The Reasons for Focusing on a Specific Person

How did you choose the specific person you want(ed) to be in a relationship with?

Some just follow their feelings and don’t think about the reasons why. They know that they have found someone special and they make sure this person stays in their life.

Others like to know what specifically they liked about the person they choose and others choose to examine their behavior to realize what it is that attracts or motivates them to want to start a relationship.

This is how I do it.

I see myself with a specific man when I want to give, put in time, affection and live our lives together – I’ve said this before but would like to explain. I don’t think about what he can do for me but what I wish to do for him. I want to get to know his life, his friends, his passions and his heart. I want to be included and give him the most amazing reasons to include me by being an amazing person who makes him happy. I want to be around him and think about what I want to give to our relationship instead of what I want to take from it.

When I feel that way, I know that I have chosen well.

Knowing why I want a specific man helps me manifest because I know what I truly want. If the man in question displays the energy and the qualities I admire, I know I truly feel it. At the same time, every person is different and qualities can show in different ways so it is important for me to choose someone I admire exactly for who he is, someone I want to be with without ever wanting to change him.

If you think about it, you probably know why you want the person you want, love the one you love or appreciate the qualities which you do. Either way, be grateful for being with the one person of your choice.

6 thoughts on “The Reasons for Focusing on a Specific Person

  1. Thank you Gretta, and it’s so true. I have posted a comment over a week ago about how my ex husband came back after 2 years of being miserable without him and when I “got over it” he showed up a month or two later wanting me back.

    I have the feeling I need to get in that space again. I need to get over it, and let him go. So either he can come to me, or someone even better. 🙂


  2. Dear Nina and Readers,

    I know why I love the person that I do. I also know that I admire him for who he is and I would not want to change him.
    I know in LOA they say not to take action unless its inspired action. For 5 months I did not hear from him. I ran into someone who works with him. And it turns out he has been traveling a lot and accepted an offer to teach abroad at a University. Upon hearing this, I now understood why I didn’t hear from him for so long. In one sense, I was proud that he has taken an opportunity to teach because that is what he is passionate about. However, I had never expressed to him how I felt when we were seeing each other. Things were great during that time.
    I know that I should reach out. I don’t know how long he will be gone for. His family does live here so I know he would come back to visit for sure.
    See, in the months that I did not see him I did do visualizations, journaling,affirmations on and off. I had my ups and downs. Some days it was easier to feel good than others. I envision us married, together and happy.
    I know I am not supposed to dwell upon this reality in order to have the reality that I want.
    I am slightly confused–I saw us being together and not him going to a different country (wasn’t expecting that part).

    I feel like reaching out esp since I am proud of his achievement because he had told me how much he wanted to teach.

    At times I am feeling this tightness in my chest. I would appreciate some LOA advice.

    I know Nina says distance and time make no difference when manifesting. It’s strange that I manifested things like meeting an old childhood friend who happens to be his coworker or seeing the car he drives on the road etc but How can I identify my blocks and get rid of them? And what should they be replaced with instead?

    Thank You!


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