Manifestation Epidemic – Blowing it Up in Your Mind

This goes hand in hand with making too big of a deal of your desire (additional stories on the Big Deal phenomenon here and here).

When you are unable to think about receiving your desire without some sort of concern coming up inside you, chances are you have made a big deal out of it rather than just enjoying all the excitement related to it. Excitement and nervousness might feel the same initially but when you decide your desire belongs to you, start from there and stick to it, these moments of tingles passing through your body are excitement and energy that attracts.

People often say,

“I want to do this-and-that but I’m nervous/unsure.”

I say,

“It’s natural to share happiness so do it only if it makes you happy, without expecting anything in return.” But if you just know you are going to get something you want in return, good for you!

These individuals evoke resistance instead of going along with positive feelings. However, this also includes recognising those positive feelings. If the thought of doing something doesn’t make you happy, simply avoid doing it.

However, if you focus on self love first and your desires second, the happy opportunities for manifestation and inspired action will come to you more often because your personal happiness will be on the rise.

Self love solves everything. Focus on yourself before anything else makes life manageable, exciting, within reach and manifestation easy. Suddenly, you are open to receiving because  the idea of living your desires feels natural to you. 

Here comes the most fascinating part.

One blows the thoughts of their desired manifestation out of proportion when they fear negative thoughts because they want to think perfect thoughts out of fear of their negative ones manifesting.

Oftentimes, one isn’t even afraid of negative manifestation – just their negative thoughts.

Here are some tips for changing your focus to self love instead of worrying about your current circumstances or future manifestations.

Be unaffected by your current circumstances; moreover, be grateful for them because of everything you’ve learned, started, discovered, found and everyone you met. Once, I had to leave my current life to focus and finally start doing what I wanted to do. I had to remove myself in order to change my life because my current one was distracting but it was worth it. Soon, I found out that I could accomplish what I never did in my previous “life” and started to think about everything I wanted in the long run.

If you can be grateful for your current circumstances, you will have manifested your desired reality even faster due to zero resistance. On the other hand, the no resistance factor will be just as strong if you simply practice self love and pay no conscious attention to your current reality. Even if you complain about your current reality sometimes, you will know how to fix it and know that you can. Whether you believe it or not, self love solves every manifestation hiccup.

Living your desire must be natural to you. Think about it – you rapidly manifest everything you see as “no big deal.” If you saw your biggest desires that way, how fast do you think you’d manifest?

You’d believe that you can and you would do it; this energy also allows for letting go. Every time I have a specific desire, I see myself living it just because I want it.

Think about the person you want to be. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Firstly, accept that you are good enough, just as you are; second, think about the kind of person you want to be, what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel and live every day. Remember that your inner energy has nothing to do with your looks or any other physical factors and neither does the power of your manifestation.

When you see your desire just like any other thing in life, you see it being yours right away. No resistance, no worry, no nervous feelings, no negative thoughts.

No overthinking.

29 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – Blowing it Up in Your Mind

  1. Hi Nina

    I hope you are well. Going to back to what we were talking about yesterday about letting go or forgetting and it not being essential.

    I can’t forget because i am bombarded with signs now, it’s been happening the last few days.
    I see his truck at least 15 times a day.
    His name, I met people with his name.
    Its constant and I am getting a little annoyed because i feel as if its not letting me forget (even tho not essential) It is annoying me slightly because WHY DO I CONSTANTLY NEED TO BE REMINDED OF HIM?

    I cant be bothered typing it all out. All the things that keep happening.

    Seriously, even if i even wanted to ‘forget’ to manifest ‘faster’ I can’t because of what these things people call signs are and how frequent they are.

    What am i meant to be doing with all these ‘signs?’ just saying thank you and thats it and why are they coming so fast and frequently now? But with still no real communication except for him adding me.

