Thought of the Day

If you could pay attention to nothing about your current reality, only enjoying the positive emotion of your visualizations instead, you could change realities seamlessly. 

You would never again think about when exactly to let go and would never again have to think about practically putting your desire out of your mind to manifest – you’d simply do it. 

This might sound too creative but it is absolutely possible. 

I’ve done it before but am going to try it again for several days and report back. 

8 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi, Nina! That’s awesome! I just saw your post in the middle of my “daydream”, I mean, sometimes I put some music I like and simply enjoy the moment, visualizing, singing, jumping, talking to invisible people hahahah, you know, as if living “another life”. That gives me a boost of happiness about how I feel my carreer, my looks and stuff like that. 🙂

    But I still don’t know how to make it about my ex girlfriend, maybe because she was the one who broke up with me, so sometimes I feel like “powerless” when it comes to her. I feel like I don’t have too much power to ignore the reality I got myself into, where she still loves me but as a friend and keeps going out with other guys. She no longer see us like a couple anymore, you know. My self esteem goes down when I think about her, like, it works really well with other girls but with her, it’s like kryptonite for Superman. That’s sad because sometimes I can’t avoid thinking about her kissing or even sleeping with another man. That drains my power to believe in my desire, you know.

    I’d like to know how to activate that same happiness power that I do in other areas and apply to this particular desire (rekindle with my girl, live happy with her, have kids and stuff)

    Have you ever been in this particular situation? Wanting someone who’s seeing other people? In this case, it’s my ex. Could you give me some light on this, please?

    Thank you! 🙂


    1. Hi 🙂 There are several things to discuss here.
      Remember that the sooner you can feel good and trust again, the sooner you will have her back – this notion might motivate you to start believing. Your determination can be stronger than your negative thoughts as well as your fears.
      Also, the sooner you believe that your desired reality is possible and will happen as soon as you believe it, that might also serve as self motivation.
      Focusing on your desired reality takes strength and love and you can find it in yourself. The trick is to start to feel good about yourself again, with or without her. Think about the person YOU want to be, how YOU want to see yourself, regardless of having a partner in your life. Your opinion of yourself is most important because your feelings create your life.
      Today’s article about believing in yourself might also help you. You must believe that this is possible for you 🙂


      1. I read it as soon as you posted and wrote something about how I’m feeling about it. Thank you for always be this good person, Nina! What you do here, the way you help people, it’s amazing, it really is! This gives me real inspiration and motivation! I’ll do my best to manifest my desires and use my story as an example to inspire more people. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. Very smoothly. By entirely ignoring the current reality and everything that was happening in it, I was living normally and feeling good because the happiness from visualizing my desire also created happiness in my current reality. I felt such lightness! Then, in a moment, I wanted to make a move towards my desire and did, my decision to do so turning out great because I had decided it was the right move.


    1. I did but in the past, I also did it with other techniques. Look up my Garage Door Metaphor blog post 🙂 Any technique I suggest here must be a reflection of your awareness of HAVING your desire – that always comes first! When you absolutely know, any of these techniques work! I have used different ones. Sometimes I tell myself to let go and other times, I don’t even think about it. There is no single technique – do what feels good! 😀 There is only one absolute awareness of having your desire, even just for a few seconds before letting it go – that is what works!


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