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Many mistakes and manifesting negative circumstances come from the fear of using the Law of Attraction incorrectly. If you fear making a “mistake” and manifesting the undesired, you probably will.

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    1. First, be OK with what you did. Say thank you that you learned from it and then, imagine things as you want them to be. Be grateful for them and for the fact that they’ve changed into what you wanted ๐Ÿ™‚ But first, definitely make peace with manifesting the waiting or any other undesired thing because truth be told, you did learn from it. We all do ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I want it to happen fast. Everything was going so well then I started to feel insecure and wanted to make it physically happen quickly and now I have all theses doubts


      2. It will happen fast if you make peace with how you felt and where you are now. Then, you will get your mood back up ๐Ÿ™‚ You can do this!


      3. Just remember everything you already have and how far you’ve come – that’ll fill you with immense gratitude on the spot! I believe in you ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hi All.

    I found this and just thought I would share. I’ve talked about switchwords before but didn’t see this article before.

    How to attract each other?

    Jul 29

    Posted by Naran S. Balakumar

    Same character exhibited differently.

    Same poles repel each other.

    If A is resisting B, or fighting, or in discord with B then we always say that both are opposite poles.

    Is it TRUE OR FALSE?

    It is false. The truth is they are the same poles. That is why they repel each other.

    A is actively resisting B, while B is passively resisting.

    Oneโ€™s resistance is outward. The otherโ€™s resistance is inward โ€“ mental.

    Mentally both are in the same poles. Repulsion is a state of mind, by which both donโ€™t know why they are against each other.

    Normally we sympathize with B, thinking that B is a victim and A is the persecutor.

    They are mentally in the same state or resistance, and both of them are doing it without their knowing.

    Take the opposite stance

    One has to shift their stance and be in the opposite pole to attract him.

    Who has to do that? It is the one who wants peace and harmony. When B wants harmony, he has to understand that,

    The opposite pole of ANGER is FORGIVENESS.

    The opposite pole of CRITICISM is PRAISE.

    The opposite pole of RESISTANCE is ADJUST.

    The opposite pole of PRIDE is THANKS (love).

    The opposite pole of ARROGANCE is HUMILITY.

    How to achieve the mental state for harmony?


    The mental state of thanks and forgiveness is the only way to be in the opposite pole to have harmony with the other person.There is no other route.

    Keep the different parts of the mind TOGETHER and chant โ€œTOGETHER BOW CONCEDE ADJUST PRAISE FORGIVE THANKSโ€.

    Additionally, write โ€œTOGETHER OIL HELP HOLEโ€ to overcome the repulsion (OIL removes friction, while HOLE attracts).

    When a person is resisting youโ€ฆ

    If you watch your thoughts on a daily basis, you will understand that your thoughts โ€“ your mental state โ€“ are against the person who is disharmonious with you.

    Every thought against the person, keeps you in the same plane โ€“ same pole โ€“ and you will never achieve what you want as long as you are in this state.

    Regular introspection will help you find this.

    When there is a stream of thoughts bombarding, counter them or stop the flow with โ€œTOGETHER BOW CONCEDE ADJUST PRAISE FORGIVE THANKSโ€.

    Once you decided to be in the opposite pole, you need not pathetically look for a change in the opposite person.

    When change happens within you, when you have shifted yourself to the opposite pole 100%, then he will change (automatically). Till such time, he will keep on reminding you that you are in the same pole as he is.

    Life is fundamentally management of Mind. It gives us lessons always.

    The Power Life Symbol LOVE (66) will direct your state of mind towards a state of LOVE.


    1. Hi Gretta,

      Last week I had few issues – I tried EFT tapping to forgive myself and other people in my life for being out of balace and must say it has worked somehow. I don’t feel any kind of blockages bothering me when I think about that. Somehow I feel the negative feelings thing has been filtered out from my mind. When I think about those times/situations I just think but can’t feel bad anymore?!! I am surprise actually. Thank you for your suggestion. It worked for me.

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  2. Hi Nina

    Apologizes for all the posts but I have another question. After doing that above link, the letter to The Universe – (I was asking for more potential job opportunities to cover the other days of the week I am not working) I felt really good. Like I knew I didn’t have to do ANYTHING because I had asked and now the rest is up to the Universe – plus i remember thinking, “i dont have to worry, the universe is going to make it happen.’ which obviously cut all the stress and worry and all the rest of it off immediately. It’s like my faith went up about 10 notches by seeing it on paper and knowing that it was going to happen simply because I asked, like you say. (Part of why I am asking also is because I now kinda see where friend 2 is coming from with always asking why we have to keep doing it etc etc)

    My questions are.

    1) Cant we just do that? Write it on a piece of paper with write thank you at the end and that’s enough?
    (Without having to do anything else, like believe or act as if or visualize (even tho we already have in the letter written it in present tense) I mean do we have to KEEP reaffirming and believing etc or can we just write it once, forget about it, and just go about being happy without always having to do something for it to become a reality?

