The Nuances of Intention

This is how I explain intention.

If you mean to do it, you do it. If you mean to manifest it, you manifest it.

If you don’t mean to manifest it, you dive into negative thoughts and doubts, worrying if your desire will ever belong to you.

On the other hand, if you intend it to be yours, it is and will manifest.

When I mean to manifest something, I do it; I want to explain how the idea of intention and the entire process feels. I believe this will help anyone who wondered why they can’t decide on their specific desire, stay positive or believe.

When I intend to manifest something, I intend to do it no matter what the present situation looks like and what kind of negative thoughts come along. Everything else follows one’s awareness so when negative thoughts appear, your awareness decides whether or not they’re valid and you are the one that controls your own awareness.

Your current intention reflects the place in which you are for the moment; even if you didn’t intend this to start with, your feelings and chosen reactions paint a picture of your intention in the following ways:

  • If your negative thoughts cause you fear and lower your vibration, your intention to manifest your desire is not strong enough just yet. Instead, you fear that you might not and consider this as a valid option. If you fear negative thoughts or react to them strongly, you might as well intend to have them; in this case, fear is your deepest conviction and your intention, even if you don’t mean for it to be, because you expect it.
  • Your intention is reflected not in what you see but in the way you react to it. You could encounter negative thoughts and ignore them because you intend to manifest your desire. You could encounter negative feelings and decide to resolve them because you intend to feel good from now on.
  • If I intend to go swimming, if swimming is my priority, I will go even if clouds appear (this actually happened today). Then, the sun will come out again (that, too).
  • If I intend to make contact with someone, I will decide which one of us should make the first move and be grateful for receiving my desire already.
  • You see yourself where you want to be because you intend to get there.

Intention is a powerful manifestation tool, motivator, focus provider and confidence builder. Intention can be everything and is connected to knowing that your desire belongs to you already – it can lead to it or the two can simply go hand in hand.

23 thoughts on “The Nuances of Intention

  1. Hi Nina,

    What a perfect time for this article. I am still not in the right place to decide who has to reach out first. My initial desire was for him to make the first move but now I long to do this first anyway. I know my desire belongs to me but I feel I have changed my mind about who has to make the contact first! There are no negatives thoughts as such these days. No insecurities whatsoever. Just want to make myself feel even more happier but just don’t know if its the right thing to do….The inspired action and now the intention. How do we put this together?

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    1. The moment before you entirely let go so that he could make the move OR before you decide to and do it, you’ll know. These decisions come in moments so enjoy your life, be happy and you’ll decide 😀


  2. My level of gratitude seems to have sky rocketed for everything and everyone around me and I am doing nothing but believing and feeling good about him and myself. Can’t stop feeling love all the time! I thanked my tea cup today for holding my tea! Hahahahaha!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. How can you change your intention or increase the strength of it its not strong enough to overcome negative thoughts?


    1. Start to expect that what you WANT is going to happen now and that it is happening from now on. Stay strong 🙂 You deserve this!


  4. Hi Nina

    I was reading through some of your old posts and comments and these 2 comments are GOLD 🙂

    Nina Grdic – “Letting go. Whenever I manifested shortly, it was because I had let go entirely.

    Sometimes, that letting go meant totally forgetting about what I had asked after changing focus to something else, anything at all that made me happy; at other times, I thought about it happily for as long as I wanted to and then, I just started thinking about something else, whatever it was.

    Letting go is consisted of being sure you will receive and knowing that the sooner you let go, the sooner you will receive. You can consciously let go and focus on doing something else. Just the fact that you have let go will make you feel great, you will be doing something new and interesting. I can let go because I say to myself that the sooner I let go, the sooner I will receive and whenever my desire crosses my mind after that, I thank the Universe for manifesting it and let it go again. Soon, you will stop thinking about it and refocus, dive into another activity and suddenly, you will manifest😀 ”

    And this one – Nina Grdic – “I recently coached a friend who has gone through such a profound change and has gained so much confidence that he decided his specific girl likes him. He stayed as optimistic as possible and chose to believe that this is true. I always decide I have what I want with the guy I want, whoever that is, and my friend used that for his own situation. They’ve just started to go on dates so believe me, it works:) Use it!”

