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In the midst of your negative thoughts, sometimes you realize you don’t actually believe in them.

10 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. YES!
    I heard not too long ago, Abraham said the reason why negative thoughts feel so terrible is because they aren’t true. I really had to embrace what that really means. Now when I feel negative on the subject of him (which doesn’t happen so much anymore), I remind myself that it’s not true!


  2. Nina, (and everyone) –

    I had been thinking a lot the last few days about the topic of letting go. And I’ve come across some great reads that inspired me even more! I’ll share them below.

    I have a similar question like Gretta has asked in the past. And although I probably will answer my own question I still would like to put it out there. (Question after some explaining)

    I’ve been visualizing in a way and listening to my latest favorite song also while looking at a picture of him on my laptop that I love. He’s smiling so big, he has a beautiful smile. 🙂
    And I feel so amazing. The visualizations or the heart energy I’m tapping into in these moments are so powerful it’s as if he and I are together. I have moments I say to myself with complete calmness, belief, confidence and inner comfort ” He is my husband.” He feels like my husband in these moments without doubt, or fear. Just pure love and faith. I can feel him in a way that I think he can feel me too.(I do think it’s very possible.)

    Intuitively he is my path, my future. A few nights back I felt like I tapped into energy where it felt like our souls merged in the non-physical as ONE. As if this connection goes beyond the physical. I felt my energy blend/connect with his. It was powerful even though it lasted maybe 30 to 60 seconds I held onto that sensation and embraced it as long as I could. (By the way I saw him the next morning after this and he looked grumpy and exhausted, hadn’t slept well.)

    I’ve come across a few posts that put a spot light on something:


    I noticed very recently when I did this with my spouse, my specific person didn’t respond negatively as I feared. In fact, it seemed to draw him to me more. This is just weird you guys. But I’ve read from a few sources that when you date around, move on this person you want will somehow pick up on it. If I think about when I first started getting to know my specific person, he didn’t seem to let my spouse stop him from getting my attention or pursuing me. Why the hell have I been worried about being more affectionate with my spouse around my specific person in fear of driving him off!?!?!?

    Anyways, my question:

    I’m having fun in my life, I feel more fulfilled than ever, I feel changes coming intuitively. Some say forget about him, then he’ll come running, some say visualize and feel amazing. I’m guessing it’s more or less what personally resonates with you. And there is more than one way to manifest.

    I do think I need to pay attention to my intuition, she’s usually right on. And it feels right to focus more on my spouse now to divert my energy else where and let my SP come to me when the time is right. But you know I go back and forth depending on my mood or what feels good as to how I should handle my energy and thoughts/emotions.

    What do you all think?


    1. You should only do what feels good and never worry about not doing more. If you think you’re not doing enough, you are affirming that you don’t have your desire. However, if you just focus on feeling good and feel that it’s yours, you’re doing enough.


  3. And the blog posts:

    Didn’t realize there was a part 2, and when she commented to one of her readers she explained even more the perspective of her specific person while they were separated and she was in another relationship:

    A list of what to do, actually a good compilation of the best letting go tips IMHO:

    My coach does amazing podcasts, this one is really great!


  4. My thoughts lately…

    It has been exactly one month since I have seen or heard from the object of my affection (JC). I was doing the 30 day no contact as many people advise. I usually break down and contact him after a couple weeks of silence. This time I did not. I guess I should be happy with myself that I held steady. Sadly, I feel hurt that it seems he hasn’t even noticed my absence in contacting him. Maybe he is relieved and thinks I finally have moved on. I don’t know. I still think about him everyday. I was hoping he would reach out to me, miss me, something. He has not. I don’t know if I will ever hear from him again. At this point, I don’t think I will reach out to him, though. I am tired of taking all the initiative.

    Feeling blue… But sending love to you all… ❤️❤️


    1. I’m sorry Bea, love to you too!

      Go back to focusing on yourself. You deserve to be happy. Really apply what others are doing, they are right! I’ve had to be willing to give up on my stubborn habits and try something new. Obviously the routine you’re doing isn’t producing results. Be open to a new way.

      Start small and work your way up. I’m in a rush, but just wanted to throw something positive at you. Lots of love. 🙂


      1. Thank you, JCE, for the kind words and support. I know I sound like a broken record and everyone is probably wondering why I don’t just give up and forget about him. I wonder that myself sometimes.

        You’re right. What I am doing right now isn’t working. I haven’t really been visualizating, journaling, affirmations, heart energy, etc. None of that really makes me feel good. It just makes me miss him and notice he is not around.

        Perhaps I will have a breakthrough soon. I don’t know.



    2. You’re noticing that he’s not in your life and that is making you sad. Thinking about how to achieve contact only affirms that there is no contact. Visualize the reality you want and let the current one be. Don’t let it bother you – things will change to better. Imagine what it would be like to be in touch and be together and that will make you happy!


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