Manifestation Epidemic – What is Law of Attraction, Anyway? 

Law of Attraction is about you and everything you believe in. Law of Attraction responds to your feelings, beliefs, happiness and imagination, creating your life according to those aspects of you.

Everything you have in your life right now is what you believed was possible for you on some level. If you can see something in your mind, you can certainly manifest it.


If you can see yourself happily living your desire in your mind, the feeling of living it will make its way through your awareness, removing all attachment and allowing you to let go and manifest naturally.


More than anything, attachment is connected with the need to manifest what you want as soon as possible, impatiently and while trying to prove to yourself that you can. If you are attached to your desire, you probably keep thinking that you want what you want now, not feeling like doing anything else until you manifest it.

At the same time, don’t those thoughts and the need to prove something to yourself mean that you don’t have your desire just yet? Your goal is to feel that you do!

This is why you can think of your desire all your want if those thoughts are loving visualizations of living your desire – when you’ve had enough, you will naturally let go and focus on something else, allowing your desire to manifest.

You’re supposed to be happy, love your desire and be grateful that it’s yours! You are supposed to feel what it’s like to live your life with your desire in it.

You are only supposed to imagine what you would love to happen while being grateful for being so happy.

Some wrongly focus on the “waiting” and “trying” to manifest their desire, feeling like this all the time. They remain stuck in this energy which makes them feel awful, like their desire is slipping away which creates even more attachment as a result.

If you feel downright lousy when thinking about your desire, you are not nurturing the thoughts you want to be thinking in order to manifest. You are not believing in yourself. You are probably focusing on the wrong aspect of your desire – waiting instead of having.

Right now, you feel that you’re missing it but as soon as you get used to having it in your mind, you will automatically let it go to manifest.

You will manifest what you believe is possible for you in life. Even if you thought that something was once possible but then gave up and moved on, you may have manifested it anyway because you had finally let go.

What does that tell you?

Attachment often feels like waiting for your desire to manifest instead of having it. Attachment comes from wanting to have everything right now. 

Attachment is removed by believing you already have everything.


After putting a great deal of energy into living your desire, you will realize that living it actually is natural. If you can see it in your mind, it can become natural to you. Suddenly, you’ve experienced it and don’t need it anymore; soon, it manifests.

Even when accompanied by a great deal of excitement, seeing yourself living your desire can become natural to you. Excitement doesn’t have to last or, it can come and go, but true love for your desire runs deep.

True appreciation for your desire keeps it in your reality.

13 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – What is Law of Attraction, Anyway? 

  1. Nina thank you so much for this amazing blog and for your advice when we all need it the most. it literally covers everything about the loa. And I am also using your advice to cure my depression. I think that I watched and read “the secret” movie and book so many times and I still couldn’t make sense of how the law of attraction truly works but now I have an understanding of it. Your work is truly amazing :-).

    Lots of love and gratitude always 🙂

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  2. Hi Nina,

    I would love to know your thoughts on this excerpt from a book on LoA.

    “A woman with a strong personal will wished she owned a house which belonged to an acquaintance, and she often made mental pictures of herself living in the house. Several years afterwards, coming into the knowledge of Spiritual Law, she said to me “Do you think I had anything to do with man’s death?” I replied: “yes, your desire was so strong, everything made way for it, but you paid your karmic debt. Your husband, whom you loved devotedly, died soon after, and the house was a white elephant on your hands for years”………
    The woman should have said (feeling the great desire for the house), “Infinite intelligence, give me the right house, equally as charming as this, the house which is mine by divine right.” …….

    Desire is a tremendous force and must be directed int he right channels or chaos ensues…..

    Man should always demand only that which is his by divine right’

    Do you think this is why I often have success to manifest my guy moving towards me, but then he changes his mind, or goes back to his old behaviour ? Maybe he is not meant for me?

    I know you believe that we can choose, but this time that I saw him, it really made me wonder because I know LoA works. But the struggle I’ve had with this situation of my specific person, makes me wonder if I can overcome the beliefs now. Even when I was doing well when I was conscious, my subconscious was ruling my dreams. Unfortunately, my dreams came true where I saw him doing things that hurt me, and then it happened in real life.

    Thank you,


    1. The only thing that is meant for you is what you believe you can have. You are constantly aware of not being with your guy and are waiting for it which is why it hasn’t happened yet. You must believe and allow the Universe to give it to you.


      1. Thanks Nina. I know what you are saying, but when you have failed to manifest it (referring to myself here) then you start to think that maybe its not possible to fully manifest a relationship.

        I’m still trying and working at it though.


      2. You may feel that you failed in the past but you can always start over. Decide that you are manifesting it this time because for as long as you keep thinking that you failed in the past, you are focusing on failure and manifesting more of it.


    2. C

      I decided to break my no internet for 3 months to share 2 videos with you and anyone else that will benefit from them.

      This is number one. The next video will be under this comment because cant post 2 videos in one post.


    3. Hi Nina,

      When you say “decide”… does that mean that when I “decide” I will succeed this time and get everything I have wanted with this guy, it will happen?

      The reason I ask is because I’ve had many manifestations that have come true, and reflected in my reality, but there is a big part of what I’ve asked for that is missing. For example, I want for him to acknowledge and tell me that he is in love with me, and for us to be in a committed and happy relationship with each other. i would also like for us to have daily communication that brings us closer to each other, whether or not we live in the same town or not. I would also like to know and be confident that we will always see each other. I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not to make plans because I don’t know what he is doing for the holidays, vacations, etc. I want to know that we will always make time for each other, and to be able to depend on him. In addition to making each other very happy, and to be a positive aspect of each other’s lives.

      What would be your recommendations to get me to that level?

      Thank you,


  3. Just to add. The first video – keep listening after the 7 minute mark, it seems like the video is finished but it isn’t. She goes on to speak more.

    Happy times everyone.

    Cya – Good luck. x


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