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An Overview of Dealing with Fear

I want to address the issue of thinking about your desire and encountering fear and negative thoughts.

As I stated in the past (my book included), start by being convinced that after you have asked for your desire, you must receive it. Since your desire absolutely has to manifest, you may relish the thoughts of living it all you want.

I am able to think about my desire or not for as long as I want to because from the moment I ask for it, I believe that it is manifesting. I let go of the need to control the process because the positive thoughts of living my desire make me see that it is manifesting in the most amazing way.

One only doubts the manifestation process if one entertains both the positive and the negative feelings connected to their desire. 

In accordance, all lack of happiness comes from fearing or worrying that one’s desire is not manifesting and never will.

When any fears related to your desire come up, remind yourself that it is yours already. Because you asked, it is yours already.

If you keep reminding yourself of this fact, you will start to believe it with every part of you very soon. All it takes is a little belief to start with in order to fully believe and relax soon after. You can do this and you know it!

As a friend of mine recently stated, it is fun to see yourself living your desire! Enjoy it.

Believe that you can do anything. Believe that you can make anything happen and see your dreams coming true. If you decide this to be possible for you, you will assume that all your desires are manifesting while thinking about them with newfound lightness and love.

45 thoughts on “An Overview of Dealing with Fear

  1. Hello All.

    First great post Nina.

    First let me say its only been 4 weeks of no internet and its THE BEST decision I have ever made. I mean no blogs, no facebook, no Instagram. I only use it for email and to read health related things and study for my course.

    I hope you all saw the videos i posted yesterday, listen to them a few times. I think that is 2 of the best Hicks videos, the part where she tells the woman that it is her that is creating it all, it really makes you sit back and realize that is IS.

    Just a brief update over the last 4 weeks. I changed my diet to Ketogenic Lifestyle. I recommend all of you look into it. Especially if you have depression, anxiety or are a constant worrier and cant stay in the ‘as if’ feeling mode.

    Some of you might find it restrictive, but you can adjust the percentages of fat / protein / carb. Basically if you dont know what keto is – it is where your body burns FAT FOR FUEL and not sugar/carbs which we have been lead to believe is the way. The brain needs fat not sugar/carbs! The brain and body run better on ketones. Basically we have (the entire world) been starving our brains of fat!

    We been brainwashed to believe low carb / low fat or high carb from wholegrain and low fat is the way to be. It isn’t. Anything you see with low fat means chemical shit storm = sugar. The brain needs FAT!

    If you read about keto you will see people have balanced their mood, cured their depression and anxiety, cancer, diabetes, bi polar, the list goes on and on, there is nothing it cant seem to fix including high cholesterol and balancing hormones.

    I am just going to put here what to change in order for you to live as if. You will find it easier to live as if when you change your diet! I am 6 days in and everything has changed. It takes your body a week to enter into ketosis (if you do it correctly) and a few months to become keto adapted.

    I have been having euphoria and brain fog which is part of the process of your body changing to running on fat not carbs/sugar. Keto is 75% fat / 20% Protein / 5% carb. But I have chosen to do 55% fat 30% 20% carb. Because I am not a bigger eater and by including more fat into the diet you are never hungry. This means carbs only from vegetables and berries. Animal sources do have some carbs but not the kind of carbs that spike your blood sugar, which causes inflammation – which is what IS causing disease!

    We have been lead to believe that fat makes you fat. It does not. It makes you slim and stable and i will post an article below for all of you to read where the sugar industry has paid scientist to blame saturated fat for all diseases and not sugar. It is sugar that causes disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, heart disease, cholesterol and every other disease you can think of – not saturated fat. Bipolar and epilepsy patients (just to name 2 are on high fat diets) to stop the seizures and mood swings. I am not only taking about sugar in sodas I am also talking about bread and pasta and anything that converts to sugar in the body.

    “The carbs are killing people. It’s causing all kinds of fucking problems. The fact that we’ve been told that you need to eat 50-60% of your calories from carbs is the biggest lie in the entire fucking world.” – Jason Wittrock.

    The secret to acting as if….
    CUT THE SUGAR OUT! I am talking about bread, pasta, refined sugar, wheat, gluten, and nearly all grains. it’s wrecking havoc on your brain, heart, blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones and if you are under 35 you might be ok for now, but once you get over that age YOU WILL see the effects of it. Don’t eat anything processed or any refined sugar. Only get carbs from vegetables and some fruits. The fruit of today is nothing like it used to be, its been modified to be sweeter to keep you addicted wanting that sugar hit. Wheat and gluten, never eat this again. Never. The wheat crop is nothing like it used to be. Basically big corporation dont give a shit about you, its all about money. Now you all might be thinking I have a healthy diet. If you tracked your sugar/carbs you would see it really isn’t that healthy at all. Its all sugar! TRY and go ketogenic, you will get to see just how addicted to sugar you really are. Remember I mean all sugars and anything that converts to sugar in the body.

    If you can get your head around fat does not make you fat you will succeed on this. If you cant you will make yourself believe that what i eat for breakfast is going to make me fat. I eat one hole avocado with a tablespoon of olive oiil and macadamia oil with crushed nuts. If i feel like having vegetables I will choose the least carb vegetables which is anything grown on top of the soil which will not spike blood sugar or if i feel like protein with it I will have that also. Do you think eating a whole avo a day with oils and nuts has made me fat? No! Ive lost weight plus my mood is balanced, i am happier and i am not freaking out or stressing about ANYTHING anymore. All the attention comes off of the person and onto you. I am not as restrictive as most keto poeple are. On weekends I have pumpkin or sweet potato. Keto people might indulge in burgers or pizza. I prefer to stick with high carb good carb vegetables. There is another part of keto that is called carb cycling which once every 2 weeks you eat whatever you want. You will read all about it if you choose to start having more fat in your diet.

