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My natural hair color

One of the parts of allowing your desire to manifest is living in the awareness of living your desire so strongly that the present circumstances become irrelevant.

Yes, “state of the wish fulfilled” might sound better than what I wrote.

Don’t assume or project onto your desire!

Just because you fear that the person you want has a taster’s choice of individuals doesn’t mean they do. Maybe they just seem like they do. Even if they did, it wouldn’t matter.

Just because you fear that the job you want is also coveted by candidates more qualified than you doesn’t meant that those who do the hiring believe someone else is better for the job.

I never got all As in school past the second grade. However, I knew how smart I was and held myself accordingly while pursuing my passions. I was already a published writer, studied dance and went to acting school. Other students continuously asked about my grades and were surprised at my answer because they assumed I maintained the perfect GPA which was a question of status. However, I had decided on my own status while others merely responded to my awareness.

I didn’t care about my GPA and my grades reflected that. I even felt negatively about it because I considered it to be a question of false status, as the highest grades in my junior high went to those who memorised the information. However, I held myself as different and it worked. This example still reads strong to me years later.

Sometimes, I wonder if the 13-year-old me feared that receiving the highest grades based on the “merits” I disagreed with would mean that I wasn’t special. In retrospect, it was a manifesting lesson – never engage in something that goes against your values.

Can you see why the Law of Attraction is life?

If you’re going to assume anything, assume the reality of living your desire.

Assume and project onto yourself

11 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Nina,

    I love what you said about present circumstances being irrelevant. This is so true, and a really powerful statement. “What is” simply means nothing. I try to live by that now as much as I can.


    So I’ve been noticing more and more smaller manifestations and signs.

    What happened on Sunday: There was a class we all had to go to for this community thing I’m a part of with him. Earlier that day there was a meet up and my spouse is finally back from holiday. So someone asked me “Are you happy he’s home?” My specific person was basically only a few feet away and the room went quiet. I said “Yeah, I really missed him a lot.” Thinking well this may get a rise out of my specific person, or maybe not. ??? Wasn’t sure.

    Fast forward several hours later. I had to text my specific person to ask a simple question about dress code for the class. Nothing fussy, very straightforward. Less than 10 minutes later he has his spouse text me and tell me the answer!!! Now at first I instantly felt a weird energy around this. It really just felt “off”. He texts me answers to my questions many other times no problem. But this was weird. So I tried to see this as just a test of my resolve, how well can I ignore my reality and maintain focus on my desired result.

    So a couple hours later there was the class. He made a point of being really loud coming in the room. Where he sat he made sure he was leaning forward in a way that I could see him. And he really had to lean far over in a way that the only advantage he had was me being in his line of sight. After class I had my back turned to his social circle as I was talking with someone else. It was more or less in a non crowded corner. He made a point of walking behind the person I was talking to, trying to maybe tap his shoulder and keep walking, looking back and smiling the whole time but the guy I was talking to didn’t even notice him. It was all so awkward and forced, from his side.

    My strategy lately has been: focus only on the end result/desire, ignore or expect nothing from “what is/current reality” and devote lots of amazing energy to my present spouse. So the idea of moving on with a different love.

    Tonight: Has another group meet up. We had a moment of quick but warm eye contact initially. Then after I sat down he made a point of talking with someone who was a few rows in front but directly in front of me. Believe me when I say where I was sitting would need a really intentional choice on his part to be right in front of me. He even turned his body in such a way that his face was turned more my direction.
    Another weird thing: I guess since the whole time I was chatting with my spouse happily and not paying attention to him, he maybe reacted after the event by instead of giving me a form that normally he should hand me, he sent one of his kids to give it to me. Then a few moments later send the other kid to give us the keys to our vehicle that we loaned them.

    It was strange. First having his spouse send me a text he should have sent, second having one kid give the form, third having the other kid hand over keys. There is a pattern here. And I have no idea what it means. It’s very out of character behavior from him. But I suppose the answer to that will come to me.

    I did realize from Sunday after sitting with it for over a day that his attention seeking efforts made him look a bit desperate, or at least trying too hard. So it took away the sting of getting a text from his spouse. I couldn’t imagine doing that to him. Why would I?

    So what do you guys think? Anyone see something in all this that I’m not seeing?

    The only thing that occurred to me tonight is that the closer I’m getting now to my desire (or aligned with it), the more “in my face” the signs or physical manifestations will be. Kind of like how Gretta had this really dramatic epiphany, especially because she’s vibing really high. So the shifts are becoming more dramatic now. I can only chalk it up to that in my case.

