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Law of Attraction can sound truly simple at times. I’ve simplified it greatly but only because I want to show why it is nothing but real life. 

When we think about having something without resistance, we receive it. We can resist both the things we want and don’t want if we don’t believe we can have them or want them to stay away.

At the same time, sticking to LoA basics is enough to make manifestation happen; if anything, it makes manifesting even easier. Too much information leads to confusion and tension in fear of making a manifesting error (or worse, not manifesting at all).

Stick to the basics when it comes to LoA. Know that it’s yours, choose to feel good, let go to receive. Feel that you are living your desire.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. This is so very true. I find when I get impatient and start panicking I’m trying all these different techniques throwing everything and the kitchen sink at my desire. Which leaves me in a really bad space vibrationally.
    I find when I stick to one simple straight forward technique I’m in a much better place. And really, it’s up to the universe to decide how to make things happen and for us to get out of the way. I know that ends up being a problem for me at times. I get caught up in too many thoughts about the hows. All that’s doing is slowing everything down.

    I experienced this when buying a property recently. I was trying to “control” exactly which one I wanted which was really not an amazing place but suitable. I finally decided to let go of me being the one to decide which one I would buy, and go general letting the U decide for me knowing I will be really happy in the end.
    Well you know what? Shortly after, I would say within a few weeks we got a place that was what I least expected to get. And I’m so in love with it, it’s way better than I ever thought possible! Way better than the place I was trying to “will” into my reality. And it was cheaper than we expected to pay. That proved to me right there that if I get out of the way, focus on the desired feeling and let the universe decide, what I end up with will thrill me more than I can imagine.

    Go general, focus on the feeling place and be open to options you hadn’t previously thought of. 🙂

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  2. “Stick to the basics when it comes to LoA. Know that it’s yours, choose to feel good, let go to receive. Feel that you are living your desire.”

    That above, Nina. ❤

    For everyone – "It isn't about time its about ALIGNMENT. Sometimes people will say, "well how much time will it take me to get from where I am to where I want to be?" And we say, "as long as it takes you to stop doubting and start believing!" – Hicks

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