The Time Spent Focusing on My Desire

Many spend much time focused on the negative thoughts connected to their desire instead of the positive thoughts about it; these individuals sometimes wonder how exactly to feel good about their desire if they start from the place of not believing in it.

What I find is,

When one spends consistently positive thoughts on your desire, one naturally lets go to manifest. Visualization, heart energy or just sheer happiness connected to the thoughts of having one’s desire in one’s life make a manifestation happen and if you feel unable to manifest now, just keep going back to your positive thoughts until you do.

Eventually, you’ll know it’s yours and let it go happily.

When you think continuously happily (or just do so briefly before being able to naturally let go), you win. Just think positive thoughts about having your desire and everything will fall into place. Your feelings will influence your thought process and your expectations so as to cause manifestation.

When continuously focused on the positive thoughts, you automatically feel like it’s going to happen. This continuity might be short lasting before you actually manifest but for as long as you love what you desired, it will stay in your life while making you happy.

When you think about having your desire, do you feel uneasy? Do you have doubts about its ability to make you happy or, do you feel disappointed that the “chase” is now over and your desire is yours, changing your life, creating the mystery no longer? Have you ever had that feeling?

There are various reasons as to why you might not be feeling happy and comfortable with the awareness of having your desire but remember – if you don’t feel comfortable with it now, you wouldn’t even after its manifestation. If you still want to manifest any specific desire, boost your positive feelings with gratitude for having manifested that desire, as if you have already. Don’t be afraid to be creative and use your imagination in order to achieve this feeling.

Be comfortable with your thoughts and your ideal reality.

6 thoughts on “The Time Spent Focusing on My Desire

  1. Nina,

    I must admit I have kind of felt this too. I decided few days ago I will let go and forget about it all together. Last week when I messaged him he said he was thinking about me earlier! Anyway it was me who reached out first and that’s not what I have wanted anyway. I want that (inspired) action come from him….

    Now moving forward, I feel I am not motivated that much. I just want things to work out naturally. I won’t pressurize one person for my interests alone. It would feel much better if it came from him too. I feel lazy to think about him now a days. I don’t doubt my love for him and happy that I was able to express my feelings whenever I had the chance. I still have lot of love for him overflowing in me lol.. it would feel nice if its reaching him right now! 🙂


    1. Then, think about how happy you are that he reached out and made you feel special! Be grateful for it, as if you have received it already.


      1. Nina,

        I have already done that! I have felt how good it would feel but I feel lazy to keep thinking about it all the time. I have let go of it. I feel much relaxed that I feel happy. When I do think about him I just can’t think of anything that makes me feel unpleasant. I can’t believe I could reach a state like this so easily. 🙂

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