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You either have your desire or you don’t – there can only be one awareness.

If you have it, you know that it’s yours and never need to see proof from the outside. If you don’t, you look for proof.

17 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Nina, I hope you are well and everyone else.

    You haven’t seen a post like this since Feb this year from me. You may need to be extremely patient with me. Sorry. I will apologize now. It ISN’T directed to you, I just need to vent also but need my questions answered. Thanks.

    I think I have found a deep problem in my manifesting technique with only this specific case. HIM. For some very strange, stupid, crazy reason!! ARGH!!

    Excuse me if my post comes across angry, but I am, very. I am also very stressed out right now with trying to find more work and i’ve been unwell for a few weeks. I get over one thing and now I have a cold coming on! Just goes to show you what stress does.

    We all know how easy this really is. Believe, act as if, get on with your life. I think we all get that but I caught a thought today and went something like this… “How can just knowing that something is yours bring it to you?’

    F**k, F**k and F**k!

    I think I am STILL struggling with the KNOWING ITS YOURS aspect or i have completely lost the feeling and became irritated with the whole thing because of not feeling well the last few weeks. I dont actually know.

    Please for the retard in the corner (me) can you please explain to me one more time HOW I KNOW ITS MINE? Just being happy and acting in my mind like he is my BF?

    The reason I am asking again is because …. With ALL the other things I manifest I never know its mine, or act like its mine, I just ask for it and the thing shows up because I usually forget all about it and then only remember that I asked for it when I see. I’m not keeping a happy vibration when these things show up, i just ask, forget. That’s it. I’ve been manifesting things at work at the same time as being stressed about finding more work. I still manifest even when stressed.

    It seems the more freaking work on this I do – the longer this situation takes! I am not impatient, just stating a confusing fact. There’s gotta be some freaky reason why none of us have manifested what we want. Ok, yep he added me on fb. But I have spoken to him ONCE in the last 7 months! And I’ve been EXTREMELY HAPPY for days and weeks at a time! Why didn’t something else happen in those weeks of being happy?

    The Universe knows what I want. ITS KNOW FOR 4 YEARS! If the Universe knows what I want and I received based on solely because I have asked – why on earth has this taken this long? If it knows what I want and I must received based solely because I have asked WHY do i have to do ANY work at all? Any of it including believing, acting as if etc etc. i Know you are going to say it is because I am noticing the what is. It isnt because I am noticing the what is. I AM acting like I have it and doing things here and then when I feel like it but WHY oh WHY has the Universe not given me what I have asked for during those happy times? You have said many times that you manifest within days. It stresses me to the max when I read you say this, I know you say it with good intention and to show us how fast we can manifest but it makes me feel like there is something seriously wrong with me. Like, how come I cant do that with him when you have with people. :/

    Is it enough, please, to just ask and do nothing else? I know I have asked you probably the same question a thousand times but for the idiots like me, I need this explained again. Its when I start reading Neville, trying to act as if, believing or anything to do with the LOA that everything goes to shit for me. **I am actually starting to think that it is the believing and acting as if that is slowing my manifestation DOWN.** Just based on how quickly I manifest when i DO NOTHING but ASK and FORGET.

    WHY do I have to do ANY work when the Universe KNOW what I want?

    THIS is how I really feel…

    I dont want to do any work for this at all anymore at all, ever again.

    I cant be happy all the time, because no one is!

    The Universe KNOWS what I want – why do I have to keep giving and giving so the Universe gets it? Its the Universe!

    I dont want to act as if or believe. I just wanna ask and forget. Yes i know you say its not essential to forget but it seems the fastest way to manifest IS to forget! Based on experience.

    I dont want it to be yes you can forget but as long as you are happy and believe.

    I dont want to have to feel guilty for not being that person that visualized until the end.

    I dont want to have to feel guilty for looking like I am some kind of a quitter. I haven’t freaking quit, I just dont want to do any more work!

    I dont want to do ANYTHING.

    At ALL!


    Ever again!

    I just want to walk away!

    Not because I am tired that this hasn’t happened but because Ive freaking asked and that should be enough!

    I’ve sent the signal out there ENOUGH times for it to know what I want and doing anything else to me now seems counter intuitive.

    If he comes back, he does, if he doesn’t. F*ck it.

    I am ready to walk away and not care if it happens. If this is what letting to feels like / looks like them I am ready to turn my back forever. I figure the universe knows, it can do the work now!

    Thoughts if you have any at all?


