Manifestation Epidemic – The “How”

One of the manifestation epidemics I see is a simple way in which many end up feeling negatively about their desire and with that, sometimes give up on it.

That way is having expectations of how your desire should manifest, partially or entirely. 

Let’s say you’re manifesting a relationship with a specific person. You think the fastest way would be for them to call you or follow you on social media. Or, you might think the fastest way would be for them to just ask you on a date immediately. Say yes if you asked them today? Answer your message to them with immediate willingness to be with you?

Now, let’s say those things don’t happen. You ask them to meet and they can’t or are unwilling to. They don’t respond to texts. They don’t say what you think you should hear after their earlier behavior. You don’t say what you wanted or meant to say for whatever reason. Your friends and family weigh in with ideas of how they think things should go, all contradictory to LoA but typical of the usual limiting beliefs of the world. (I am not belittling your friends and family but these things happen with individuals who analyze what they see without feeling what you feel and knowing what you know.) You start to question yourself and your faith is withering.

You are attached and in order to manifest, you have to let go (=believe your desire is a done deal and manifesting right now even if you can’t see any proof of it).

How do you let go in this particular situation?

What you must do first is realize that the “how” hurts you, your manifestation and your perception of your desire. The problem with the “how” is that trying to figure it out can bring so much negative thought to your desire that you come close to changing your mind from wanting to manifest it.

You now see it as the cause of personal sadness.

Second, you must know that the path of your manifestation is being blocked by your attempts of figuring it out. Just because it seems like things are not progressing doesn’t mean they aren’t. What makes no sense to you now will make perfect sense to you after your desire has manifested.

The only thing you must do is believe that living your desire will make you happy. You must believe it’s possible for you and be able to see and feel yourself living it, just once. And isn’t knowing that worrying blocks your manifestation enough of a warning to give it up?

You have been focusing on tensely observing your desire instead of seeing yourself having your desire in your life. In this case, you must see yourself with this person. You must see yourself having a relationship with them.

This form of manifestation epidemic often happens when one starts to ignore their present joys and puts all their attention to the current behavior of their desire, not even to having their desire (which would have been positive if it allowed them to enjoy the present as well as the visual of the future).

I understand why you cling to the “how.” You think, “If not like this, how is the person going to realize they want to be with me? How else does a person behave when they’re interested in someone?” And I know you mean well but with that, you are focusing on the other person instead of yourself without even realizing! With that, you are only hurting your good mood which ordinarily leads to rapid manifestation.

You might also be thinking that figuring out a way of your manifestation you feel comfortable with is going to help. However, this type of thinking shows you are not ready to manifest. You feel nervous around the idea of living your desire which is not a welcoming manifestation energy. In a relationship, the person you want to be with wants someone they feel comfortable with and they cannot feel comfortable with someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with them. In this case, you fear manifesting then ruining things and losing your desire as a result.

In order to manifest, your desire must feel natural to you. You must be comfortable with the idea of receiving and living it because comfort is the energy of zero resistance. If you think you aren’t good enough, that is the opposite of comfort.

Now that you know what to do, forget the “how” part. Even if you hadn’t realized you were focusing on it somewhat, forget it! The Universe will give you what you know is yours, what you believe to be possible for you so feel comfortable about living your desires.

14 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – The “How”

  1. Nina,

    I have a question from your post above. You said we should avoid knowing the ‘how’ it will manifest in our lives. As I am not 100% happy with the way my manifestation has come into my life again. Is it ok for me to stop talking to him and not meet him now. I trust LoA and I had fun bringing him back to my life but my love has grown for him. I can live without him but cannot carry on the way it is right now!
    If universe has listened to me then he will come back the way I want him to? Or is it wrong from my side to turn him away? If I do that am I disrespecting what I received?


    1. I think this means your manifestation hasn’t happened yet. Without being negative, you want to be in a happy relationship but right now, you two are friends or something else but not a couple yet. Your desire is to be with him as a romantic couple, in love.
      Focusing on the two of you as a couple, the way you want to be, as if you had it right now, is what you want to do. Then, also be happy with everything you already have in life so that you could receive your desires 🙂 Don’t worry about the way things are right now so if you want to meet him, you can but if you don’t want to, don’t. However, don’t have any momentary expectations for when you hang out with him, as in when or how your relationship should manifest.
      And never agree to anything that makes you feel poorly. Only do the things that make you happy which is necessary in order to attract your desires.


