Guideline of the Day

Act like success is the only choice, the only possible result, the only solution.

Know that success is your only choice, the only possible result, the only solution.

Note: This is one of the most important posts I will ever write. This is everything you need.

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  1. Oh yes, this is another great reminder of the easiest ways to manifest. I’m really believing now that asking once, feeling good about it and letting it manifest is the way to go. I’m intuitively going in that direction naturally.

    I keep telling myself, “You intuitively know what to do.” And as I keep saying that I’m somehow avoiding resistance over and over again. I’m able to now maintain this state of belief longer than I ever have with ease and comfort.

    Thank you Gretta for sharing another successful and uncomplicated manifestation.

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  2. Hi All

    Have any of you heard of Katarina Phang?

    I’m really enjoying what I am reading.

    Here’s an article, have a read. You’ll see LOA in here. (She is not an Loa person, but you can see Loa at work here!) I suggest reading everything you can find. Especially about ‘Leaning Back’ ‘Mirroring’ and ‘Feminine Energy’

    Examples of You May be Leaning Forward with a Man!

    You haven’t heard from him in days, maybe weeks so you decide to send him a text.

    You have tickets to an fun event so you decide to invite him to come along.

    You go to his social media and like his posts and pics.

    You ask when will you see him again.

    You ask him why hasn’t he called.

    He mentions getting together over the weekend. It’s lunchtime Friday and you haven’t heard a word, so you text to ask him if you are still on.

    He asks you out for a specific night but doesn’t set the time or place. The day of the date you text him and ask him when and where.

    You surprise him with lunch or a gift.

    You offer to do things for him around his house, like laundry, dishes.

    You show up where he is at, uninvited

    Examples of Leaning Back in a Relationships with a Man!

    You never text a man that isn’t texting you.

    You have tickets to go to a fun event! Great! You call up your girlfriend and ask her.

    He is on social media? You didn’t notice.

    He hasn’t made plans to see you again? Oh well, you have a rotation going so you will have dates.

    He hasn’t called? You barely noticed your life is so full. (Loa)

    It’s already Friday and he hasn’t confirmed your plans. Too bad. You made other plans yesterday.

    He didn’t set the time or place? You already assumed he wasn’t serious and have another date set up.

    You don’t give him gifts, you give yourself gifts, like a day at the spa.

    You lean back and allow him to do things for you at his house. Pour your wine, fix you a drink, prepare dinner. You graciously accept and acknowledge his efforts.

    You never just show up on a guy. What he is doing is none of your business.

    Leaning back is LOA.
    Mirroring is an eye opener so is Feminine Energy. Read about those things! 🙂


    1. Hi Gretta, what a great read. Thank you for sharing. What do you think is the reason for my ex that’s constantly blocking me on social media when I try to reach out to him. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in 5 months, where could the problem be? What makes it worse is that we live in different countries. I’m feeling so disconnected and upset. Why am I not succeeding at manifesting a good response from him?


      1. Hi

        Don’t try and reach out to him unless you know the relationship is already yours.

        I would say he is picking up on the ‘needy’ vibe. Men don’t like that, they want to pursue.

        I would say back right off and keep visualizing what you want to happen and then just get on with your life happily and expect and believe it’s going to happen.

        Download Ninas book if you haven’t already. Read all her posts. Keep positive and be patient.

        I’m sure Nina will respond to you also soon 🙂 ❤


      1. Try googling her name then the word after it.

        From that link I shared that AA shared the other day I wanted to share this from it because I think it’s so important…

        “If someone was truly using the LoA to get a lover back, they wouldn’t:

        * Obsess about it
        * Talk about it ad infinitum
        * Worry about what their ex was doing or not doing
        * Be sad or depressed or despondent.

        Someone perfectly using the Law would be happy, and expectant. They would move on with their life with no concern that their former lover would eventually return. “


      2. C

        Just to give you an example of feminine energy. Someone I know was just left by their partner. He cited that it was a religious thing. He finally confessed it was because he didn’t think he could be with her because of all the fighting.

