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Thought of the Day

If you want something because you believe it will solve all your problems, that is not heartfelt motivation for the manifestation of your desire.

Same goes for needing to manifest what you decided – you manifest when you love and trust instead of need because you can’t be happy without it.

You must be happy without it first!

When you love what you want, you manifest. When you know that you bring happiness into the life of another, you attract them.


14 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Nina, (and actually anyone out there)

    I’m miserable. I know how it feels to love my other reality and ignore the current one. And yet for some reason my mind keeps holding on to “what is”. I know it’s resistance/contrast showing me what I don’t want. Why does it have to show me? I know I don’t want it!!! This has been going on for weeks now.

    My guy seems really happy in his life. Like really happy. He’s joyful and always smiling and laughing. It’s making me miserable. He’s happy without me, and I feel even worse that I’m just not purely happy for him because of it. He has found real joy in his life. And me being involved with him would mess it up. I would screw with that happiness.

    What’s even worse is I’ve realized since the last 4 or so months that I’ve lost passion for my own life. I’ve lost any drive to enjoy my own reality. I’m going to be building a new house on a beautiful piece of land and I don’t even care. I’ve lost any passion for it. Because how can anything in my life matter when he’s not in it and a part of it?

    I know, I know, this is all the wrong way to go about things. I’m probably breaking every rule that would help me manifest what I want. But my mind is getting in the way, I’m feeling every awful emotion possible. I’ve been trying to start again with Pono and it’s helping slowly. And I plan to do much more of it today and tomorrow.

    I’m really angry at the Universe and my intuition for getting me into this shit. Somehow I moved half way across the world 3 years ago to this place, this place where he is. Not only that he lives on my old street. He’s literally less than a mile from me right now. Despite all my best efforts to get away from this place, to get away from him it didn’t happen. Everything worked against me to get away from him. And now I’m stuck seeing him all the time. And I’m f***ing miserable. I just want relief, I want to forget about him, I want to move on with my life and find some sense of happiness again. As much as I love him with all my heart, this whole thing is hurting me so badly. I’m in pain all the time now. And it’s like I can’t take the misery anymore. It’s affecting my day to day life, it’s affecting my marriage negatively. It’s screwing with everything!!! Biggest fear ever, I will live like this the rest of my life. Wanting the love of my life and never getting him. That I’ll screw this whole thing up for years to come. And I will have wasted my life experience on someone who doesn’t even want me and is happy without me. That sucks hardcore.

    Please hit me with all you have, whether I would like what you have to say or not. I’m desperate for opinions out there. Help, anyone. 😦


    1. Hi 🙂 I think that you should start with finding new passions in life. Maybe what you have now doesn’t suit you anymore. Think about what you would like to change about your own life, not your life together. Start with YOU! Whatever it is, you can do it. Always appreciate yourself, believe in yourself and things will improve.
      Whatever you feel when you see him, you feel for yourself. It’s not that it upsets you to see him happy but you are more upset by the fact that you don’t feel motivated. Focus on yourself first xx


      1. Thank you so much Nina. I appreciate your words of wisdom. I’m in a much better place now. And I’m now able to maintain my vibration better than ever! It’s such a relief to know it’s possible to get into this state.

        I’m focused more on me now, and I’m realizing I’m much better off feeling the relationship now in my mind, and forgetting about the physical manifestation. I just tap into an amazing realistic moment with him anytime I want. I feel his love and I shower him with it in return. What more could I want?!?

        Lots of love 🙂

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  2. Hi JCE 🙂

    Hope that you are keeping well and hang in there okay, we all are here for you, it will get better. I can really relate to how you’re feeling right now. How you have lost passion for your life and feeling upset cause he has it all together and you’re just not there to share in on the joy. You should try and meditate today and clear yourself of all thoughts and then go through nina’s posts. Start on a clean slate and block out your current reality. I’m also doing the same right now. Nina will surely have an answer for you soon.

    Lots of love and hope


    1. You’re so sweet Jeanie, thank you.

      I came across a basic Pono routine. And I think it will allow me to release on so much. I’ve been doing a lot of releasing and then more hits me. It’s like one tidal wave after another. The only comfort I can take in it all is that it’s part of forward momentum. I love how simple this Pono practice is. I need something simple and straightforward. I know that for sure. I just found this today and will try it for a few days to a week, and I’ll comment if it really helped me.

