Do You Think About Living Your Greatest Desires?

Knowing your desire is manifesting is the key to your success. When you know, you are guided by it or at least I am which means you can be, too.

To those of you who like to think about your desire a lot, remember that I told you you could as long as those thoughts are happy and reflect living the life of your dreams? Well, I’ve manifested that way, too. This is a perfectly valid manifestation method but only if you are happy and you nurture the thoughts of living your desire.

If you love to drown in the thoughts of your desire, you want those thoughts to be happy, positive, fulfilling, filled with love and as confident as your energy.

When manifesting love, I imagine it as the most magical thing. I dare to get excited about it and I imagine finding all the magic I want in real life while I am living my relationship. I imagine needing nothing but happiness about being together and loving each other while nothing else matters. If you accept someone, accepting their entire life is the best choice you can make and all I care about is having an amazing time just being together.

When manifesting professional opportunities, I love being the person others love to work with because she delivers even greater results than imagined. I don’t necessarily focus on easily getting along with everyone I work with, as I accept a difference in opinions and admittedly, workplace relationships have had only limited importance to me. It isn’t that I want to be difficult but I live in the awareness of having immense patience for the people I want to work with but wanting to walk away from those I don’t; that type of awareness serves as a reminder to level the bumps in collaboration and be patient when knowing that a particular collaboration is ultimately beneficial. For all these reasons, I focus on the end result when manifesting professional accomplishments.

I have additional examples but I chose these two to compare and contrast.

If you reread the passages written above, you will see that the nature of all these thoughts is one of having my desire in my life. You can do the same.

If you practice seeing yourself living your desire, you will soon begin to gravitate towards those thoughts.

We cannot skip letting go. Remember that letting go is knowing your desire will manifest and living your life happily in the present moment. You don’t have to forget about your desire in order to let go but if you continue to nurture the thoughts of having it in your life, letting go will be easier because you will fill your heart with knowing and remove the need. Sometimes, visualizing once is enough to let go but if you like to think about having your desire, think about it. You will have gotten used to the idea of having it, remove the need for it to manifest in your life and then, it will appear.

25 thoughts on “Do You Think About Living Your Greatest Desires?

  1. Hi Nina,

    What should we do when we do feel happy when we think of our person, but then our belief about the situation keeps negating it. like I mentioned to you, when i really let go and do the things that lightline and yourself have recommended, I do have moments of excitement and happiness… But then I may have a dream that takes me back to the pain because i believe that this guy will continue to reject me when we get together

    Would you recommend that we not even think about our desire in this case?

    Also, how do you really change a belief? Especially when there is a core belief “i’m not good enough” influencing here.

    I’m not a psychology major or anything, but from what I understand, beliefs and especially core beliefs are very difficult to change?

    Thank you,


    1. When you start to have negative thoughts about your desire, yes – think about something else that makes you happy 🙂

      If you think that beliefs are difficult to change, they will be. That is LoA. However, if you happily embrace affirmations of being the person you want to be and seeing the things you want as easy to have in your life, your beliefs will change.

      While you think about your life as you want it to be and being the person you want to be, you must feel good and it’ll happen.


  2. Full prayer ho’oponopono 4 times out loud will remove all beliefs. Eft also but it’s more involved. Pono is easier. If you have tried Pono for ‘I’m not good enough.’ And it still there then it’s not that belief.

    I don’t have any of the beliefs I use too. They are all gone using Pono.


  3. Hi C

    Half my message above was missing. I sent it from my phone.

    ALL beliefs are an energetic block. Everything gets stored in the mind and body. If you religiously do Pono on everything you think it might be or EFT you will remove the block around and out of you for good. From since I came to this site I sometimes did EFT until I feel asleep. I came to this site thinking I would never be good enough and now I think the complete opposite. Have you read Louise Hays book… “You can heal your life” if not maybe buy that and read it but either way if you are still struggling with this belief then maybe it would be a good idea to source an EFT practitioner in your area?

    In my experience and seeing other people it always came back to one thing. Worthiness and deservedness. I’m not good enough springs off from that! Everything springs off from that. If you can find why you don’t feel worthy or deserving of love and happiness and joy (Because thats what it really is) then you will remove this block out of you. EVERYTHING changed for me when I did EFT on rejection and then acceptance of the situation. Now we are speaking.