        I dont know what anyone is going to think about my thoughts about what I am about to say, but to be honest I dont care because I have seen it too many times and I agree with what Katarina says.

        She pushed him away because she had to be in charge, always fighting, always had to be the center of attention, wanted to be treated like a goddess and a queen, but acted like a man (emitting masculine energy all the time.) Expected him to know everything, to be a mind reader. Always reacting to everything. Women today want to be the man in the relationship. They want to decide what men SHOULD be like. Feminine energy is not about how you dress or look its the energy you emit off to the man. If your texting him and hes not texting you he sees you as needy and will go the other direction. Woman today ARE aggressive and combative. Men can feel that in your energy.

        I am very old fashioned and i dont care what anyone thinks. I go where my husband goes. It doesn’t mean i am a door mat or that i cant pursue what i want in my own life, i just dont have to wear the pants like most women do today! If he wants to lead that is A OK with me! Woman these days want to take the lead then wonder why they are single or in a relationship with alot of fighting. Imagine being with someone who picks at you all the time like women pick at men.

        Just watching that acquaintance, she was ALWAYS attacking him, trying to make him into someone he was not or ever will be. He worked 12 hour days, on his feet all day, and she REFUSED to cook him dinner. Can you believe that? Thats all he asked her for, some freaking dinner, but no she had to have the role of the alpha male and be in control.

        Some people might say I am submissive, its not that at all, men DO like to be control and peruse, and i dont find anything wrong with that. Most relationships today are 2 masculine energies in the one relationships, no wonder most of the time it never works or last. Where is the balance in that? No wonder there is no much fighting in relationships today, everyone is colliding wanting to wear the pants. Look to the older couples that have been together 50 plus years, THEY HAVE balance.

        I would read all you can on Katarina and mix it with Nina’s teachings.
        Its a perfect combo they both say the same thing BE HAPPY, GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.


      3. I agree with this. This relationship you mentioned was about power struggle for her and she was taking out her insecurities on him. That’s not what relationships are about at all.
        I also see friendships break because of competition, for example – another power struggle but maybe of slightly different nature. It shows you that relationships are simpler than you think when all you need to make them work is love.
        Ego battles in relationships definitely happen when one is focused on need, not love. Power struggle comes from need to prove yourself, I would say, but that’s not what a relationship is about. Also, the people who allow their relationships to resemble sibling or roommate dynamics instead of being a couple have many problems. Relationships end for these reasons all the time.


      4. Just to add.

        See the picture down below of Nina?

        She looks beautiful, right? It isn’t how she physically looks (although beautiful) its the energy she emits off that photo. Its how HAPPY she looks. It will naturally draw people to her. That is feminine energy.

        My only advice now to everyone is take all the attention off the man and put it onto yourself. Don’t chase him. Don’t do anything which is pretty much what Nina has always said. Just imagine what you want and get on with your own life and Like Katarina says “lean back” put that energy onto you. They both say the same thing, just in a different way.


      5. “Debbie Downer focuses on lack and what she doesn’t have. A high-value woman focuses on the abundance and bountifulness of her life and what she does have. What you focus on expands. Focus on lack and you will see crumbs and be brought down by the resentment and/or self-pity. Focus on gratitude of what you have and you will inspire love, adoration -and commitment- from the man you love” – Katarina.

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      6. Hi C,
        I suggest you also re-read Brandon Martin with this lady’s work, I see that they both talk about feminine energy and you can only understand it even better if you take a look at both.


    1. I hear you Gretta, thank you :-). I just want to work on my feelings right now. I’m juggling a lot and going through so much transition. I just resigned from my job in order to focus on my studies. I’m about to get my degree in 2 months time. I’m just a ball of emotions and I’m feeling very negative of late. I really love my ex but I’m afraid that time keeps on slipping and that he always has these females throwing themselves at him. The last time we spoke he told me that he no longer has feelings for me and wants to get over me. How do I reverse this and inspire him to fall back in love with me when I have no access to him whatsoever! What sort of affirmations should I be reciting daily and how do I shift my negative thoughts and emotions to positive ones?


