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Letting go can either be a conscious decision or a natural switch from visualization.

How do you do it?

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  1. “When I speak of feeling, I don’t mean emotion, but acceptance of the fact that the desire is fulfilled. And you can think you did that, but you can know for sure: if you haven’t achieved your goal, you don’t have acceptance. And the reason you don’t have acceptance is that you are still thinking of the goal rather than thinking from the goal. That is all there is to it.”

    “And if you are thinking of a goal, rather than thinking from the goal, you can do that for ten years and nothing will happen. But the instant you think from the goal, your world will change. And that can happen tomorrow. It can happen in an instant, but it can never happen from continuing to think in that older way.” – Neville Goddard


  2. Right you are, Gretta!

    That’s the tricky part, to reach this state of knowing, because, taking me as an example, I’m working on reaching the goal of being back together with my girl. But I say this is tricky for me because sometimes my mind starts asking questions, like, “ok, buddy, she’s your girlfriend, right… BUT where is she right now? And what would you say when somebody asks something specific about her?” I think my mind needs to follow a kind of protocol for these situations. That’s why we keep searching for some kind of proof or evidence, because we tell something to our minds (she’s my girlfriend) and our minds look for something to validate the information so they can relax.

    I’m not saying this is not the way to manifest, I know it is, I trust it. What I’m asking is what’s the best approach to deal with the contrast. I think that imagining like “it’s coming!” is more comfortable so I don’t need to deal with the absence of her or how to talk about her. But this is putting my desire in the future, not having it NOW. And if I want to imagine that she’s my girlfriend NOW, I have to fill these blanks, you know?

    So, how to behave when I need to say things about her to other people and how to deal with her current “absence”? I mean, how to think about it? Would I imagine that she is here in my house talking to me right now, eating with me, watching movies together, sleeping together, holding hands, etc, AS IF I’m living with an “invisible girl”? Or would I imagine “excuses” to her current absence, like thinking she’s never home? I don’t know if I’m making myself clear, but what I’m trying to ask is how to do the “act as if” in a way that my mind could accept it without making contrasts and asking these kind of questions. I’d like to understand how you guys deal with this so I can improve my “approach” hahah 😀

    Nina, Gretta and everyone else is invited to share thoughts! 😉


  3. Hi Innergod.

    See my other post to you first. 🙂 ❤

    I am going to break down your post for you.

    You said "That’s the tricky part, to reach this state of knowing, because, taking me as an example, I’m working on reaching the goal of being back together with my girl."
    It will always STAY tricky for you if you see it as tricky. You're giving off a 'tricky vibe."
    You are saying it's hard, complicated, with condition.
    ASAP get rid of this thinking. Don't work on reaching your goal. The goal is ALREADY ATTAINED! 🙂
    KNOW you already have it. It's a done deal, as Nina says.

    You said "sometimes my mind starts asking questions, like, “ok, buddy, she’s your girlfriend, right… BUT where is she right now?"
    She is lying in bed with you at night and you are holding hands, she is riding with you in the car when you are going out, she is eating dinner with you, she is cooking dinner with you, she is standing right next to you when you are out with friends, she is RIGHT THERE NEXT TO YOU NOW.

    And what would you say when somebody asks something specific about her?” I don't know what your situation is but I tell people I have a husband and his name is XXX. I don't hold back. I even wear a ring on my finger. No one asks any questions. Out of all the people who know me, only one knows about him, I don't tell my family and other friends anything about it because just by nature I just don't. It's the way I have always been.

    You said
    "I think my mind needs to follow a kind of protocol for these situations. That’s why we keep searching for some kind of proof or evidence." Yes, you are looking for proof or evidence because you don't believe. It does take time but just keep reaffirming ONLY THIS "It's a done deal." "It's mine." Don't use words like tricky or that you will only manifest her if you let go completely or forget her or stop obsessing about her. The only thing you should be thinking about is HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO BE WITH HER. (NOT back together with her) JUST WITH HER. Don't you get a rush just thinking about that? I know I do. It made me cry the other day, that awesome love welling up. I felt honored to be with him. GET INTO THAT FEELING STATE AND HOLD ONTO IT! 🙂 YOUR MIND WILL FOLLOW WITH CONSTANTLY IMPRESSING ONTO IT THAT YOU ARE TOGETHER. You can relax NOW. It's happened. You got what you wanted. 🙂

    The best way to deal with the contrast is to keep reaffirming that its yours, a done deal, its happening right now! 🙂
    Write affirmations, chant them, do pono, thank the universe for her!