    1. Hi Gretta 🙂

      All of this is happening due to focusing on your current reality and trying to escape it (=wanting to manifest your desired one). You see your current reality which is not what you want and your frustration grows.

      Having more joy in your current reality in ways other than him and your relationship will let you relax, be happy and healthy and, believe.

      When in doubt, pamper yourself 🙂 Do something purely for your own enjoyment to remind yourself that you deserve it.


  2. Thank you for your feedback. I will take on board what you have said.

    The fact is that I have turned into a woman that made a career out of a man. Yuck.

    What I am really saying IS…. I don’t want to focus anymore time or attention onto this situation because experience is showing me this method doesn’t work for me.

    Asking once and forgetting does. As soon as I was told to believe and act as if I noticed it got harder for me. The more I knew the worse it became.

    In theory ask, believe, receive is an easy but for so many people I have read stories about – it isn’t the way it works for them either.

    I understand everything you are saying. I do – so that is WHY i believe that turning around and walking away is what will end up bringing it to me. I am not quitting, just not devoting my time to it anymore. I’ve asked, I’ve visualized, everything and more. I’ve done it enough for the universe to know what I want. It KNOWS in my heart and vibration what i want, that should be enough. That should be strong enough to override my moments of looking at my current reality. I am handing it over to the Universe. Letting go if that is what you want to call it.

    The Universe knows what I want. What I have asked for. If it doesn’t then well … life goes on.

    Thanks for your time. x


    1. Hi Gretta,

      I agree on so many things you have posted.

      First, it is impossible to act as if we have already received our desire coz we have brains so the reality strikes every minute of our lives. We want to be able to talk to the person/cuddle/ whatever but with any material things like money/house/car that we desire, it’s very easy to visualize and act as if or even forget about what we desired and it manifests in our lives.

      When it comes to another human being, it does not work. I just don’t think anyone with analytical brains can achieve this. However, I do believe we can manifest the person from our feelings/emotions and all it takes is asking once with all our loving heart – this can be done during anytime of the day when you are feeling very emotional.

      I think when it comes to love, LoA teaches us (which we often forget when in love) to focus on our happiness more and to remain sane and grounded lest we get attached to the person.

      And I totally agree on the fact that we can’t be in happy mode 24/7. I feel sad at times. Humans are meant to feel these emotions – love, sadness, anger, happiness etc. What we can do on our part is to understand that positive emotions can lead us to become one with the universe quicker.

      As with me, I am not able to stop thinking about him and I think all about love. I believe I can have anything in my life but I need to feel the desire coming from my heart not mind. That’s when it will manifest. We have asked for what we want. Now to make us be in a comfortable place and ease the situation we should just allow universe give us whatever we asked for – meaning just receive what it gives and remain oblivious as to what we asked.


  3. Hi Gretta. I understand your frustration. I am at the same place right now except I haven’t done as much work as you or been happy very much.

    I haven’t heard from him for almost three weeks. I am tired of chasing him. If he cares about me at all, he will contact me. I am done contacting him. It makes me sad to think he may not, but I am a good person and shown him I care. If he doesn’t want me, then it is HIS loss!

    I think you should do what YOU feel works for YOU. If asking and completely forgetting works, then do it. Don’t feel guilty about feeling you are not doing enough. If simply asking and forgetting is your thing, then that’s awesome.

    Good luck on the job search. I am looking for work, also. I wish you and everyone else happiness and peace. ❤️❤️


  4. Hi All.

    I will write my responses on this one post. 🙂

    I don’t think it is impossible to act as if. I HAVE done it for weeks at a time successfully. It is easy to do. But in MY EXPERIENCE I manifested fastest when i took my ATTENTION OFF IT and did NOTHING but ASK ONCE and FORGET. I forgot to the point of only remembering I had asked for it when it showed up. I am manifesting things at super speed, sometimes in hours or 1 day or 3 and all I am doing is ASKING for it ONCE. There is a possibility that I see the item in my minds eye also. I don’t really remember. I just know I say “Universe, I would like this, this and this.” Then I get on with things and then it shows up. No work involved, just asking.

    The reason I am not manifesting the new job is because I CANT TAKE MY MIND OFF IT. The stress keeps it away from me. The constant thoughts of I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to do hospitality keeps drawing hospitality jobs to me. I only go for these jobs because its the fastest way to get more work. You try to get into retail or an office where I am and it takes WEEKS of bullshit 1,2,3 rounds of interviews. I’ve asked once to the universe of where I want to work, I’ve seen the shop logo in my mind. I’ve imagined opening the store with the keys. That should be enough. To have to go over and over and over something I believe shows lack of faith, like the Universe is STUPID or something.