      1. Thank you Nina.

        I have decided not to meet him this time. I don’t want to go in to this cycle again. He is ok with me not meeting him as he didn’t try to convince me ha.. I have not manifested love into my life as I don’t think I really wanted it. I was so focused on having fun and didn’t really give much thought on love. Now I need to be in a loving relationship.I will now get back and attract the right kind of love. I will keep myself happy and enjoy other things in life. I will see how it goes 🙂


      2. I know what it’s like to want relationships but not lasting love. For me, it was always associated with finding men I could fall in love with. You can have a loving relationship. You can absolutely do this!


      3. Nina,
        Yes I have started believing that I too can be in a loving relationship especially after knowing more about LoA and obviously your blog.
        I never wanted to be in a loving relationship as it wasn’t something I wanted yet I did find love in the past. They just had to end.
        Presently I have been having fun in my life – doesn’t include any guy. It’s very difficult for me to get into a relationship as I’m very particular with whom I open my heart to like most people. I did enjoy knowing about him and I know for sure he is the one for me. Atleast that’s my desire. I will carry on the way I’m living and see universe bringing love in to my life. I have confidence in that. It’s difficult to feel happy at all times as I am on my own and sometimes miss having family or friends around. I will do the best for me. Thank you for filling me up with positivity.

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  2. Hi Nina

    This post was awesome.

    You are awesome.

    I’ll be reading this one a few times over.

    I’m still glad I went to the pay phone. ❤


    1. Thank you SO much 😀 I have been pretty damn proud of myself so I rewarded myself with a midday bubble bath.
      I am also grateful for your two miracles and for everyone’s success!


  3. Nina,

    I’m blown away with these amazing blog posts, you’re pumping them out one after another and they really seem to be hitting the necessary points that we all seem to struggle with! This really attests to your personal manifesting abilities. I see patterns in many of us, our ups and downs and personal feelings. That can’t be a coincidence.

    I love so many points you made. My favorites:

    -Really letting go of the “how”. I realized recently that I had been too focused on that. Actually too focused since the last 2 and a half years! Gotta let that go and I have been. I can totally see why that slows everything down. The U needs a clearer direction to bring it about.

    -“In a relationship, the person you want to be with wants someone they feel comfortable with and they cannot feel comfortable with someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with them. In this case, you fear manifesting then ruining things and losing your desire as a result.”

    For a long time now just thinking about the relationship made me feel keyed up, uneasy, stressed and guilty for a number of reasons. How can he feel comfortable if I don’t emit that frequency? Knowing I was going to see him would at times make me feel sooo nervous. I’m repelling the situation as opposed to drawing him in by my warmth, trust, vulnerability and love.

    -“In order to manifest, your desire must feel natural to you. You must be comfortable with the idea of receiving and living it because comfort is the energy of zero resistance. If you think you aren’t good enough, that is the opposite of comfort.”

    I found this to be a very powerful statement. I never thought of comfort as zero resistance and it makes perfect sense. I can now think of letting go as being “comfortable” and ponder on what that really means. To be comfortable. 🙂

    I love lightlines visualization of how he would look at her. I thought recently of how my guy would lock eyes with me in the past. He looked at me in a way no one else ever has. I started to refocus on that and then read her comment. Love it!

    I can tell the changes I’ve made the last week has shifted my energy in a big way. The signs feel like they are intensifying and fast! This feel so amazing.

    Saw the season finale of Outlander last night. Any fans??? The love they have for each other spoke to me. It’s the kind of love I dream of. And to see it portrayed in this way helped bring up feelings and emotions that I could connect with. I was able to get lost in it in all the right ways.
    This was another big sign for me. Especially since we could have seen that episode some time ago but watched it last night. Wow, it’s all just so beautiful.

    I’m so full of gratitude. Thank you Nina, and lots of love to everyone. I’m grateful for all of you.

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 I am so grateful and can literally feel a change in you just by reading this. Life truly is so beautiful ❤


  4. Hi nina,

    Thank you for this. I would say this probably is the top issue for a lot of us.

    My other is letting go. Even when I feel good I find it hard to let go and not think of him, what he’s doing etc. I try to say to myself let go so it will happen fast but it doesn’t always work

    Finally, it’s the issue of self love you have mentioned. Not feeling good enough or deserving. Those are core beliefs some of us have so they are not necessarily easy to change. I think in my case, I’m able to manifest some things and then in the past my manifestation changed when that core belief popped up again


    1. You’re most welcome, I’m so happy you liked it 🙂
      Remember that every time you allow yourself to wonder about him, you are focusing on the current reality of you two being apart. You want to just switch to seeing you two together and being happy now because you know it’s going to happen 🙂 It’s yours. I know you can do this ❤


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