Do You Admire YOU?

At various times, I mentioned being the person you admire. This concept entails self love, confidence, appreciation and possessing specific character traits you admire. For others, this concept means being perfectly satisfied with yourself, considering yourself perfectly fine, if not great, just the way you are already. Some want to improve upon their self image and others like their own already.

Those who want to improve upon their self image are advised to take actions that reflect being the person they wish to be. If you want to be more outgoing, think about the way you want to approach people and what you would want them to see in you. If you want to be more emotionally open, decide that you are courageous enough to engage in any emotion-filled conversation or that you are ready to start showing those you love how much they mean to you.

You get the idea.

And, you can use LoA to get there.

One of my friends wanted to relax around other people. This person was often concerned whether or not others were quick to judge and was afraid of looking silly; with that, my friend worried that everyone else was more interesting, attractive, intelligent and fascinating.

In truth, one is advised to take qualities they admire and apply them to oneself. Think about it – what is it that makes you interesting, fascinating, attractive… Which specific traits do you like about yourself and how could you develop those you want to add to the list?

Another friend of mine made a point of communicating with every person they were attracted to. This amounted to a quick exchange in some cases and a date in others but my friend eventually relaxed around their persons of interest greatly, especially after realizing the problem was self-imposed in the first place.

Whatever you struggle with, never feel like you are less important or interesting than others. Everyone has struggled with something at some point and your personal struggles are not embarrassing. All of us excel at different things but deciding what you wish to excel at when it comes to your personality will take you to your desired awareness.


Dealing with Discouragement in Your Manifestation Process

Have you ever gotten discouraged shortly (or, at any point) into your manifestation process, fearing that your desire might never feel real to you?

Trying too hard to feel your desire belonging to you already is the very thing preventing you from manifesting. If you have experienced this, your awareness is that of trying instead of happy for having your desire already.

In order to manifest, you are supposed to imagine having your desire already. Imagine what you do and how you act with it in your life. Why do you love it?

I’m happy just imagining that I have what I want. That happiness is powerful enough to cause me to believe and let go. Try to just imagine that you have it now – what would you be doing?

Your current mood has everything to do with your awareness. Whenever you feel like an unsuccessful manifestation practitioner (and hopefully you never again will), refer to this blog post and remind yourself of your worth.

Stay strong and focused!

Unless you choose your own life, another life will choose you. Stick to your goal and nothing less – affirm that you already are what you want to be! If you don’t feel that you are, could be or feel uneasy about believing, think about whether or not you truly want your desire.

Are you afraid of how others will react to you once your desire manifests? Do you fear negative comments?

If you truly want your desire, feel good about having it in your life and only care about your own opinion from now on; anything else is moot. Fearing negative comments is something that many experience but the only thing you need to consider is whether or not you want to be crippled by the intruding and limiting opinions of others.

You most likely don’t think much of those who try to criticize your choices already because by default, the critical ones are the most insecure ones. So why care about their opinions?

Something magical happens when you only focus on your own opinion – you feel good about having what you want and simply stop hearing anyone else’s disagreeing tone.

After you just imagine having what you want, your focus will be effortless.

Are you postponing your manifestation?

Do you fear being stuck once you manifest, effectively postponing the manifestation with your thoughts?

Or, do you think that you have to become someone deserving of your desire before receiving it?

Guess what – you already are as deserving as you feel you need to be. Just be a good person, do good and you will feel good. Then, you will manifest.

Do you see how these ideas fit into your manifestation process?

Once again, just imagine that you have your desire now. Picture a situation in which you are doing something with it. This imagining will make you happy and allow you to let go.

Can you deal with your negative thoughts?

You might wonder how exactly your awareness will change as a result of your newly found optimism.

If you feel good (before and visualize (or use another manifestation aid), you will eventually start to believe your desire is a done deal.

If you make feeling good a priority, that day will come sooner rather than later.

If you find yourself capable of ignoring your negative thoughts, the day you manifest will come along fast.

Your feelings are a strong creation force – keep them positive and they will make your thoughts positive in return.

If you don’t feel it yet, keep going and you will!

Don’t fall into the trap! Your desired manifestation might not feel real just yet but don’t let that discourage you.

Just imagine having what you want.

Thought of the Day

Have compassion! Whether for yourself and your past, your specific person or anyone else, compassion allows you to understand and feel love.

Those with a strong sense of compassion manifest the best possible scenarios for themselves and others; they want to make life loving and easy for everyone.

Happy Connections in Your Life

I believe I have successfully taught people to focus on happiness many times. Focusing on what matters – personal happiness, gratitude and enjoying life – lead us all to cut out every irrelevant part of life which many mistakenly make too relevant and at the same time, be an impressive individual.

Some of my friends used these ideas when it came to their relationships. Some opened themselves up to new relationships and others used this shift in focus to improve their existing ones. Others used it to rekindle relationships with their exes and start anew. All of them used it to focus on the positive and with that, create positive lives.

Many of these people simply started to believe they matter and with that, deserve to live a much happier life. Everyone experiences some sort of turmoil at certain times and no one’s struggle with absolutely anything should be judged. After offering them explanation, many are surprised at how small their problems suddenly seem and become aware of how much they have while suddenly becoming eager to share it with others.

If you feel that someone unfairly complains about their life while you feel they have more than most already, remember that everyone endures some sort of hardship, any of which can seem like an ordeal to the person experiencing it. Be helpful instead of judgmental and you can be helpful simply by wishing this person well, allowing your positive energy to touch them.

I believe most people are aware that our individual energies touch each other inexplicably and often, if not all the time. There are too many things in life one can’t make logical sense of, prompting many to believe there is more to life. I love being reminded of how amazing invisible connections are whenever I send heart energy to someone and they come into my life or contact me straight after.

With the help of positive feelings, we touch each other easily.

LoA and Quality Alone Time

If one can spend quality time on their own, one will have removed the need for the things many of us have gotten used to having and tricked ourselves into “needing” over the years.

In moments of solitude, many have tricked themselves to believe to be bored by default instead of exploring potential activities they could enjoy on their own. Then, many already know how to appreciate their time alone. Some love reading and writing in complete solitude. A friend of mine likes to drive around for hours and think. Some do nothing but simply disconnect themselves from the world which replenishes their minds. Another friend of mine took my advice and made a habit of going out to lunch alone while reading a book. Regardless of the specific activity (or a lack thereof), the ability to enjoy some alone time goes a long way when it comes to confidence and with that, faith in one’s manifestation abilities.

You might wonder how exactly this works.

Here’s how.

Enjoying some alone time allows you to see why you don’t need anything else. You are perfectly capable of finding amusement and productivity all on your own; knowing that, you can simply become grateful for everything and everyone that make a great addition to your life. You can be grateful for any conversation you have, all your friends and family and realize why relationships are natural to us – they make us happy, even if we don’t actually need them. You could be fine on your own but knowing that can also easily allow you to be grateful for everyone in your life.

You just spent some time alone and you survived. You don’t need other people – you just like them.

Knowing this can help you remove the need for your manifestations, allowing you to finally manifest. Removing the need for company and just appreciating it helps you manifest.

Try and spend a few hours on your own – you will start to enjoy your own company.

Thought of the Day 

If you want to be a winner, act like a winner. Act like the person you aim to be.

It works.

If you worry about your desire never manifesting, you are giving out the signal of being a dissatisfied individual – was that your aim?

Believe in yourself and aim to manifest all your desires.