    If you are interested in bettering your mood or life watch and read everything you can about a ketogenic lifestyle. You will be mortified at how much the food industry has lied to you. They are creating products and advising people to eat diets that cause disease and death for profit.

    Most importantly if you dont think you can incorporate 55-75% of fat into your diet at least up your omega 3 with each meal and eat as much nuts, avo, good oils as possible by the tablespoon and you will see your life change. If you eat animal protein that means a lot of fish and krill oil. Vegan or vegetarian? Olive oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil. Make sure it is high in omega 3. Chia and Hemp are not as high as we have been told, the body has to convert it to omega 3 and by the time it does alot of the omega 3 is lost. List is to huge to write.

    Feeling down? Eat an avocado with a handful of macadamias or pecans ANYTHING VERY HIGH IN GOOD FATS. If you are feeling down eat a very high fat meal!! As much as you can in one sitting! Each meal! This means don’t eat an avo with a plate of pasta. This is just wrong. Avo with oils and nuts with a healthy carb on the side with a high fat protein and moderate to low carb vegetables. If you eat meat or chicken or whatever go for the fattiest cuts with the avo and above ground vegetables. Unless you can get your head around fat doesn’t make you fat but sugar and anything that converts to sugar in the body does you are going to have a hard time with this. Dont even worry about the whole fat side, just look at the benefits of what a high fat diet will do to for your brain, heart, mood etc etc. Drink 3 liters of water a day, especially if doing keto or just plain low carb/no sugar.

    If you want to balance your mood and stop the obsession with attracting these people or feeling down or cant stop thinking about them- EAT MORE FAT! Your brain is screaming out for it!

    “The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show.

    The documents show that a trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation, known today as the Sugar Association, paid three Harvard scientists the equivalent of about $50,000 in today’s dollars to publish a 1967 review of research on sugar, fat and heart disease. The studies used in the review were handpicked by the sugar group, and the article, which was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, minimized the link between sugar and heart health and cast aspersions on the role of saturated fat.”

    It is sugar or foods that spike blood sugar that causes disease, obesity, heart disease and cholesterol, not saturated fat.

    Just try it. Just try to radically change your diet and you will see how much easier this whole process IS. This post by Nina and one of the other she wrote recently are 2 of the most important combined with those hicks videos i posted yesterday.

    Read this again – “As I stated in the past (my book included), start by being convinced that after you have asked for your desire, you must receive it.”

    That is enough. You’ve asked, change diet, change focus. There he is.

    My friend has a dating app. She goes on, gets no responses, as soon as she STOPS going on that app she gets bombard with messages from guys. Taking focus off them and putting it onto yourself is key. Yeah you can think about him with good thoughts etc but what about your life? Let him have his life, get on with yours and let the Universe take care of the rest. You’ve asked, you must receive.

    Cya again in another month. xxx


  2. Hi Gretta,

    I especially love the last 2 sentences you said: “Let him have his life, get on with yours and let the Universe take care of the rest. You’ve asked, you must receive.”

    Thank you for sharing what’s been helping you. I also went raw vegan/part time vegetarian and my health has rebounded significantly since over a year now. I will never go back to the old ways again.

    Today after leaving a rant here on the blog, I felt so much lighter. I did some basic Pono quickly and YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!! I manifested an outing with him this afternoon. Out of the blue! Like asked, and 2 hours later there he was!!!
    A recreational outing. Sitting across from him in a group situation. I could sense he wasn’t his normal self, not he version I get when he and I are alone. But we made eye contact several times. It was nice to be so close to him, and yet I wasn’t nervous, I felt relaxed and in control. I was stress free. For a change I was the confident one and he was more reserved.

    I’ve listened to a lot of Abraham lately. And something I hear over and over is “be your authentic self” at least that’s what’s catching my focus. And so I decided to be that more. Just be me, who I really am around him. He can take it or leave it. It felt so liberating to affirm that to myself.

    I wanted to share a Pono article I just read, and it explains the process in a way that gave me a real “aha” moment. I desperately needed this and the Universe provided. I’m so grateful. I promise this is worth reading and applying in your life, especially those of you like me who are at the end of your rope and tired of it all.


    1. This is how Uni replies. I really wanted to know how to apply Pono on a hunan being as mostly I have read about being applied on urself. Saying the chanting! ! I asked this question in another blog from someone who applied Pono on someone. I had this hunch that I will get my answer on this post and see what u just did!! It is a breakthrough. I could have Googled buy I didn’t feel like. I wanted my answer to come this way….
      Love and light


      1. I love hearing this Lightline! I’m so glad I was used in aiding a manifestation. How cool is that!?!
        I loved everything I read in that post and I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling in last 36 hours. I was MISERABLE!!! And now I feel amazing, at ease, at peace, in control, like I can breathe again, in love and completely content. I kept wanting this state and it found it’s way to me. 🙂


  3. Congrats on attracting him. I know all about PONO I introduced it to Ninas Blog here. I don’t do anymore work on myself, I found everything before I left here a month ago and two times with Nina in email. My working on myself days are over, but I will definitely have a read because I know how good PONO is. Cheers! 🙂

    Add these things to your diet daily everyone. Avocado Oil, Cocoa Oil, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Macadamia Oil, MCT Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Cream, Green/black, Olives, Avocado, Pumpkin Seed, Almonds, Almond Flour, Flaxseeds, Chia, Brazil Nuts (Brazil Nuts in moderation) Hazelnut, Walnut, Pecan, Coconut Unsweetened, Macadamia Nuts and butter. Butter must be grass fed organic only.

