Reminder of the Day

For today’s Thought of the Day, I decided we should remind ourselves of these two very valuable thoughts-of-the-day.

I believe you will be inspired all over again.

30 thoughts on “Reminder of the Day

  1. Hey Nina

    I have a question. I read your thoughts of the day’s attached to this post and I really liked them. 🙂

    My question in just say I want to marry and have kids. Do I need to visualise THOSE particular events at least once? Like the proposal, the wedding day, the wedding dance, the birth of the children? Because the only thing I’ve ever really visualised is us doing things together. Like going out to basic things like watching videos together or spending time with each other’s family.

    **Can you tell me exactly what moments I need to visualise at least once or repeatedly?**

    I like Nevilles idea of HEARING people congratulating you because that is going right to the end / final outcome. So I do this once a day. Then go out into my day not really thinking of him. I do most of my visualising right before sleep.

    Also I think heart energy maybe the single most important ‘act’ of the LOA, since LOA is really about pure love for what you desire. Yes?


    P.s – I used your affirmation you posted the other day about ‘thank you that I got what I wanted’ to pull myself up a bit when I didn’t get the job I really wanted, I was feeling stressed and it worked to pull me out of my few hour feeling down.

    P.p.s – just saw 2 separate marriage proposals on TV on different channels and the main characters name was my mans name.

    Thanks. Please let me know what exact moments I should be visualising and how many times.



    1. You can just do those visualizations when they come to you spontaneously or if doing them intentionally at any given moment would make you happy. You only have to do what makes you happy – that’s the way you put your desires in your awareness fully, fast.
      NEVER overly visualize. Only do it as long as it makes you happy, in the moments that it does. The rest of the time, do anything else that makes you happy.
      Pure love for your desire, yes, that ensures rapid manifestation.
      I am happy that the visualization helped! I think it only means there’s an even better job waiting for you.
      When you see signs, just be grateful that you got what you wanted 🙂 It’s enough.


      1. Hi Nina,

        Thanks for the response.
        I think you are right about the job. I do admit there was a time while on the trial when I had to prep something and I didn’t like it anymore. I keep getting offers for hospitality positions and guess what?! I don’t want hospitality! INFACT now I hate it. Really goes to show you how you get what you don’t want to happen and even faster. I’ve just let go of the whole ‘get more work’ thing and just see what happens when I stop trying. I’ve stopped caring, even tho the extra money is needed. You can really see how it relates to wanting to attract specific people also. You do manifest what you fear the most also. I do remember during the trial thinking I want to work here, but not in this section and they didn’t have any other positions available. Place was cool, particular job I went in for wasnt. I refuse to do hospitality anymore. I have caught myself saying ‘I don’t want to do hospitality anymore’ and that’s what I keep being offered. Don’t, no and not. Dangerous words. What you focus on does become your reality.

        On the other hand I am manifesting whatever I want very quickly, within a day – and I think it’s because I don’t care whether it shows or not or because I never think of it again. I just declare what I want then forget. You remember the blue trench coat? 2 days ago I asked for a kitchen scale, just a basic kitchen item. The next day *2* come into the shop! A manual and electronic. My boss (who is amazing) says I can choose one, I choose the electronic one and he gives it to me for FREE again. This one was brand new (not second hand) and white like my kitchen. I’ve been working there for 4.5 months and a scale has NEVER come into the store, but there it was a day after asking and again I got it or free.

        Really goes to show what asking once, and never thinking of it again really does bring what you want to you quickly! This is why I think ppl think it’s harder to manifest a person, the only thing that delays it in the end is the constant thinking of it and the wanting of it, in my opinion now.



      2. Some just like to stop caring and let go that way and others prefer to know their desire is theirs and let go that way. If you know that when you stop caring, you manifest and that is your preferred way of letting go, great! 😀
        I prefer to know, feel good about living my desire and let go that way. Both ways work, always.
        Many get attached to their relationship desire but letting it go is easier once they start to feel comfortable about the idea of living and receiving it.
        Congrats on all your manifestations! Your boss and your manifesting of free items are great! 😀


      3. Gretta,

        I manifested a pair of shoes a couple weeks ago by thinking the first pair I see on ebay in either a size 36 or 36.5 I will buy them and they will be the right size. Less than a week went by and a size 36 came up, at a price I could easily afford and they arrived a week later, perfect fit!!!