    I have a little tug of war within myself, do I let this bother me? Do I keep going with ignoring what is? (Of course I do.) But I have to say, realizing that what is, is truly irrelevant as Nina said above I feel more free just to enjoy my dream and forget about what’s going on around me. There is something so wonderful about that. And it’s fun to see my reality respond to what I’m putting out there. 🙂

    What do you guys think?


  2. I admit it, I’m feeling the pinch of “what is”. A low moment. I rarely share them, but I get them. I guess the best thing I can do is distract myself. But I feel for everyone when you get them. It really sucks.


  3. Hi JCE

    Yes it is strange. I once read about trying to make guys jealous and it doesn’t work, all they translate it to is that they can’t trust you. You mentioned trying to get a rise out of him, maybe this is the result of that? Like with all the other things you mentioned, it does all sound odd, like his wife texting you, the kids giving the keys back etc.

    Trying to get a rise is not a vibration of love, but on the other hand maybe it did upset him off to hear you say you missed your spouse and thats why all the strange things happened. I am not sure, Nina would be the best to comment.

    Were you and him ever together? I can’t remember the story if you were together once or not?



    1. Gretta,

      I had to take a few hours to think about what you said….

      We were never together, but worked on a project for 6 months together. It was almost 3 years ago when it started. He was really persistent in getting to know me, getting my attention, talking with me, watching me when I would work, and then intense eye contact sometimes as long as 10 seconds! And one day he heard me talking with my spouse over the phone, and I told my spouse I love you. And my specific person was in the other room, and I heard him sigh really loud, like letting out a deep breath. I thought it was coincidence. So another minute later I said I love you again and the same thing happened, a deep loud sigh. I knew then that what he felt for me was strong.

      I knew after I had first met him 8 months before the project started that there was something important about him. That he would have importance to me, I just wasn’t sure what and couldn’t believe it was of a romantic nature.

      One last thing I will say about my time with him, I always expected one day he would show up for work and change his mind, or the way he would be towards me. Like, lose interest or give up overall. I kept fearing it, expecting it, but it never happened. If anything it intensified. And so I’m also confused about the fact that I was manifesting his persistence, versus him leaving me hanging.
      I have only had a string of bad relationships my whole dating life. The guys would always give up after 2 months. My first spouse left me twice, but my current spouse was someone I wasn’t really in to. I wasn’t attracted to him, but he stuck around and wouldn’t go away.

      I was laying in bed last night and couldn’t sleep. And I was trying to sort out what this resistance was trying to tell me. Why this, why now? In fact my whole day has been in the shits.
      In the past I was always careful not to show too much affection or attention towards my spouse in front of him. But that didn’t change anything, so I guess you could say I’m trying to experiment right now.

      But after reading what you wrote it hit me. I don’t trust him with my heart. I feel like I trust him with everything! But not my heart. When I visualize and feel good about him it all feels right. How we spend time together, that we have fun, we have a great deal in common, we have amazing chemistry together. All of that is fine. But I think it’s the fear that he’s currently attached, and I don’t want my heart to be broken. I think that was always my fear with every man who came into my life. They would always leave, and they always did. And my heart was broken I would feel rejected and devastated. I was really bad about this when I was young, life before LOA. Recently clearing out rejection was a big deal for me. I think I released on that, but now I need to on trust.

      So there it is. He pays me attention, I freak out and pull back. That’s been going on since the beginning. Although the last couple of months during the project I thought I gave him enough indication of my interest. And I think that foundation has helped him continue to express some interest in me. But a few other things from last night that I didn’t mention also showed me that I feel like I’m last on his priority list. That realization manifested into my awareness with great emphasis. It was in my face.

      So now I have to:

      -Find a way to feel like I can trust him with my heart
      -How the hell do I respond to his boyish ways of getting my attention without putting him off?!?
      -Feel what it feels like to be a priority for him

      Gretta, Nina, anyone? Any suggestions on any of this? How you would go about handling this?

      Gretta, thank you for your response and candor.


      1. Gretta by the way, he did recently show a lot of physical affection for his spouse while sitting in front of me. It was over the top, but funny thing was she didn’t reciprocate. In fact she’s never affectionate towards him around others. At least I’ve never seen it.

