6 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hey Nina! I don’t knkw if you remember when I asked you about using LOA to meet a favorite celebrity. So, I asked, you answered and I MET HER A WEEK AGO! She was in Chicago for the weekend, I knew where she was going to on Sunday and I went there. I met her, we talked, she gave me an autograph and she was the most kind hearted person! 😃


    1. Awesome Sam. Thank you so much for sharing your success story. If you don’t mind sharing… I would love to hear how you manifested, what techniques you used, etc


      1. Sure! A month ago, I decided that I’ll meet this person. I imagined, asked felt it, and let it go. I listened to the band music everyday and was happy!
        One week ago someone posted something about her.. Saying she would be in Chicago for an event. I booked a flight Sunday morning( I live in Minnesota, so, it was cheap and close) went to the nightclub where she would be… Met her, took pictures, chated for a little bit and when she was done with her thing, I told her the following week would be my birthday. She drew a star on my arm as a birthday present and I tattooed it the day after.
        It was so so amazing! 😉

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