Why Self Confidence Helps You Manifest

  1. When you feel good, you know you contribute quality. When you feel good about yourself, you want to share it with the world and bring it into other people’s lives. You know how to make others happy and more importantly, want to. All of this makes manifesting easier because it takes away all the reasons why you should not get what you want.
  2. You forget to remember the time. When you simply enjoy life and your own happiness, you don’t think about how long it takes to manifest. I’ve mostly manifested within days or weeks. Sometimes, two months. Every time I manifested moving countries, the planning and the aligning of opportunities took less than a year. I often want to hear from someone and it happens within an hour or a day; two or three times, it took three weeks to a month. But do you know how long it just took me to remember all of that!? When you simply enjoy life and don’t need, you let go and manifest. The beauty in patience is the reward of receiving your desire rapidly.  
  3. Because you want to give. You think about what you’re going to contribute to the lives of those you want in yours because you know how much you’re worth. You know how much you have to give. Those who feel they’re not enough to receive their desires wish for a world in which those desires would make them better but after accepting that you are good enough, you think about why your desire also desires you.


The reasons are simple – can you remember any time you brought happiness into the lives of others as well as your own? This often happens when starting a new relationship, enjoying and contributing to mutual happiness. What about a time when you made a friend or a family member happy, or changed someone’s life for the better because you could?

You are special. That says enough.

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Whether we practice self confidence, self love or trust in the Universe, we can perceive the value in ourselves easily. We were meant to feel valuable in our own lives.

Connect with your happiness at the start of each day. Be grateful, and start the day by doing something you love. It can be anything you want as long as it makes you happy. This positive start to the day will keep you on a positive track.


7 thoughts on “Why Self Confidence Helps You Manifest

  1. Thank you so much, Nina. Your blog really is a ray of light for me. Every time I start to doubt or question, I switch to a positive thought, or reread your posts or parts of your book — and then my mood immediately lifts. Remembering that what I asked for is already mine reminds me that it’s happening RIGHT now, and any day now it’ll be part of my reality. Really, thank you for the bottom of my heart for helping me lift myself out of the dark place I was in just 3 weeks ago ❤ Lots of love.

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  2. Hi Nina,

    I have been seeing signs of my manifestation appearing. The other day, I asked for the universe to show me a man in an orange polo (my boyfriend has one and when I do my visualizations, I always see him in that) to show me that I’m on the right track. I saw not only 1 man, but TWO in orange polos and again today.

    While I feel better, I do have some resistance, although I do switch it to a positive thought. A few weeks ago, I had an inspired thought to get him this wall hanging from Etsy, in the idea that we will hang it in our JOINT apartment. His birthday is coming up, and was thinking about sending it to him. When I sent him a letter 3 weeks ago and he didn’t respond, I got really down. How do I know if this action is inspired or not? I feel my gut just telling me, “Relax, be patient.”


    1. I think your intuition is speaking to you so listen to it because the right answer will present itself in the right moment 🙂 Our intuition truly gives us the answers we KNOW are the right moves when we least expect it and then, we know they are right by wanting to follow them without asking for anything in return. That is the best way to know inspired action, not to mention the easiest because you don’t have to ponder the meaning of an idea but simply know that you want to follow it.


  3. You are right, if I send him the wall hanging, it’s my ego driving me to do it, and it’s not what I want. I have been very clear with what I want, him to come back to me, and we start a new relationship. I’m not going to continue to chase. My resistance comes in the moments I miss him, but when I start to visualize and remind myself of your book, what I want is already mine and I could have it now if I just truly believed, I feel way better. I feel like I’m on the cusp of a real breakthrough, I even shared my desires and your site with a friend, that’s how confident I feel about it. I will be back soon to tell you I have manifested. Thank you for everything!

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  4. Also, I only started practicing LoA August 12! If you could’ve seen me then … I cried everyday for 2 months straight. I couldn’t eat or sleep. Your blog and book have transformed my life in such a short space of time. I am so grateful for it all, thank you.

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    1. I love that, thank YOU 🙂 Always be grateful for your desire as if you’ve received it already, feel that it’s yours right now and you will manifest.


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