Thought of the Day

I am only accepting what I want, nothing less.

I am ready – my desire is free to manifest.

I am ready to live it.

I am calm – my desire makes me happy and comfortable.

I am patient – it will arrive.

5 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi All 😊

    Today I’m feeling so depro and upset. I find myself missing him and I’m feeling slightly insecure. I just don’t believe in the power of our love today weirdly so. I did everything, created a vision board and remained positive. All I know is that I love him wholeheartedly and I just want him to love me like he used to love me before and to contact me. I hate that I miss him today I wish that I could assure myself that he is already back with me and would never make a pass at another woman again. It’s like I’m on an emotional roller coaster, one minute I’m optimistic and send him heart energy and the next I just feel defeated. Him blocking me on WhatsApp for the third time has really messed with my vibration. What am I doing that’s so wrong? Anyone, please advise *sigh*


    1. Hi 🙂 Right now, you’re just not feeling love in general, for your life or yourself. You need to focus on something else in life that you absolutely LOVE and that will help you feel love within you which can then attract your desires.

      What or who do you love? Spend time with those people. Remind yourself of how much you’re worth and how much you have in life. There has to be a friend, at least one, who can remind you of how much you’re worth.

      What do you like to do? Enjoy those activities. They’ll remind you of how much you have. Right now, avoid thinking about your relationship until you feel better.

      To add, everyone, Gretta wanted to share this link with you so I’m passing it on:


      1. Thank you Nina ❤ I really needed to hear that! I will surely put that into practice! You really have transformed my life. I was such a mess for the longest time especially after my break up but you really helped me work on my self esteem. I will forever be grateful for that 😊

        Lots of love and gratitude


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