    You said "I think that imagining like “it’s coming!” is more comfortable so I don’t need to deal with the absence of her or how to talk about her. But this is putting my desire in the future, not having it NOW. And if I want to imagine that she’s my girlfriend NOW, I have to fill these blanks, you know? " – You can do it either way. I used to be like you. I used to think that if i said 'its coming' it would be easier to do all this. Then I found that feeling state of acting like I already have it an let me tell you, Its 1 million times more powerful now to act as if he is with me rignt now – then 'it's coming." I never thought I would be able to get to the stage of acting as if, but it happened and its freaking awesome!

    You said, "So, how to behave when I need to say things about her to other people and how to deal with her current “absence”? WHY do you have to say things about her to other people? Are they asking you about her? I limit who I talk to about it to ONE person. Nina might be able to answer this better.

    You said. "Would I imagine that she is here in my house talking to me right now, eating with me, watching movies together, sleeping together, holding hands, etc, AS IF I’m living with an “invisible girl”? – YES TO ALL OF THIS. It may feel odd at the start but it feels good also!

    You said "Or would I imagine “excuses” to her current absence, like thinking she’s never home?" No act as if she is there, you dont have to do this all day long. Obviously you both work and have your own lives also etc. Don't get to stressed out in 'doing the work' – just be causal and relaxed about it like you would be around her. You've already asked, remember? Anything else you do is just to feel good. You don't do all of this to 'make sure you are doing it right and covering all your bases! You are doing it because it feels good, natural etc.

    You said." I don’t know if I’m making myself clear, but what I’m trying to ask is how to do the “act as if” in a way that my mind could accept it without making contrasts and asking these kind of questions."
    Yes you are making yourself clear. NOTICE how the Neville quote above he states it's because you haven't accepted it? Accept that you have what you want NOW. Act as if she is already in your life. Think about that for a few moments. Like Nina says over and over again, HOW WOULD THAT FEEL? Lock into that feeling and stay there. THINK FROM THE PLACE OF HER ALREADY BEING IN YOUR LIFE. Then go about your life also because this is all about you too. What is there to worry about anymore? She is with you NOW. ❤ 🙂

    Believe, be happy, act as if but also focus on you. Do things only if they make you feel good. ❤


    1. Gretta, you have no idea of how your words are helping me on this.

      I’m doing my best to act as if and sure I’m gonna get the hang of it. Yes, sometimes I can feel this happiness, this strong feeling about our relationship but when it fades I still don’t see a way to recreate it.

      And let me tell something more that I noticed is affecting my mood: we don’t follow each other on social media but we have A LOT of mutual friends, so sometimes I accidentally get information about where she is, what she’s doing, etc. For example, yesterday I ended up seeing a pic of hers in a trip she made last week and I got sad. So I realized that when I know that she was, is, or will be somewhere, doing something I automatically think that I could be there with her, sharing those beautiful moments. And thoughts invade my mind, thoughts like “I’m not part of her life anymore”, “this other guy is taking my place, he’s befriending our mutual friends” – this one is true, I accidentally saw this on Facebook.

      See, I’m just getting this out of my chest. I know I don’t have to put conditions on my desire of being with her. Thank you for telling me this, I’m working on it. This is an emotional roller coaster hahahah.

      I have to get the hang of living with this invisible version of her.

      Thank you so much for your help, Gretta!


      1. I read your other post about having the fish and avo and not wanting desert, I would say its working. Good on ya! Haha.. 🙂 How good and different do you feel? Expect it just to get better and better! ❤

        In regards to social media, i stay away from it. Far, far away. I don't need it and its just a lot of people needing approval (likes, comments etc) this is just my opinion. I would be on it less if it affects you.

        Ekkkkkk! Don't say things such as "I'm not a part of her life anymore" If you have to stay on social media and you are having a hard time staying in the 'already attained' mode then just look at it and think we are going to be together sooner than we both know or it's happening so fast and feel that excitement and anticipation grow and grow and grow.

        You can do it either way. You can act as if or you can reaffirm that it is on its way. You can visualize until it manifests or you can ask once and let go. What it really comes down to is BELIEF and DETERMINATION and EXPECTATION! EXPECT IT! Believe me I used to ask Nina all the time or say to her I don't want to do ANY WORK at all, not even believe. I just want to ask once and let go and forget. She would always say to me that the BELIEF is in the ASKING.