    Higher in fat = more balanced mood. Brain is being feed and will thank you with super good mood! You won’t be worrying what he’s up to, where he is or why you still haven’t manifested. You’ll be focusing all that attention on yourself. You’ll notice your worry and stress about it goes away, you’ll also find yourself NOT thinking about him much at all or anything else that causes you worry in your life.

    Eat big amounts of it! It won’t make you fat! It will make you slim or stay slim or become more leaner and super happy because your brain is finally getting what it really needs!

    I really have to go now… Haha xx


  4. Haha great post Gretta 😁,” Eat big amounts, it won’t make you fat” lovely young chuckle for the day 😂. I’m surely adding olive oil and avocado to my diet 😊. I’ve actually stopped stopped cyber stalking my ex on Whatsapp and I’m feeling better, my mood is lighther. I want to keep at my faith firmly and believe that the loa is working for me behind the scenes. He broke up with me on the 26th of Oct last year. I thought I would sob and all but I managed to keep it together. My faith is growing by the day☺


    1. Hi Jeanie

      Yep. Up your omega 3 and don’t even worry what he is doing (Don’t look at your current reality AT ALL) Just get on with visualizing or affirmations or whatever else you do that you like and your own life. Never put anyone above yourself. If you skip a day, don’t even worry about it. As Nina has always said you don’t have to do any work, just ask, believe, be happy, get on with your own life and let the Universe take care of the rest.



  5. Amazing, Gretta! 😀 I’ve been being one of these “addicted to sugar” people hahahh, but not anymore! Your post has inspired me! I’ve been eating all of this food full of sugar and now I’m gonna change everything! I really need to stop focusing on her for my manifestation to work properly. And, as strange as it may seem, I’ve never thought about how my diet could be a problem for my manifestations. Thank you very much!

    JCE, congrats on attracting your guy! You’ll be with him, keep believing! And I’ll dive into PONO too, thank you! 😀

    Jeanie, I know how you feel about cyber stalking, I was there too and I managed to stop it. 🙂 Now I’m gonna change my diet and boost my manifestation power! Acting as if, not worrying about the “how” and ignoring the negative thoughts are things I have to improve. Yes, the Universe is working behind the scenes. Let’s do our best, relax and enjoy the happy results! 😀

    Nina, you’re always right with your posts! I can see that my negative thoughts come from fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, not capable of attracting her back as my girlfriend and stuff like that. Sometimes when I’m visualizing being with my girl, my thoughts get “invaded” by images of her with other guys, this usually happen in the morning and drops my vibration. But each day I think I’m getting better at controlling my thoughts and thinking and feeling what I really want. 🙂

    Thank you all for being so inspiring! 😀 😀 😀


    1. So happy to see that you’re in a much better mood InnerGod☺. Nina has put together this beautiful blog and is helping each and everyone of us pick up the pieces and manifest greater things in our lives. She has really taught me the power of self confidence and how to effectively use the loa. And Gretta told me to stop cyberstalking him a while back but I kept at it cause I felt that I would lose him and my mind if I don’t keep up with what he’s doing… I also want to embark on some social media detoxing. I would rather be on this blog, read Nina’s books and engage in things that build me ,interact with people that empower me. When he comes back he needs to come back to a completely different woman. Positive inner change is the way!!!

      Lots of love light and grattitude to you all☺💕


      1. Yes, Jeanie! This blog is really amazing, isn’t it? 😀 I’m happy for your decision about empowering yourself, that’s what I’m doing too. 🙂 We can do it for ourselves, because we deserve it!

        Love, Light and Gratitude 😉


      2. The best blog ever Inner God ☺. Other bloggers will make you feel so bad by simply reminding you about how you caused the break up, which I am not disputing, cause it takes two to break it or make it whether done consciously or unconsciously and they even go as far as telling you that if you don’t embark on their program you’re not going to get back with your loved one which I believe is a lot crap. Nina on the other hand preaches hope and faith and it surely is working for all of us…I agree let’s do this Inner God, we deserve all the joy and inner peace☺

        Love Light and Gratitude ☺


    2. Hi Innergod

      You don’t need to do Keto, just lower the sugar and bad carbs like wheat and gluten for example and up your omega 3 with every meal dramatically. That means don’t eat your omegas (high fat good foods) with bowls of pasta or rice.

      Cut the pasta and rice to 1/2 -1/4 cup COOKED and concentrate on getting a lot of good fats into you.

      So just say you ate fish (don’t know if you are vegetarian or not will just use fish as an example.)
      You would have 100-115gm of salmon, with olive oil (or any of the good oils i posted above) drizzled ON TOP of the fish AFTER it is cooked. (Don’t use olive oil for frying, use grass fed organic butter or a good quality coconut oil) then you would have a 1/4-1/2 of an avocado, then you would have a side of vegetables (preferably above ground which is all green vegetables which has good carbs) and on top of the vegetables you would put a tablespoon of macadamia oil or any of the oils you like above and if you want 1/2 cup of cooked rice or some kind of decent pasta like amaranth or buckwheat – you can have it. I personally try to avoid grains as much as possible.

      Just dont eat potatoes with yams and pasta and rice on the same plate with the omegas and good fats in one hit – you wont get the benefits as much. Just avoid wheat and gluten, its really bad.

      So it is High good fat, moderate protein, low carb. This isn’t just another ‘low carb’ diet, its a lifestyle change – because now you are getting the highest percentage of your daily intake from GOOD FATS.