    The reason I have not manifested him is because I’ve spent to much time on it. I’ve asked and now it’s time to forget. This doesn’t mean that I dont believe. I knew from when I saw him it was going to happen. That knowing again is enough for me to move my life in another direction. All i am simply doing it putting the focus back onto ME. I am not giving up or quitting, just forgetting and sorting my own life out. But I am NOT going to do anymore work around it. I’ve done enough. I’ve asked, I’ve sent the signal out now its time for me to turn away and let it come to me. Essentially what I am doing is putting all my faith and trust in the Universe. If you see all of my words you will see that I actually AM doing the LOA right. Ask. Believe, Let go, Receive.

    LyLy – Thank you! THIS! From that story you shared. “One day, like a bolt of lightning, I realized that I must let go, trust and believe. No need to continue to ask.” – E X A C T L Y T H I S !
    THIS is what I am doing / talking about. No need to continue to ask or do anything, just to believe and let go and put your faith in the Universe. The Universe knows what I want. It’s known the whole time! It knew from the second I laid my eyes on him! But I have managed to add everything single bullshit ingredient to the batter and have ruined my cake instead of just keeping it simple! Over done it.

    I’m not doubting. I’m not giving up – I am simply taking my focus off it and putting it onto me and my life. I’m not frustrated, or angry or impatient. My original post to Nina was a declaration of not doing any more work. That’s it. I dont think or feel I have to do any more work Its time to move out of the way and let the Universe do the work. I have faith and trust that it will.

    This is the best I have felt in awhile about this situation with him. I feel happier not doing anymore work and just forgetting and thinking about my own life. All I am doing its this. I’ve asked, I’m letting go (walking away whatever you want to call it) and i am TRUSTING that the UNIVERSE is going to deliver what I have asked for.

    Thank all. 🙂


    1. Hi Gretta,

      It’s so nice to see you reach that state. You’ve asked, the U knows what you want, and that’s enough. At least I think so. I’m at that place too. My trip out of state was the best thing for me. I knew or at least decided I would have “break throughs” on this trip and that’s exactly what happened.

      Life is changing coming out the other end of that vacation. I’m buying a car, something I knew I needed but didn’t know what I wanted to get prior to the trip. I found more hobbies to pursue, making my life more interesting and full. I also had an incident while visiting my 19 year old daughter that showed me my life long hang up with rejection, and now I’ve somehow moved past that. 🙂

      And now that I’m home barely one week, I feel like a different person in a way. And more than anything, I’ve accepted that the U knows what I want and I’m completely happy. I feel like I’m already in the relationship of my dreams right now, with my current spouse! Even though I know he’s not, I’m pretending and letting myself feel it and it feels oh so good! I don’t need my specific person because life already is amazing. This is the first time I’ve genuinely felt this way and it feels really right. Like I’m on the right path.

      I decided about 6 weeks ago or so, that something had to change. I’m not going to sit around for years crying and wondering and waiting. That’s just foolish I think. My life is too wonderful, too valuable, I’m a lovely person….. What the hell am I waiting for???

      Well I’m not waiting anymore and I feel free and happy. I saw him 3 nights ago and he responded to the change in my energy. I could easily tell by the longing in his face, his eyes. But I reminded myself, “My now reality doesn’t matter, good or bad. Positive or negative.” I’ve always fallen into that trap. How will he react when I see him? It doesn’t matter!!!!!!! ( I don’t know if I can scream that any louder.)

      What matters is feeling the joy of a reality I want. I decided too that I need to follow techniques that feel natural to me. Gretta, you mention or ask often about the right way to let go. And I think even though there are different ways to go about it, it really boils down to the individual person and what feels right and good to them. Sometimes it’s better to ignore what everyone else is doing and go with your gut, follow your intuition. That’s what I’m doing right now.

      Somehow when I look back on things I manifested, I knew a specific life change would happen. Whatever it was. So for example the car. I bought a newer car a year ago. I really wanted this car and it happened. But I never got the windows tinted, or bought the owners manual that was supposed to come with the car but didn’t. Deep down I just knew I wasn’t going to keep the car. This trip showed me something that showed which car would work for me, and I came across it at a great price and the salesman has been great so far! In fact it’s all falling into place. So I know it’s inspired action.