        You can visualize for a certain amount of time and stop doing any work and move on with your life and STILL RECEIVE it. Have you downloaded Ninas book? If no get it and read it. You'll see that minimal work is required to make this happen.

        BTW I have manifested every person I ever wanted, when I changed direction and changing direction doesn't necessarily mean never thinking about them again, it means you are confident that you will receive just based in the asking for it. FILL YOUR LIFE UP with things that MAKE YOU HAPPY. 🙂 You can do it anyway, act as if or ask once and move your life in another direction – but if you know you will receive just because you have asked, then you can relax a lot more.

        EXPECT IT! ❤


      2. Just to add…

        I saw this quote once. “The Universe will bring you what you desire not in time, but in *FEELING*”

        Write that down! 😉

        Cya soon. x


      3. It’s True InnerGod, Nina and Gretta suggested that I stay away from social media and any type of Cyberstalking because not only does it chow your data but it reminds you of your current reality. Which is not what you want right now but you need to live in the spiritual world (world of faith and manifestation) until your desire manisfests. Try and steer your attention and focus elsewhere. Write , Read, do whatever it is that you enjoy but stop feeding your followers on social media with an audience, likes and all like Gretta mentioned. Thank you for the lovely post Gretta💓

        Love, light and belief and hope☺


  4. Long and inspiring post Gretta 💕

    Any wisdom for the questions I posted earlier on. I would really appreciate it if you guys gave me some clarity on how I could go about remedying my situation.


  5. Dear All!

    I feel like I was misjudged with the last two posts that I put up. I was simply talking about my accomplishments the way everyone does on this blog and not bragging at all. I know that I was wrong by missing my guy and wishing that he would share in on my joy when all I had to do was act like he is with me all along. He tried to change me at one point and I was starting to conform to his standards and lost “me”. So my questions had more to do with self confidence and not me looking and conforming to worldly standards. I was just offloading and talking about what had happened in my past that made me feel like I was not good enough and how he changed when he finally got a job while I was studying full time. He made me feel worthless in his actions and words. And all I just needed was merely advice from you guys cause I was feeling very depressed and had these bad flashbacks running in my mind…


  6. Gretta and Jeanie,

    Thank you for the amazing posts!

    Let me tell something that’s gonna aid in understanding a little more about myself.

    About social media, I can’t just stay completely away from it because I use it for my work. See, I’m an actor and I have an “audience”. So I take pics, make videos, share some of my activities to be in touch with people who likes my work. I do what I can not to see what she posts. We agreed to unfollow each other in order to heal ourselves so we can get back as friends (obviously I don’t want the “just friends” part). But I can’t avoid some “accidents” coming from mutual friends. That’s how I end up knowing something about her here and there (and I think the same happens to her). That’s ok, I’m working on it. 😉

    About Nina’s book, I just don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve been trying for about an entire month to purchase it at Amazon but there’s some kind of problem so I can’t buy it. Now they deleted my account, there’s nothing I can do 😦 I wish I could have a way to buy it but I just don’t know what to do anymore.

    Gretta, I think the diet is really starting to kick in. 🙂 I’m in a better mood today!

    Let me share something: I dreamt of her last night. She would see me on stage, performing something and after the show I’d meet her on backstage. I’d give her a very close hug and start to kiss her. She’d resist it at the beginning but she’d kiss me back and… OMG that was soooo VIVID! I woke up with this sensation in my body. I felt so good. I’m doing what I can to lock on this feeling, any tips? 😀

    Something else: I already said that to Nina in other posts. My girl and I have a “magical number” – it’s the date of our first kiss. This number is really special for us. When we broke up this number started to show up on the clock, like everytime I needed to see the time, there was the number in the “minutes” section. And it’s not a regular number, it’s a 2-digit one. At the beginning I started to feel really down beacuse seeing this number reminded me of the lack. But I decided to change it and see positive meaning on it. So it’s been more than a month that this number is simply showing up everywhere. you know… EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME! Clocks, number of likes and comments on posts, number of mutual friends of random people on Facebook, time that something was posted (xx minutes/seconds ago), duration of audio and video files, prices of products, the list goes on. Other day I saw the number in two diferent license plates both sides of the street (this one freaked me out hahah). I also see random people with the same name of hers, among other “weird” stuff. I’m doing my best to avoid the idea that I’m just manifesting “empty signs”. But it’s awesome (and a bit scary) how this number shows up all the time to me. 😀


    1. Inner God and anyone else it may help.

      Have you ever noticed what happens when you take your attention OFF something? It comes to you quickly! You’ve stopped talking and thinking about it. You’ve removed all the resistance.