      1. Hi Gretta,

        Thank you for that link too 🙂

        It immediately hit home when he said that he can attract the ex back but maintaining the connection/relationship is difficult for him


        Do you have any advice on how to keep the guy?


      2. Hi Jeanie, I caught up with all the comments so let’s discuss this. You were too attached to getting a response from him and you may not depend on that response in order to feel good about yourself. You must feel good about yourself as you are, love yourself and your life the way it is, before you can attract love from the other person. This is why it is only advised to contact if you genuinely want to share happiness, if you will, without asking for anything in return OR if you’re convinced you’re going to manifest what you want in return, if you’re sure your desire is yours.
        You must take focus off his words and feelings and decide what you want your relationship to be. Then, ask for it and be sure that it is yours.
        We manifest what we believe we can. If you are unsure whether or not you CAN get him to answer, you got a 50-50 chance of getting the answer. If you’re unsure if you’re going to be with him, none of us can know if you will. Be sure that you’ll get it and be patient. Loving YOU, your life and being happy will remove your impatience to be with him, especially if you think that you can’t be happy without him. You must be happy now, without him (but knowing it’ll happen), to attract him.


    2. Gretta,

      So much great advice!!! I totally agree with you about allowing men to be men. And it really is no wonder so many relationships don’t work out. And I learn more of women who are completely confused as to how guys work and what they really find attractive. I was one of those women! I had to do my own research and figure out that a feminine presence is what makes a mans heart sing.

      Not sure what that means? Google it. There are tons of great relationship articles or blog posts that go into what men are really attracted to. And it’s not all about the looks. Initially they need to be attracted. But after that it goes much deeper to keep them interested.

      Nina’s right, focus on you and your own life (those of you feeling the heat of resistance) and let him go, even just for a little while. You will NATURALLY start to get in sync with your desires and move forward from there.

      Give it a chance. 🙂

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      1. I cant remember who once said it, but a relationship expert said that HE HIMSELF ended up going after the woman who didn’t NEED him and could get on with her own life WITHOUT HIM.

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  3. Hi Nina,

    So, I’m a little confused on what’s going on with me emotionally. A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling worried about what he was doing, but when I finally calmed down and redirected my focus, he responded to me and was pretty flirtatious too. I was so happy for a little over a week after that. I know my mom could tell that my energy was different too.

    However, after realizing that it was more than a week since I had heard from him, I started to feel bummed. In addition, my well being continued to be off … I was feeling sick. I started to feel sad and cried one night, but here’s the thing, I’m having a hard time feeling good again. Even when I write affirmations and stuff. I noticed that the only time I feel really good is when we are in good contact. I know that you said it shouldn’t ne that way because it puts too much pressure on the guy and relationship, but I can’t help it.

    Now, I’m having a hard time getting excited about this at all. I even noticed that I don’t feel excitement when other guys flirt with me etc. not that I’ve been interested in other guys but it always is exciting when a good looking guy gives you attention.

    What is going on, and what can I do to turn this around when I’m feeling this way?

    Thank you,


    1. What you can do is keep imagining being in contact and that’ll make you happy but imagine it and let go. Don’t look for it in real life and it will still become real life. Eventually, when other guys flirt with you, you will think to yourself that you are taken and be happy about it 🙂 Just take the parts you like and enjoy them, without any pressure on HOW things should work out.


