Thought of the Day

You must be in the visualization of living your desire 100%! When wanting to manifest something that truly makes you happy, this is easy to achieve.

4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina,

    What Does this mean exactly? How do you live the visualization 100% of the time when you have real life to deal with? Like how do I act as if I’m in a relationship with him 100% of the time?

    If someone asks if I’m in a relationship, I can’t lie because it’s not my current reality. What is your advice to how to remain in the visualization?


    1. Being in the visualization 100% means imagining that you are living your desire and being sure it’s yours without deviating from that conviction. If your mind tries to tell you it’s not, you affirm that it is. Expect what you want to happen. That’s all.


  2. Hi Nina,

    I have been seeing a lot of signs – seeing his names and initials everywhere. I felt the urge to message him and I did. He hasn’t replied though. I’m not sure if he has completely blocked me. Should I try to get in touch with him some other way ? I’m not feeling unhappy or anything its just an idea I want to do.


    1. You should only get in touch if it makes you happy to do so, without asking for anything in return or if you’re sure you’re going to get what you want from this phone call. If you only get in touch because you feel good and want to share that, great! That’s the best way to do it.


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