Happy Connections in Your Life

I believe I have successfully taught people to focus on happiness many times. Focusing on what matters – personal happiness, gratitude and enjoying life – lead us all to cut out every irrelevant part of life which many mistakenly make too relevant and at the same time, be an impressive individual.

Some of my friends used these ideas when it came to their relationships. Some opened themselves up to new relationships and others used this shift in focus to improve their existing ones. Others used it to rekindle relationships with their exes and start anew. All of them used it to focus on the positive and with that, create positive lives.

Many of these people simply started to believe they matter and with that, deserve to live a much happier life. Everyone experiences some sort of turmoil at certain times and no one’s struggle with absolutely anything should be judged. After offering them explanation, many are surprised at how small their problems suddenly seem and become aware of how much they have while suddenly becoming eager to share it with others.

If you feel that someone unfairly complains about their life while you feel they have more than most already, remember that everyone endures some sort of hardship, any of which can seem like an ordeal to the person experiencing it. Be helpful instead of judgmental and you can be helpful simply by wishing this person well, allowing your positive energy to touch them.

I believe most people are aware that our individual energies touch each other inexplicably and often, if not all the time. There are too many things in life one can’t make logical sense of, prompting many to believe there is more to life. I love being reminded of how amazing invisible connections are whenever I send heart energy to someone and they come into my life or contact me straight after.

With the help of positive feelings, we touch each other easily.

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