Positive Thinking = Active Lifestyle

Positive thinking is a choice.

Positive thinking is an active way of living life.

To many, having their negative thoughts take over any attempt at positive thinking is a given. They are used to thinking negatively, fearing or feelings helpless yet they deserve to be happy.

A friend told me they find it so much easier to drown in negative thoughts because that is what they’re used to. This person also told me they don’t seek out a positive mindset or advice on it because it’s just easier to stay put, not even ask and keep things as they are. Even if it doesn’t feel good, at least it’s comfortable.

Positive thinking is natural – those who refuse it feel poorly because they go against what is organic. And that is happiness.

Thinking positive thoughts is active. It is a choice. This means making a choice of redirecting your feelings and lifting up your mood when the bad one strikes. It means relying on yourself and your active belief that things are going to work out to match your hear’s desires.

All it takes is a little bit of steady practice. Continuously thinking in a positive way can become one’s entire awareness, especially because it produces positive results.

Positive thinking also means being patient. Positive thinking increases patience by removing the need for the manifestation. Positive thinking allows one to see their desired manifestation in their mind and with all those factors combined, manifest fast.

One will manifest as fast as they can stay focused on feeling great!

If you choose to think positive, you will eventually reach the point where positive thinking is effortless. The sooner you relax, trust yourself and stop rushing, the sooner you will get there.

I know that thinking positive without effort is your goal…and you can reach it. We adopt novelty into our subconscious minds through the conscious so choosing to think positive will eventually become a habit. This is why I suggest affirmations, especially when in doubt. Whenever you feel lost, affirmations can help you. Be persistent with them and your struggles will end.

Desire to feel great and you will get there!

Believe in yourself. If you do, you will get there.

9 thoughts on “Positive Thinking = Active Lifestyle

  1. Hi Nina & All

    Speaking of being positive and patience – JCE posted a link the other day and I had been searching for a comment a person once left about the movie legends of the fall. Just yesterday I reread the link JCE posted on what exactly you have to let go of and down the bottom in the comments is the story from legends of the fall I had been looking for. I remember this scene so vividly from the movie and it is TRUE LOA. Here is the quote and what happened in the movie.

    “I just thought of an example of this. I was very impressed how, in the movie Legends of the Fall, Isobel (the little girl) had a desire to marry Tristan (the Brad Pitt character) and she knew it would happen. she had declared this to Susannah one day while Susannah, was having an affair with him. I know see that it was purely vibrational.

    Susannah acted desperate much of the time and she was very depressed and worried and had her doubts. Isobel was happy, carefree, and grew up to be a confident young woman who continued to be happy, while Susannah, a decade later, was even more depressed and ended up taking her own life. She had taken Tristan’s letter literally years before, for her to find another man, when Tristan was not ready for a relationship of that sort during the turbulent decade he sowed his wild oats and tried to find himself. Susannah was heartbroken over this while Isobel little girl just focused on her life and was happy, until the time came when she and Tristan matched and it happened and they married.”

    I love this.


  2. I’m huge into positive thinking and the lifestyle that leads with it. I’ve literally come from a place of great pain, to a place where I wake up every day grateful and happy to live and help my fellow man do the same. Life is too fun, this lifestyle is totally worth it!!

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