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 Both those instances felt so great, I remember when I wrote about the first one and when I was told about the second 😀


  5. Hello Nina! How are you?

    Have you ever manifest or know someone who has manifested a ocassional meeting with your favorite singer, actress/actor? Or any of this public people? How Can we intend to get that?

    Oh I bought your book! I’m gonna start to read it!


    1. Thank you so much! I hope you like the book 😀

      Yes, absolutely. To manifest this, ask to meet the person and then, be grateful that you did. Stick to this conviction until manifestation. Believe that your desire (meeting this person), is a done deal already. If you want, you can imagine how it MIGHT happen but accept that it might occur in that very way, an even better one but regardless of which, that it’s all happening right now. Imagine a pleasant conversation between the two of you, for example. Pick a meeting situation to visualize that you like, one that evokes positive feelings in you and know that you must receive your desire (you two meeting) simply because you have asked for it.

      I even wrote about a friend who did it last year so I hope the article gives you plenty of answers, too:


  6. Hi Nina,

    Whats does it mean if you can’t visualize your situation while feeling happy? Is this just because I’m not feeling so happy in general right now?


    1. I think it’s because your current reality with him makes you so unhappy and you have been focusing on the current reality. It is important that you forgive the current reality, forgive the past and then decide that from now on, you are creating something new and stick to it until manifestation.


      1. How can I work on my belief though when the feelings are kind of jumbled now? I know I still love him and how happy I feel when things are good but I feel so confused right now


      2. Your belief comes down to a decision to live your desire and sticking to it no matter what, believing in yourself even when it’s hard. Love yourself and you will start to believe.


      3. I guess I’m a little confused on what that means Nina “your belief is a conscious decision to stick to your desire ”

        I have never changed what I wanted but I don’t feel like it’s coming anymore like I did before our trip together. It has to do with my feelings now and I don’t feel a connection with him anymore (or anyone else for that matter). I can’t picture myself living my desire anymore. Not with him… Or anyone else. Even though I acknowledge and know I manifested in the past?

        I don’t understand, it’s like I don’t even feel like myself anymore?

        Also, when I saw him at the beginning of the year he told me about a vacation that he was going to take with friends. I told him I would love to come because it was somewhere I had always visualized going with him. He is now on that trip with his friend and didn’t invite me.


      4. You’re basing your belief on the external reality – his reactions – instead of deciding what you are going to manifest and sticking to it. Your belief must depend on you, not him.


  7. If anyone is having trouble forgiving I watched a talk today on YouTube, a woman who speaks about forgiveness. At 4 years old for a year she was tortured by her parents and her nose was block while they force feed her insects and other things and forced her to chew and swallow them as well as other acts. If she can forgive people who made her develop borderline personality disorder by 5 and want to commit suicide by 6 years old YOU can forgive him for being a jackass, which really means we were jackasses also. Mirror. ❤


    1. I have forgiven him for what has happened in the past but maybe not for what he is doing to me now. He says his silence is not intentional and he knows it hurts me, yet, he still does it. That is not love. I must face it. He does not love me anymore. Whether it is about me or not doesn’t matter. He does not care. I believe now that he only said he wanted to be my friend after we broke up so he wasn’t the bad guy. He figured he would just grow more and more distant until I gave up. I believe this is what he is doing now. He goes longer and longer without contact. I feel so embarrassed coming on here and saying the same thing. Nina and everyone else has been so helpful and supportive but I realize now I am an idiot for thinking he would change his mind and want me again. I cannot change his mind using LOA or any other process. He does not want me and that’s that.


      1. You can’t manifest if you feel that way but you can if you believe before seeing the manifestation in the current reality. Your current reality upsets you now but in order to manifest, you must believe that you can have it before seeing it.


  8. I know it is a terrible way to think, Nina, and I truly don’t want to. But I am having a very tough time looking beyond my current reality as I am so immersed in it and affected by it. The advice from you and others is spot-on and makes sense but I can’t even seem to go one day feeling like it is mine and I deserve it. I really do try… So hard…



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