Are You Lost in What it all Means?

It isn’t anyone’s job or duty to love you – you simply give them a reason to.

I am talking about two things – you and your relationship manifestations.

Would you love someone who claimed that you were obligated to love or respect them? Unlikely. This person would demand those things from you out of their own need.

Look back on every time you were the one to break up with someone and they disagreed with your decision. Were you obligated to stay with them? No. The sooner you start to view relationships as a choice and treat those relationships with respect (be in one or not but never for the wrong reasons), the sooner you will be focused on nothing but love, freedom and choices.

Let’s not forget that love and freedom work together.

If someone wants to leave you, let them leave; at the same time, if you want to get back together, work on your belief that being back together is a done deal. It is yours – if you truly love the person without needing to feed your own ego by getting back together, that is. I know this might not make much sense to some of you but it is one of the ways of using LoA to attract what you want – you are not resisting the current reality but believing in your ideal one.

See what I mean?

The only person obligated to love you is you. If you don’t, life gets harder so is it really worth it to not love yourself?

If you don’t love someone or even like them, is it really worth it to be with them? By loving someone, you have already given reason for them to love you. But who do you truly feel good about?

To love, you must know the difference between love and need. When it comes to relationships, there is only love but love cannot exist without self appreciation.

13 thoughts on “Are You Lost in What it all Means?

  1. Hi Nina

    It’s not a huge manifestation, but it really goes to show what asking once and forgetting/getting on with life leads to, the speed of it, etc. You would think I would learn from this by now! 😉

    2 days ago I broke my pasta strainer. I just thought, “oh well I will buy a new one!” Then I changed my mind about buying one and said out loud, “I need a strainer please!” I didn’t get it specifics, I just saw a metal one in my head and that was it, but i wanted one that didn’t have too many holes (you can get some that dont have all holes, to hard to explain)


    My grandma calls today to ask me if I can take her shopping. I take her shopping and bring her groceries in and put them away and she gives me some fruit and says, ‘you can put it in this!’ – Well as you can guess it’s a pasta strainer, but not stainless steel, a green one, plastic but can be used as a strainer or something to hold fruit (To complicated to explain without showing you a photo.) I thought oh well that will do, it’s still a strainer! Then she pulls out another one of these exact green strainers and I thought haha ok 2 strainers that I didnt exactly ask for but who cares, it will still do the job!

    Anyway, I’m getting ready to leave and she tells me to wai and goes into her garage and I have my back to the door and she says, “would you like this one?’ I turn around and its a metal strainer, with not too many holes!! Hahahahaha!

    I ended up with 3 strainers in the end but finally got what I asked for. The metal one with not to many holes. 🙂


  2. Bugger! I forgot to add one bit!

    When she gave me the metal strainer I was smiling and she said, “Do you like it?’ and probably puzzled at why I was smiling at this strainer! I said, “Yes I like it!’ And wondered how I could explain the LOA to her being a 87 year old, very catholic Italian and all. I didn’t think she would get it, so I said….. Hahahaha!….. “I broke my strainer the other night and asked Jesus for a new one!” Hahahaha! and she says,”See i told you! Jesus is always listening! Bwahahahaha!


  3. P.S – I went out today with no makeup on and feel normal! Whoohoo!

    No big head / ugly face feeling. Haha… Jesus, just goes to show how hurt we get as kids and how we carry these things around with us and live our lives through those traumas.

    How amazing is just becoming aware of a belief in shifting it? Still haven’t done EFT or Pono. Don’t think i need too!

    Feeling really happy today. Have started seeing 1:11 and 11:11 again and the repeating numbers 444, 666 , 888. Not sure why tho, but usually something good happens right before when I start seeing all the numbers again.



  4. Annnnddd another post.

    How is this for an instant manifestation?

