A Natural Way of Letting Go

Feeling badly about your desire usually comes down to not seeing yourself having it in your life; on the other hand, you may nurture the thoughts of having your desire in your life all you want.

When you think thoughts of having your desire, those thoughts naturally go away after a while. You can only think about something you already have for so long before changing focus. Think about it – when the fact that you are living in your house comes to mind, or driving your car, going to university or work, your clothes, your pets, kids or anything else you have, you briefly think about it then change focus to something else. That is what we do.

I always suggest (in my book included) to start with and stick to knowing that your desire belongs to you already because that notion will literally turn into your awareness.

All in all, you see what you have right now. And when you see your desire in your mind as if you have it right now, you live it and then, you live something else you have.

When you live something that hasn’t manifested yet in your mind as if it were your current reality, you manifest it. You don’t want to live anything 24/7 even if you want to keep it in your life – a life on repeat would bore you. You remove the need for it because you have just lived it and felt like you had it already.

This is why it is important to see your desire as if you had it now. Seeing that you have it now will remove the need for its manifestation and make you feel like you have it instead of missing it. Then, you will manifest it. You just had it in your mind so now, you will have it in your life.

This is also why the power of visualization is an absolutely incredible manifestation aid but you must practice its content steadily. You must focus on having your desire. When you visualize living your desire in any way, visualize as if you had it now. And if you practice for just a few days, you can feel your desire being yours. However, you must not rush – just see yourself living your desire because that will remove the need for it and allow you to manifest it.

4 thoughts on “A Natural Way of Letting Go

  1. Hello

    Claire Njau
    Tue 30/08/2016 06:29
    Sent Items
    Hello Nina
    I am new to your site and just love the posts and beautiful interactions with everyone.
    I am not so new to LOA though I am still learning new things.
    So I hope to continue to benefit from everyone’s wise perspectives and experiences.
    I myself have been apart from my ex for about 8 months and I had been really wanting to get back with him even though he has since moved on. Now I know theoretically that I can have him back in a more wonderful relationship than ever but the 8 months have been tough on me. I mean its been a beating for me as I hold on to hope, do processes that get my vibrations up and indeed saw some slight manifestations going my way.
    But he still does not come back. So as much as I know theoretically I can be with him again, I fear I am not able to maintain that vibration or completely remove whatever blocks are on my way.. That’s just me .. based on prior history, beliefs etc.
    So in this instance I am thinking it may just be the path of least resistance for me to give up on the desire to be back with this particular guy and seek for fulfillment of the essence of my desire with a new man?
    What do you think Nina?



    1. Hi Claire,

      I just read your post, but with regards to your last question, here is my personal advice.

      Take a few days off from trying to manifest your desire, in order to decide what you really want. Whether that be with the specific person you have in mind, or being open to someone new.

      once you are sure on what you want, take a look at your beliefs that you think might be holding you back in your manifestation and decide to change them via affirmations, EFT, or any way you find to work.

      This is important because if you have beliefs that are holding you back, you’ll likely manifest a similar situation even if you pick a new person. (I speak from personal experience 🙂

      Finally, I highly recommend Nina’s book and reading and re-reading any articles here until they soak in. She has a link on her page for “the Essentials “. Those are really good articles with the basics and I really like her article on “Keeping focus on your ultimate desire”

      But, decide on what you want, write that out and start to feel that it’s already true.

      Wishing you much success,


      1. C

        Thank you so very much for your wise words…Your response is most appreciated. I will indeed do as you have suggested and take a step back. From the “rollercoaster” I feel I have been on , your advice seems quite apt. I do need a break. I trust I will be able to truly define what it is I do want. Thanks again C.


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