    I know that we have discussed NOT working on ourselves but this proves to me that work does have to be done to so that you move forward. Maybe the people who manifested what they wanted after not working on childhood stuff anymore had done enough to break free so that they could manifest when they changed the direction of their thoughts and feelings.

    I noticed I only had bad dreams about him when I was worried about everything that could go wrong or if i was not happy within myself. (Me making things up in my mind and it coming out in dreams.)

    Don’t let these dreams affect you. You probably saw the quote I posted the other day that said “It is your reaction to daily stuff that is stopping your manifestation dead in its tracks”

    It is not difficult to change beliefs, it just takes dedication.

    This here “But then I may have a dream that takes me back to the pain because i believe that this guy will continue to reject me when we get together” – You are projecting into the future. How do you know that he will reject you? Do you know 100% that that is really what will happen? You also believe he will reject you again, that is where your belief is at the moment. Being rejected again. You also have the belief that core beliefs are hard to change. They are not. At all.

    You really change a belief by dedication and hardwork. Either EFT or Pono are the only things that I have seen that work the fastest and the belief never comes back.

    Do you have a specific memory of not feeling good enough? You can tap on that memory and move the block out of you and you might find even more memories come up as you start to work on specific memories.

    All the best x


  4. Hi C

    I was going through some books deciding which ones to keep and throw out and I found You Can Heal Your Life
    She said that “I’m not good enough” has roots from Being Abandoned and Ignored.

    So if you want too you could do full pono prayer on abandonment and feelings of being ignored.



    1. Hi Gretta,

      Thank you for your messages. Yes, I agree that bad dreams happen when you worry. The funny thing was that
      They happened three night this week. Almost three nights in a row.

      I don’t think my issue is abandonment/ignored, except in my adult life with my romantic relationships. But what
      really does stand out for me is a memory when I was a little girl. I would go And spend my weekends with my extended family. These women were never married and they would say things to us like, “if you don’t act more like a lady, no man will want you”. I wasn’t even interested in boys yet , I was probably in the 4-6 year old range.


      1. Hi C

        In my experience it was always something I didn’t think it was, i saw this with other people also. I’d been working on everything under the sun and in the end it was rejection and abandonment that shifted everything which then allowed me to accept.

        You could do eft or pono on what those unmarried women said. Just slot it into the prayer and say it 4 times out loud. I’d be interested to see how you feel after you’ve done it.

        Speaking of dreams. I had the first one about him last night in a while. It was a good one. Sometimes I feel bad to share if something good happens if others are not feeling the best but I hope that just by looking at my entire situation it will inspire others. We’ve gone from no contact to contact.

        Last night he said to me “I’m gonna marry you!” and put his arm around me. I haven’t been doing any visualizations on marriage lately at all, just heart energy and holding his hand in bed at night before sleep.

        I know it’s ‘just a dream’ but damn did I wake up with a HUGE SMILE! Hahahahaha!

        So as you can see I have been feeling good and happy and having happy dreams also!

        Yay! 🙂


  5. I should also do some more prayers.

    Its really getting weird with me. Someone on LinkedIn contacted me for a job which happens to be very close to my guys place. I ignored the emails initially but finally sent my cv. I have an interview next week. I am just trying to find more about the company weird thing is the contact number has the same last 3 digits his number ends with. Yesterday I was in a train and I started browsing through newspaper someone had left behind. Although that place is quiet far away from my present location, there’s were multiple ads on house/ flats near that place. I can’t stop dreaming about this new job now. 🙂
    May be this is the change I’m going to see (through him) after all these 10 years of living here. I’m glad this is happening.


    1. Hi Nina,

      I know LoA is all about focus on our own happiness and well-being.
      I now in a state of complete calmness and peaceful mind. I am really OK if he doesn’t come back to me. Does that mean my desire of manifesting him ends here? When I think about him it gives me good energy and high vibrations. Does this sound as a confused state?


      1. No, it sounds like you have let go which is good. If you feel that it would be great if he came back but also OK if he didn’t, you have let go. If the thought of him coming back if he chooses to makes you happy, even better!


