually made me cry – well done its not an easy task.

        I want to be with him because I’m convinced we are meant for each other and that together we could and would thrive at the level we both envision for ourselves. Everything I said recently is my way of dealing with the feeling of réjection.

        We don’t speak about it much but what we’re all really trying to deal with here is the feeling of being rejected by the person we want to be with. And so we’re all looking for ways to close that gap but it’s a tough one to fill / feel because it’s so personal .

        I currently have this ex who wants to be with me in my reality me he as everything I wanted 10 years ago – and all I can think of is this other man who I just know we would be so happy and thrilled and l fulfilled whereas my ex just gives me that unfulfilled feeling manly because he’s not who I want anymore.

        I understand it’s important to believe and know that in the endmebdruthing will work out …but how do l you do that when everything indicates that the connecting you felt was so In your head that he just went and found someone else to connect to.

        I have absolutely been ambiguous this whole time in terms of how I feel but I have been consistent in the desire of being with him.

        How do I get to belief from a place of reality is showing me otherwise?
        How do I still believe it’s even possible when last year he couldn’t commit to anyone and now he thinks she’s a keeper ?

        Not so long ago we were on regular dates and in tough everyday – as much as my insecurities were strong how was my genuine desire to be with him not enough ? To the point that I find myself feeling like I either have to settle for what life brought from the past and what I think based on feeling what I actually want – knowing that ; they’re super similar except that my ex has always been crazy about me and we’ve always been deeply attracted to each other !!! Except one I chose and the other is a decade old flashback ?

        Nina, doll – I really just want to experience what I’m so certain would be the best thing ever !!!


      2. I think you don’t/didn’t fully believe he could want to be with only you. Insecurities play a big part and you have mentioned them several times. You can do this and once your confidence grows, it’ll be done easily.
        I think you need to acknowledge and get used to the idea that attraction comes from within and that you are enough just as you are. I think this was the source of your lack of belief and that hasn’t changed just yet. Before focusing on him, I think some self-confidence building will be exactly what you need 🙂
        Even if your desire is strong enough but you fear that you wouldn’t be enough somehow, you are still blocking yourself.
        I have been thinking about writing articles or a book about LoA for women and deal with self-perceptions I see in women, society’s limited ideas, insecurities and how to overcome that to manifest. I’ll start with the articles and I am sure they will help you.


  17. Nina/LyLy.

    Nina is right tho. We have all stayed in the ‘conflicting feelings’ vibration about these people for AGES is it any wonder that we have not manifested or the opposite has happened? It really is no wonder that we have delayed and incurred problems, speaking of myself here also, especially me. I know myself that I was thinking just yesterday I’ll call I’m feeling good and the call was rejected, again.

    Sometimes I think it is easier for everyone else because you all have some kind of contact. I realized last night after sending Nina the emails that that is not true. That it isn’t impossible for me or any of you either.

    In my times of feeling down and wondering why I still have the belief, I always have but sometimes I jump the gun also. I can feel down for a moment then get right back up to where I was before it happened.

    Nina is right tho, we’ve created these problems and they can be turned around. I read a story on the secret website last night. Basically she wanted to be with him, he was in a relationship with someone else for 4 years, they ended up breaking up and she got her man and they are getting married.

    I see now that nothing is impossible.

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  18. Hi Nina

    Sorry one more q. If we have a ‘bad day’ or moment which really isn’t a bad day, I understand that. We can just ‘start again’ and reaffirm our belief and carry on, right? Like it never happened?

    I think with me sometimes I think, Oh crap! I have to start all over again! But that isn’t true is it? That’s how i feel now anyway, that i can just find myself back in that Zone and let go. I can get back into the place of knowing or believing or whatever you want to call it and just move about with life knowing I have asked so I must receive, right?

    I can do that now. I can have a moment then find myself back where I was before it happened quite quickly as before it would take me weeks. I’m proud of myself for that. Even tho I have had conflicting issues all this time while being on your blog I don’t want to be hard on myself anymore.
    Thanks 🙂


    1. Yes, just go back to feeling good. I suggest saying, “Thank you that even those negative thoughts got me closer to manifesting.” If you say that, you will let go and feel great! 😀


  19. I just had a thought.

    It really comes down to loving the other person completely, unconditionally no matter the circumstances. I know we have talked about this before but that is REALLY what it is all about, right?

    Loving them, knowing and moving about with life knowing it will happen or already happened etc.

    Ok. Thanks.


  20. Nina and All! ❤

    I had a great day today! I thought about all of you. And sent some loving energy to you all! ❤

    These are such valuable points Nina, that you said above to LyLy. Really hit it on the head for me again.

    "You have good feelings abt your ex – “he’s amazing” – but have been conflicted abt the other guy since the beginning. In order to manifest being with someone, positive feelings must be present and the certainty of you two being together must be present."

    And this one!

    "You can have what you want but believe in it. *If you visualize, you must do it while KNOWING it’s yours instead of needing to see it come true.*
    If you doubt LoA or its correct use, you will have a hard time manifesting. You manifest what you believe you can have."

    I was thinking about these thigns you said today Nina, especially the part about *If you visualize, you must do it while KNOWING it’s yours instead of needing to see it come true.* <—- I know you would have said this a million times to us and its in your book, one way or another but this is very valuable!

    Every single time I keep coming back to this quote and maybe what we have been doing 'wrong' is in this quote.

    "You teach each other your respective responsive vibrations.
    In other words, you don't feel any way about anyone
    without their helping you to feel that way.
    It's really co-creation.

