Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

This post first appeared on my (first) blog, https://improvingconfidence.wordpress.com/

I continuously encounter individuals who believe a great relationship is something they are entitled to.

A great relationship is something everyone deserves, just like any other blessing in life. Everyone deserves to experience happiness but those that receive it have in fact earned it with their positive mindsets, respect for others and gratitude for their lives.

Everyone deserves it but a positive individual earns it, allowing a happy relationship to come into their reality.

On the other hand, those projecting negative energy (be it frustration, desperation, negative self-image, impatience, rudeness or general dissatisfaction) are continuously preventing what they deserve, a great relationship in this case, to appear in their lives.

You get what you give; genuine appreciation for life, your own and those of others, ensures you will receive an abundance of goodness in return. You merely need to find that appreciation.

The idea of an amazing relationship being earned holds truth but requires explanation; stating this idea as simply as it looks in writing may evoke negative reactions instead of positive. One becomes worthy of a great relationship by viewing oneself in a positive light, focusing on everything they enjoy in life, respecting one’s unique qualities as well as the qualities of others and having personal integrity that ensures standing by one’s personal beliefs.

Many believe they must earn a great relationship by fulfilling requirements such as career success, a larger-than-life personality, financial wealth or being classically good looking. However, basic creation principles state that one’s beliefs create one’s awareness; for example, individuals who deeply believe they cannot earn a great relationship until they have a great job will encounter specific experiences reflecting those beliefs.

Truth is, the relationship you desire has nothing to do with your social status unless you decide to believe it. Those who stick to beliefs such as “Once I get a good job, I will have inner peace and be ready for a relationship” will most likely find that the job, the relationship and the inner peace continue to elude them. Postponing those experiences by masking them as future goals will ensure they remain distant goals, making it impossible to catch up to that “perfect future.”

Now, I am not saying your desires are irrelevant but for as long as you think “I’ll be confident once I have this,” you are creating a future goal that will always remain in the future. In reality, you must feel deserving of your goals now and be confident in yourself before you can obtain them.


Contrary to popular belief, relationships have nothing to do with your social status, level of wealth, professional success or your looks. When it comes to relationships, you merely need to be confident in the person you are. You need to draw your confidence from internal factors instead of external. You need to recognize your personal qualities, the beauty of your physical traits, your intelligence and gratitude for everything you have in life.

One of the best ways to earn a great relationship rests in developing self-confidence, self-comfort and self-acceptance.

Amplifying those character traits with a positive mindset will allow you to focus on everything you love in life instead of everything you are currently missing. If you focus on your positive traits, you will effortlessly focus on your (potential) partner’s positive traits, enjoying your relationship immensely and solving problems in it easily. Suddenly, you will come to realize relationships were intended to be easy and enjoyable instead of being a constant ego battle between opposing sides. If you have an eye on a potential partner, you will be encouraged to communicate with them as you have recognized your own qualities while appreciating them for theirs. You will realize how much there is to be liked about you!

If you believe your looks are insufficient to evoke attraction in another, you will project an unhappy demeanor, tension and insecurity. The best part is, you can decide to focus on the aspects of your appearance you like instead. You can appreciate your beauty instead of focusing on the reasons it is less than perfect. This positive energy will evoke even more of the same, allowing you to feel increasingly great about yourself.

Ultimately, is there a real reason you should feel negatively about your appearance? Everyone holds a different idea of what beauty means. More importantly, we all respond to each other’s energy much stronger than any physical attributes – every time you were attracted someone who wasn’t your “type” proves that.

Do you compare yourself to others? This is another mistake which can prevent you from receiving life’s goods. Do you believe you must match an ideal another specific person represents to you while considering anything “less” to be insufficient? This mindset only states your lack of appreciation for yourself, as you feel undeserving of love. Even if you think your (potential) partner only wants the ideal you have imagined him/her wanting, it doesn’t mean you’re right.

We all know the story – one perceives their desired partner to be “too good for me.” “He/She is out of my league,” they imagine, never making a move or deeming themselves worthy. This thought process is perpetuated until the object of their affection meets someone else.

There are plenty of similar examples. However, it all comes down to the following.

Searching for the reasons to postpone living a happy relationship only shows that you doubt your own value. If recognizing the said value undoubtedly ensures finding a great relationship, what is the point of feeling inadequate?

11 thoughts on “Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

  1. Great Post Nina!

    I don’t know if you have seen my recent good news, about my new job?

    Anyway I was set up with new chef knives, petrol for my car by the government and money to last me to my next pay and I get to stay at my other job once a week – my boss organized the roster so I get to still go into the clothing store once a week. Yay! OMG! When I told my work people at the store that I got the other job they were happy but sad that I wont be there my normal hours anymore. It was so nice to be hugged by everyone!