      So as you can see above – Salmon, avocado, the oils (there is your omega 3 in the fish – plus good fats in the avocado and the oils – plus potassium from the avocado which is an important electrolyte for the body – plus fiber from the avocado.) Then you have your vegetables (which is good carbs plus fiber plus all the other nutrients) Then you have your carb in a way smaller amount then you are probably used to eating. I would stick with rice or buckwheat pasta. The higher in fat you go the better your mood, the less hungry you are, the leaner you get, the more food your brain is getting, the more balanced your mood will be also.

      Before you may have been very high carb (without even knowing it), very low fat (which means high sugar) which is not good for the brain or body. Every 2 hours or so snack on some nuts (see list i posted above) or a few pieces of avocado or anything high in good fat. Drink at least 2.5-3 liters of water a day and salt your food well with Celtic sea salt of Himalayan pink salt. (Celtic Sea salt has 87 minerals essential for the body)

      Really the most important thing for THIS lifestyle change is to make sure you are getting enough;
      Omega 3
      A Probiotic
      Good fats.
      Sodium (good salts)
      Water, pure, not tap water, not bottle crap water. Get a filter or something that will take out the fluoride and all the other nasty stuff that is in there. Or look for a water that has no fluoride. Fluoride is not good for you. Its what the Nazi used to put in the water to make the prisoners docile. That’s why it is in your water. You can thank the government for that. Don’t listen to dentist either, fluoride is not good for the teeth. You’d be amazed at what you’ve been lied to about. Change your toothpaste to fluoride free. Again, find out for yourself. Research fluoride and what it REALLY does to the body and teeth.

      Do as much reading as possible about it. Its not just another low carb diet as i said above, you’re giving your brain what it really needs FAT and removing what it doesn’t want which causes diseases and inflammation in the body SUGAR from simple and complex.



      1. Gretta, I don’t have words to say how grateful I am for you have taken the time to write a so detailed answer for me. Thank you! 😀

        I’m gonna start my change tommorrow, when the markets will open, hahahah!

        Please, could you tell me more on how you feel about your desires and manifestation after you changed your diet? I really feel that letting go is what it takes for me to manifest my relationship back with my girl. I’m receiving several signs reminding me of her and I think that if I can stop obsessing over her, you know, kinda “forget” her and focus on myself, manifestation will happen. 😀

        Love, Light and Gratitude!


  6. Hi Innergod

    OK. One last post – Haha…

    Before I tell you how it has affected my manifesting of anything etc, etc I have to say this first.

    START SLOW ESPECIALLY WITH THE OILS (see list above of the oils) start with 1 teaspoon first week then 1 1/2 the next week for the next 2 weeks then gradually increase it to one tablespoon of a few different ones. Mix them up, don’t stick with just one. I find having the variety gives me best results. I mainly have olive oil (on food like vegetables not cooked with it) Macadamia oil and flaxseed oil on my salads.

    I lean more towards macadamia oil because it gives me the best feeling after having it. Some people cant handle that much fat to quickly especially from butter and coconut oil or any of the oils to quickly, especially if you have been living on a high carb/sugar diet. You will feel some brain fog and euphoria if you go in to quickly. Go slow.

    Things like avocado and nuts and green vegetables, go nuts. Haha…

    Don’t cut the carbs down too dramatically at the start either. Work it down gradually over a period of a month. Again, I personally stay away from wheat and gluten because I know it affects me mentally. I also know it makes me obsessive and aggressive. (See past posts, i was very high carb) (I am not saying all high carb people are aggressive and angry but wheat and gluten DOES make ME aggressive and irritable and a crap load of other people out there are saying the same thing. The point is you want to stop spiking your blood sugar from all the bad carbs. You want mood to be stable all day long, no lull periods, no missing the person you are trying to attracted etc, etc.

    Basically the only thing I am saying is eat more good fats through oils and nuts and keep anything processed, wheat and gluten and sugar to a minimum but at the same time listen to your body! If you feel like eating more rice or GF pasta do so! Everyone is different but I just read an article saying that 80% of the population are not getting enough omega 3 and good fats. People are too focused on protein and iron intake. 80% thats a lot. The thing I am harping on about the most is get more good fats into you. 🙂

    For example before the gym I eat half a small banana with 2 tablespoons of almond butter. The fat in the almond butter greatly outweighs the sugar from the banana and the carbs so its leaning more towards good fats but I still get some carbs also. See what I mean?

    Innergod, you sound like me in the last paragraph you wrote, but I was 10 times worse. Wasn’t until I realized I created the whole thing and worked on some stuff that it all stopped.



    You said this “I really feel that letting go **is what it takes for me to manifest my relationship back with my girl.** etc etc – if I can stop obsessing over her, you know, kinda “forget” her and focus on myself, manifestation will happen.”

    You can from right now at this second of reading this sentence focus on yourself. You can when you see a sign just say “thank you” (in advance) – THIS IS EASY.

    What you are really saying here is ‘i wont be able to manifest her until i can stop obsessing over her and forget her because that is what I believe it will take for me to get her back.”
    Can you see what I am saying?
    Look at your words.
    What you are really saying is UNLESS i can forget and stop obsessing this wont work and I won’t attract her back.
    You WONT manifest her until you stop obsessing over her and forget her BECAUSE you are REAFFIRMING IT by SAYING you CANT manifest her UNTIL this happens because YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ONLY DO SO IF YOU LET GO OR FORGET.
    Can you see what I am saying?
    How about not saying you can only manifest her if you let go and stop obsessing and focus on yourself.
    How about saying “I CAN THINK OF HER ALL I WANT WITH GOOD THOUGHTS AND LOVE AND MANIFEST HER WITH SPEED AND EASE?” Do you see what i mean here? You’re not putting a condition on manifesting her you ARE STATING that you can do it WHETHER OR NOT YOU FORGET OR LET GO OF HER.
    You are creating your reality by reaffirming that you will *ONLY* manifest her *IF* you forget and stop obsessing *this is what you are really saying and feeling* and the cycle will continue. Can you see what I am saying here?
    Change your words = Changing your reality.