    I was thinking today. He had a choice. He could have blocked me but didnt, he added me again. I suspose that is a good thing, i get that, but why all the constant signs? Does it mean its going to happen soon? Hes not on my mind but is when i see the signs.



    1. When signs come, be grateful for them but stay focused on your ideal reality. Take all your focus off the current.
      Be grateful for the signs and then, be grateful for your ideal reality 🙂
      Don’t trap yourself into changing focus from your ideal reality to your current every time a sign comes along – just say “thank you” and move on, focused on your ideal reality 🙂 Every time you focus on the current, you risk lowering your vibration. Be happy now as if you have already received your current reality 🙂
      In these situations, just stay focused and practice being focused on your ideal reality while being happy about it. Then, you will manifest fast!


      1. The signs don’t make me think of my current reality.
        It was getting annoying tho because it was so many and I didn’t know if i was playing tricks with myself so I started to slip a bit thinking, I’m making all this up! There can’t be this many!
        I’ll just say thanks.

        For my bday my boss gave me a very big photography book full of photos and a lens that came into the shop. It was a lens that i needed for a manual camera I have. It inspired me so much that i picked up my camera again last night. I had been asking and asking “what should I do?” because i was not having luck with getting another job and then my boss gives me the book and lens as a surprise when i walk into the store asking again what am i meant to be doing? You may remember i mentioned being a photographer. I put the camera down a while ago because i was to upset to take photos there for a while. As I left work yesterday i realized i was behind a van called “aperture studios” (aperture refers to the opening of a lens’s diaphragm through which light passes) then i turned on the radio and the Duran Duran song “girls on film” came on the radio and the song starts with the shutter firing.

        Is that my answer? As you can see I don’t know how to read any of it because I start to question it as just coincidence.

        sorry for bad punctuation. I’ve hurt my hand and typing is difficult 🙂


      2. The ultimate answer is knowing what you want. If you want to take photos again and feel good about it, you know what makes you happy 🙂


  2. What I mean is…. I’m seeing all these things but that’s it, nothing else. Is this what happens before the real manifestation?


    1. It can but only if you believe your manifestation is on its way. You have to believe that it is no matter what. You are too focused on the process and you must only be focused on your ideal reality being yours 🙂


      1. Yes too focused on the process. I do like to understand the inner workings of all things. I used to take calculators apart when I was a kid to see how it worked from the inside. Hahahaha..

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  3. Hi all,
    I am in the most horrible situation right now, a complete contrast, yet I will not let it affect me. I am focused on my end result. I still feel powerful because I know the secret of LoA. I feel good at my decision but its going against me.. may be for a good reason.


    1. Good! Your focus is where it should be. Just believe that your ideal reality is yours and feel good 🙂 Things are working for you all the time so just ignore what the current reality looks like right now.


  4. Anyone…

    “When we fully ASSUME it is – We change. Nothing to detach from anymore! Because the ASSUMPTION has HAPPENED!”

    This really is valuable information from Neville. Why are we trying to detach and let go if we are already living the desire? It doesn’t make any sense. This is where the resistance comes from! All the info on the net is wrong. If you are living your desire you’re not thinking let go or detach! Why does it have to be said so mystically? Let go. Detach. Etc, etc. Why can’t it just be taught that it is your reactions to daily stuff that is stopping your manifestation dead in its tracks?

    The above quote was like a home freaking run for me.


  5. You don’t want to detach from your wish/person. You want to detach / let go of your *REACTIONS* to what is – which is f**king up the manifestation. Detachment / letting go = detaching / letting go of the negative reaction state, not the wish or the person.

    That’s how I see this now.

    someone correct me if you think I am wrong but I think all the new age LOA ppl out there (minus Nina) haven’t got the let go / detachment thing right. They make it seem like let go of the person – but why would you let go of the person if you have what you want with them? If you are living your desire with them? It’s not the person or wish, the real letting go is letting go of the reactions to what is.