      All you have to do is;

      1) DECLARE IT! (this is you saying out loud that it’s yours and you WILL be together or married or whatever it is you want with her or him.)

      2) KNOW IT. (You just know, you don’t have to know ANY of the details. You just know.

      3) TAKE YOUR ATTENTION OFF HIM OR HER COMPLETLEY and put all of it into YOUR LIFE and YOUR HAPPINESS. Taking your attention off her or him is letting go which make this happen faster because you have let go entirely. All the things I wanted including people came to me when I move on/ changed direction.

      Wish this person happiness with whatever they are doing in their life or wherever they are and let go. Let go means live your life.


  7. Hi Gretta 💖

    Is Peanut butter a good substitute for nuts cash I don’t eat them. And what diet can I resort to for my depression. I feel mentally defeated. What should I be eating on a daily basis? I also have exams coming up. Please advise! 💕


  8. Hi Jeanie.

    Lucky I came back to the page one last time because I have broken my no net rule for 3 months, but its ok ill just wack a week on the end. ❤

    Firstly, just in case you didn't know and most people don't, peanuts are not a nut, they are a legume and I personally don't eat them, I stay away from them. They contain carcinogens. That goes for peanut butter also. I don't eat any peanut, not even satay sauce. Peanuts, along with other crops like corn and cereals, are especially susceptible to a mold that produces a mycotoxin called aflatoxin. Do a quick google search to read more. So if you can, don't eat them. They ARE bad for you. You don't have to eat nuts all if you don't want too. But if you could just try some walnuts and macadamia you would be helping yourself out greatly for brain food.

    I am going to give you a simple menu and then you will have to do some reading on high fat low carb. This is not an extreme diet but you wont be eat all those good things that are actually BAD for you, its a lifestyle change – this means if you want to get rid of your depression its for life, not for a week or 2 then eat popcorn and noodles. It's a lifestyle. Everything in moderation is a BULLSHIT term. Don't listen to anyone that says it. They are just to weak to give up grains and sugar.

    This is the site where you will find everything you need to know. Watch the video and under put in your email address and they will send you the 2 week challenge. Take it and see how you are feeling without grains and processed food and sugar anymore.

    Read the entire site, go through all the links, watch the videos from doctors saying that it IS carbohydrates, grains and sugar causing disease not saturate fat. Once you have done the 2 week challenge then go to the recipes tab and start to cook only from that.

    The other night I had to go out and the only thing to eat was a rice dish. I starved instead of eating that rice. This is what i mean when i say LIFESTYLE. See all the other posts I wrote out to innergod also.

    Goodluck xx


  9. Thank you so much Gretta💖

    I really appreciate it ☺. I was on campus today and refrained from having any fast foods. Will surely go to the link and start eating for my brain.

    Lots of love light and gratitude


  10. I just wanted to give an update for everyone wanting their ex back. Please be careful what you wish for.

    I have been using the LOA to get my ex back for over a year now. Two weeks ago, I met him for drinks. We went back to his place and everything that happened after that was almost to the letter of what I had been visualizing. I was elated and in awe. He texted me two days later and we met up. Again, we were doing things that I had put on my vision board. Dinner out, cuddling on the couch and kissing. I haven’t heard from him in two weeks. I found out he has all kinds of profiles on dating and affair sites!!

    All the time I have been trying to get him back, crying, fretting, LOA, everything, he has been playing the field. I have dated off and on also but when we got together recently, I thought this was the start of our rekindling romance. Apparently, it is not since he seems to be still looking AFTER we were together.

    Why am I not enough for him to want? I wanted this so badly and just when I thought all my hard work paid off, I am left heartbroken and lost.

    I don’t know what to do. Give up and forget him? Obviously, he isn’t interested. I feel so stupid.


    1. If you visualize an exclusive relationship with him, you can have what you want but only if you pay attention to that and ignore your current reality. If you still want to be with him, you can do this.


      1. How do you visualize an exclusive relationship? I think when I picture us having good times together, but then he goes and spends time with other people, or says things that demonstrate he is dating around… talking about dating sites, etc.

        Any recommendations?


      2. Focus on how it will feel to know that you have a committed relationship with him. How would you like to feel – secure, relaxed…? Focus on that.


      3. Thank you Nina. I don’t know if you saw my question under the “Settling for what you want” post, but that is one that i’ve been really confused on. Would really appreciate your help in understanding.