    Everything changed for me BEFORE i changed my diet, changing diet was just a sweet, sweet bonus! Haha…

    You asked about my manifesting and how I feel about my desire since changing diet. As i said, the changes started to happen before diet about 3 weeks ago? Ive lost track of the days, I have been to busy! I worked on myself for nearly a year and got rid of all the bullshit I was carrying around with me.

    My manifesting is great. Just manifested a white chair for my bedroom for free which I am sitting on right now as I type this to you. That took half a day, just asked once, a man came into my store but we dont sell furniture anymore and i happened to be right there when he came in and I told him we dont take furniture and he asked if anyone would want it and I said I would and there was my white vintage chair. ChaChing! 🙂 To many other things to type of what I have attracted over the last month.

    How has the diet affected me? More balanced mood, more energy, getting more things done, focus is ALL ON ME. Better focus. No stress, no worry. No anxiety, not wondering about anything to do with him. Have asked now focusing on my life.

    How do i feel about my desire? The same way I did the first time I laid eyes on him. Hes the one for me. I love him more with everyday that passes. This will explain how I feel about him…. ❤


    1. OMG, you’re absolutely right! I haven’t realize it before. I’m putting a condition on my manifestation, I see that now! Thank you, Gretta! I’m studying myself to detect other conditions I may have put on it. I’ll ignore current reality (letting go of looking at what is now) and use my imagination full speed.

      Thank you so much for all the tips! 😀


      1. InnerGod.

        There you go. Now you can see the condition (that you can only manifest if you let go, stop obsessing and forget) I used to be like that, now I just go with the flow. I dont think about what hes up to or who he is with or what he is doing. I’m too busy now filling my life with stuff that makes me happy which includes new lifestyle in food, supplementing and exercise. Once you start getting those good fats into you and omegas you will be wondering why you were even concerned in the first place about ANY aspect of attracting the person you want. You’ll laugh at how stressed you were about it. You might even feel stupid, I know i did! Haha 😉 Thanks when you let it kick in that you are a powerful creator that can be do or have anything they want. Remember, the higher in good fats the better. You will see what I mean hopefully when your mood kicks in and becomes stable like you’ve never experienced before. If any stress about this situation comes over you (while the good fats and omegas take time to kick in) DON’T GIVE INTO IT. Become even more determined that you are going to get what you want and go for a run! A jog! A fast walk! The gym! Anything. Get moving. 🙂

        Yep, like I said. The only thing you have to let go of is – is the what is and anything that contradicts what you have asked for. Just be confident that you will get what you have asked for and move out of the way. Just know.

        Really just asking once and believing you will get it based on asking is enough. Like Nina says visualize if you want, if it feels good, but PUT ALL THE FOCUS ONTO YOU. The law of attraction is about YOU.



  7. Gretta I typed ur name and autocorrector corrected it to “Great”. That you are!! Love the transformation. And please keep writing these tips. I have crazy sweet tooth and I would love to reduce the intake. Your posts are in a help me a lot.
    And all – so good to see you all riding the positivity wagon and I see this going too far, catching up with all desires we have.
    Much love and light to you all.


  8. Hey all ☺

    Happy Friday. I find myself missing today and feeling a bit meh and was overcome by fear and doubt. I know that it’s not a good feeling especially for the Universe that mirrors my feelings but deep inside I have hope that all will be well. I’m doing some intense self development. Any advice for using positive affirmations when feeling a bit down or should I not write any today?


  9. Hi Nina ☺

    I hope that you are well. Had such a long week. I’ve been happily active on your blog of late☺ and had such a fruitful week. I’m three weeks away from getting my B COMMERCE degree and I just opened a perfume garden with my co-partner and signed up for an investment business with a friend of mine that is also a TV personality. I’m so happy about my accomplishments but I’m crying so much right 😔. I’m feeling very emotional and I just miss his presence and wish that I could share these accomplishments with him. I’m just feeling overwhelmed tonight. Please advise. Thank you.

    Warm regards
    Jeanie 💗


    1. Hi Jeanie,

      The best I can advise in this moment is doing the basic Ho’oponopono. So say I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you and I love you. Say it towards yourself, to the Universe to anyone! Just start saying these simple phrases and see what happens. Even just devote 5 minutes, that’s it. Really get into the feeling of each emotion. I can’t believe how much and how quickly it helped me.

      Remember it’s just your inner self showing you what needs to be cleared out. The problem is missing him. I too am guilty as charged. But there has to be another way. Because this keeps us stuck. It’s sometimes so confusing, I know. But you will get through this, and start asking for clarity as a result of this low point. The Universe will show you if you ask.

      Lots of love


      1. Jeanie,

        I understand your feelings, sometimes I feel the same. When I’m in those moments I kinda say to myself “you know what? f**k it, I don’t care”. This helps me surrender to the Universe and that’s what I think we need to fully understand: the Universe KNOWS what it’s doing. Things are moving behind the scenes. Relax. I know I still have doubts and fear, but I do my best to always remind myself that I don’t need to worry or even care about how she’s gonna come back to me. And, if you look closer, you’ll see that this is a HUGE reason to be happy, because we don’t have to do all the job of figuring out what-to-do-to-make-it-happen. We can just sit back and enjoy, because the job is being done by a true professional: the Universe. Believe me, Uni knows way better than us, we just have to trust, step aside and see the magic. 🙂

        I know sometimes it’s hard not to feel the lack and we want to know how everything is gonna fall into place, because we want to see proof, evidence, signs… But I know and you know that everything is possible for the Universe, our job is to let it do what has to be done. In fact this is not even a job at all hahahahah.

