Thought of the Day

Connect with your sense of humor – taking life and yourself lightly raises your vibration.

Taking life too seriously lowers your vibration. Simple as that. Think about the reasons why and you will see that those who take every detail too seriously increase their own tension and sadness without effort. You don’t need that.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina,
    First of all, you look stunning. Somehow you remind me of a John Trovolta’s movie scene. Why? I don’t know.

    2nd look at this comment I left on a someone’s blog and I headed over here to ask you about your take:

    I couldn’t agree more that despite of knowing the truth of life, we tend to hang on our old beliefs thinking “what if it doesn’t work out?” But I want to be more relaxed, more giving, calmer and more flexible. The areas I struggle in are:

    1. My 2 years 9 months old baby. I tend to be overly protective, sometimes rude, irritable etc. I want to be calm with her. More understanding. I don’t want to lose my cool if she touches my bag and breaks things. Or if she scatters things in kitchen…
    2. Work. When somebody gives rights and responsibilities to someone else, I kinda feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to though. When I feel like they are making me work but somebody else is getting the credit and perk, I want to be okay.
    3. I want to stop speaking loudly hen I am angry. My basic nature is to speak softly, camly and in a loving way. But when I am angry it just becomes something… else. I don’t like.

    [Your #TOD is somewhat about the crux of these questions and this feeling I asked. Talk about my sudden manifestations.]

    I would love to know how to handle this…


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I love that!
      1. I can imagine that one of the biggest challenges of motherhood, especially in the early stages, is making time for yourself to relax and regroup. With a baby, it can be especially difficult to do that. You have been spending all your time with your baby and put her needs ahead of yours which makes sense when it comes to feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find patience when all of it feels like it has been sucked out of you.
      My suggestion here would be an affirmation to repeat to yourself both in the good and the exhausting moments. Take a deep breath and say, “There’s plenty of room for the both of us. Thank You.” By that, I mean mentally, emotionally, room to coexist and naturally focus on love. You will feel like you can both be guided by love and get along very well. As a result, she might become calmer or you might simply become unaffected by her behavior and feel like it’s nothing instead of perceiving it to be exhausting. Try it. I’m sure it’ll work 🙂
      2. An affirmation to use here: “I am appreciated.” If you feel appreciated, that will be enough. You will trust that it is and as a result, you will get more credit before you know it.
      3. I think the third part will be a result of the first and the second as it is more of a consequence. At least looking at it like that makes me feel like it can be easily resolved.
      You can do this! 🙂


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