Thought of the Day

I asked therefore I must receive.

5 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. We have to see ourselves there long before it happened. ❤

    “There is NOTHING as POWERFUL as a CHANGED MIND. You can change your hair, your clothing, your address, your spouse, your friends, but if you don’t change your mind, THE SAME EXPERIENCE WILL PERPETUATE ITSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN BECAUSE EVERYTHING OUTWARDLY CHANGED, BUT NOTHING INWARDLY CHANGED.” ~ Bishop TD Jakes ❤

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  2. Nina.

    I was feeling a bit down today. I had a spontaneous(?) vision. We were in his house. I remember seeing us drive up and we had some little people with us. I guess my desire is really showing through this, 2 little people. I dont know if it was a vision or a spontaneous vision, sometimes I get confused – am I seeing a psychic visions or a spontaneous vision? I cant tell the difference anymore since I dont work as a clairvoyant anymore and have tried to work without my intuition. We were eating at his parents house, they were very loving and accepting of us and I remember having his niece sitting in my lap, if this was a spontaneous vision then I must have an incredible imagination because it was so detailed i dont know what it was! But I started to feel down today and again this whole “how come nina can manifest so quickly and we are not?’ came up somewhat. usually I am very busy but today I wasn’t so that is probably why it got to me a for a few hours. So i did my usual thing of lifting or doing something even a bit of tapping. I have to point out its not that the belief subsided or left at all, I cant describe it. It felt maybe like a longing / missing feeling which i dont think is good, which i think still shows some attachment even tho I dont know if it was a vision or spontaneous but it was freaking real, so vivid and I just remember thinking I want this now!

    Is the missing / longing feeling Attachment? Yes? No?

    Also, have you ever tried to surrogate tap for someone? All you have to do is imagine you are them and tap, i tried this, i noticed that this feeling got worse when i tried to do it on/for him.

    Any idea?

    Thanks x


    1. It is attachment. You are still focused on him and you must think well of him but be focused on yourself.

      As long as you allow yourself to believe your negative thoughts, you will continue to set yourself back.

      I manifest fast because if or when negative thoughts come up, I assume they’re false and don’t let them get me down because I know that I deserve what I want and getting it is the only option to me. That’s why my writing is all about LoA and self confidence – if you focus on loving yourself, you will start to believe in yourself.


  3. Its strange because it only came on after that spontaneous vision or whatever it was. Otherwise I haven’t been having any negative thoughts, infact the past week I only thought of him a few times. Unbelievable I know. I know you can manifest no matter what.
    I knew once I felt that missing/longing feeling it was indicating some remaining attachment but when it came on, whatever it was, I wasn’t visualizing. I was doing things around the house. I still dont quite understand where these vivid, freakishly detailed things are coming from. I could see every detail, even my feet walking on their driveway to the color of the table cloth, to the scents of the people in the house. I only stayed in ‘downtime’ for a few hours and I think its because my friends are about to have their third child and i got asked by one of their friends ‘so no kids for you?’ f*ck.


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