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  6. The REAL meaning of ‘letting go’ is the ‘letting go of the what is’ and the negative reaction state and living in a permanent state of assuming the wish is fulfilled.


  7. Hi Nina,

    I was starting to feel better this week and was having an easier time going through this process… Feeling happier while doing my affirmations, etc. Then, I actually lost that excitement, didn’t feel bad, but couldn’t exactly fet into feeling super happy/excited about my desire anymore.

    Last night, I dreamt with him. We were on vacation again, his mom was with us again too. Then all of a sudden he disappeared, and I spent the rest of my dream worried about when he would come back ? What do you think this means?

    Also why does it mean when even though you feel ok, you’re having a challenge feeling great about your desire or as excited about it?

    Thank you,


    1. It seems to reflect your reality with him – all the ups and downs. You’re focused on the current reality instead of your ideal one.


    1. Hi there Gret’

      Sorry, I didn’t see this earlier. I’m actually flattered you were looking for me for this discussion 🙂

      I am getting into the habit of not looking at forums and blogs about manifestation too much because it keeps me in the mindset of ‘it’s still not here and I’m still figuring out how to get it here’. I also have to admit, I am at a point where it’s just the same information being said slightly differently so I don’t necessarily feel enthusiastic about studying anymore – it ebbs and flows maybe the curiosity and excitement will come back later 🙂

      I have managed a few times to get that feeling he speaks of, it’s amazing when you step on the other side and feel what it’s like to be in the situation already. there is this elating feeling that comes out of your chest, like your heart is dancing the waltz and your head starts to spin because for a while you’re actually someone, somewhere different.

      I won’t lie though, it’s not an easy feeling to maintain through out the day I find, which might be why he says to do feel it real ‘sessions’ : before you sleep preferably so while you’re asleep you can maintain the feeling unbeknownst to you.

      But as I mentioned, if you were in your relationship with your guy : you wouldn’t still be looking for ways to manifest him, you would probably not be reading blogs as much, rather just reappearing from time to time to help others like Lightline does, you wouldn’t be asking questions about how to do this or if it’s right to do that because you would be in the new reality already and your vantage point would be completely different.

      Kind of like when Neville went to Abdulla while he was trying to manifest a seemingly impossible trip to Barbados but doubt crept in. Abdulla said : I can’t talk to you because for me you’re in Barbados so how can you be here? and shut the door. Neville was left to himself having to experience being in Barbados.

      A lot of us keep ourselves in the feeling of not having because we’re here : asking, wondering, looking for support, trying new things, suggesting new things, analyzing and talking ourselves to death about our emotional roller coasters during the process not realizing it is just us confirming and keeping ourselves in the reality that is of not being there yet.

      That being said I felt an interesting shift on my end : I really tried to follow your advice Gretta and act as if – it just made me feel like I was schizophrenic though when I go general I definitely can feel the love from ‘him’ whoever him is.

      Something happened on the way : I got tired, in a good way. I surrendered, gave up and made peace with all possible scenarios knowing that the best one is the one that will come to life. I can now look at his pictures and not feel inadequate anymore, I can think about him and not feel angst anymore and even more so I actually don’t care anymore. I have reached the point of complete peaceful detachment. No ego, no worry, no desperation, no insecurity – just like it shall be what it shall be; I’m not meddling anymore, I just choose to believe whatever happens will be the best possible scenario.

      I’d like to tell you that it made him turn around and declare his undying love to me … but it didn’t. I’d like to say it made me manifest that date on that particular calendar date I had registered, asked once and left it be – it didn’t. I’d even like to tell you that at least it generated contact and we’re talking again. Nope. If anything he feels more and more like a memory, which is what I was so afraid of, not really sure why I thought it would be the end of the world. It’s not.

      Would I l love to get what I want, of course I would. You know what though: I won’t die if I don’t, there is a life after heartbreak and sometimes good things fall apart for better things to fall together. Life will go on as usual and other things will happen – things can’t change without movement and keeping my focus on this man constantly is keeping me at the same spot, expecting a change. That’s just insane.