    There is a girl on my facebook that I just recently added. TODAY I thought I would like to meet her in person! She looks like alot of fun! 1 hour ago she put on FB that she has 2 tickets to a show that she is willing to give away for FREE. A show I wouldn’t mind going to! I asked her on her status if the tickets were still available (because everyone who had responded had either already got tickets or wasn’t going.) She responded back that the tickets were still available and asked me if I wanted her to drop them off to me!!!! She is driving to my house which is 50 minutes away from where she lives to come and drop off the tickets to me!! Hahahaha! Jesus! I get to met her! Haha! WOW! Far out! Haha!


  5. All of this really goes to show how asking once and forgetting (whatever you want to call it) works the fastest.

    I know you dont have to forget about your desire, but why put in any work if you don’t have to?

    I am now starting to see the work as the thing that is causing the resistance and the doubt and the fear and the worry. If you ask once and see it once and forget not caring if it manifests where is that resistance going to show up? It’s not. It wont have time to show itself. I feel going over and over things with affirmations and visualizing is the problem. It gives you time to create problems and let doubt and fear and worry creep in.

    Just ask and forget and if you dont want to call it forgetting then what Nina says, conscious change of direction.

    I’m talking about the visualizing, the heart energy, the affirmations – any of it. I only see what I want in my mind ONCE and say it out loud ONCE and there is it within hours or days, as Nina has said she has also manifested this quickly.

    The reason none of us have manifested these relationships, I think, is because too much attention focused on it, to much talking about it, to much want, to much care. I think you have to get yourself so detached, to not actually feel anything for them.

    Why have we made this so important? Why is it so important? We’ve all suffered through things and survived would not getting this kill us? No, it wont.

    What if we all just blocked it out and moved on with our lives? Maybe we would all manifest this instantly also because the way WE HAVE BEEN DOING IT UP UNTIL NOW IS NOT WORKING. We can’t seem to keep aligned with what we want. Either because a belief we cant find or because we’ve idealized these men and made it seem like they are the be and end all. There is only one other solution and It’s time to change something. Ask once and change your entire life into another direction completely, not even remembering you asked for him.

    Maybe other people can do all the work and get what they want but maybe right now we are all reflecting each other and I think we all need to change something drastically.

    This is just my opinion. I hope it doesn’t offend. I think if you can get yourself to forget you are closer to manifesting then what you are right now which is no where near being aligned with what you want.

    With Love xx


    1. Gretta,

      I have a feeling we have already discussed this before that we should all forget our desires and move on with life and it will manifest faster. Somehow we are going into the loop. I remember this conversation very well.
      The fact is we enjoy coming on here to read all the positive stories and support each other. If we have to forget it will mean we should stop coming here ?! or if we do come here we can just share manifestation stories like you do..


  6. Nina

    This is my very favourite part of your book that I read near daily. This is the gold nugget of LOA and your book.

    If you ask ONCE you already believe just based on the asking, essentially there is no other work to do except ‘forget’ or ‘let it manifest!’

    This is this the gold part of your book..

    “As a part of letting go, it is not necessary to forget all about your desire in order to manifest –letting go means knowing that your desire belongs to you already which removes the need to see it manifest. **If you disconnect from it so profoundly that you almost forget you have asked for it, even better! This way, you can receive even faster.** If you look back on your life, you will realize that you have received what you wanted most rapidly in this way but do you know why? Because you can let go entirely once you believe (once you have asked**) you can have something, whatever that may be. **Another reason –you can let go if you truly don’t mind whether your desire manifests or at least, when it might. Either way of looking at it produces positive, detached energy.’**


    And now I’m done. x

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  7. Nina.

    Thank you for all your help and patience with me the entire time I have been on your blog, it’s been life changing for me, but now it’s time to go. I’ve found all the missing pieces and feel whole. I wish you all the best life has to offer. Thank you for everything and your book. I will never forget you.

    Goodbye. 🙂 xo

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    1. Hi Gretta

      I agree with you. Nina has really transformed our lives for the better and I am equally grateful. I’m sad that you’re living :-(. How can I get a hold of you in future? Are you on IG perhaps?

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