My Take on the Fear of Success

This idea might still read odd to some but hear me out.

Many are uncomfortable with success. Many feel undeserving of it, thinking they should stay in their comfort zone of settling for less. Many feel that once manifested, their desire would slip away once again, leaving them disappointed and in pain – this is both the fear of success and of failure (in other words, allowing oneself to remain stuck simply because it’s easier that way).

I am positive that fear of success is connected to not wanting you desire enough because if you actually manifest it, what are you going to do with it then? And you’re not sure you want it that much.

You’re not sure if you’re actually going to be happy.

You’re unsure if this desire offers the life you would enjoy.

When genuinely wanting to live your desire, you have zero doubt. None. You move towards it. You can feel your own passion for it. You see yourself living in your mind whenever you want, as if you are there right now.

Ask yourself if you genuinely want to live your desire or not.


I want to live a desire greatly when I feel a massive amount of love for it.

When negative thoughts come to me, I reinforce the positive. I say an affirmation that nourishes my belief, the only component I actually need.

I might not have felt the fear of success but I’ve had others – mainly that of boredom, being stuck and on occasion, that of profound intimacy. The manifestations of those fears included different people but almost unfailingly identical circumstances, as it took me a while to finally start seeking out quality men I wanted the potential of a long term love with. Before that, it was so much easier to enjoy short term relationships after being in a long term one just once. On the other hand, this approach made me relaxed around the matter and allowed me to enjoy relationships while giving them the freedom to go where they may.

Fear of success can and should be replaced with happily anticipating success. With expecting success. With knowing that success is yours.

14 thoughts on “My Take on the Fear of Success

    1. Dear Emily,

      Right now, you see your love with someone else but instead, you should be able to imagine the two of you together in your mind and know that it’s possible. You must believe it’s yours before seeing any evidence of it and choose to not be bothered by the current reality. Pay no attention to it – just feel grateful that what you want is yours and know that it’s happening! 🙂 You can do this.


      1. You can ask that but leave out the “her” part entirely. By focusing on her, even in this context, you are taking the focus off yourself and it should be on YOU and the way you feel now that you have received this phone call 🙂


      2. I see. So just focus on myself and he’ll be drawn back to me? And I find it difficult to project into the future without seeing her. Can I look to be past and focus on how it felt when he just wanted me and repeat those experiences?


      3. Yes, absolutely. You can recreate any of your happy past experiences and repeat them in the present 😀 Well done, you know what to do!


      4. Yay I’m glad to know that is just as powerful 🙂 Okay that makes me feel much better! Last question, how quickly can it be done? It’s kind of a paradox because I know asking that shows I’m slightly impaitient lol. However lately I’ve noticed that just thinking about someone or looking at their picture and remembering a time with them or even talking about them fondly causes contact from them. For me it’s been between a few hours or days so I know it’s possible. I just wonder why it hasn’t happened yet with me love? Perhaps just forget about him for a bit?


      5. If you forget about your desire, you can manifest it instantly because you will have let go entirely. I do it! I just refocus on something else, do other things that make me happy and everything else aligns.


  1. Hi Nina 😊

    I have a question! Do “emotional roller coaster” feelings affect your manifestation and how? say you’re under a lot of stress but you manage to distress for a day or two and meditate and send heart energy in that happy state and the next moment you find yourself overwhelmed and the verge of a break down on so on. Does that impede your desires from manifesting or does the energy that you sent when you were in a happy state suffice and make up for the days when you’re worn out and stressed. How does one go about maintaining the balance and still manifest successfully?


    1. You don’t have to worry about that if you know that these feelings only come up to tell you which of your own limiting beliefs to resolve. Listen to those feelings, let them uncover what bothers you on the inside and resolve those limiting beliefs about yourself. Those feelings are only giving you a chance to resolve them and feel even better about yourself. You can do this!


  2. Nina I’m in love with this woman, I’ll do anything to be with her I can’t explain the feelings I feel inside when I see her. Can you please help me?


    1. Hello Jake 🙂 In addition to feeling what you do for her, visualize a life in which you two are together AND you love her as much as you do. What would that be like? How would that feel? How do you feel now that you have this? Turn all those loving feelings into a positive visualization! Once you see it, you will start to believe that it is possible to have 🙂


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