    I know you mention in your book that you dont have to do any work but my next question/statement is this … Basically what I am asking is ***i want to be a manifestor who ASKS / WRITES IT ONCE, writes THANKYOU ONCE at the end of the letter and does NOTHING ELSE except fold up that piece of paper and put it in my box never to think of it again, a manifestor who doesnt have to maintain a belief or act as if, doesn’t have to visualize, doesnt care how long it takes, doesnt care if it even happens. I basically want to get what I have asked for in the fewest steps possible which I think creates the least resistance and I want to be a manifestor who manifests quickly and easily (which is how it should be) I want that the letter I write to the Universe to be a letter of my EXPECTANCY (and a sort of demand of what I want, with gratitude, and that it has no other choice but to deliver it)(when it can rearrange things etc) that its going to arrive / happen without me doing ANYTHING else at all.


    Gretta xx


    1. 1. Yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember, you can ask once and let it go to manifest and don’t have to keep using the manifestation tools like affirmations or anything else unless they make you HAPPY. If they don’t, just ask and let go to receive. Write down or ask and then, let go. You can manifest anything with the same techniques so don’t think that jobs or relationships call for a different technique.

      The letter and everything connected to it, you can do that. It goes perfectly with the question you had ๐Ÿ™‚ So, yes to all of these positive ideas!


  3. Hi Nina,

    I almost feel that this post was written with me in mind ๐Ÿ™‚ at least that’s how much it home to one of my fears.

    My guy reached out this week. It was very short But contact nonetheless. He asked how I was and when I continued to ask him questions, he just answered in two word answers. It was a little strange because he initiated reaching out but then wasn’t too engaged? What do you think …. Do you think some of the work I’ve done created/manifested him contacting me, but he wasn’t sure why he was even doing that?

    Thank you, C


    1. Hello! I’m so glad! ๐Ÿ˜€ Both that the post spoke to you and that he reached out.

      We receive what we believe we can have so I guess on some level, you believed that this type of thing was possible but it doesn’t matter. Also, and more importantly, he contacted you because you started to feel better about yourself ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi C

    Amazing how only a few days ago you said you needed a break and he contacts you.

    I think I will do the same from now on with the use of that letter to the universe above. Once I write it I’m going to start focusing on other things, maybe even other people. I don’t think anything else I am doing is working so me its the letter then moving on. This came on after the realization last night that it will be 4 years this September.

    Good work. Hope he comes to his senses. ๐Ÿ™‚ x


    1. Thanks Gretta. It’s funny because I wasn’t even feeling that great when he reached out. There were a couple of stressful moments in my life this week (outside of my guy situation) so I was exhausted and not feeling my best but I got a text.

      With regards to your other question about working on yourself… It’s not that I feel that EFT, counseling, or anything else you might do to see what your fears are, where they come from, are bad or not productive. It’s more the state youre in when you are doing them. If you’re trying TOO hard all the time, which I got into that cycle, you’re in the wrong state of being to attract your desire. It’s like you’re trying to force your desire to manifest which actually reinforces the belief that you don’t have it yet. Which is why I want to take my focus back to myself, loving myself, forgiving myself, and ultimately forgiving him too. Trying to be a good person and sending love to everyone… Even some that make it really hard.

      I hope your guy comes to his senses too ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I’m also doing stuff like affirmations and writing at night, only when it feels good. And trying to ignore the negative thoughts when they come up. What I mean by that is not letting a negative thought upset me if it comes up. I also send heart energy when it feels good.

        Sending you some right now Gretta โค

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  5. Hey C

    Yes I agree with everything you’ve said. I don’t do anymore work on myself but I do like to read about switchwords and other positive things I post like the Abe videos.

    It’s like the story that Lyly posted the other day from the secret website, everything that lady says is true about focusing on yourself and not your childhood anymore.

    Up above I said its 4 years in September, I’ve known of him for 4 years but trying to attract for at least a year now just incase you thought I’d been at this for 4 years.

    I am at work at the moment and after I read your post I believe that I have found a lingering belief which I may do a few rounds of EFT on. So here’s the belief, I feel like you guys are all ‘luckier’ than I am because your men are ‘normal.’ They don’t have paranoid beliefs of you and they don’t still live at home with their equally damaging and paranoid mothers. I still don’t feel like I am really hitting on what the issue is, it’s more like, I feel that he just won’t become his own person so long as he has to run every aspect of his life through his parents. I keep hearing things people in the past have said like ‘why would you want someone so spineless?’ ‘He’s so weak!’ And other things very similar. They make me feel ashamed of how I feel – like I should know better than to want to be with a mamas boy. Still I don’t think I’ve really hit on the belief… Maybe it’s that I don’t think he has the strength to not listen to other people or the world? Maybe it’s that I just think he will just keep sticking with what he thinks is right and have a normal safe life with a normal safe wife. Maybe it’s that I think he won’t do anything because his mama told him so and I don’t know if he’s strong enough to stop taking advice from people who wouldn’t know self love if it ran up and slapped them in the face. I don’t actually know what it is… Maybe I feel he’ll just play it safe.