        I’ve been looking for those shoes since 2 years. They are Chloe’s retailing at $1000. I got them for $275 which included the shipping, brand new!

        So I agree with what you’re saying, and I’m so glad to have experienced this too just recently. I asked once, felt confident and just didn’t worry about “if” it was just a matter of when. And I felt that. And I let go and didn’t worry.

        I too am trying this approach in a way with my specific person. I’m just trying to relax, not worry and figure it’s not if, but when. And I feel so much better overall.

        Happy manifesting!!!

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  2. Hi Nina,

    I have a question regarding the physical manifestations a lot of us have been experiencing. I know a couple of people on here mentioned getting ill. I did not end up going to the hospital or anything, but for the past week and a half, I’ve been having a pretty bad stomach pain. I imagine it is what an ulcer feels like. Its not the first time I’ve had this pain, but it had been a while since I’ve had that pain (over a year).

    I definitely think its been due to a lot of the stress and worry I’ve been experiencing. I’ve really been going through a lot of ups and downs, sometimes not feeling anything at all. Yesterday, i was doing some meditations and visualizations and felt great… was even smiling and was trying my best to really focus. Afterwards, I went home and I was working out and the feelings of just feeling its not happening overtook me all of a sudden. It was weird because I wasn’t even aware of any negative thoughts at that moment, but they overtook me very quickly. I was getting ready for bed, and getting upset and feeling terrible.

    I decided to write a letter to my guy and God. I was crying as I did so, saying that I know I manifested the situation, but that I also felt that I didn’t deserve it. I deserved better. I’m not perfect, I know that. Sometimes I act immature, I’m needy in relationships and there are things I need to work on. I just don’t understand why I need to suffer while doing so. Why I need to be so far from the person that I love and barely hear from him.

    The thing is Nina… maybe I’m wrong, but I almost feel like my body is fighting me here. I try to focus on the positive, feel love, and I feel like my thoughts are not even going bad, but my body is tired and takes me back to the negative without even thinking?

    I don’t know what your thoughts are on that?

    Thank you,


    1. My only thought is that your awareness is still on how unhappy this situation is for you and for as long as you stay in that mood, you can’t manifest.
      I think you need to let go and your body will recover. Say it’ll happen when it happens and let go. Otherwise, you’re resisting it too much and can’t manifest.
      Trying to rush it means recognizing that he’s not with you. You want to stop that by letting go. Right now, clinging onto it is what’s hurting your health and deepening the feeling of not being with him and whenever you get together, you will still have plenty of time together for the rest of your lives.
      It’ll happen but if you let go, it’ll be even sooner.


  3. Hey All,
    Hope you’ve been keeping well 🙂
    Just wanted to update some of you on my specific person manifestation.
    I originally attracted my ex back, but a relationship wasn’t what I wanted and we are still in each other lives as friends which is going well. 🙂
    As for my specific person, I emailed Nina a month or two back, we basically stopped communication, I was fearful, you know the drill….it was hard for me as I came of such a high time in my life and then I kinda went back rock bottom due to another person…
    I decided enough was enough, I deactivated social media for a few weeks as she was back spending time with her ex and that was part of what was messing with my vibe. I got back into loving my life, meeting new people, sport, everything I love. She then gets back in contact wondering why I deleted her from social media! From there we slowly got back in communication, We have spoken a lot over these last few days and it has all been very positive.
    Again the key I have found (which I need to remind myself of as I clearly forget) is to to live your life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, be the best version of you and be okay with not having that person (or letting go)

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  4. K,

    That is awesome!

    This also reminds me of a quote ” Things keep coming back until you learn the lesson.” OR “Situations/People will return until you learn your lesson.”

    May be such situations exist in our situations to make us realize that “We are Enough!”

    I am enough.


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    1. Hi Lightline,

      I have read some of your story in comments on the site and it’s truly inspiring! Are there any specific posts I can look at for your comments? I’d like to see the start of your journey 🙂

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      1. Hi AA,
        I started reading Nina’s blog in October 2015. 🙂
        It will be interesting to see own journey in comments… let me find that too.
        Love and Light

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