Choice of the Day

On one occasion of manifesting someone I wanted to know into my life, I talked about my desire because I felt like it. I genuinely wanted to talk about it and did so in the presence of individuals I decided were my ideal audience for this almost-manifestation.

At first, I kept quiet about visualising our initial contact. Then, as the contact deepened, I talked about it and was sure I was going to get what I wanted the entire time. However, talking about it was making me happy so I kept going.

Before anything happens, you must feel that what you want is yours. If you decide it is, that sense of knowing will evoke positive feelings in you.

When the feeling of having my desire was nurtured enough, I naturally want to refocus on other things. Letting go feels good because I also want to enjoy other things in my life.

On the other hand, the feeling of your desire missing from your life relentlessly prompts you to keep looking for ways to manifest it.

When you know, you are calm; while aware of not having it yet, you keep looking.

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