    I just came back inside and as I was typing this there was a guy across the road who looked exactly like him, he was staring back. Anyway… I don’t actually know what that niggling thing is, I’ll do the things you said you mentioned…


  6. Hi Gretta,

    The belief is probably an issue, but as i was reading your words here, I immediately was scrolling back up to read your post on switchwords. Reading what you think and say of him…even the things that other people have said about him that bother you, make me immediately think that this is how you’re passively resisting him?

    I know when I read that post I loved it because it made so much sense to me and hit home too.


  7. Hi C and Nina

    Yep I am having a bad day today, I also have pulled my neck and working in my job with a pulled neck is painful!

    Yes to what you said, I’ll re read what I wrote and posted. And yes I can see what you mean that that is how I am resisting. I’m glad I posted what I did tho because if you didn’t point it out I wouldn’t have got it plus I am glad I was vulnerable and wrote how I was feeling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On a happier note, about a year ago I leant a book to a friend who moved states and I don’t see her anymore and never got the book back. I asked a few weeks back for that book. Today I was near the book section at work talking to that Scottish lady again and guess what catches my eye? That book!!! It’s In near perfect condition. I did have to pay $1.80 for it but better than having to pay $35 plus at the shops, right?

    The funniest thing is that the title of the book is called ‘Change Your Thinking’ by Sarah Edelman Ph.D. Hahaha..!. How non coincidental right after posting back to you!

    It’s a book about positive and practical ways to overcome stress, negative emotions and self defeating behavior using CBT (cognitive behavior therapy)

    I remember how much I loved this book and how i wish I didn’t lend it out and now here it is again in my hands after asking for it only a few short weeks ago!

    Not a coincidence. The book and the title, me thinks! Hahaha!

    It came to me even tho I was feeling low and off today. I have seen a few times how I’ve attracted what I wanted even feeling low some days. Asking and forgetting to me now seems to be the most important part because I didn’t believe I just i want that book!

    I think I have resistance to believing! I don’t want to do anything but ask for it and not think of it again. Maybe you can explain this to me. I basically don’t want to do any work for it, I just want to ask and that’s it. It’s not because I’m lazy but I do admit that I don’t like the whole work that is involved. I just like to ask and that’s it,not act like I have it, just ask. I did ask on another post of mine if that is ok. Is it?

    Thanks C – I feel much better now!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx


    1. Remember that you spent a long time resisting the idea of effortless creation anyway so give yourself a few days to adjust. Just remember that you deserve to receive everything without any effort! Also, be confident that your desires do and will continue to make you happy, if they are what you want to manifest.


  8. Hi Nina

    The reason I keep asking if belief is really that important is because I keep attracting all the things I want by just asking and saying thank you and probably because I don’t care if it comes or not. I don’t visualize having it, I don’t say it in the present tense, I don’t act as if, I don’t keep reaffirming its mine yet I keep getting all the things I want just by asking and forgetting about it.
    *Is belief really that important?*
    It’s just that it seems to me now that
    Asking, saying thankyou and forgetting brings me everything I want the quickest.
    Couldn’t believing in something also be a form of somekind of resistance? Paying ‘to much’ attention to it? Holding focus to long? etc…
    I know I most probably got all the things I wanted because it didn’t matter whether or not they showed up either.
    Maybe I can test this theory with me now?
    I want xxx to contact me and for him to ask me out. Thank you.
    Forgetting about it now.
    Let’s see what happens without doing anything else ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Asking once and letting go equals belief. So, doing it with no extra work IS belief ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your focus in the past was analyzing the current circumstances of your belief and your desire so when you would think about your desire, you would feel uncomfortable. Now, whenever it comes to mind, be grateful for having it and then let it go again. Or, repeat the affirmation you wrote. Focus on something else and do other things because you must enjoy your current life in order to manifest your desires ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


      1. Ok thankyou.

        I thought that you might say that.

        Yes – so I wanted to share what I am going to do.

        I going to create the biggest animal shelters in all the states of Australia so I’ve asked the Universe for 10 million dollars. I also said to her if you don’t think that will be enough then you can arrange for more.

        The shelters will be a place where no animal is put down ever again in Australia and the ones who are not likely to be adopted can live out their lives in the shelters being loved and cared for and playing with the another animals.

        I want to take the animals out of the pounds and off the streets and then I want to close down puppy mills forever and take it to the highest level of law to do it.

        It will also be a way to make more jobs available to people or people who would just like to volunteer. Maybe also for the animals to be taken to see the elderly in homes or disabled kids etc.

        I’ve been writing it all down, my plans.

        I don’t know how it’s going to happen but I just know it’s going to happen.

        I thought of the name today while at work for the shelters.

        Little Miracles.

        Thanks x


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