        He does go out of his way to get a rise/reaction out of me. I recently had to decide I’ve gotta not let myself feed into it. It’s been a bit of a bad cycle, but one that CAN be broken. I know that.


      2. Hi JCE,

        Yes, Gretta’s suggestion feels right to me. It is best to look within ourselves when we feel the lack of our desires. It is important to keep our vibrations in higher levels.

        You said you expected certain kind of behaviour from him and all he did was to act the way you had expected him to. This is just a proof that the law of attraction is indeed working! Plus it shows that he is equally affected by things you do as much as his behaviour affects you. You can now simply shift your focus back to your normal – radiate love unconditionally or focus on something entirely different.

        I have similar issues – fear of abandonment, fear of losing, fear of I falling out of love but I have realised whenever I see the reality of ‘what is’ all I need to do is look within and improve myself. If we want to manifest our desire we should never doubt the universe and feel the lack of it. May be the best way is to forget about our desire and when we do see the lack of it, turn the focus back to ourselves understand what’s causing us feel uneasy, make ourselves feel better or the other way is to focus on something new. I am very focussed on keeping my ‘vibrations’ higher. I can see how it has improved me so much. I am doing things that brings me happiness and this has given me new agenda in life for progression. I still haven’t succeeded in forgetting but whenever I remember I am deliberately focusing my mind on something else.


  4. JCE

    I would do EFT or Full PONO prayer on “Fear of being hurt” and try to find a memory or some of when your trust was broken in childhood. Ask the Universe to give you the memories like I did. It will come to you. Just ask for the memories that are causing the resistance/reaction and don’t think of it again and let it come to you. I would also work on ‘unconscious resistance to being loved’ just based on your saying he pays you attention and you pull back.

    Fear of being hurt
    Unconscious resistance to being loved.

    I would work on those… What do you think? x


  5. Gretta, N

    Thank you both for your insight and replies.

    Gretta I didn’t have to look long to see the root cause of my issues. My first husband left me when we were very young although we had been together for 3 years our child was barely a year old. And he just decided to leave me. It was cruel the way he did it, his treatment towards me was awful and the whole thing left me in ruins for about 2 years. I cried, I was miserable, I felt abandoned and worthless. It brought out every horrific feeling I could come up with.

    After 2 years I was finally able to let him go. And damn it, he came back. And I went back with him. But this time the trust, the joy, the warm fuzzies were all gone. The relationship lasted another 3 and half years and it was over. I couldn’t trust him again. And he left, again. But this time I was happy he was gone. But the subsequent relationships after never worked out. Not until I came across someone I wasn’t attached to, and he wouldn’t go away. Go figure.

    So now I see the pattern between 20 years ago and now. I still have these abandonment issues, trust issues and I seem to respond to them the same as I did way back then. For example the last 3 weeks I’ve just lost my appetite. I did that when my first husband left too. I just fail to thrive for some reason. All these years I’ve had a thick skin, I always focus on how I can take care of myself just in case. Or I’ve always focused on being detached emotionally in case my spouse leaves, dies, etc.

    I thought too about doing Pono to clear this out. But intuitively I felt the need to sit with this. I want it to go away for good. Not just clear out a negative feeling. And as a result of discovering the root cause of this, I’m putting my manifesting efforts on hold for now. And that’s manifesting ANYTHING, not just him. It feels right to do this. I think this is one last really big thing I need to address and I want to do it right. Even in this moment I feel the “stuckness” inside of me on this emotionally. Like a block of some kind is there. I’m emotionally unavailable. HA!!!! That just came out of no where. LOL

    I’m on the path to becoming whole and complete. In order to do that big stuff has got to get cleared out. Gretta, I think that’s what’s been going on with you too. This stuff just has to come to the forefront so it can be dealt with, even though it hurts like hell. Believe me, I’m in pain but I can see the value in it.

    Nina, I too want to thank you for this blog. It’s helped me so much. And I encourage others to write comments and open up. Share your thoughts and bounce ideas off of others. I found writing on here so helpful and I think it’s been key to helping me get to where I am. (For example the statement I made above as being emotionally unavailable, that wouldn’t have come out possibly if I hadn’t been writing things out.) Also sharing what I can to help others. Giving always comes back to you, often times in greater measure!

    N, you’re on the right track I think. Keep focusing on your own happiness, you’ve asked and now ask for other things that make your heart sing. That’s what we all should do. Speed this process up!

    Anyways, lots of love to you all. 🙂


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