  6. Your reply made me smile 🙂 I have no idea how I reached to this state. I don’t even want to get carried away by inspired actions. I am just happy the way I am. I feel my energy around my heart and stomach is cleared. I just explain. When I think too much and if its goes beyond my control I can feel a knot forming in my mind and stomach. Its just so obvious and I know I have to stop thinking. I have been very vigilant about my thoughts I guess. I have now started thinking about him for the sake of feeling good. I am enjoying this.
    Thank you Nina 🙂

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  7. Hello there beautiful people,

    I had the mother of all epiphanies today and I just really wanted to share and get to hear some like-minded feedback…

    After listening to more Dr. Joe Dispenza ( thank you Gretta for sharing this guy – he speaks to my grey cells …) I decided to write down my thoughts, especially the ones that triggered a lot of emotional response for me- I wrote date, time and a what I was thinking, feeling and what my response to it was …. In the span of 48 hours I realized : I was a negative thinking person ( within 15 minutes of waking up it begins ) who was not very nice to myself. I use he term was because Dispenza says most of our habits are old programming that we repeat because that is where our comfort is and whenever we try to change, our programming / body takes over to bring us back to what it knows ( really paraphrasing )

    Most of all what I noticed was, at the end of all the thoughts i would think : how random, I wonder why I even think that or wtf what the hell does that have to do with anything going on right now ? Where does this even come from and why the hell am I even thinking this … And it dawned on me that I would sporadically throughout the day think about losing a loved one … It’s literally a recurring thought : watching tv there are unicorns and bam what if something happened to mom ? Or what would I do without my brother ? Right in the middle of my amazing omelette making … And of course the inevitable : oooooouuuhhhhhhh what if I died ? Shit man ? All thoughts immediately followed : ohmegerd Lyly you’re like positively mentally unstable like who thinks about stuff like that while watching a Ross meltdown on friends ???? ( like seriously who ? )

    But see I never realized how much I thought about these things until I wrote it down. And then it got even deeper – LOA of course means I will find myself seeing things appear if I’m focusing on something and it ended up being NDE’s and some stories I really didn’t need to be reading but this was all part of the unraveling… As I was sitting there I remembered a Gretta post where she said sometimes it’s not what you think it is – I used to think my blockage was because I was insecure, because I was a control freak, because of my pride, because of random excuse I ran out of ….. It was because of my Love. And I started to cry … And I understood why I was keeping myself away from my heart’s desire.

    When my mom was pregnant with me, her twin was in a fatal accident with her husband and 3 other people. The three people all died, but my aunt and her husband survived. Can you imagine the emotional print this would have been on my mom and therefore on me ? This direct experience of the inevitable. i realized I never worry about divorce, cheating or stuff that happen during life … But I love so hard so much I cannot imagine something happening to those I love. Yet it’s inevitable, it’s a part of life … But as I was crying today I admitted that I already struggle at the acceptance that it will inevitably happen because it’s a part of life , I don’t think I could handle adding more people to love : having babies knowing I can’t guarantee I will always be there for them, being with my wonderful man knowing that eventually we would have to learn to let the other go …. I don’t think I could handle it …my heart would not be able to take it and so somehow the thought of dealing with what I already have and staying alone is actually more comforting…

    I realize it’s insane to stop yourself from experiencing something beautiful because of the fear of when and how it will end…. We would never do anything if we looked at everything that way. But I’m truly convinced I can handle a lot of the things life has thrown at me : physical emotional abuse, betrayal, rape, war, health, financial challenges – you name it , I experienced it and overcame it … This one though… I have always known it’s my kryptonite , being married and having children would feed my anxiety at such levels I would probably grow different heads like one of them mythical creatures and camp at the door of our house forbidding anyone to come in or leave … Yay happy family !!

    So I found it : the source , just by writing down what I’m thinking and thus without judgement … I’m not sure where to go from here though because I could do the work to erase the program, as a matter of fact acknowledging it already lifted a huge weight off my chest ….

    I had already made peace with what is and was okay with whatever happened. Tomorrow will mark a year since the last proper date I had with my guy and I’m okay, accept the situation for what it is and am happy if he comes around and will be fine if he doesn’t.