  4. Maybe someting is going on with the planets (lol) cause I feel like a pressure cooker about to explode.
    I am in a bit of a spin also after a stupid comment someone made to me a couple of days ago.
    How he will eventually trade me in for a younger model. It kicked me out of everything. I was fine until this comment.
    Then he posted a photo last night as if he was posing in a fashion shoot. I think he fancies himself as a model or thinks he is good enough to be one and made it his cover photo. This made me think back way to the start when he kept saying that only a specific type or kind of person ‘makes it through’ meaning looks.
    Seriously. This whole letting go, finding someone else and forgetting is starting to look f*king great.
    Then I got seriously dicked around at a job where she is too scared to fire one of the staff incase she starts crying?!?! WTF? Her business is going under because of this staff member, but she keeps this young girl one whos a dick when I really want the work and hours. WTF is wrong with people?


  5. Sorry I just needed to vent. If i cant come here I’m screwed and I don’t want to bother Nina in email.

    But all these links we have been sharing about this ‘no contact rule for 30 days” and the “you have to make him realise that he has lost you” rule and all the rest of it…. that maybe great for an ex BUT how exactly do you make someone realize they lost you when they never wanted you from the start and told you so REPEATEDLY?

    I was WAYYYY over looking at The Secret website stories and saying ‘but yeah they got an ex back so it meant there was an attraction! I was wayyyyyy past that, then 2 comments just made me think…. Why the hell am I trying to use a law to make someone love me who clearly has only a category of people they consider to be able to ‘make it through?”

    I was WAYYYY past any of the thoughts and feelings and then BOOM! IT wont work because he is younger than you and eventually he will trade you in. Awesome.

    Then I saw the supermodel shoot he did of himself and it hit me. This guy is very into looks. Nothing wrong with being into yourself, but I dont know many people who would have posted themselves on a sofa with a red curtain in the background in a suit wearing boots and sunnies like a supermodel and make it their cover photo. If you saw the picture you would understand what I am saying.

    I know you are probably thinking how could i let someones comments kick me out of believing? It was a mixture of the comment and the photo. Its like the light finally went off on the top of my head and I saw it. He meant it when he said he wasnt interested in me. Its like he is advertising himself!

    I dont want to be traded in and i dont want to chase someone to love me. It would be nice for it to be with someone who doesnt have a category of what love should look like.

    I feel sad. I’m sorry.


    1. Gretta,

      I’m sorry you’re feeling the pinch of resistance. When it hits me, it’s time to look at what it’s telling me. All this is doing is showing you what you need to clear out. From my understanding that’s all resistance really is. An opportunity.

      I’ve been leaning towards redirecting my precious efforts and energy else where. Intuitively it feels right for me at the stage I’m in. I just sent a sexy voice recording to my out of town spouse. I’m also enjoying old sexy selfies he sent me last year. I’m putting all my efforts into him.
      One, maybe things get so great with him that I decide I don’t need my specific person anymore, I mean we’re already friends anyways. Or two, my specific person will come flocking effortlessly to me. ???? Honestly who the hell knows? But at this stage everything else I’ve done the last 2+ years hasn’t landed me my man. So now it’s time to shake things up.

      The reason I go to the “how to get your ex back” stuff is because I’m thinking back to how intensely my person pursued me. If the feelings were there once, they can come back just as strong if not stronger. But technically it doesn’t really apply to my situation. And that doesn’t apply to yours. But the suggestions she makes in smalllifeslowlife I think can easily apply to us. The concepts are really helpful.

      I love how she sees she’s worth more than what she was feeling in the end. She valued herself so much that she questioned if he even deserved her. I’ve reached that point recently myself. Men are attracted to happy stable women. I had been bummed out, feeling rejected and less worthy than this persons spouse. How rediculous is that?!?! And I realized that tonight seeing her back. She’s lovely, but doesn’t compare to me. And she never can. And if he spends his life with her instead of me, his loss! I’m going to live my life full of excitement, adventure and spontaneity!

      I had to figure out recently what I think this specific person is going to do for me. How is he going to change my life? How is he going to make me feel better? All those feelings I’m looking for at the root level, I CAN FEEL THEM NOW!!!! (And I should, we all should.)

      That should be the goal for all of us! Then the universe can shuffle things in place for us. GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! How can you do that? Start coming up with some ideas. And start enjoying the life you deserve to have…….without him!!!