      Anyways, here is what I found:

      Lots of love to you too, all of you. 🙂


  3. You’re very welcome hun 🙂

    I’ll check the Pono technique as well. Try and keep away from social media and conforming to socities’ standards and put your trust in the unseen. Nina always tells me that I don’t have to see to believe that I’m manifesting. Try and work on that so long!

    Lots of love and hope


  4. I will. 🙂
    I came across a great article, put the link in a comment on the latest post. And, also a great unexpected manifestation today! Check it out. 🙂

    Thank you for everything!


  5. I must say I have been living a happy life. I don’t feel any resistance as such when I do think about him. It’s just that I feel I not able to forget about him which I was trying to. It is that part that makes me feel uneasy. I usually forget about my desires as I am so busy living in the moment. Still at times I come here read the posts and then think about him I wish I could stop that .. I attended some intense personality development combined with yoga class and I am continuing with the meditation practice everyday. I used to be very good at manifestations without even realising I was implementing LoA when I was younger. Few things in life went against me and somehow I lost touch with that part of me. Luckily with all the help that I am getting with meditations, online articles/blogs like this has made me think about what power we actually possess. I have now opened up for new relationships too. I don’t know what’s happening in his life but my heart may be stuck up on him. Does this mean I am not in line with LoA ? I have really moved on but why am I not able to forget him? its just annoying.


  6. Hi JCE,

    Thank you for sharing that video. So apt for me! However, I am a little confused. When we are very clear about our relationships in our minds as to what we want and from whom, it is clear to the universe as well. Now it is the universe which will work it out for us as long as we keep immersed in happiness so it brings us more of it. We don’t have to fixate our feelings on a particular person but only the feelings within ourselves. Universe will bring all the more of it in a better way with better someone or may be with him so it is important we don’t get stuck up on the person! I think its the hope that’s stopping me. I am not connected him in any way. He has blocked me on everything for no reason – I have never bothered him with pleadings/stalking etc. I have let him go. It’s just in my heart I should stop him from coming. I have no idea how to do this!
    Apart from that life’s great – I have been volunteering for Alzheimer’s, for homeless people, doing my yoga, working towards professional certification. I am keeping myself happy and don’t miss him as such but do find myself overwhelmed with love when I see his photo. It is just so natural for me I wonder if he can feel it. I don’t even know where all this started in me. He is not even there its just in my heart!!


    1. Hi N,

      It’s tricky, I know. What’s been working for me lately is enjoying the feeling of having him, but without expecting really to have him if that makes sense. I’m living life loving him without physically needing him. So I meditate feeling and seeing our relationship from the end point. Us relaxing together in the evening watching a sunset in the back yard. He and I going out to a romantic dinner. He and I snuggling on the sofa. He sharing his day with me. And of course the more intimate moments that feel so connected and full of love.

      I indulge in these visualizations, they make me blissfully happy, I feel like I’m living the relationship of my dreams and in the mean time I’m trying to focus on other things that make me happy. And the signs are pouring in now everyday at a crazy rate!!!

      But I will share this with you. Years ago, I used to meditate in the afternoons everyday and think about my spouse and he and I living a dream life with a dream family and full of love between us. And then the Universe put this specific person in my path who awoke every amazing desire in me that I hoped existed but never had experienced before! So the Universe brought me someone who lined up I think. But now I have to line up and get out of the way to see if it really happens, or maybe someone else comes into my life. Or my spouse seriously steps up!!!

      So that’s my story these days and it feels so right and so good. I’m enjoying my life more and reveling in the relationship of my dreams and how it makes me feel. As Abraham says the Universe and LOA is very simple and straightforward. So I’m trying to focus on that and let the Universe line it all up for me. It’s my job to believe and be happy.

      Hope all that helps N. And anyone else out there.



  7. JCE,

    Yes that makes total sense to me. It’s really nice to read these loving words about your desire. Thank you really appreciate it. It resonated in me so much and in a moment I realised its ok to think about him and feel good. May be its not him or could be him I don’t have to think too much on that. I should be thankful that I can feel this love in me. I won’t resist him coming into my mind, the more I try not to it will get worse. Nice thing about this is I am not in contact with him so there’s no way it can go wrong. If he comes back to me the way I dream of him then I will be so elated to welcome him in my life or may be thinking about him is good enough for now. Yes, my end result/focus is to share my life with him still I just don’t like the idea of fixating my mind on one person.


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