      Just like I knew this, and many other things that would take too long to mention; I knew from the moment I met this man he was the ONE for me. The one I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet. So now I’m just grateful for the gift of knowing him, and when I look at my life events over the years I was pushed to this location or part of the world. Exactly where he is. I’ve only been here since 3 years.
      If this really is what I think it is, I don’t have a damn thing to worry about. He and I are drawn to each other. The sooner I get out of the way, the sooner the Universe can complete this union. It’s not my job to figure out how it will happen, when it will happen, how others will react. It’s my job to love my life, love and appreciate the person he is no matter where he is or what he’s doing. I feel grateful just knowing he’s happy and doing well. We don’t need to be together to be happy. I feel the joy of just loving him, and feeling him loving me.

      Gretta, go with your gut. Do what feels right to you and fill your life with joy as much as you can. Forget about him and that’s when he’ll most likely come running. 🙂


  5. That all sounds great JCE.

    I’ve asked I must receive. That IS enough. This applies to all areas in life.

    The less you think about it the less likely you are to get in the way of the Universe or hash up every belief you have. I don’t have ANY of the beliefs I used to have when to first came to this site. My original post to Nina was a declaration of sorts to say I’m not doing any more work because I’ve asked and I must receive just based on asking.

    I’ve got other areas of my life that need tending too.

    Soooo moving on….

    I’ve marked him off the list as ‘gotten what I wanted’ – ‘it’s done!’ now my attention is being diverted to other things. Me. My finances. My health. My dog.

    I AM acting as if just by acknowledging that he’s been checked off the list as ‘gotten’ now moving onto other things that are just as important.

    It’s done. I received him. There is no more work to do!!

    Next area of life…. The place I want to work at..



    1. YES YES YES I love everything you just said! I too am focusing on me now, my health, my body, my interests and what makes me happy. Love the idea of marking him off the list as “gotten”. Awesome stuff. 🙂


  6. JCE / Nina,

    Since my original first post above I have been having spontaneous ‘visions’ or visualizations which envoked a stronger feeling then when I was just visualizing on my own.

    I saw something about being in the backyard of one of his relatives houses and them crowded around us and congratulating us. It felt incrediblely real and I just went with it. That’s what I like, when things just randomly come to me.

    That’s when it feels really REAL. Like a memory I am reliving or remembering.

    I had another one where we were out at a restaurant and I could feel his hand on my knee and the feelings were about a million times stronger, it felt more real. Like it had already happened.

    Can’t fully describe it… I’m sure you get what I mean.

    It’s NOT putting the work in that makes me feel confident because what work do I have to do? I’ve already got it. There isn’t anymore work to do.

    It seems the less I do – the more confident I feel.

    I feel more confident now then I ever have before when I was doing things because I think that puts me into the ‘trying to manifest’ vibration. When I do nothing it it makes me feel like I’ve already got it.

    Does any of this make sense?

    Nina from your book- “Sometimes, knowing that my desire belongs to me feels like an absolute sense of trust in the Universe which allows me to relax and let go”

    That’s what I’m trying to say…


    1. Gretta,

      Yep, I totally get what you mean. I also occasionally get spontaneous visualizations of he and I having a moment of some kind. And it feels so real, and I also will feel a jolt of energy with it too.

      I’ve realized I should make an effort to visualize when it feels amazing. Not push or force it since that would encourage a vibration of need and desperation I think. So I’ve gotten much more in tuned to not send him heart energy unless it feels completely effortless and joyful. The last 2 nights I had the thought to send him heart energy, but my intuition told me not to bother with it. I don’t know why, but believe me I’m going to listen!

      I too am finding I’m in a better place while doing less and just enjoying and appreciating life more. And I’m loving me in a whole new way. To the point that I question if he even deserves me because I’m wonderful, I’m special and I have so much to offer. Also I find that I’m at peace, and my life is fulfilled. Thoughts of him only add to my joy, but are not the pure cause of it. And I try to only think of him when it feels amazing and I’m full of love for him.

      I’ve even been coming less to Nina’s blog because I don’t feel a need other than to see what’s new with everyone and read her encouraging words. But not because I really need to. I too started to realize how certain thoughts and actions of trying to manifest were encouraging a vibration of not having what I want. I’ve had to really sit down and look at how I’m seeing things, what I’m doing/thinking, and really how I’m sabotaging the process versus being what Abraham calls a cooperative component.