    I realize actually that I’d even be happier if he didn’t because it fits my programming to the T and that is as perfect as a manifestation can get : all this time, him and I not working out was subconsciously exactly what I wanted.



    1. Hi Lyly,

      I felt like 90% of what you wrote, could have been written by myself. When I was reading about the thoughts you think about the people you love, I thought to myself “So, it isn’t just me that thinks obsessively about that stuff?”

      And, I’ve thought those thoughts from a very young age. Funny thing is, I can’t think of anything in my life, as to why I would think those things. I didn’t have much loss around me growing up, or anything like that, so no idea where it came from. Maybe somebody said something to me?

      I mentioned before that a close friend had a parent that was murdered recently. Those things always affect me so much and can depress me like you don’t know because they really kick my fears about my loved ones into high gear

      but, yes, I know I’m very afraid of losing the person I love too. Only difference is that unlike you, I am afraid of things like divorce, being cheated on, someone disappointing me or hurting me, in addition to losing them.

      I’m ready to kick those thoughts and get happy and positive 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your story and realizations 🙂


      1. Hi C,

        Thank you for also confirming I’m not the only one :). It actually baffles me every time I catch those thoughts which is the most important part to me as it proves that my current / conscious self does not resonate with that old programming anymore – it doesn’t make sense.

        Like you, I have had the odd grand parent, acquaintance that passed on but that is about it. Even my aunt, she was in a bad shape and in the hospital for a year but she made it just in time for my birth (so they named me after her).

        Now of course I would rather go about this life without being disappointed, betrayed or hurt by someone I love but it’s happened before : my family, my friends – some serious betrayal has happened and I survived them all so I don’t think about them at all because I also know it can be fixed, it’s not final, life evolves, people change, we can take care and heal relationships.. unlike death.

        I guess it all boils down to control, this part of life makes me feel completely powerless and I guess my program is my way of somehow having a say in it.

        It’s like an onion really, the more you peel the more layers come up -_-

        I’m glad you’re choosing to be positive and get happy, that is also a way of doing the one part you do have an influence on – super inspiring 🙂


      1. That’s a very interesting article Gretta… and at the same time overwhelming. I don’t only have to worry about working through my trauma’s, but my family’s as well?


  8. Hi Lyly,

    I just wanted to leave my thoughts here too as I have always been affected with these thoughts all through my life. I must have been around 7-8 years when one of my neighbor’s dad died and that had huge affect since. I always get depressed when I hear someone die even though they are not related to me. I have not go into another relationship for the fear of cheating/divorce or losing the person. Everyday I wake up and say thank you to the almighty for good health of my family and friends. Its a deep rooted fear that I struggle with everyday too.
    That’s why I am more inclined towards to LoA/ spiritualism – they teach us to be detached with these and focus on ourselves more…


    1. Hiya N,

      Thank you for your input 🙂 It’s not easy to experience it at that age because you really are aware of what it means.

      LOA/ spiritualism is definitely a good approach to make peace and detach.

      I just tend to be stubborn (and have always been) because I always ask why it has to be like that and couldn’t be done another way, and what was the thinking behind it and who got to say it should be like this anyway.. the joys of being a life path 7, most of us can think so much it drives us to madness or absolute genius that changes words ( Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali … heck Steven Hawking) …

      It seem s researching and understanding has helped me keep my sanity and at the same caused me to lose it ..:)


  9. C

    You were already born with any of the issues you feel you have, this life has just added more. It’s in your genes, cells, make up etc. I thought that is something we spoke about on here once? Anyway.

    So just say something keeps coming up for you and you dont know why or cant remember anything to do with it it’s guaranteed to be something passed ‘into’ you through your ancestors.

    That is why I keep harping on about PONO, C. Because the prayer takes you back to THE BEGINNING OF TIME, all of eternity, the Origin of the first time it happened to any of your ancestors or you.

    Here it is again.

    So say if you have a fear of spiders, you would insert “my feelings of fear about spiders, my thoughts that a spider will bite me, my belief that spiders are dangerous.”

    “Spirit, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts of (__________fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, thoughts________).

    Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being to this origin. Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.

    **Come through all generations of time and eternity. Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.**

    Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present. Filled with light and truth.

    God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions. Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and event which contributed to this, these feelings thoughts.”



  10. C

    I know it must be hard to believe that just by saying that prayer 4 times out loud is going to get rid of what you feel are you issues…. BUT IT DOES. I am living proof of it. If i didnt find that prayer above I never would have eaten again. You remember? 5.5 years of an EDNOS. No doctor could help me. That prayer and I slowly started to eat again.

    It does work, but the way I have seen it go EVERYTIME is that it is not usually what you think it is. If you feel that your issue is “I’m not good enough!” then it really IS about rejection and abandonment (In that area) Thats why you might have to do a few different beliefs around it with the prayer until you knock it out of you.



  11. LyLy

    I did what you did today, monitoring thoughts.

    Lucky for me I don’t have any thoughts of family dying or anything like that. Actually it’s the opposite, how can I stay away from them for good or for as long as possible. I saw them a few days ago and actually felt suicidal. Thats how bad it is. I could go into all the mortifying details of my childhood and how it still happens to this day, but it won’t help anything. I made peace with the fact that I don’t have a family, but hopefully soon I will have my own very soon.

    My main worries are about money and getting more work. My main worries right now are feeding myself and my dog. Which I always manage to do, but I wouldn’t say I am eating very well, I sometimes dont eat for days at a time so I can feed my dog. That is what I worry about the most. How I will pay all my bills and feed us. I apologize to my dog sometimes and tell her that it will get better soon. I really feel like i am letting her down. I am positive it will get better soon as I’ve just changed my focus to only seeing the place in my mind where I want to work.

    There is this fashion shop that i really want to work in. I said today, “Thank you for my new job at XXX”

    When I went into the back room to start tagging some clothes my boss jokes and says to me “Don’t do that bin, it’s full of XXX clothing!” (He knows how much I love their clothes)(And how I wanted to stash away things I like, unless he lets me have them for free)

    I took it as a sign that maybe something is going to come up soon in this shop for me. I was surrounded in their clothes today. Over 50 times. A woman donated her clothes and all she buys from is that shop I want to work in. I went to the site and my application is under review. I just keep seeing the shop logo in my mind.

    This “I realize actually that I’d even be happier if he didn’t because it fits my programming to the T and that is as perfect as a manifestation can get : all this time, him and I not working out was subconsciously exactly what I wanted.” – yes to what you said here.



    1. Hi Gretta,

      Your post remininded me of myself not more than 3 years ago.

      I used to worry about money. I was always broke somehow and not able to figure out the next step. Some days were really hard and then I remember I read an article a long time ago and her approach was really interesting : she wrote a letter to money. Telling ‘it” about her fears and insecurities, what she wished and why she wanted their relationship to heal. She admitted she wanted more of it in her life and that she understood it was hard because she didn’t trust it and whenever it would disappear for a while she feared it was not going to come back. She made a commitment to money, to love, appreciate and treat it as such and vowed to trust it, welcome it and believe that it would always be there for her.

      I remember writing the letter and keeping it somewhere. I don’t know how soon it started but I can tell you this much, money is not an issue for me anymore. Whenever I need it, it comes out of somewhere, I end months with still having some money left and when it”s a bit tight and I feel the fear : I reiterate that i trust it and this is a relationship I never have to worry about again.

      You manifest clothing like it’s nothing : you’ve already figured everything out, you just need to apply ti to everything else.

      I reckon I manifested my relationship turmoil like a boss and you know, with what I know now about this program and why it’s there : I don’t mind that it didn’t work out. I would have married that man I am certain and he’s one of those likes adrenaline rush people : I would have probably lost my mind with worry whenever he stepped out.

      I don’t mind being alone and I don’t actually need to manifest a relationship. It would be nice to have a partner of course because it’s just more fun and pleasant to experience. I guess I don’t mind either way with a stronger inclination towards the former.

      It was just difficult before because I didn’t know why I sabotaged myself all the time and tortured myself so much. Now knowing what I know, I can stop identifying with the program and take ownership again.

      It’s a nice feeling tbh. Let me go read that article you shared 🙂


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