Thought of the Day

Do you feel guilty about wanting what you want? Do you feel that you’re asking for too much?

If you don’t want to manifest your desire for the reasons you deem noble yet you are unhappy and would only be happy living your desire, remove the guilt and only accept what you truly desire.

If you love it, it’s worth having in your life. No matter what you manifest, someone will (or, might) always criticize you so you might as well manifest your true heart’s desires. When you know that, guilt simply no longer has a place in your world.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina!

    Ekkkkkkk! I think I’ve found a ‘problem!’
    Last night I was visualizing my dream of having the shelters and it was amazing! It went for ages as I would pull up to the gate and see the doggies and they were playing and running around and the grass was green and I could see myself getting out of the car to open the gate and I could feel myself patting them and then opening the gate and driving up to the shelter. I could see the ‘Little Miracles’ sign above the gate and I was greeting the people who worked their and was thanking them …. You get the picture. It went for ages, like a movie and I did it without losing focus or my mind wondering at all! I was so happy during it and seeing how happy the animals were made me even happier. So I came out of my visulization about my shelter and thought I hadn’t done any for my guy.

    So I started and couldn’t do it! Ekkkk! My mind kept wondering. I couldn’t focus longer than 5 seconds. I found it hard to stay in ‘my body’ while looking at him or imagining something happening between us and it was like I was watching from the outside. This is not good is it? I don’t have the issues I used to except for some of the thoughts I wrote down above. Super depressing to have to write this. No wonder it hasn’t happened. I was feeling good at the time I was doing it having just come out of my shelter visualization.

    What’s going on, please? And how do I fix this? I once read if you are having trouble visualizing that it’s a block. Sigh. Blergh.


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    1. It’s OK – keep visualizing and you’ll be able to see it soon. You had lots of resistance about being with him in the past that you now first must get used to seeing you together. Keep going and you’ll succeed. Every time resistance comes up, say an affirmation and be grateful that you two are together and pretty soon, you’ll see the two of you together.


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