Thought of the Day

Have the courage to be yourself!

And with that, to manifest what you want.

3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Thank you Nina. I have a question on asking for my desire. Do I actually need to present it in a question/petition, for example “dear god/universe, please help us be in a committed relationship with each other. Please help me be an amazing girlfriend to …. Please have him adore me”

    Or is it enough to present as affirmations: we are in a committed relationship with each other. I am an amazing girlfriend, etc?

    Or is it more effective to actually ask at some point?

    Please let me know your recommendation.



    1. Sure. Say, “I want to be in a relationship with…” and describe the relationship as you want, as it makes you happy 🙂 If you asked, you can stay focused on receiving because if you ask, you must receive 🙂 Affirmations you can repeat as often as you want, even in the form of gratitude because after you’ve asked, it’s yours already so stating that you’re an amazing girlfriend to him and he’s an amazing boyfriend to you just describe your new reality 🙂 xx


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