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A relationship doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be everything you wanted.

9 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hey All

    If you haven’t read all the posts between LyLy and myself and others on Nina’s last 3 posts then please do so and this comment will make more sense.

    I suspect there may be something wrong with my computer because it keeps blinking at me and is really, really slow (or it is trying to hit on me by winking at me haha!) so i am going to be taking it in to have a look at tomorrow so if I am not around for the next week or so that’s why.

    I just wanted to write this to all of you. ❤

    You all saw my story. You saw what I went through. You saw I was accused of things I never did. You saw my rants. You saw my heartache. My trying. My disbelief. My swaying. My horror mammoth posts going over and over the past. My non-acceptance of parts of him and his life. My anger. My frustration. My desperation, my ego, my impatience, my non-belief. My victim mentality. You saw my constant questions. The way I couldn't forgive. My constant posts about EFT, Pono, and all the other things I have shared on this journey with you all….

    Then one day I just decided to ACCEPT it all, the entire situation as it was, all of him, all of his life and to just BELIEVE.

    And nothing and no one was ever going to make me believe otherwise and I wouldn't accept anything less than what I had asked for and what I knew was true for me.

    If you are feeling like giving up you have to ask yourself WHY. Do you really want the relationship? Because right now The Universe is saying "Do you want this or not? What's with all the crazy vibes?! You are making this even harder for me!"

    You can say that you believe but have you been 100% dedicated to it? Are you dedicated to bringing this into your life? You will probably find the answer is NO.

    The impatience, the emotions, the swaying, the non acceptance of the past, the feelings of rejection (which is just your ego) – the desperation and all the rest of that muck is causing you to NOT BELIEVE. Tell your ego and these feelings and emotions to F**k off because you are not backing down ever, never, again.

    Do you have the determination to be a powerful attractor or are your emotions and ego going to take the wheel and steer for you? It's you that is the powerful attractor!

    I know some of your situations seem hard and some of you have referenced needing a miracle, and some of you talk about how much that person hurt you – but the one thing I cant work out is how none of you can fully get yourself to believe. It was actually ME that came back from the miracle that was needed. He was told things about me that were not true. Good thing he didn't believe it in the end! Be grateful for the contact ladies some of us had none at one point! Work with that contact! When you see him, act in your mind that he is YOURS! When you are next to them, send heart energy. Don't keep looking at what is! ❤

    I decided to ACCEPT it all, the entire situation as it was, all of him, all of his life and to just BELIEVE because I love him. Plain and simple. And I knew in my heart when I saw him that we were going to be together no matter what happened or how long it took or how long it took us to work out our own shit. It was worth the wait. And to this day when I think back on that moment my knees still shake with happiness!

    Deciding what you want and sticking to it without doubt is right up there with BELIEVING. If you don't believe then how will the Universe bring you what you have asked for? All it is asking you to do is BELIEVE. This is what Nina has been saying over and over and over again. It starts with YOUR BELIEF.

    Do what I mentioned in my other posts. For 30 days ACT AND BELIEVE, then after the 30 days you can let go or keep going, up to you. Do whatever feels good.

    Trying to hard to feel / trying to manifest – V's – happy for having it already. Huge difference.

    Just imagine… 😉 (Double meaning to that)



  2. Hey everyone I am on my mobile and it’s hard on my little phone.

    I want you all to know / to remember that it is YOUR MIND that is creating your reality. It is also YOUR MIND that is creating the problems / obstacles. Get into the feeling state that the event has already happened. Control your mind to do what YOU WANT IT TO DO. Are you going to let your mind control you and your life or are you in charge? It is your mind that is creating all the bad feelings. It starts with a thought then you start to vibe it out. Learn to control your mind which will then start you emitting a different frequency.

    It is your mind and heart that is going to attract the person you want. Control your mind. Condition your mind over and over again to only see that you have received what you want. Love from your heart. Condition your body to move like you have what you want.

    It’s your mind that is creating your reality. Change your thinking and it will change your feelings. No, it’s not hard at all. Just do it. ❤



    1. Hahahaha, I read this and I was like : yeeesssss!!! so true ! and i literally heard a voice in the back of my head saying ‘uh oh! She figured us out…Code red!’

      it’s SO on!!!!


  3. The secret of making something work in your lives is, first of all, the deep desire to make it work. Then the faith and belief that it can work. Then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief. ~ Eileen Caddy.

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