        Eagerly anticipating your next book 😉


  11. Hi Bea,

    Thank you for the update. It’s always nice to hear about manifestations – it makes our belief on it much stronger!

    Just wanted to know how you felt being in his company? Did you feel happy and contented ? I am not sure why you think your hard work haven’t paid off. It is still is a win-win situation as you have not only kept yourself happy and vibrant but also got a chance to find out or re asses if he is worth your time and energy? Is it not possible to continue doing whatever you were doing to manifest love from him? Just think that you are still in the process and this is the end result. May be in few more days he will be the way you desire him to be for you.

    So far you have done well. Things should turn around soon for you.

    Good luck!


  12. N,

    The two days I was with him, yes, I felt happy and relieved but then I haven’t heard from him for two weeks. I texted him last night just asking how he was and he hasn’t responded.

    I don’t know what happened. I feel like I am back to where I was before. It is heartbreaking. I just don’t think I can continue being hurt.

    I appreciate your positive look on it, but I am just so tired of crying, wanting, wondering and waiting.

    Love to all…


    1. Hi Bea

      Congrats on getting what you were visualizing. When I watched the secret movie there was always one thing that stood out to me the most and that was then saying to focus on the end result. What exactly do you want with him? Marriage? Or just the relationship. When I used to visualize it was of us being married because that was the end result I wanted. Maybe now that you got what you visualized, maybe now focus more on the end result.

      Congrats again. ❤


  13. Thanks, Gretta.

    I will focus on an EXCLUSIVE relationship with him. Where he only wants to be with ME. It hurt me to know he was still looking AFTER we got together. I am worried I did or said something to turn him off. He is ignoring me and I feel used. Why did this happen?


    1. Hi Bea,

      I totally get where you are coming from. But I know from experience, the let down you’re feeling is contrast, it’s the U showing you what’s a personal trigger. I’ve had wild thoughts and ideas and thought I was “seeing” him pay attention to other women. It touched a nerve and I got really upset.

      But after settling down I realized all the great things that had manifested between us too, in the past. And a few things showed me there is something there, something profound. I can’t nurture that into fruition with all these conflicting energies.

      And I remind myself that I have no idea what he’s thinking. None! It could be anything and I’m automatically jumping to crazy conclusions like most of us do. Men are kinda funny like that. They don’t think and operate the same way we do. And most of us women fly off the handle and freak out about stuff.

      Feel what you’re feeling, and when it settles down get back on the horse. Because chances are despite being fed up you’re going to keep going.

      I will share something I came across recently:

      Somehow I believe this guy. Now I haven’t spent the $12 bucks yet, but when I’m ready I plan to. I’m hesitating, and I think I am because I think he has the key to what I need. And I keep asking myself, are you sure? Are you really sure? Because I could see this thing happening. And I need to be sure. As you said, this is powerful stuff.

      Also if you have time read this, and #3 is a success story 🙂

      I really think this is some of the most important info I have come across to help with manifesting a specific person. Just thought I would share with everyone.


      1. By the way, the success story. This is what she said, and pay close attention to everything! I have, along with Pono the last week I’m feeling energy on a whole new level! I’m feeling everything she’s saying. This is the way to go for sure!

        Why I did the sessions – to make something happen or to feel it real? I realized that for a long time I did them to make something happen. Now I feel better because I do them to feel it real only and I know it’s the only thing that matters.

        Obsessed or absorbed – I was obsessed with my man being the source of love making him false God. Now I remembered the feeling of being loved and loving and can feel so anytime anywhere.

        Will power or willingness – I did my best to push it to the limit in the sessions using the will to make it happen faster. Now I use the willingness to lose myself in feeling loved and loving during the sessions.

        The wish fulfilled and the state of the wish fulfilled – I couldn’t distinguish the 2 before. Now I realize the wish fulfilled is us leaving together as a family while the state is me feeling loving and loved.


  14. Great post JCE☺

    Nina ,JCE and Gretta

    I have been trying to raise my level of energy of late. I’m really doing my best but my father is very abusive towards me, emotionally and financially. The abuse is escalating. This puts me in a bad space every time. I need to move out soon but I need to find a job first. Do you guys have any suggestions about how I should go about handling this and any affirmations that I should be using? I feel helpless and so alone cause I’m not close with my mum as well 💔


    1. I know this doesn’t sound logical right now but try this – “Thank you that I am financially independent.” That takes care of everything for you – the job, the moving out and being on your own, away from an unhealthy environment. It also motivates you to find work and believe you can.


