Thought of the Day

When your heart opens, so do all your senses. You feel, you love and see new things in the world. In turn, these sensations raise your vibration.

6 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hey Nina! I don’t knkw if you remember when I asked you about using LOA to meet a favorite celebrity. So, I asked, you answered and I MET HER A WEEK AGO! She was in Chicago for the weekend, I knew where she was going to on Sunday and I went there. I met her, we talked, she gave me an autograph and she was the most kind hearted person! 😃


    1. Awesome Sam. Thank you so much for sharing your success story. If you don’t mind sharing… I would love to hear how you manifested, what techniques you used, etc


      1. Sure! A month ago, I decided that I’ll meet this person. I imagined, asked felt it, and let it go. I listened to the band music everyday and was happy!
        One week ago someone posted something about her.. Saying she would be in Chicago for an event. I booked a flight Sunday morning( I live in Minnesota, so, it was cheap and close) went to the nightclub where she would be… Met her, took pictures, chated for a little bit and when she was done with her thing, I told her the following week would be my birthday. She drew a star on my arm as a birthday present and I tattooed it the day after.
        It was so so amazing! 😉

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