    Seriously! I am looking around wondering if anyone else can see how well things are going for me at the moment because its so strange for me to have so much good stuff happen continuously. How everything keeps falling into place! I really feel like the struggle is over for good since working on those beliefs with Pono. Seriously! I look around wondering if anyone can see what is happening to me! haha! Its so strange, cant describe it… Haha! I almost felt paranoid wondering why things are going so smoothly and well. That just goes to show you how long I have been living below what I am worth. Then I remember that this is how I should be feeling all the time. Happy and thriving not struggling and surviving. I am going to be working 50-60 hours a week now between both jobs. I’m gonna be to busy for much else.

    Have a good day!


    1. Gretta,

      I can see without a doubt what’s been changing with you. And I too have realized recently that simply releasing resistance overall has a powerful affect on every aspect of ones life. I have no doubt now that I simply need to be happy, joyful an focused on my own personal positive progress. Then it seems the rest starts to fall into place.

      And you know, Nina is always saying this. I think we tend to think that sounds too easy, too simplistic. But it really is the truth!!! I can see this now for myself.

      I manifested another encounter with HIM last night. I had to drop the vehicle back off that they are borrowing. It was later at night. And he came running out to see me. We talked for maybe 20 minutes and I got to say a few nice things to him that I had been visualizing. Nothing crazy, but kind things. I had intended yesterday that I would have that chance, and it happened. So effortlessly!!!

      It’s showing me now that the things I’m visualizing have been playing out exactly as I’ve been seeing them. It’s so unreal, and yet it felt at the same time expected. Like I wasn’t surprised at all. The warmth that he showed me was so genuine, so kind. I even felt the energy and urge to hug him and I know he felt it at the exact same time as me because we both sort of leaned towards each other at the same time but caught ourselves!!!

      The warmth in his eyes, the way he was looking at me, the natural way we were together…..oh it was so great! He was standing in front of me only 4 feet away, and I felt the energy of just melting in his arms, and I felt his energy that he wanted me near him, in his arms. It was so beautiful and it was true evidence of my power as a creator.

      Gretta I’m happy to hear you’re manifesting such great things, and it’s true evidence that your life is now changing forever! Thank you for sharing and enjoy this new adventure you’re on!


  2. Another place just called me for a job. When it rains it pours. I am going to go and see them tomorrow also, I want to keep my options open. The thing is, the place that called me today after my first shift today is the place that was always on the top of my list. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up there instead. Either way I would be happy with both.

    I do want to share something. I did start to feel down about him today and I noticed it came on when I was driving for my first shift. I know it was just because I was feeling nervous and scared so I can see how I sometimes bunch him into the mix when something else is bothering me. I think everyone should watch this how you can drag him into the mix when something is not going right in your life or you are feeling anxious or upset about something else.

    As I said I know it was just because I was feeling nervous and worried about the first day – so I declared that the relationship was mine and that no matter what I must receive what I asked for simply because I had asked. Just as I did this, and I have mentioned this song once before, the bon jovi song. ‘Keep the faith’ came onto the radio and I took it as a sign then the song “because I’m happy” came on- I took that as something saying raise your vibration and then the song I most associate with him and i dont know why was the Crowded house song “dont dream its over”

    Do you know those songs?

    The progression of feeling down, declaring it and then those 3 songs coming on i know it must sound nuts but i really felt like someone was speaking to me.

    What do you think?


  3. I just spoke to someone I have not spoken to in a lonnnggg time. Life got busy for us both. She was shocked to hear that we were in contact with each other again (me and him) (she was around when it was really bad when we were fighting over the phone all the time) then she said “hes gotta love you to keep letting you back into his life. No man would put up with the shit you too were doing to each other. No one who wanted someone gone would keep letting them back into their life. No one would just forgive the things you said to him unless on some level he agrees with the things you have said. There has got to be something there for him. Pay attention to what he is doing more than what he is not doing. He cant not feel something to keep letting you back into his life.” (yes i wrote down what she said)

    When she called i was writing XXXXX XXXXX loves me, i was just scribbling it in my notebook, then she called out of the blue while i was writing that down.

    I guess I should take that as a sign. then i found that video above on youtube and it says sometimes we miss things that are right in front of our eyes.

    Maybe we never give these guys a chance to love us?

    Is this a sign? Or just a eerie coincidence?


  4. Totally a sign. And I agree, we need to give these specific people a chance to love us. Get out of the way of the Universe so it can deliver. What she said sounds right on to me. You’re just manifesting more great signs. Celebrate them Gretta! Take them for what they are, guiding you on your path and letting you know you’re on track. Celebrate your beautiful life! 🙂


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