Thought of the Day

Your personal manifesting power depends on your beliefs.

Your personal LoA use depends on your ability to believe, both in yourself and your desire. 

What you believe, you will manifest.

12 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina and everyone,

    Just wanted first to share an old success story I completely forgot about until a few weeks ago!

    Back when my first husband left me we were young, had a 1 year old and I was devastated. I’ll make a very long story short. I cried and complained for the better part of 2 years missing him and wishing we were together feeling terrible and so on. And one day I just got over it, moved on. And it was a relief.

    Now I don’t know how much time had gone by. maybe a month or two??? But sure as s**t the son of a b***h came back and wanted me back!!! Now I really went through hell over my broken heart and as soon as I was over it there he was. And I did remarry him shortly after. Yep, he wanted to marry me again. I think deep down I knew it wasn’t in my best interests. But I was young and we had a child together. So I did, and it last over 3 years and then we divorced again.

    But when it occured to me a few weeks ago that I manifested an ex back and never thought much about what that really was, I was shocked!!! And I knew I had to share this with everyone.

    But now my next question for Nina………

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  2. Hi Nina,

    I have without question reached a point where I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to be over it. I feel so heart broken with not manifesting this, and I don’t want to feel this pain. It’s become as bad as anything I’ve ever felt. I love him with my whole heart and soul, and I just can’t do the waiting anymore, the wondering, the hoping. It’s killing me.

    I hit this bad patch of resistance about 10 days ago, and the progression has been slow but steady to the last couple of days. I feel pain so deep my heart truly aches. I cry from the depths of my soul. And I don’t want to put myself through it anymore. I’m in agony.

    Please tell me any suggestions you have to help me get over this and move on. I don’t want to love and lose like this anymore. I don’t deserve to feel this pain. I’m a decent human being who deserves happiness and joy, and deep profound love. What’s made it hard is that I believe he loves me too, I just don’t know how much. Either way I want and need relief, and I need to feel hopeful and happy about my future.

    Please also from the community. I’m open to your suggestions too. Lots of love….


    1. Staying in the “waiting” period is what causes you grief and when you move on, you could still manifest your desire.
      All in all, you absolutely need to exit this waiting period.
      To start, you must focus on everything you have in your life that gives you joy. I say, enjoy day-to-day things that make you happy. This could be spending time with friends, family, cooking, going out to your favorite restaurant, shopping, anything you want! If you would be up for taking a trip somewhere, you would greatly benefit from it because travel is good for the soul.
      You already know you’re worthy of a happy life so once you feel GOOD about that, you will naturally focus on the things you love 🙂 When you start to prioritize feeling great every day, every moment, you will naturally gravitate towards positive feelings and activities. When you decide that feeling great and feeling comfortable is exactly what you need, you will manifest it.
      What do you think?


  3. I agree Nina. As simple as it all sounds, it’s the way to go for sure.

    I did listen to an Abraham recording last night that reminded me that big dreams can’t be given up on. But you can let them torture you. For anyone who wants to listen I’ll leave the link here.
    I know this is probably the biggest dream of my life. He is already a part of me, and I believe I’m a part of him. But maybe now my inner self is pushing me to do what needs to be done, let go. As Melody Fletcher would say the delivery guy is going to keep knocking louder until you accept the package. At this stage he’s pounding the door. I think I’m actually ready for this to happen, and that’s why the grief has hit so hard. Now I need to let it go correctly.

    Thank you for your advice, I will heed all of it and follow it.

    Lots of love and very best to you!

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  4. Thank you Gretta. It’s so wonderful to see your progression and that you’re really grasping hold of your beautiful life and enjoying it. It’s exciting to see things unfold for you. 🙂


  5. Hi JCE

    Did you see my big post the other day? I accepted the whole situation. If you can find it have a read. Maybe if you accept the present situation it will get you to where I am also. It releases all resistance. Also anyone who has been hurt by their person, accept that it happened and watch any of those hurt feelings melt away.

    It took me ages to get here but I am glad I have. I think a huge part of it was were I am working, the positive happy environment, yet still I had days of playing tennis in my head on the days I wasn’t working and where I was still very hurt/ angry at them, only when I accepted it all – all the issues stopped. I never woke again upset or missing him, in fact I feel as if I am now ‘in a rush’ with my own life to get as much done as possible, for myself, not him. I never ever thought the day would come where I would think “oh I hope he doesn’t contact me today because I have so much to do for myself, I’m busy and very happy.” I didn’t think it in a bad way, just in a way where it showed me that I didn’t care when it showed up because I am happy whether he is there or not, my happiness doesn’t depend on him being there were as before it was everything, all I thought about. I think that is awesome detachment but at the same time I think of us as a couple.

