Thought of the Day

When someone wonders how you could have possibly forgotten an event they’d rehashed at some point in the past and all you want to say is, “Want me to remember? Then start telling better stories!”

If your stories amuse you, they will amuse others.

Live, love, laugh, listen and wonder.

Make your life interesting.

10 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Lol Nina… I’m not sure if this one is true. I have a co-worker who is always laughing like crazy and super excited when he’s telling stories…. but no one else finds them interesting? I don’t even think he realizes that no one else is interested. He is actually someone I think of a lot when trying to understand LoA.

    He is almost the opposite of me in many ways. He definitely is a positive person, thinks he is amazing… loves himself a lot, won’t listen to any constructive criticism he’s given because he knows what’s best and everyone else is wrong. He is constantly talking about how great he is (he’s the best at work, he’s the best at his gym)

    Its sad, because I don’t think he realizes that a lot of people make fun of him. But, he doesn’t let anything negative penetrate him. Why does he still have so much negativity around him?


    1. Just want to add that I think not being able to take constructive criticism is not a positive trait.. I wonder if part of the reason why people react to him so negatively is because he doesn’t actually care that much about other people. He’s more interested in proving that he’s better?


      1. You answered your own questions. He is doing all of this out of insecurity and because he actually feels like he isn’t amusing or cool but wants to be which is why he is desperate for everyone to think that of him. Those who try to make others see them in a specific light feel like they’re missing something within and a lack of reaction they get only means that others see through them and reflect their awareness back to them. People like that are generally bad at taking advice because that would mean someone else is right and knows better which is difficult for them to accept.


      2. Yes, its just so funny because it “seems” that in every other way he is an example of LoA, but the truth is that the way he acts… is not consistent with what most people think of him. At least not people that know him well.


      3. The giveaway is him constantly trying to prove himself, trying to force others to see him the way he wants to think of himself.
        In reality, those who feel good enough have no need to prove it to anyone.


      4. Let me also share this, you’ll love it. I knew this girl who told me she didn’t understand why I refused to care about what others thought of me. She said, “Other people matter, you should care!” but it wasn’t about that at all. It was about her wanting others to feel the self-consciousness and constant guilt that she did every day. Some make a mistake of trying to build themselves up that way.


      5. Very true. I’m trying to keep in mind what people say, but use that to improve myself in areas I might not have considered, vs. letting those things make me feel bad or guilty. It’s a challenge sometime for sure 🙂


      6. I think you can rely on what this community says instead. Here, there are plenty of people who believe in you, know that you already are everything you wanted to be and support you and your plans 🙂

        BTW, I keep finding new ways of describing how I feel whenever I manifest specific people into my life so there will be plenty more posts on the subject! I keep thinking about new ways of describing the feeling that it’s mine and being grateful for it, cool about it and generally comfortable with it. It all goes back to self love and has to do with some form of love or positive feelings for the people in question as well.


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