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Why don’t you believe that manifesting is easy? This usually boils down to your life experience, the values instilled in you throughout your upbringing and the limiting beliefs created in your life.

After a certain point, the beliefs you picked up during childhood must be kept or discarded in accordance to who you are now because you are an adult choosing your own beliefs. The adult you aim to become stands their ground and creates their life and happiness. This adult puts their own opinion above the opinions of others.

The adult you aim to be knows that making a choice just to please someone else would still mean making a choice that hurts their own happiness…and they refuse to do it.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina

    I have some questions. Nothing to do with me, my man or LOA but with some friends of mine. I really need some advice.

    First friend has been with 8 different guys in 4 months. She finds some fault in all of them and leaves in the first few weeks each time or something else happens like they move away etc. She quizzes them on where it is all going in the first few weeks! Like one of the guys, she got angry because he didn’t book a trip fast enough and apparently that translates to him not being good because it means he doesn’t take action quickly enough and she doesn’t want to have to do everything and it also means that he isnt in control. It just seems that each and every guy there is always a problem with them. The latest problem with the latest guy is apparently he doesn’t talk enough, doesn’t ask her enough questions about her or her life. Today apparently he didn’t text her at all and she asked me if i think she should question him and I said no because they are not an item. The thing is shes in love with someone she met 2 years ago but he is in another part of the world. The distance and their past makes her think she cant attract him but I’ve told her she can. I keep telling her to decide who she really wants and what she really wants. My question is how can I tell her that there is no perfect man out there in the world and the problem lies with her and to stop asking them where the relationship is going so quickly without hurting her feelings? Its like very guy she meets is a disappointment.

    Second friend. They have always had problems and the other day she was telling me how they had a fight because he bought a friend back to the house and she was feeling sick and apparently that meant he had to tell his friend to go home and spend it with her because she was sick. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say back to her. I didn’t agree that he had to tell his friend to go home because I dont think she should have made him do anything, she wasn’t dying, she just wasn’t feeling well. Apparently and I quote! “he should have automatically known that he was to spend the night with me because I was sick!” (Can i get an OMG?) I dont agree. They ended up fighting till the early hours of the morning. They live together and see each other everyday. What can i tell this one? Shes the stubborn one, wont work on herself at all.

    They both want to be doted on and adored all the time. Seriously its like they want to be THE ONLY THING in their mans life, on pedastools, treated like goddesses 24/7. I get sick of hearing it. I understand how you must feel now sometimes! LoL Both of them seem to need an extraordinary amount of attention from these men and I can’t relate and I dont know what to tell them.


    Too late friend number 1, she just sent me copy of the text history and shes asking him a million questions and he is telling her what i told her. He doesn’t realize how he comes off because he is shy. And hes telling her its early days and that he feels hes opened up to her alot. Shes telling him hes not emotionally involved enough! (they only met a few weeks ago!) Hes telling her that he doesn’t like this texting and they need to talk in person and hes saying to her over and over again, i like you and would like to get to know you more, but she is saying to him you dont have to say that if you dont really think it and hes telling her yes hes sure with a million !!!!! Hes telling her again that relationships take time. He handled it really well. She just sent me another text, she said to me that she wants him to talk about his life and emotions and dreams and himself, not sports and weather and she is going to tell him that tomorrow and decide if she wants to pursue it any further or not. :/ I wrote back to her to take it slow and dont make demands and that if she wants someone who talks about life, emotions, dreams and themselves then maybe she should ask the universe to bring her someone EXACTLY like her – because i think in the end she is going to deem him not right either and i can see from his text message responses that he is a sweet guy, but i think she wants someone that is all over her all the time talking about life and maybe that isnt him. Doesnt make him a bad person but i worry that this girl wont ever find anyone because she keeps attracting people who are apparently not spiritual enough? All of the ones that I met were all very nice guys, none of them treated her badly.

    Both girls seem to be quite demanding?

    We as women can be so stupid. I see all my mistakes now reading this text history. ARGH!! Shes writing mammoth text and hes doing 2 liners. OMG I could cringe right now, i was doing that! Ekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! OMG what an eye opener!

    Any advice please? What should I tell these 2 girls?



    1. So, the first friend is clearly looking for something special but confuses herself by seemingly looking for something excessively perfect. By dismissing these guys she doesn’t like enough anyway and shouldn’t put pressure on them to be that perfect thing, she idealizes the guy she actually wants because no one quite compares to him. Also, she is looking to find a guy who can make her feel special but she has to actually make herself feel special 🙂 She should think about whether she actually likes that guy she says she wants or if she has idealized him or sees him as some sort of conquest she will someday make. You can say it to her like that, in the form of questions, and say that you’re asking her because you want her to be happy so you thought that these qs would maybe help her own insight into the situation 🙂 You did the right thing by indirectly telling her that she cannot get a guy to open up by “needing” him to open up, not with that energy. If she wants him to open up, she must love him for who he is or be happy taking her time getting to know him until and if she ever starts to love him.

      The second friend wants attention from boyfriend but also doesn’t believe she’s special unless her bf bends over backwards to meet her needs. This is a problem that occurs with many long term and live in couples who don’t nurture their love – they confuse it with need. You can ask her if she feels love for him or if she feels this habit of her relationship and ask her if it’s more important to her that they’re happy and LOVING each other or that he just waits on her basically. You don’t need a boyfriend if you want to be waited on lol but if you love someone, love them all the way. If you want to be with someone, be with them all the way and respect them because only then will they connect with you emotionally. Some of our needs we can only fulfill ourselves.


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