Are You Torn Between Your Desires and Priorities?

Often, a struggle in manifesting means one hasn’t pinpointed their priorities in life.

If you don’t know what is truly important to you, what you want to manifest and live every day, it can be difficult to find your happiness. There were times in my life when I wanted several things to a certain extent but nothing quite enough to make me choose. I either had to wait and see what I wanted (meaning, let go and see) or find something new.

However, if you know what you want and are sure that this is it, all you need to do is believe you can have it.

You must know what you want. Many of you do but there will also be those that don’t.

You might have thought you wanted something but are not ready to live it. You might like the idea of living a specific reality but honestly be unsure that you could deal with everything that reality brings every day.

For example, you might like the idea of being a parent but in truth, not be ready to accept everything that parenthood brings. You might not be able to see yourself as a parent right now or ever – at the same time, you might change your mind and realize you are ready.

If you want something but feel unprepared to accept everything that comes with it, you probably feel torn. You might not know what to do now but you must do the one thing you have been avoiding – looking within.

You must examine your own feelings and ask yourself what you truly want, without anyone else involved. You simply cannot avoid fulfilling your own needs first or put someone else’s ahead of your own.

Where are you headed? Where do you want to be headed? Decide what you want to live for yourself, not for anyone else.

8 thoughts on “Are You Torn Between Your Desires and Priorities?

  1. You give great advice here. I have met a lot of people who want something but are unwilling to accept the change required to get it. Somehow they miss this and think the law of attraction is not real. Thanks for the post!

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  2. I want to thank you, Nina, for your blog and everything that makes me come back every day and read it for more than 3 months now. I had some though times before I found you, now almost everything is back to the place I wanted it to be. The only thing that is missing, it’s going to be here soon. And soon I will write my “lost love back” success story here in comments. That’s a promise! 🙂 Maybe now it’s not going the way I would want it to go, but maybe it’s just not the right time yet. Soon… Thank you and everyone else who participate here. Love you all!

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  3. Hi Nina,

    I think this is one area of resistance for me. Because my love lives so far away, there is a part of me that finds the idea of living somewhere new with him totally exciting. Meaning, I would be willing to move where he is. However, I also feel very sad at the thought of being far from my family, especially my niece (she’s a baby and I’m super attached to her). So, I can’t decide if I prefer him to move here for any reason and that he be really happy living here with me, or if I want the adventure of going somewhere new to be with him?

    What’s your recommendation on hoe to handle this resistance and how should I phrase my affirmations around this since part of my desire is that we live together and share our lives together?

    Thank you,


    1. Make a choice but before that, be honest with yourself about what you want. Where do YOU want you two to live and can you believe that it’s possible?


      1. I want us to live by my family but I don’t feel it’s that possible because the industry he is in is not really in the city I’m in. Should I go with me leaving then ?


  4. Nina

    Have you ever had low self esteem? If yes – what specifically was it about? Your looks? Your life? Anything at all? and could you possibly write a blog on raising self esteem and how to do that? I could google how to raise it but I want to hear what you would do or did. I don’t mean things like pampering yourself to make yourself feel temporality better. I mean when it’s affecting your manifestation. If that makes sense?



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