    Try accepting the present situation and see what happens, it should feel like a huge sigh of relief.



  6. JCE & ALL

    This is a good one also. It’s about money, but is the same for anything you want. This has to be one of my favorites.


  7. Thank you Gretta for another great video. It’s very helpful.

    I read Lyly’s recent posts and I resonated with everything she said. The feeling of being sick of the whole thing. Feeling like how unfair it is that you have to let go to have what you want. It all feels so screwy and crappy at the same time.

    Last week I went through being sick of it all. I’m tired of waiting and so on. So I decided to let myself give up, give in, try to forget about it, not have hope anymore, see life as if it’s not ever going to happen. Let me tell you, that was grief in the deepest way you can imagine. It went on for about 4 or 5 days. I let myself really go through it and experience the pain of loss. And after it all I felt lighter. I felt relief.

    The hard thing is, I see him twice a week now (community involved thing since almost 3 months). I live down the street from him now. I see his wife and kids, the guilt is killing me. His life is good, he looks happy, he’s respected by everyone. If he was to get involved with me, he would lose all of that. He does respond positively to me, most often I try to avoid him not to look too obvious, be discreet. But our eyes meet, the glances across the room, noticing that sometimes he “follows” me around at a distance. But again I try to avoid too much contact, be respectful and tactful, if that makes sense.

    So after grieving last week, he was quickly in my vicinity after an event. Saw him again today but I’m not sure. I tell myself all the time not to pay attention to “what is”. It doesn’t matter. Now I think I screwed myself in a way by being in a situation where I see him all the time. But then it felt like the universe helped make this happen.

    About 6 months ago I started seeing 11:11 but more than anything seeing the number 44. I see 44 EVERYWHERE. I tried to think of how 44 could relate to him. Well his birthday is on the 31st (actually today is his birthday) and my birthday is the 13th. So 31 plus 13 is 44. I heard Abraham say that synchronicity of numbers means whatever we want it to mean. So I decided back then that 44 would be a sign of he and I coming together. So I see 44 everyday without even trying to find it. Many times a day. Even today.

    Back to letting go last week, I quickly came back into alignment. After about 2 or 3 days of “moving on” I effortlessly got back into the swing of things. But then after talking with his wife today for almost an hour about this and that the guilt the pain ALL OF IT!!!!! The personal torment……came back.

    How to ignore “what is” when it’s staring you in the face twice a week. ?????

    When I’m aligned I feel the connection to him. How could this be? And maybe Lyly or some of you out there can relate. It’s as if this person is already a part of you, a part of your soul. It’s like I want to get over this but he’s attached to me some how. I don’t know how to interpret this whole thing. It’s massively confusing.

    I want to be free of it, I want to move on and be at peace. Any suggestions out there? Gretta? You’re on such an incredible roll these days, what do you think?

    I have tried refocusing on what I believe this desired relationship would mean to me, how I want to feel by having it, and I really got into it this week and it felt incredible. In fact I did get into the space of feeling like it didn’t matter if it was him or someone else. But today I saw him, and he’s so beautiful to me, he makes my heart and soul melt. Like he’s my cryptonite. Sometimes I don’t make eye contact, I can’t look at him because it hurts it’s all more powerful than I can handle.

    Even in this moment I feel a split second of our hearts converging to one. I feel his soul in mine. For some reason I can’t escape it. Anyone else go through this? How to deal with it?


  8. JCE,

    I have experienced such connections where I have to plead God to stop making me feel such way but I can tell when you reach such a point where you feel the connection at deep level trust me its true and he would be feeling the same.
    You are also trying to avoid / forcing yourself not to feel this way it won’t work as you have love for him deep in your heart. You can either accept/embrace your feelings for him or pray to universe to take him out of your mind (and it does work too), whatever you choose to do you will get him in the end. The reason for this is because you feel it in your soul level and its not something our subconscious mind ignores. No one knows when or how this is the tricky part and that’s the reason LoA doesn’t excite everyone.
    I want to repeat this – You can choose to keep yourself neutral/happy/making yourself feel miserable its your choice. Whatever you choose, you will get him anyway as the feelings are real strong and deep.


    1. N,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and insight. I’m happy to hear there are others who also experience this kind of deep and maybe unexplainable connection. I think it’s going to be a question of coming to grips with what is, and making peace with it. I love this person more than I’ve ever loved anyone. He touches my soul and has changed me for the better in so many ways. He’s done more for me than anyone and he doesn’t even know it! The power of what one person can do is so amazing.

      Thank you again N, I deeply appreciate what you said, and it gives me hope.

      Lots of love…..

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