        Follow JCE’s advice, do some Ho’oponopono. Put some music that empowers you (I do it all the time). Start changing your diet if you can, as Gretta suggested (By the way, Gretta, I’m writing this comment after eating some fish and nuts and oil. Real positive change is on the way 😀 )

        So, Jeanie, I know you can do it, the same way you know I ca do it. Let’s just believe. 😉


  10. For anyone that benefits…

    Yes, use Pono, I have been using it for years. I don’t do any kind of work on myself anymore but it is still good to use. Better than anything else I ever found and just as great as EFT without as much work.

    What all of this really comes down to is determination and belief. Determination in the asking and belief that you WILL RECEIVE and that NOTHING is going to stop it from happening because you have asked so you must receive. Just that alone means you can happily get on with your life not wondering why, when or how. What I mean by that is faith, trust and confidence that The Universe has heard you. Right now, its hearing you in feeling and vibration that you miss him and its going to keep giving you exactly that, him missing from your life.

    You really want to get rid of this missing feeling because what it really means is that you don’t trust in your ability to manifest and you don’t trust the Universe. It is fear. You are letting fear be greater than you. You’ve put him above your own happiness and life. Missing someone isn’t loving them. It’s fear. The complete opposite end of the scale and we all know what fear does, f**ks everything up!

    Why are you missing him? At all? If you are acting as if there is no missing feeling. If you are missing him you are STILL in the ‘trying to manifest’ stage. If you are looking at how long its been, you don’t believe. This also means that you don’t think everything will be complete or you wont be happy until he is in your life. Your life is ALREADY FANTASTIC and can be filled with happiness, abundance and joy every second of the day because thats what you choose – whether he is there or not! I can guarantee these guys are not on LOA blogs talking about us, thats because they are out there living their lives. ❤

    I NEVER miss him. My only thoughts I have if he does come to mind are that I hope he is happy wherever he is and with whatever he is doing. His happiness is extremely important just as your is, I just simply get on with life. If you feel the missing feeling or anything else negative towards the whole process what you are really doing is trying to control the whole thing. RELAX! 😉

    If you feel this missing feeling come on ask yourself WHY and see what answer you come up with. It's fear. Fear that you won't manifest him. Fear that he will go off with someone else, fear that he won't ever come back, fear that you won't do it right. etc etc.

    You don't need him there now or ever to make you happy, your happiness depends on you.

    Go downstream (as Abraham says) not upstream. Believe that he loves you and go downstream in which the current flows.



    1. Hi inner god, your comment gave me goose bumps. It’s morning in India and I am chilling in my washroom. (Facepalm) I opened the phone browser and saw ur comment . I read it and it feels like it’s a reminder for me. *Uni is working in the background. * Loved whatever u said.
      Love and Light


      1. Hi Lightline,

        It’s really great to see how we are connected and how we can help each other. I’m greatful for being helpful somehow, so thank you for letting me be a reminder for you in this moment 🙂

        I posted something about my manifestation process and I’d appreciate so much if you could share your thoughts and experience on manifesting your person back. Gretta has advised me so wisely (thanks again, Gretta! 😀 ) and I’d like to know what you may have to say about my situation too (of course, do it if you want to 😉 )

        Here’s the link:

        Thank you! 😀


  11. Innergod

    Glad to hear it. I just had Kale and Spinach smoothie with 1 tablespoon of Almond Butter with 1 teaspoon of Maca (good for energy and hormones) Level teaspoon of of Organic Unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses (Good for iron, b6, calcium, magnesium) A women’s multivitamin with all the essential vitamin and minerals, 1/2 inch of a banana and a fat bomb ball which is made of nuts, oils, cacao) *Look up fat bombs, they are great for in between meals and high in good fats and good carbs from the nuts.* I just throw everything in and blend it all up. You can feel when the good fats hit your brain in a dose like that. Plus its great because its all natural good fats and I dont mind carbs from nuts. Trust me Haha… 🙂

    Haha.. This is what I do. I listen to this kind of music after a high fat meal. Check out this song. I dont know what kind of music you like but I love this. I dont know what the words are in the song, I cant really understand him and I don’t need to know, its just the beat and song in general that puts me in such a happy mood. The words should not affect you either if you can understand him.

    Keep it up. You will see the benefits of everything in change of diet.


    1. Gretta, this is fantastic! (now I’m on Youtube, checking out other songs from the same artist/band hahaha) I love this kind of music. And the images… it all feels like magic! It’s really good to just flow with the melodies and the beats. I feel that’s our job in manifesting our desires: just flow with the melodies and beats of the Universe.

      Thank you very much for inspiring me like this! 😀


      1. Haha… No worries. ❤

        Just keep up the good fats (The brain is 60% fat, it needs it!)
        Exercise, drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day. Go slow on lowering the sugar and 'bad carbs" – Salt your food WELL with Celtic Sea Salts or Himalayan Pink Salt because your body needs extra sodium when going lower on carbs. As i have said, you can still have carbs just try and avoid wheat and gluten as much as possible!
        Supplement with magnesium. This is very important! Go to a health food store and find a good one and take daily. You will see the good affects just from taking magnesium alone. 2 of my friends have anxiety and i was on their back for awhile telling them to get on it and of course the didn't until became they had no other option. Their lives have improved greatly since taking the magnesium. They only have an episode a day now instead of all day long chronic general anxiety. Include a Krill Fish Oil Tablet every second day if you want. Make fat bombs freeze them and have between meals. If you ever start to feel tired it means not enough water and not enough good salts. If you DONT feel hungry all the time now its because the good fats are filling you up, but make sure you eat enough calories per day. I personally dont count calories and eat when I'm hungry but If i know i have not had enough that day I will have something extra. Just go slow.
        If doing this all correctly you should find that you are not thinking of your person that much anymore and when you do its only good thoughts. Not missing and no worry. That's how much all of this betters your brain and mood etc. It will make manifesting easier.