      Love you all. 🙂


  6. Just realized my post was at 8:44 and 44 is my number signifying my specific person. Crazy how that number follows me everywhere everyday. I must be on the right track. 🙂


  7. Nina / JCE

    Thanks for the reply JCE.

    I remember Elizabeth Daniels once said that you have to be willing to lose the person for the LOA to work.

    Focus on them as if they already in your life or let go and forget? It has to be one or the other?
    This is the part that still confuses the crap out of me.

    I know the letting go part is the KEY, but past experience is STILL SHOWING ME when i let go and moved on with my own life and forgot about them completely, they came back.

    Which is it? Either? If i let go and forget the universe still knows what I want, right? So if you forgot (let go) and are willing to lose the person is that not the fastest way to manifest? I am NOT looking for the fastest way, most people would call me patient, it has been 4 years of knowing him after all. That is patience!

    Just keep having this persistent bugging feeling to remove him completely from my life and forget. Thats how I always got the guy in the end. Every single time but they were attracted to me and this one has said repeatedly that he is not so i have no idea!

    i only ever found ONE story on he secret website where he said he didn’t have feelings and wasn’t attracted to her and they got together the rest were all just people getting back an ex.

    Any advice? Because I think I need to listen to my intuition which is saying completely remove him from my life.


    1. Gretta,

      I’m with you there honestly. I go back and forth with lots of good info about just forgetting about him already. And I tried that last night. And then today I ran into him 3 times but indirectly and I know he saw me. Looked like he was looking for me too. It’s crazy.

      So I’m often now at a loss as to what’s the best approach. But what I will say is this, follow your intuition because that’s the inner wisdom telling you what to do. It’s helped me the last month to keep telling myself, ” You intuitively know what to do.” Because that’s the best wisdom and direction you can get right? She won’t steer you wrong. So keep telling yourself that you know what to do next. And just let it unfold.

      Last night while I was laying in bed I had an intuitive nudge to get out of bed instantly and start typing down my thoughts. And I didn’t hesitate, I just did it instantly! And what I wrote was this:

      -He can’t live without me
      -I am the love of his life and he knows it
      -He is deeply attracted to me and only me
      -He has eyes only for me
      -He wants me to be the last thing he sees at night and the first thing he sees in the morning
      -He dreams and fantasizes about us together
      -He sees me alone as his wife, anyone else feels wrong
      -He would give up anything and everything for me, as I would for him
      -We are blissfully and madly in love with each other
      -Our life together is full of love, joy and contentment
      -He is sexually attracted to me intensely, as I am to him
      -He craves the feeling of me in his arms
      -He opens up his soul to me with vulnerability and trusts me with all things in his life

      This all came pouring out of me in about 3 minutes or less. And I know it was inspired action to write it down. Because sitting down on my own I couldn’t come up with all these beautiful feelings at one time in less than 3 minutes!!!
      That’s right, FEELINGS because these weren’t just thoughts. And as I’ve quickly read through this list a few times today and went on with my day, the deep feelings in my heart and the heart energy generated from reading these words shakes my soul to it’s very core.

      I allowed this list to come into my reality by being open to it. And it’s generated the most profound and beautiful feelings within me, it borders something spiritual and out of this world.

      I could only reach this moment by letting myself grieve recently, feel like giving up, go back to loving myself and filling my life with more, and focus on the kind of love I’m wanting whether I get it from him or not. And being satisfied with the love he generates in my own heart. Forget about depending on reality catching up. Chances are at some point it will, but find the satisfaction of being happy without him physically in my reality. I’ve come to be satisfied with only the fantasy of him. And it’s so damn beautiful. He satisfies my soul whether he’s in my physical reality or not. No matter what is going on in reality right now.

      But I know he feels it now, no doubt. He’s been different this last week, things are changing. The goal for me is to tread carefully and don’t have too high expectations of “HOW” it’s going to unfold. I trip myself up with that when the momentum takes a turn for the positive. Now it’s about continuing my own happiness and still loving him unconditionally whether he’s physically with me or not.

