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After meeting for coffee this morning, I accompanied one of my closest friends to the bank. She took a number and we sat down to wait. She wished she could get her turn immediately.

Next thing, a man walks up to her and asks to switch numbers, as he had forgotten something at home and had to go back. His number was next.

Another man standing close by turned to my friend and said, “You’re so lucky!”

On the way out, she once again said things like that always happen when she’s with me. I felt like a lucky charm andΒ in reality, she only got what she had asked for.

10 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. After looking at the jumper rack at work this morning I thought “Gee I wish a really nice white jumper would come into the shop!” (Because the jumpers we get I don’t really like!)(The 15+ white jumpers we have in store at the moment I don’t like any of them) I’ve been there nearly 5 months now and I’ve never been given, bought or seen a jumper I liked. That was a 9.30 this morning. By 11.45 my boss walks out and says “Do you what this jumper?” It is white and it is long and thick and knitted. How fast you manifest when you let go!!!

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  2. Hi Nina

    I realized that I do have one final question.

    All the stories that several of us have posted on here regarding Neville Goddard and one from Florence Shinn.

    Neville’s own personal story of going to bed each night and imagining his wife to be in the bed near him. And they married.
    The woman who met a man once and went to bed thinking “This is wonderful! I really am Mrs JE (Or whatever the initials were) and them marrying.
    And Florence Shinn story of the woman who came to see her and told her that she had to bless this man that had run off with another woman and told her to say such things as “i salute the divinity in you!” and then “God bless you captain, wherever you are. (Cant remember exactly) They ended up marrying also.

    All these stories had the same ending. They all visualized until their desire manifested.

    My question is again about letting go. I dont need it explained to me. I get it. What i wanted to know is when YOU personally let go are you still visualizing until it comes or you stop everything completely? You personally stop visualizing, stop affirmations, stop heart energy or whatever it is that you personally use? So do you personally just do it a few times then forget and wait for it to come or do you still do SOMETHING until it arrives?



    1. I do any of those things when and if they spontaneously come to me. If they do, they are brief and last for only seconds but the feeling is strong.


  3. I get that once you have your belief and that you know you are going to receive because you asked for it – but do you still do something? I was just curious is all – just about the tools. Do you also keep doing things like sending heart energy when you are IN the relationship with the person you want to be just because you want too?

    thanks again x


    1. If I want to, I do, but if one is happy in a relationship, they already put a ton of heart energy into it without realizing.

      If not, I don’t do it consciously. It’s all about using the tools that make you happy πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Nina
    So it happened again!!

    A very cool female customer came to the counter and she was dressed very bohemian and she had this awesome fringed bag. I thought I want a fringed bag. I wasn’t specific on colour or material, I just said I want one. I go into work and there is a suede fringed bag in the shop and I loved it and grabbed it. Again I’ve been there for months and one has never come into the shop, I know because I deal with the bags. I wish I could post photos of these things that are coming to me in either a day or a few days. And how the things I REALLY REALLY want take longer!

    Really again goes to show how asking once and letting Go (also probably not caring if he shows up) IS the fastest way to manifest!! πŸ™‚

    So this time I’ve asked for a pair of Roman style knee high sandals in my size. Haha…

    Stay tuned.


  5. Also btw I’ve started to say this daily (when I feel like it)…

    “I manifest everything I ask for with super speed and ease. Everything I ask for I receive!”

    πŸ™‚ yay!


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