        ❤ x


      2. Oops!

        Don’t forget to eat vegetables! Or salads with all the good oils on it. I have a salad with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of macadamia oil and if i feel like it flaxseed oil also with avocado and a palm size of protein but i always make sure my fat greatly outweighs my carbs. So High fat, moderate protein, low carb from vegetables. Nom nom nom!

        Fruits are ok, just don’t go too crazy. The ones I stick with are Lemon, lime, raspberries. Small amounts of banana. If i do eat fruit its in small amounts because I know getting that sugar hit will most likely make me want to eat a bowl of pasta cause my sugar level has spiked to much. I always make sure i eat fruit with almond butter or something good in high fats.

        Also i forgot to add. I stay away from corn also. Don’t like it and don’t think its good for the body in anyway.



  12. Hello all. I am in a bad place and was wondering if anyone had any advice/suggestions.

    I have been dating my (ex)boyfriend for about 8 months. He was married for 10 years. His divorce was final and mine was almost final. We were both separated. He told me upfront that he is bipolar, OCD and ADHD and is a recovering drug addict. He takes meds and is in therapy.

    We had minor arguments but nothing drastic and we always worked things out. He never called me horrible names (besides “jerk” but always said he was kidding) and he was not violent. He was not very nice to his parents’ pets, though. He lived at home with his folks since his divorce and would say he wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t have severe mood swings but would get easily annoyed or irritable at times and I would walk on eggshells as to not upset him. He had an obsession with shopping in general but clothes especially. He spent money like crazy but he has a good job and works regularly. He chain smoked cigarettes and drank coffee like it was water. He did not eat healthy or exercise and complained of being tired a lot. Overall, though, he was sweet, caring, affectionate, smart, charismatic and witty. He talked to me several times daily, saw me regularly and told me he loved me often.

    Everything seemed fine until last week. I missed a call from him and then he texted he would call me back later. I responded okay. He never called back so I texted him. No response. I called him and no answer. This is unusual behavior for him. I called and texted a couple more times through the night. I finally got a text from him the next morning saying he loves me but can’t be with me anymore. He has to end this chapter of his life. Goodbye. It was so sudden and unexpected. The day before, he was attentive and telling me he loves me.

    I am so lost and hurt. He won’t talk to me now, calls or texts. I believe he has blocked my number. I love him so much and miss him greatly.

    Can I change this with the LOA? Any success stories with a bad situation like this? Thank you!


    1. Hi Sensy,

      I’m not sure I’m the best one to answer this, definitely Nina is.

      But I will say that this journey for you is a personal one. From my understanding everything can be changed with LOA. Even the worst of situations can change. I will give you a link here that has been shared before but in previous posts. This success story may help, and take a look at her blog. She has 2 other posts on the subject you can read too. Also go through the hundreds of comments:

      If you change yourself, you change the outcome of what you receive from him. Bottom line. I still have to wrap my head around that sometimes. Now I feel like giving in and being free in a good and positive way. We all go through different stages of this process. Emotional ones.

      Just remember, it all comes back to you. 🙂


    2. You can change anything you believe you can so first, believe. Ask for the two of you to be happy together (or word it as you wish) and then, imagine what it’s like to have it. Relax and be sure that this is a done deal. You must rely on your belief here and ignore the current reality. If you pay attention to the current reality, manifesting your desired one will be difficult. You must change your focus and believe that what you want is possible.


  13. Hi Nina ☺

    I just saw your daily post, just realised I’m just going about it the wrong way with my accomplishments and wishing that he could accept me or be happy for me just because of that only. It’s all because of how he made me feel after he got a job and I was unemployed then and business was slow. He made a comment on how I should cut my hair so that I won’t have to go to the salon and suggested that I should stop using make up. All of this confused me and bruised my self confidence. How do I go about working on this everyone. I don’t want to be resentful while trying to manifest him back because I love him so much.

    Love, light and gratitude


    1. Jeanie.

      I will answer in point form. Or try to! Haha.. ❤

      Firstly, remember that you are the one creating your reality and whatever you feel he is doing to you is him mirroring back to you what you REALLY feel about yourself. I learnt that the hard way. I knew he had feelings for me from the start but I kept saying things like "He not into me" "I am not his type" "Once he sees me again, his text messages will stop" And ALL OF IT happened. I don't even know HOW he kept talking to me during all the shit *I* Put him through. What a jackass I was.

      You said, "wishing that he could accept me or be happy for me just because of that only." Accept yourself first then he will. Do you accept yourself fully? You don't need ANYONE'S acceptance. I don't care if he is the greatest piece of ass on the planet! Haha.. You only need to worry about accepting YOURSELF. Why does it matter for him to accept your accomplishments? Because you want his approval. Why do you need his approval? You accept it then he will follow. You don't need his approval but you sure can imagine things going the way you want with him in all areas. 🙂

      "It’s all because of how he made me feel after he got a job and I was unemployed then and business was slow." – This is your ego speaking. You are going back into the past of how he made you feel then. Don't go back to that shitty past. Move forward. If you want this you will let go of who he used to be and all the things he said and did and imagine him becoming the person you want him to be. Nina will most probably say FORGIVENESS. I want to add to that ACCEPTANCE of what has happened also. Accept and forgive. Choose to! ❤

      You said "He made a comment on how I should cut my hair so that I won’t have to go to the salon and suggested that I should stop using make up." Again, I have to ask. How do you REALLY feel about yourself? Your appearance etc etc. Why is HE giving you advice on what you should be doing in regards to your hair and makeup? How are you really feeling about yourself? ❤ Be honest, how do you really feel?