      I’m just indulging on love in general. And loving myself just as I am. Gretta, this has just showed you what you need to clear out, because you’re getting really close now. Remember, you’re beautiful just as you are. You don’t need to change a damn thing. And you shouldn’t. That’s not honoring who you are, and you need to be with someone who honors your heart and soul, then I promise you they won’t care what you look like physically.

      I’ll tell you this, I would normally never have been physically attracted to my specific person. I know I needed to reach this stage of my life and spiritual development to allow this beautiful person in my life. Years ago, no way. It would have never happened. Now, I’m so sexually attracted this man and he’s not outwardly sexy at all! But his soul touched me in a way that he could be fat as a blimp and I truly wouldn’t care. (I find him sexy as hell and he’s not a hottie.) I wouldn’t love him any less and I wouldn’t desire him any less. Trust me, this is a first time in my life. That says a lot for me. He does it for me on every level and he’s no Brad Pitt! lol



      1. Hi JCE

        I loved your post, it was really beautiful! ❤

        Thanks for the response. While reading your reply I think I stumbled across a belief I maybe knew was there but not ready to address. I am going to try and clear it and see if it changes all areas in my life because there is issues in all areas.


    2. Gretta,

      As you know I have been struggling to remove him entirely from my thoughts. We were not in a relationship and have only met couple of times and not to forget we don’t even live close to each other. We do not have mutual friends or connect in any other ways. So you can add me on to the list of people who manifested love with someone who were not their ex!
      My mind and heart is just fixated on to him. If my love is true without any attachment universe will manifest him in my life.

      What I don’t understand is how can you ‘let go’ of thoughts about him if you focus on him to be already in your life. I know its not impossible but that requires lot of Will Power, not to budge when you see the reality in any case.

      Again, that would be a possibility, if we didn’t have social media, I guess, as we get a glimpse of their current situation and our logical mind doesn’t ignore them.

      I am trying to stop my mind from bringing his thoughts. I am sure I can achieve this in a week or two. Once I have managed to ‘let go’ of him in my mind, I may then bring him back into my mind intentionally to make myself feel good.

      For me, the concept of ‘let go’ is this – When we first have desires it starts from conscious mind which is then passed on from our conscious mind to the subconscious to do the real work. This is a continuous process, whatever we think consciously is absorbed by subconscious especially thoughts that comes from meditative state. Without even realising we may be be passing on some fearful thoughts (as fear is natural protection instinct). So you should have absolute good thoughts for your desires or you may just ‘let go’. It saves lot of time for our subconscious to do the work.

      You may prefer not to let go and live life thinking you already have them in your life or you may want to let go, either ways I think we should not allow our conscious mind to interfere ( to see the reality). Anyway, this is my understanding. Please correct me if I am wrong.


  8. Hi N

    Yes, acting like they are already there is awesome but sometimes I don’t know If I am thinking too much about them or if I have really let go.

    I know to let go just means to get on with your life, happily etc, but am I thinking TOO much about him even tho it is happy? I dont know.


    1. Gretta,

      As Nina and JCE just said in her post, its ok to think too much as long as it makes you feel good. It’s just a remainder to all of us.
      I was trying to let go and forget about him completely as my thoughts were becoming obsessive lol..


  9. You guys probably read this success story before, but I love what she said about letting go:

    Lately I’ve just become satisfied with the idea of not manifesting him physically, but indulging in the love feelings he gives me, the amazing and fulfilling fantasies. It’s all so beautiful it’s really satisfying me. I’ve relaxed about the whole thing and I’m keeping myself busy.

    My faith in being able to create my own reality has strengthened. A lot of that is because by being aligned in a general way, I’ve had things happen exactly the way I visualized. Other manifestations unrelated to this one. It made my faith grow. I could see how easily reality can be manipulated. It’s wild!

