The Ultimate Manifesting Style

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about my personal manifesting styles.

There were times when I visualized my desired reality and let it go automatically; without even thinking about it, I just knew I would manifest and felt good about it. Some other days, I told myself to let go because I knew it would allow me to manifest immediately.

“It’s happening right now.” But, why?

Everything starts from the right attitude – knowing you posses the capability to manifest everything you want. What many don’t realize is that thinking about their dreams prompts them to move in the direction of their dreams. Nothing comes together without the right attitude and a relaxed state of mind, both of which trigger the Law of Attraction to work.

Believing that something is coming together for you is going to get you to the place you want to be. Regardless of what might be happening at this moment, your personal belief will allow the world around you to change. Miracles happen in mere moments and your belief can seem to not be working until the moment it does; however, this is completely normal and another reason why you should simply ignore the way things are and focus on the way you want them to be.

It all comes down to a single manifesting method, believing and letting go, the meta of LoA. Whether or not we tell ourselves to, putting positive feelings into the thoughts of living our desires will allow us to let them go in order to manifest. Love your desire and allow the two of you to cross paths. You can have what you want but simply must allow yourself to be happy now in order to attract your desire to you. You must be grateful for everything you already have in order to gain even more.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Manifesting Style

  1. Thanks Nina!! I love your posts. Reading them makes me believe that I’ll be able to manifest my relationship with my guy. Thank you. It’s all about letting go!

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  2. Nina.

    This post is more beautiful then I first realized.


    ❤ "Miracles happen in mere moments." ❤


    ❤ "Love your desire and allow the two of you to cross paths.<3

    Thank you.



      1. Thank u nina… ur posts helps me a alot to have focus… on wat i want… i can manifest anything i want… i can regain my health.. my financial condition n my luv life . Actually i have got all dese things.. right… :)…


  3. Hi Nina,
    I would love you to write another book, a Quastion What do you mean with “Some other days, I told myself to let go !! ”

    Thanks and i appercite your effort and care


    1. Hi Abee! Another book is on its way! 😀 By that I mean that sometimes, I tell myself to stop thinking about what I want and enjoy life because you can’t be happy just thinking about what you want without enjoying what you have. When you start to enjoy what you have, you believe that you can have what you want!


      1. Nina, i bought both of your books, and i read them 2 times :/, andddd i’mmmm so happy to hear that a new book on it’s way, i’m addicted to read LOA books to compare and learn different knowledge , i read over 50 books, i loved Neville goddard books, and many other pioneers in LOA, like Robert “Bob” Collier, and i should point out that your books are amazing, why !! Cause they have the explanation of LOA in a simple way, i keep remember some of your words where i found exactly the same on other books but they were not clear completely as yours , i love also your special book about manifesting relationship, it is really really good book whyyyy ? Because there are many other books had the same topic but sorry to say they are just there to teach wrong concepts and most are cheap business ” commercial books about attracting your specific person just for earning money, but your book was from your heart and completely different, to be honest i like the content more than Elizabeth Daniels book, which is also one of the best books for attracting love , but i woulddd love if you will add the the right way of Visiulizing /Technique in your next book, so your books will be complete.

        (beccause you keep emphasize it in your blogs and books)

        *lets go back ” I told myself to let go !! ”

        I’m not sure but it seems like you force yourself to stop thinking ? I mean as long as enjoy the thought ? Why would you tell yourself to let it go ? And stop thinking about what you want ??

        The 2nd part, you talked about let it go completely !! Is one of the ways to speed your manfestion ! And did you mean to stop think about it ! Especially when you mantioned many times that, when you enjoy thinking of it, you will let it go and then it will manifest!
        I just have feeling everytime that you mean like you detach from the image/thought ? And if it is like that whhhhy as long as you enjoy it and you aree happy with the current life !

        I love you/ thanks again


      2. When I tell myself to let go, it is because the thoughts of what I want to manifest are not making me happy that moment. When the thoughts of your desire start to make you notice that it is NOT there, you change focus so that you start to feel good again! Saying “It’s mine” and believing it in that moment while knowing that I am refocusing BECAUSE that makes me not worry and actually receive it is all for the purpose to make myself happy 😀 Just like you said – do what makes you happy.
        If thinking about your desire makes you happy and feeling like it’s yours, keep it up for as long as it feels good.
        And thank you! 🙂


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