Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

I expect the Universe to manifest my desires in a magical way.

If you adopt it, that very belief can take your focus off thinking about the “how.”

You can remove your own resistance with this simple expectation. This expectation is your resistance relieving technique. After adopting this expectation, you will have let go to manifest.

There are times when I don’t even express my expectation for this magical way of manifesting but only focus on the end result. There are few rules when it comes to conscious feelings and at the same time, focusing on achieving your end result is enough.

This is what I imagine heart energy to look like – a heart shaped slinky, connecting two ends, captivating the attention of everyone around. 

Feeling this way provides an unfettered access to your heart energy. Connecting to your heart energy as a result of these simple convictions will happen without you even noticing. Heart energy can be released both intentionally and without realizing as long as you feel good.

Letting go while expecting the best will make you feel good.

There is so little to be said about a successful manifestation process yet so much about resistance and negative feelings – I know that a successful manifestation can also generate endless happiness and the motivation to share the story but sometimes, it feels like there is much less to explain. Many look for the reasons why something good is happening to them until they dive into all the reasons for their negative feelings. At those times, it feels like the process of “keeping busy” trying to manifest is more important to some than the actual manifestation. A part of them that seeks out drama wants to feed off those ups and downs.

The part that feeds off drama exists in everyone; however, by nurturing the part that revels in happiness, the need for drama slowly vanishes. One step at a time, one has changed their habits and life.

9 thoughts on “Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

  1. Hey JCE / Nina.

    Do you know that song I posted above? I never really listened to the lyrics before then it came on the radio and it’s pretty awesome.

    Awesome article. It really lifted me up, heaps! I liked all of it.

    Just one part I need clarification on. The part where she says to get into the mindset of “It’s on its way”
    Isn’t that still not really living as if? A Greg Bradden video I watched recently he bought up the “it’s on its way” mindset and said that that is still not right that it will ALWAYS be on its way – that thinking/feeling that its on its way is still acting like you haven’t already received.

    I admit tho, when I feel/say/think “Its on its way” i get a rush from that more than trying to act like I already have it. So no idea.



    1. Yep, I’m with you on that. It’s a very subtle thing but worth pointing out and considering. From my perspective maybe it’s about focusing on the mindsets that resonate most with you. So if “it’s on the way” feels off then definitely go with what feels right on for you. For someone else, that idea may resonate perfectly for them and help them to effortlessly manifest.

      Go with the gut, the intuition and stick with what works for you. That’s what I’m definitely doing now. Glad you liked the article. Melody is a guru in the LOA world and I had a coaching call with her once. It was amazing!


  2. “You can’t think your way into a new way of living; you must live your way into a new way of thinking.”

    Just saw this quote. What do you think?


    1. Hi Gretta 🙂

      I’ve been feeling horribly sick of late. And I have had the worst of nightmares for two consecutive nights in a row. I went to the doctor today and I was told that I have ulcers due to stress and an allergic reaction. I honestly have been feeling positive for the past two weeks. This has completely thrown me off and I find myself missing my ex instead of being grateful for him loving me and I’m getting thoughts that he’s happy and joyous wherever he is and I really wish that could share in on this. How do I go back to a state of being grateful and not feeling sad and lonely when I think about him?


      1. Hi Jeanie

        Ignore the dreams they are just a result of stress.

        Focus on your health and your body. Maybe go and see a naturopath.

        To get yourself feeling good about him again focus on something you like about him and say ‘it’s happening now” or “it’s mine and we are so happy together.” Or anything that makes you feel good. Then go back to focusing on your health, not him. The LOA is bout you, not him.

        Also go up a bit and read the links that JCE recently posted.

        “All is well in my world, I am in perfect health, thankyou for my healing.” is an affirmation you start saying. 🙂


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