  15. He always says that when I don’t conform to his standards or suggestions, I will have bad luck and won’t be fruitful in anything that I want to achieve in life cause he is my parent and has the power to curse me with his heart.


    1. Jeanie,

      That’s tough. I’m not sure how to advise you on this. I’m sure Nina can give you good advice. I would say do what you can to get out. If anything try to manifest a way out of that situation. Ask the Universe for relief, a way out. And maybe look at the Pono suggestion I made to Bea. But apply it to you. I will try to find a good link for you with more examples……

      Start with this, but there’s lots of great info out there. Wishing you the best on this situation and lots of love. Take care Jeanie, and put yourself first.


    2. I am so sorry to hear this but keep reminding yourself of how valuable you are. YOU decide who you are and what your life will be like, not him.


  16. JCE,

    Thank you for the links. I have watched quite a few of the FEEL IT REAL videos on YouTube and I follow them on Facebook. If you decide to buy the sessions, let us know how they are. I may try them, too.

    I agree with you regarding the Uni showing me contrast. I know it is a fear of mine that there will always be “competition” and I won’t be the only one getting his (or anyone’s) attention. I am sure he can feel my neediness and that is why he hasn’t talked to me. I know I have a lot of resistance and I am the queen of creating scenarios and mind reading !!

    I have been trying to do the Pono but I am not sure how to use it. Do I just say: I’m sorry, Please forgive me; Thank you; I love you a number of times? Should I be thinking of something specific when saying it?

    Thanks and love to all.


    1. Bea

      To do Ho’oponopono correctly you need to lock into the feeling.

      For example if you are worried/concerned/scared about him and other women first ask yourself what it really is you are feeling. So for example it would be fear. Get into the fearful place, imagine the worst possible scenario and then start saying the four lines for at least 20 minutes or more or until you feel a sigh come over you.

      If it comes up again then you need to find what is causing it. I would say it’s fear, rejection, abandonment, I am not enough, I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I don’t deserve love. Acceptance of self. You may think you do consciously. It doesn’t matter what you consciously think.

      If the four line prayer doesn’t bring you relief then you need to do the full prayer and address spirit, subconscious, super conscious. It’s more powerful. I only ever used the four line prayer at the beginning when I was trying to memorize the full prayer. I only use the full prayer. It makes major shifts but you have to be consistent. I used ho’oponopono for 2 years straight before coming to this site and stop using it months back because I don’t need it anymore. It’s so good to not have to work on anything anymore.

      I wanted to add that CHOICE plays a big part in Pono and Loa. You have to choose also to get rid of any ill feeling.

      Take care xxx


  17. Hi Bea,

    I think doing Pono is basically do what feels right to you. So at first I just said the words as you wrote above to no one. Or to the Universe. Then when I felt like it I said it to “him”.

    At first I said, “I’m sorry for being inconsistent in my behavior towards you. I’m sorry for confusing you. I’m sorry for not loving myself enough to allow you to flow effortlessly towards me. Please forgive me for not loving you unconditionally. Please forgive me for not always trusting you. Please forgive me for thinking less of you and doubting you at times. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself I can be. Thank you for evoking so much love in my heart. Thank you for changing my life since the day we met. Thank you for being who you are. I love you more than words can say. I love you with all of my heart. I love you like I’ve loved no one else. And I think I will love you til the day I die.”

    And I really FELT it. I mean I really went there in my heart. I allowed myself to cry through it, feel the healing from it, and revel in the pure undeniable love that for whatever reason refuses to leave me and give up.

    Pour your heart out. Put all the cards out on the table. Bare your soul to the Universe and to him, that is in your mind or your own private space. Allow the vulnerability to take over and bare the most sensitive and raw parts of yourself.

    Trust me, you’ll feel amazing after! It may take half a day or day to really set in. But do this as often as it feels right. And if you don’t feel like doing it don’t. And then resume it again when it feels right. I’ve been trying to use this method on other things too. But more than anything on the topic of him.

    I manifested an afternoon occasion he invited us to today. (Just got back in.) And another extra social situation at his home later this week! And I feel no resistance, I feel free. And I see his behavior change as a response. So the shifts from this and the blog posts I read have been making things happen. He and I locked eyes a couple of times today. And once was like a moment in time. Our eyes lock and neither of us have any facial expression. It’s like a 2 second moment as if no one else it around. A moment between only 2 people. I’m so appreciative for these moments. They feel so sure, so comforting and so private. 🙂


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