    We'll even go further, and bolder, and louder, and blunter.
    If there's somebody you don't like, they don't like you either !

    We have never seen it otherwise.
    We have never one time, ever, known someone
    to adore someone…
    that the one that they were adoring,
    didn't adore them back !

    Now, some are thinking… 'Oh, wait a minute.
    There was that man that I loved with all my heart and he didn't love me back.'
    And we say, ❤ ❤ < you were offering him insecurity.
    You were offering him worry. It wasn't that pure vibration of love. ❤ ❤ ❤

    When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on –
    when you are connected to your Source
    and holding someone as your object of attention
    and you are genuinely offering
    that feeling of love and appreciation
    -they can't offer you anything else!"

    WORRY and INSECURITY, I can see that with me, I don't want to speak for anyone else, but who else can see themselves in that quote? Worry it wont happen, worry they wont come back, worry we wont get what we want. We really are just offering worry, arent we? Insecurity, same questions that we ask Nina over and over again. Worry and insecurity.

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  21. Hi everyone,

    I have realized letting go is not easy at all. When we can’t let go we start thinking/visualizing, sending heart energy and because we cannot stop thinking about out desires one thought leads to another and sometimes good feelings connect to another thought which is not so good – somehow we start just engage ourselves in not so good feelings as it reflects our reality so feels much more real than feeling good (which happens in the future). I think what is best for us is to talk/write/type about good feelings rather than talk about what makes us feel bad. As we all know LoA is brings us what we feel, so why are we damaging our own desires by feeling and saying negative thoughts about them? I seriously have reached that now that if this doesn’t happen I will still be living my life no matter what instead of making myself feel bad I will postpone this feeling for the future as I don’t want to risk my present and the desires that is coming my way. I think this needs blind faith like our faith in spirituality/God. Whoever believes in God know what I am talking about. You have faith in God but haven’t seen in real.

    The more we feel bad the further away our desires push away from us. Why are we attraction this more? It really takes strong will to discipline us. The first week will be forcing us to believe in things and projecting love to our desires forcefully but once we train ourselves, our subconscious mind picks that up and starts sending out love energy to our desires naturally.

    I am trying to avoid looking at negative words because I feel emphatic and I start feeling bad. When we discuss about positive stories it makes us believe it is possible for us too. May be we should ditch talking about sad feelings (most of the times) and even if it is small things try and talk about things that uplifts us.

    Personally I am in the process of training myself. Reflecting on my feelings like if I am feeling good trying to understand the feeling and when I am down focusing on the feeling why /how its making me feeling low. It is helping me to know what love/attachment is.


  22. Hi N

    What did you mean by this?

    “…because we cannot stop thinking about out desires one thought leads to another and sometimes good feelings connect to another thought which is not so good. ”

    do you mean that when you are visualizing or sending energy that you feel good but it turns to not good feelings?


    1. Gretta,

      All I meant was – when we keep thinking about our desires and keep doing all the manifestation techniques over and over again, our thoughts brings us positive feelings about our desires… If our mind stops here (in positive state) we are doing it right but we usually come back to the reality and our thoughts connects to the real situations and the doubts / questions creeps in. Since the reality seems apparent we start feeling bad. That’s how we screw it up.

      The only way (or one of the ways) is to force ourselves into ‘happy state’ (whatever it may be to each individual) and make us believe we are happy – this may seem and feel artificial, fantasy-like but that’s what we need as it is picked up by our subconscious mind. And to do this we need blind faith on LoA.

      LoA is all about what we give out to the universe so is it possible that we give out positive vibes even though the first few weeks may be painful to believe/appreciate what is not there and may even sound unreal to us ? May be in few weeks time we may actually feel good naturally. All we want to do is train our mind.

      LoA brings us back negative things if we keep asking questions. We may think our doubts are reasonable as our reality is happening right in front of our eyes. If our minds create doubts we must ignore them (as that’s not what we want). If we do want to talk about the present ‘real’ situations we should talk in a positive way where possible. It will be really interesting to see where we end up given all the difficult situations we are all experiencing at the moment.

      I really like all your posts as you are so clear in putting it out. Plus whenever you have posted your ‘low feeling’ posts you always end it on a positive note which we all need badly..

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  23. Thanks for explaining 🙂

    Yes. I am able to regain feeling positive/knowing very quickly now just by changing my thoughts and telling myself that it is mine because I asked for it. I wasn’t always like that. It would take me a loonnnggg time. Just ask anyone on here how bad I have been. Haha!

    I do have A moment a week, usually on a Sunday, so odd, where I get very wound up but I can get back into that place as quickly as I put myself into that low moment now.

    There is 2 things that snap me out of it and back to my intention/determination/’knowing and that is.

    ❤ He loves me ❤ It's happening right now. ❤

    And it's not a forced feeling or forcing myself to beleive it. When I say it it is because i DO believe it.

    Then all those amazing feelings come back up. I had an amazing visualization before, that video I posted above said visualize if you want for 7 minutes a day then go out into your day. I found setting my clock for that amount of time was perfect, i didn't lose focus and it felt even more amplified and real this time. But like Nina says, you don't have to do anything, just ask and know you will receive just because you asked, but I like to visualize, I like feeling like i am remembering something that has already happened with him, like yesterday or a week ago, i like seeing him as the man i want him to be and how he is towards me and how happy we are. Swoon ❤ Haha..

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  24. P.S – I bought a gorgeous red dress from my work today. I plan on wearing it very soon! 🙂 ❤
    I wish we could upload photos. Haha…

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