      I want / I choose to be happy and I think we all deserve it. This is not to say that it won’t happen or anything like that, it’s more to say : meddling clearly doesn’t work, being open to possibilities with the faith that everything will work out does.

      We can’t control what happens or when it does but we can control how we feel about what happens, feeling it real is just another tool – it’s not a magic wand that makes things happen None of these things : visualization, RS, affirmations you name it – make anything happen

      It’s all about controlling how you feel so you can be in alignment with your desire when it comes


      1. Hi LyLy

        I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

        I don’t really see myself asking questions on here anymore – I like to think I am helping more than anything now. Thats why I share so many links and quotes. Im not looking for ways to manifest him, it is things I come across on FB only. I am not searching for anything. 🙂 I already manifested have just by him adding me on facebook. It might not be huge to some but for us it was. The links and stuff I share is because I see it on my FB. I don’t go looking for anything anymore but i really felt the need after seeing C and N posting to share something this week. 🙂 ❤

        They are more statements for me now to everyone else and to Nina just as what I wrote above Why has all the new age LOA people out there made it the LOA so mystical? When they should just really be saying 'It is your reactions to daily stuff that is stopping your manifestation dead in its tracks!" Because that IS what is stopping the manifestation. I feel good about sharing things with others, especially when I see people on here commenting that they are feeling low.

        The LOA people out there also don't teach enough about patience.

        HE IS INCREDIBLY FUNNY. He has so many hilarious facial expressions! I feel something. I dont know how to describe it. Oh. It might be pure love? Maybe I have not felt that before. Everything I used to complain about has gone. I dont have any ill feelings towards anyone anymore, nothing has ever come up again – that actually went the day i accepted the situation with his family. ALSO! I want us to live close to his parents. I dont want to live where I am anymore and I am VERY happy about moving near them.

        I dont feel delusional or schizo. Infact today someone at work asked me if i was seeing anyone and I said YES and they asked me what he did and I told him. With NO funny feelings. It was natural. I also told them that he is the best thing that ever happened to my life.


      2. Hi Gretta,

        Actually I am feeling pretty great, lighter, happier just kind of rolling with it and a lot of positive things and opportunities for release are coming up so it’s all super gravy – I’m enjoying the downstream.

        You’re right though, I think LOA is a lot simpler than the information that is made available out there.

        I think your experience is valid. I think all experiences are valid : acting as if feels natural to you and that is why it feels right and you’re experiencing positive feedback.

        In my experience it doesn’t work for me, everything I have ever manifested in my life came about when I was way passed the urge of it and just kind of didn’t care as much anymore. That’s just what works for me, probably because of the aspect of my personality that feels the need to be in control and picking at things until I figure them out which clashes with the concept of letting go and allowing.

        I think in essence that’s what we’re supposed to do : find out what feels right and stick to that. The aim is the same for all : to feel good and open to the possibilities. Some can achieve that by practicing the feeling of it, others just make it a conscious decision to be open to the possibilities and just carry on feeling good about their life. End result is the same.

        Congratulations on your beautiful relationship :)❤


      3. LyLy

        The same for me. It manifested when I forgot. I wanted to see what happened when i stuck to it, didn’t entirely forget, but at the same time still letting go.


      4. Also – I think we keep forgetting that the LOA is NOT ABOUT THE MAN but about US.

        This is still one of my favorite posts by Nina.

        “This story shows how little work it all takes; focusing on life, love, yourself and your happiness is all it takes. Any manifestation of any desire works according to the same principle in life and you can apply these very steps to absolutely anything you desire. The difference between having your desire in your mind already and waiting for it lies in living your life. If you don’t know what makes you happy, find it. If you feel that something is missing, you have to find it within yourself, within your own life; you have to find it in order to share it with anyone else.”