    So why can’t I have this at some point? Why not now? I’m having it now, I’m having him now in my heart. He’s there and we’re all loved up. I’m comfortable with the life I have with him in my heart. It really takes the pressure off waiting for something to happen. I don’t need it to. I think that’s a way to reach a state of “letting go”. It feels good, I’m rolling with it. I intuitively know what to do. 🙂


    1. Hi JCE

      Yea I know that success story. I actually have it printed out. That’s the affirmation I was using, will probably start again.

      Btw something happened after I read your other posts to which I replied too. I found 39 self limiting beliefs. Yes 39!

      Yeah. Working through them now with Pono full prayer. These are big ones. I know we have spoken about not working on things but I think these one must be worked on.

      I already feel better…


      1. Gretta,

        Wow, that’s great! Shifting resistance is so important. And that’s what makes this journey so great. These specific people are helping us be the best possible versions of ourselves we can be!!!

        Without my specific person, I would not have cleared out so much s**t like I have the last 2 years. He’s changed my life, made me better and I’m still improving! He’s done what a true love should do, make me the best I can be.

        And I think that’s a beautiful opportunity for all of us. I mean, do we want to manifest our loves too early and maybe screw it up? No!!! I want to be primed and ready for him, and that’s happening now. 🙂

        I’m so glad Pono works well for you. Clear the resistance, feel better and watch the love of your life flow into your experience. 🙂


  10. Oh yeah, and Abraham says think about your desire so long as it feels good. If it doesn’t feel good then back and redirect your focus on something else. So I think so long as you’re in a good space and the thoughts/feelings are joyous and full of love then it should be ok.


    1. Hi JCE,

      That just shows how unattached you are – you are so focused on your own happiness and only those thoughts that brings you joy. That’s the state we all need to be in to get what we want !!

      I like the way you have shifted your focus to the happiness he brings to you even though he lives close by to you 🙂 🙂


      1. N,

        Thank you for your encouraging words! I do second guess myself here and there wondering if I’m on the right track. But all I can do is keep trying to attain happiness and fulfillment in my life, and then lots of great things can come in. And they have been.

        I think it really has to be about how you find a way to detach from the outcome. And step back, and let the Universe figure out how this thing is going to happen for you. I realized I simply can not focus on reality as it is. I gotta ignore “what is” which is challenging, but possible.

        What works for me may not work for you. But I will say that all the techniques in the book were more of a distraction then a help. What’s helped most is keep it all simple: raise my vibration by doing ANYTHING that will make me feel good, then follow any intuitive nudges as they come up. And finally trust the Universe to manifest this for me, my job is otherwise done!

        Keep it simple and feeling good. If you’re not feeling good, go back to that. That’s number 1 and make it feeling good about anything, because as Melody Fletcher says if you raise your vibration about one thing it will cause your vibration to raise on everything! And she’s right, that’s one of the most important ingredients to this whole. thing.


  11. Hi All!

    I’ve been feeling very positive and upbeat of late right until I got into an argument with my mother and siblings tonight, it was very heated. This really has me feeling meh. I’m upset cause I feel as if this will hinder or cause problems to what I’m trying to manifest right now. Am I being paranoid perhaps? How do I go back to my place of peace and joy without thinking about this? And will this in any way slow down my manifestation?


    1. It is important that no matter what happens in your current reality, you keep believing in your desired manifestation and believe it is yours. Then, you won’t worry about it slowing down for any reason.


  12. Hi Jeanie

    I learnt a valuable lesson the last few days. Don’t let anyone or anything get you down anymore. It won’t hinder or cause problems trying to manifest, maybe slow it down because you are not vibrationally on a happy level. No you are not being paranoid. Just focus on one thing you love to do and do that. Yes, it will slow it down but only while you are feeling down. You can bring it back up easily again by focusing on something you love to do in your life.


    1. Hi Gretta

      All so true hun, cause we’re responsible for our own happiness and therefore should not dwell on what is taking place outside of us.

      Thank you so much :-):-):-)


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