The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it – this phrase is LoA.

Two people could do the same thing, one with confidence and one without. One could feel good and the other could feel poorly. Which do you think would succeed?

One could do more than the other but their actions would mean nothing unless they felt right. The other could take much less action but feel like they got what they wanted already and manifest accordingly.

See what I mean?

“Class is in you. Either everything you do is classy or nothing at all, no matter what you do. You can’t teach that,” a friend of mine once said.

Some do whatever they want and they are tolerated or praised. Even when their actions are something that could evoke judgement, it usually doesn’t. When it does, they are understood, their behavior justified or daring nature secretly admired. Others do what is “right” because they fear life going wrong. They are so focused on the right and wrong that they forget their own happiness. They put everything else before their own happiness because of some sort of guilt. They feel insufficient and hope they might be deserving of their desires if they were “a good person.”

A happy person is a good person.

Class, grace, magnetism or anything similar always starts with you! Often, projecting these qualities means being able to deal with yourself, your life and your decisions. Often, this also means self love and self comfort. Make your own decisions and stand by them; allow the ultimate you to shine.

13 thoughts on “The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

  1. Phew I won’t lie : it’s not the easiest thing I have done in my life because the emotions when they got a hold on you they really do -and also because sometimes in life the others win – Nina do you really always get what you wants? Or does losing interest really mean you’re not getting what you want and you can’t be bothered to keep trying..

    He’s super happy with the new lady, took her back to his mom’s town – you should see them together he’s so proud and possessive of her, it’s amazingly sexy and makes me wish I were her-

    It actually looks like the real deal, like they’re really really cute together – which makes me feels absolutely terrible because I am sad for myself but at the same I can’t be unhappy for them because I am so wanting to experience the same type of love for myself and I rejoice when somebody finds it.

    Maybe I’ve got martyr syndrome but I really am starting to believe that sometimes : the answer is just no, maybe sometimes we’re meant to look from the sideline at what we could have without actually getting it. It’s not weakness, or pessimism or lack of self confidence, I think I’m an all around healthy woman and I have done all the work on myself – and I’m still here, maybe this is as far as I come and our job is to accept. Which I kind of have, the reminder just really hurts sometimes because I was so sure about this one at first – so certain … The Universe isn’t always friendly, bad things sometimes happen to good people and we need to figure out how to accept all of it without letting it drag us down which I personally find very difficult at times.

    Thoughts ? xx


    1. Dear Lyly,

      Several times already, I feel like you wanted us to tell you “no, you can’t” so that you could have a reason to give up and move on. I think you’re just looking for a way of letting go because I know that you can believe. Your situation just seems to be bothering you but instead, focus on the fact that it’s revealing your own manifesting blocks, just like you discovered right after writing this comment, and that is GOOD! It will only make you an even better person.

      Instead of focusing on him, just do other things right now that make you happy. You first need to feel good about yourself before attracting a relationship with him.

      A little tip: if you can be happy for his girlfriend and think that she’s lucky to be with him, you will be next. I did that once, exactly like that. For that, you have to be a person who loves HERSELF enough to be so confident and you can do it! Anyone who wants to do it, can.


      1. Dear Nina,

        You’re not wrong – a part of me seems to look for a confirmation that I can’t so I can stop this cycle. Which says interesting things about me because I’m not known for being someone who needs anyone’s approval for anything – if anything I am known for being the one who regardless what you say if she doesn’t want to do something she just won’t do it.

        This journey has brought up a lot of underlying things and has allowed a lot of discussions that were long overdue. A part of me is a bit worried that that might be all he was : a bridge, a lesson – but that is from the perspective that life happens to us. I’m still struggling a bit with the responsibility bit because if it doesn’t work I question myself, it’s easier to say it’s God or the Universe and it’s not meant to be I suppose. Fear of failure (or success) is all it is.

        I hear you and thank you for your response. I don’t feel better, but I understand a little better so thank you for the insight –

        I think I’ll step away from everything for a while. Best of luck to all!


      2. All of it only goes to show you don’t believe you have what you want yet but that can change. I choose the people who make me feel good but you can’t feel good about him until you feel good about yourself. If you need to take a break, that is fine, but never take a break from feeling good about YOURSELF ❤


  2. Lyly,

    If I can give you a few of my thoughts:

    I found after starting to make my life better, I was able to move a lot of resistance. I know it sounds so simplistic. I didn’t give this thought much weight. But as soon as I started to fill my life more, I just magically started to see things differently. And with this change I was open to more inspired action.

    Maybe he is the one, maybe there is someone even better out there for you. Take a small break from the whole thing and focus on you and having fun in your life. You will magnetically pull people into your life, that happened to me! I’ve seen it happen instantly recently. They are drawn to me.

    If he is the ONE, he will be drawn to you. If not someone even better will appear in your life. I think you need to be open to this, and feel what it would feel like to live the relationship of your dreams. Write down what those feelings are that you want to feel. How would this dream relationship make you feel? And start to put yourself in that place.

    Trust me, when your life gets more full and fulfilled these feelings will come more automatically. Including more confidence and seeing yourself so valuable that you will only want someone in your life who is dying to be in your arms!

    You’re worth it damn it! Don’t forget that. You deserve the best the U can offer you. So let it offer that to you, in whichever form that may come.

    Lots of love to you. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much JCE for your super thoughtful and kind message 🙂 It’s been an interesting 24 hours since I last wrote this post because things have happened that made me realize some blocks I still had from long ago.

      You know it’s fascinating what you’re saying because, i have a very full life – too full actually.. I do a very social job so I am always surrounded by people so much so I long for isolation at times – but it’s mainly because I work a lot and I am very successful in what I do. But then, my life is so serious, responsible, I am very earnest and genuine maybe too much – there’s hardly any play and that might be contributing in many ways in what I am feeling.

      See he’s never fully gone – he’s my most active instagram liker and I feel him randomly sometimes. But I know I still focus too hard on him or rather the situation, not so much him , because I struggle to release things that don’t make sense to me and this outcome doesn’t make sense to me – it feels wrong, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, it’s a very odd feeling – like there was a glitch in the matrix or something… Maybe it was a glitch in my matrix.

      But you’re right, I should lighten up – I am working on it (see more work), because it doesn’t come naturally to me – I have always had to be on my game, the best at what I do and in control.. so it’s a challenge because I literally have to change my nature…

      Lots of love to you, I read your post on the other thread it made me smile for you – it’s inspiring… well done 🙂



    1. Gretta,

      Back in the day I would say yes –

      Now, it’s been so long I don’t know that he does, though I have tried to reconnect with him but he doesn’t follow through so I left it.

      Why so?


      1. I was just asking because I’ve never held back telling my guy.

        I would be inclined to tell him but I take big risks regardless of the outcome.

        But take Ninas advice, not mine. I don’t want to put you in a situation that might cause more harm.


      2. I have done so before too but I don’t think it would have been the right thing to do with him. Plus, I do think he know or at least knew then – now I guess it”s just irrelevant because we haven’t seen each other in a while. I do know he thinks about me though I can even feel it sometimes …


  3. Anyone is welcome to comment, I feel like I still haven’t mastered how the law of attraction works. I’ve been sending him heart energy. Where am I going wrong?


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