Affirmation of the Day

Create an affirmation for right now.

Many find themselves dissatisfied with where they are but you must be happy in order to get even happier. This affirmation can get you there if you allow it. You could remove all resistance.

My affirmation for right now is,

I get what I want, when I want it.

This affirmation is going to make you happy in the present moment by knowing that your desired future is coming. Suddenly, you will know it’s yours which will make you see just how much you already have by knowing that even more is coming.

4 thoughts on “Affirmation of the Day

  1. Nina

    I think I was in the wrong place all these days. I feel so much more free now as I don’t have to be scared of my actions or losing him. There was a rule in our relationship and it seems I have crossed it! It was so uncomfortable not to say nice things to him.
    However I must say did not attract this situation I did not want us to lose contact and I was positive when dealing with him. I am surprised this happened.
    I don’t feel bad as such but I do miss being in touch with him. I have been doing meditation and I feel much calmer.
    With manifestation, I see myself coming back to square one.. Nina, please advice! Do I need to change anything that I have been doing (as in affirmations/living my desire etc)? or just keeping myself and others happier and positive everyday will do the magic?!

    Thank you


    1. We attract everything that happens to us so even if you didn’t consciously manifest it, it happened as a result of complicated thoughts and feelings but it doesn’t matter.
      Forgive yourself and him for this. Be grateful that he’s back in your life and imagine your ideal reality 🙂 I always say this but write it down because writing about your ideal reality helps your focus on it.
      As long as you keep engaging in negative thoughts about your desire, you will encounter confusing situations with it.Even if nothing actually happens, your desire not showing up will be confusing enough. Just feel love for him, your relationship and yourself 🙂


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