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If you truly believe in yourself, you believe that you can have what you want.

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  1. Update

    So he apologized for not being in better contact.

    My how the tables have turned. From not taking my calls, ignoring me, rejecting me to apologizing for not being in better contact. LoL.

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      1. Oh, and how does it feel? Like to be on the other side of this thing? How’s your confidence, your faith, belief?
        Also you said the other day you had 39 limiting beliefs you realized, and you were already starting to clear them out. How did that go? Any new personal insights from that to share?


  2. Hi JCE and C and All.

    Well I had to make a new FB page because something was wrong with my old one and fb didnt know why so they said to make a new one.

    I re-added him and he did not accept the request. In that space of 5 days or so I really go to see how miserable I was making myself over this and I am like everyone else, i was having extremely bad days. I got to see how my happiness was dependent on whether he added me or not, whether he contacted me or not and I couldnt get myself to a happy place – and finally I had enough.

    I went through those list of beliefs I mentioned to you, but nothing was hitting the spot so I emailed Nina, gave her a some details of my childhood and past relationships and she told me the core belief was “I am not good enough” and “I am not enough” – It took a record 45 times with pono to shift it and i still do it once a day if I feel like it, but I know it has gone because I’m noticing some big changes in my life already. By the end of doing pono on those 2 beliefs alone I didnt care whether or not he re-added me. Whether or not we ended up together or whether or not we ever spoke again. I was actually in the zone of I dont think he actually deserves me, I really don’t care. The other changes I noticed is…do you remember those 2 ‘friends’ I have spoken about on here? They seem to have fallen off the radar. I’m glad. Good riddance and then a parttime position was mentioned to me today by my boss at the same place I work at but in a different location so I can go between both stores. The thing is, the other store is in the next suburb to where he lives and i know he goes to that store because hes told me how much he loves that store. Go figure! Haha. I still have to go through the whole interview thing but I am going to decide if i really want to go to the other store also because it is a 45 minute train ride both ways.

    Yes, so getting back to it. I did pono on those beliefs and suddenly didnt give a hoot if it ever happened. Then he contacted me on FB saying he’s sorry he hasnt kept in better contact (It had only been 5 days or so) and that he was going to add me now. I said, “its ok you dont have too!” haha! Can you believe that? I said to HIM you don’t have too! Thats how detached I am now to the whole thing. And he’s saying No! No! It’s ok Ill add you now and I’m saying “nah nah, its ok you dont have too!” LMAO! Its gone from me begging him to me saying don’t worry about it. It’s gone from him rejecting my calls, ignoring me to apologising for not adding me sooner! Haha..! Pretty mind blowing isnt it? Yet still I dont care. After doing those beliefs with pono everything has gotten better. I don’t seem to be worried or concerned about much anymore, him included. Obviously having those 2 beliefs driving my life made me seek approval from people I should have been giving to myself.

    Confidence is faith is high, but still my life wont end if it doesnt happen. I NEEDED THIS DETACHEMENT. I was driving myself NUTS. I know I can pull it whatever directon I want it to go in. I know I am a powerful creator and that i can have this if i want too or not. But most importantly since doing those beliefs I just want him to be happy and me myself too first – but I can see how I was making myself miserable depending on what he was doing and now I dont care what he is going. I know I will get what I want because I’ve asked for it (If i want it)

    Now I don’t care if hes contacting me or not. If hes adding me or not or whatever but yeah he did add me again.

    I suggest everyone do pono for ‘i am not good enough’ ‘i am not enough’ you may consciously think you are but you dont know subconsiously whats going on.

    Hope this all makes sense. ❤


  3. WOW Gretta this is just so so awesome! YES YES YES!!! True detachment is a beautiful and truly powerful thing. Yes you are a powerful creator. Confidence and self love creates and you’re there, you’re doing it.
    Thank you for sharing all these details because it allows the rest of us to see the unfolding of it. It helps reaffirm faith, that the magic of this thing truly exists, and it exists all day every day. Just release your limiting beliefs, and I believe manifestation can happen more smoothly.

    I too have had issues of being worthy, but the biggest I released a few weeks ago of feeling rejection in my life. After releasing that limiting belief, big things have happened and are still happening.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful update!


  4. If my story doesn’t blow everyones mind – I don’t know what will.

    Between hes radical change towards me and that book coming into the store the next day.

    I’m just speechless at how powerful we really are.


  5. Wow Gretta,

    It’s just gets more and more interesting. Follow your bliss, what you love, what feels good. That matters more than anything!
    I have to ask about this book, because the last 6 months especially I have hot hands and sometimes feet. But mostly burning hands, and I notice when I rub them together I feel the energy radiate between them. I’ve heard this may be a reiki healing tendency. I’ve always leaned in the direction of wanting/feeling the need or desire to heal others. And people in my life come to me often for advice, or open up deeply to me.

    Would this book help me? Because I’m not interested in learning under a reiki master but would love to know how I can use this ability in my hands. These days I try to just ignore it because I feel overwhelmed with other things in my life, and I’m not quite ready to go down that road of exploration.

    But the book you mentioned caught my eye big time. Gretta, I think we’re co-creating! LOL

    BTW, my mind has been blown! Your comments have served as another sign for me I think. At least I’m taking it that way. I feel things changing radically right now. Thank you Gretta.


    1. That book is good to read if you want to find the connection between mind and body and what diseases in the body mean. It goes through all the emotional centers of the body and how we create disease there and why. You can read it just to have your mind blown.

      The book that YOU would want to read is Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Barbara Ann Brennan. For sure.


  6. Also

    I have not been doing much at all. Maybe once a day I thanks the Universe and visualize cause it makes me feel good, other wise I am pretty much doing NO WORK.

    It is nice feeling this calm about it all.

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