  8. Hi Nina

    After my 3 little posts above (please tell me what you think) and after finding that quote I went to visualize and my visualizations were more vivid, more colorful, more sound, more 3d like and i could see so much clearer. It was amazing.

    I don’t know which part it was, the quote “When we fully ASSUME it is – We change. Nothing to detach from anymore! Because the ASSUMPTION has HAPPENED!” that changed it for me or this “You don’t want to detach from your wish/person. You want to detach / let go of your *REACTIONS* to what is – which is f**king up the manifestation.” or this WHY CAN’T IT JUST BE TAUGHT THAT **IT IS YOUR REACTIONS TO DAILY STUFF THAT IS STOPPING YOUR MANIFESTATION DEAD IN ITS TRACKS** that did it for me but something definitively shifted with me. (Not that I have been feeling bad or anything like that but those quotes above was a game changer for me.)

    I think I have been interpreting letting go as in letting go of the person and I am not sure exactly what I was doing but I think there is a possibility that I was trying to energetically remove or let go of him. I cant describe it but i dont think i was doing the right thing, i was still sending out some vibe that wasn’t right. Wont even try to explain it because i cant, but I think that was causing some resistance. Its obvious because my visualizations changed instantly –

    Letting go really means letting go and detaching from the negative thoughts and reactions during the manifestation process. If you see people on The Secret website even if they say they let go that is because they got themselves into a neutral state and were not reacting to anything anymore.

    I feel as if I am not really explaining it how I would like to but reading this did it for me – “Basically if you keep giving into your negative reactions / negative reaction state you won’t manifest and I think that is being proven here by all of us. I now see LETTING GO as letting go of the WHAT IS. **IT IS YOUR REACTIONS TO DAILY STUFF THAT IS STOPPING YOUR MANIFESTATION DEAD IN ITS TRACKS**’


  9. Can anyone see just how powerful this statement really is….?


    If you keep entertaining every single negative thing / reaction / emotion / it will keep you on the merry go round of trying to manifest instead of staying in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
    Let that sink in for a bit.

    Neville says to begin by asking right now: “What do you want?”
    And then he teaches you to detach from all negative reactions to the world/what is.
    Detach – distance yourself from the NEGATIVE moods and thoughts in life.
    Detach yourself from ALL states that get in the way of – or that IMPLY that you don’t have what you have chosen.
    This last step – assume your aim – is accomplished by frequently assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled.


  10. Hi Gretta,

    Yes you have got it right. If you can let go/get rid of all the negative thoughts then you have zero resistance so when you think about your desire you will only feel good and send out positive loving emotions.
    Also, if you could ask once and let go/stop thinking about your desires then again you have zero resistance so same positive results. However, since we are all attached to our desires we can implement your method – let go of all the negative thoughts.

    I still going backwards with regards to my desire. I told him how I feel about him and obviously going against me but still I am only thinking about how I feel and focused on the end result. So yesterday was the last day of our communication. I feel much better when I share my story here so will update when there’s any progress. Thank you Nina and everyone.

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  11. Hi N

    If you are living the feeling of the wish already fulfilled you are NOT attached because you are ALREADY LIVING IT. 😉 Do you understand what I am getting at?

    The only emotions you should be feeling is love and gratitude. NOTHING else. ❤



  12. Gretta,

    I understand now – attachment is a negative as it becomes a need and not love. You are right, if we are already living our desire then we are not attached to it. 🙂

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  13. * attachment is a negative feeling.

    There’s such a subtle difference – feeling happy/in love when we think about our desire ‘being attached’ vs already living our desire aka ‘being detached’ to our desire. 🙂 🙂


  14. This is ridiculous. We have now blocked each other from all possible contacts after a small row. I have definitely made the right decision of not agreeing to meet this time. I think it’s going in the right direction because he will come back to be in a loving relationship with me. I’m so excited!


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