      You said. "How do I go about working on this everyone. I don’t want to be resentful while trying to manifest him back because I love him so much."
      2 things. Pono Full Prayer – not just the basic Pono 4 lines on rejection, acceptance, self love, deservedness, worthiness and the belief that "i am not enough" "I am not good enough" or EFT for all those things to knock out the energy that is stored in your body keeping you thinking about things from the past that dont matter anymore 😉 Believe me! I know how hard it is and if you are only worried about those 2 things I can give you a list of things that his mother told him about me and that he believed. Now i love that her nearly as much as him! 😉 It might take some work with do it. ❤

      Do you know what got me over my resentment and anger? Someone asked me what would I do if he died tomorrow? Would I still be worried about all the thigns he did and said or would I accept, forgive and let go. I guess you can see what I chose. ❤


      1. Hi Gretta☺

        It all makes sense 💓. I need to keep on doing more internal work and work on loving myself each and every day. Thank you so much for your reply and how you broke it down for me to understand everything adequately. Much appreciated 💜😙🙌


    1. Innergod,

      Your anxiety and anything else WILL go once on a high fat / low carb diet and only if you are getting enough fat.
      You don’t have to be strict if you don’t want to be – just don’t gorge on excessive amounts of pasta, breads, wheat, gluten, sugar. Even gluten free products are high carb made with potato, rice flours, and alot of other shit in it.

      Have you ever noticed in the past how you wanted to have carbs when feeling down? Pasta, chocolate, pizza, pastry, anything carby? You felt good eating it but maybe later not so good, tired etc and the cycle continues.

      With high fat you are on an even keel all day long. There is no up and downs, no missing your person, no stressing about crap. 75% fat, 20% Protein, 5% carb through some fruits and vegetables and nuts.

      I remember what you ate the other day, you mentioned salmon and avocado and I can’t remember what else you said. Cook the salmon in butter. On top of that meal add a tablespoon of GOOD olive oil, not a cheap brand. Then have a salad with macadamia oil. You should be getting a buzz / very relaxed feeling / laughing your head off after your meal and then it even outs and lasts for hours or all day. You don’t really get hungry and you’re not stressing about anything anymore.

      Saturated fat is not the cause of cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and cancer and all the other stuff we should never be getting. It’s our high carb lifestyle jacking up our blood sugar/insulin causing inflammation.

      Read as much as you can about low carb or keto just to see the success stories of people who cured their depression and anxiety and all kinds of other ailments when they changed their diet to high fat low carb.
      I am not saying you have to become Ketogenic or do Nutritional Ketosis and you can still eat carbs if you want, but in the weeks I’ve been doing it a lot changed for me as I mentioned in one of my other post. Stress free, carefree, don’t worry about anything anymore. Barely think of things I used to. Laugh at the things that used to bother me. Also its like the world changed. My god even the trees look even more freaking amazing!

      I had an incident yesterday where my lawnmower man didn’t show again to cut my lawn. 2 times now! Hes a ex client of where i used to work. In front of people I used to work with he was incredibly rude to me and must be a stoner of some kind because he doesn’t recall not showing up 2 times. Normally something like that would have upset me because he was a asshole and embarrassed me in front some people i Know or tried too! I laughed in his face at how agro he got because he wouldn’t admit he forgot 2 times to do it. I looked at him and remember thinking, “Man! You need to eat an avocado or 10!” Hahaha! Seriously! You start looking at other people and you can just see their brain starving for food because they are agro and stressed out! Thats what the change in diet has done for me. Something like that would have upset me for days before. Its made me more confident. Its made me spend so much time on myself pampering myself. I didn’t think I could spend an hours just doing facials and cleaning pores! My focus on myself is amazing. Hahaha I feel sexier! Hahaha. True! OMG I forget to tell you something. If you do this you will notice your sex drive increase. You might start thinking about sex a lot more. Seriously! Hahahahaha! I thought to myself “what the hell is wrong with me?” Then did a quick search and got my answer! It increases sex drive. Bonus! Hahahahah!

      Get onto it. The benefits in the long run are amazing but please do read and research about it. If you have diabetes type 1, it’s advised to do it under a doctor supervision or a good dietician , thats why I say to anyone who wants to try this out, please READ everything about this lifestyle FIRST, a blood test also would be good to see where you are at.

      Happy avocado-ing! Hahahaha! 🙂


      1. Gretta,

        Yes, I think I’m getting better and better. Last night I was working in another town and when I was at the hotel’s restaurant I put a lot of avocado and fish on my plate hahahah, and didn’t feel the urge to eat dessert (you know, sugar things), I almost didn’t recognize myself. I’m really excited about how this change on diet can improve my mood and take my manifestations to a new level 🙂 and no, I don’t have diabetes or another similar stuff, my health is really ok, thank you for caring 😀

        About the “sex bonus” hahahah, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this because that’s already my default mode of thinking hahahah. The “problem” is that I think A LOT of my girl because of that. And along with these hot thoughts, images of other guys with her just pop up in my head (this is truly annoying).

        So, I’m goona keep up with the diet and be aware of the improvements! 😉


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