      I’ve manifested so many great things, why not this too? The universe has got this, I don’t need to do anything. Just know it’s coming whenever it comes and enjoy my life in the meantime. It all makes beautiful sense really. And right now I’m having a really great time.

      By the way, I can’t believe how the signs are just flowing in at an incredible pace. I express gratitude for them, but I’ve come to see I don’t NEED to see them at all. My faith is so strong that I simply don’t need signs to validate anything. I’ve even had a few small things happen in relation to him just even today that show me something is happening. And I’m not even surprised. Why should I be?
      When you expect something to happen, you’re not surprised when it does happen. That’s how aligned I’m feeling. And I don’t think I’ve even been this blindly confident about anything before. I’ve manifested some awesome things, but felt the nerves or occasional frustration which is often times normal. And you can still manifest things in this state. I definitely did.
      But to feel this calm, at peace and confident is truly amazing. It’s incredible. 🙂


  7. HI JCE / Nina

    In the past when I wanted to let go or tried – I felt panicked. This time when I wanted to completely let go there was no panic! I felt I didn’t need to do anymore work because… Man! I’ve put it out there enough times for the Universe to say ‘YO! I got it! You can do nothing now and just sit tight while I bring it to you! I FELT RELAXED at the thought of not doing anymore work or anything to do with the LOA. Just to feel happy when I thought of him. There was no panic this time. That is something I have been dealing with the entire time on the site the panic of not being in control! Letting go was causing me panic. This time it didn’t because my confidence grew into KNOWING I’m going to get what I asked for (already have it) whichever way you want to say it!
    Please let me know if this makes sense.

    From Ninas book…

    “I always start from knowing that my desire belongs to me already. Successfully using the Law of Attraction requires knowing it is mine already and is going to manifest in my life. If I asked for it, I must receive it –I always start from this notion.”


    1. Gretta,

      This makes complete sense. And I can say that because I went through all that too. It stressed me out thinking of letting go. Like I was giving up somehow. But no, you’re letting it in versus giving up.

      And yes, the Universe knows very well what I want too. I’ve been putting out there the desire to find my true love most of my life. And I’ve been loving this man since 2 and a half years. It’s out there!

      For me I can only explain it as a quiet and calm confidence. An inner peace of sorts. Like I don’t have to keep searching for answers or anything anymore on this particular topic. Something is going to happen, I don’t know when or how. But it’s out of my hands. I feel that. And the control freak in me has had to give in and surrender. It’s such a relief.

      I’ve known since a long time that this man has been decided for me somehow. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s as if my sub-conscience or the Universe or both brought this man to me or me to him. I feel like my ego has no decision in this. And I’m okay with that. I’ve tried to resist and forget about him. The efforts were in vein.

      I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone or resonates at all. But I’m trusting in that more now. And with that trust I’ve finally been able to properly let go. And it sounds to me Gretta like you’re in the same vibrational space that I’m in. It’s like being in a whole new reality with new feelings. I can’t remember a time in YEARS that I’ve felt this at peace and relaxed in general. I’m so grateful. 🙂


  8. I wish I could wipe my original post above off and just say this.

    I’m not doing anymore work because I am confident enough now to let go KNOWING it’s coming / already have it. Whatever you want to call it to let go now.


  9. Nina. I hope you are well.

    I am feeling confused.


    I honestly thought you were going to say it was because I had let go, when you said it was because I was still looking at currently reality I wanted to bang my head on the keyboard a million times.

    I am STILL doing it wrong?


    Its because I have never had to believe before. I just asked and forgot or eventually forgot and it showed up everytime.

    I have attracted every single person, item, thing, place whatever every time but this time I’m stumped. This is the only situation where i knew about the LOA and tried to follow the teachings and it has taken the longest amount of time.


    Is that saying something or not? Or is it only because there was bad past? There wasn’t a bad past with the other people. Is that what caused it? No idea.

    Funny because today I woke up feeling great and just then I thought I must be still doing something wrong but I dont know what it is.

    I feel confident just in the asking but then I start to think maybe I should be visualizing, maybe I should be doing this.
    Blah blah blah.

    At the thought that you are probably right. As i said previously I dont know if the stress of life or being sick this past month just threw me off but when I think that you are possibly right I feel hopeless now. How retarded must I be to STILL not have gotten this?

    I’ve got so many ways of doing LOA going through my head that I dont know which is the right one or what to even do or visualize anymore.

    Just reading that story about. It seems so easy but…. Blah.


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